Pinkboard was founded on 1 May 1986 on a service called Viatel from Telecom. Pinkboard has been providing an information source, discussion space and social network for Australia’s GLBTQ community since then. There have been many changes over the years, including different media, services and formats. Pinkboard will continue to evolve as the digital landscape changes.

Pinkboard Wiki

Pinkboard Wiki is a new section on Pinkboard. I hope it will become the place for people to find out about everything GLBTQ in Australia. Please browse what is there and help to build on this to create a truly great repository of knowledge about our community.

So far it contains venues, awards, a few people and community organisations. Please help this list to grow.

Pinkboard Blog List

Pinkboard Blog List collects the posts from Australian bloggers.

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