The Mardi Gras Parties - 1990 to 1999


17 February 1990

14,500 tickets


16 February 1991

17,000 tickets $45

29 February 1992

16,000 tickets

10pm to 10am


DJs: 10pm-2am Lexie Bradfield, 2-6am Dean Essing, 6-10am Rob Davis


3am: Leggs Galore

Closing: Marcia Hines?

27 February 1993  

18,000 tickets


DJs: 10pm-2am Craig Truslove, 2-6am Brent Nicholls, 6-10am Dean Essing


DJs: 10pm-3am Lexie Bradfield, 3-7am Stephen Allkins

Drag Bar

We Are Family - 5 March 1994

19,000 tickets


DJs: 10pm-2am Alex Taylor, 2-6am Tony Svehla (Melb), 6-10am Kate Munroe


DJs: 10pm-2am ?, 2-6am Lexie Bradfield, 6- 10am Stephen Allkins


RHI: Kylie - What Do I Have To Do

RHI: John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air

Fairy Tales & Lesbian Legends - 4 March 1995

19,500 tickets

RHI - Shangri-La

DJs: Bobby Lloyd 10pm-2am, Peter McNamara 2-6am, Lexie Bradfiel/Kate Monroe 6-10am

Lighting Geoffrey Rose

Hordern - The Astral Garden

DJs: James Arnold 10pm-3am, Dean Essing 3-6am, Rob Davis 6-9am

Lighting: Stephen Hales

Dome - Forbidden Forest

DJs: Thao 10pm-2am, James Fraser 2-5am, Robert Racic 5-8am

Lighting: Charlie Evans

Endeavour Pavilion - Swan Lake

Drag Bar & Performance Space

Festhaus - The Secret Garden - Girls Space

DJs: Colleen Naxon 10pm-2am, Ben Drayton 2-6am

Lighting: Barb Williams

Exhibition House - The Lotus Lounge



RHI: Boy George - Bow Down Mister

RHI Closing: Back to Love

RHI: Go West

Poster by Pierre et Gilles

Mardi Gras Party Anthems CD launched

2 March 1996 Graffiti Wall

19,000 tickets - sold out 2 Feb


DJs: 10pm-2am Stephen Blomfield, 2-6am Tony Svehla (Melbourne) , 6-10am Steve Carley

Lighting: Steven Hales


DJs: 10pm-2am Luke Leal, 2-6am Guy Delicious (UK), 6-9am Lexie Bradfield

Lighting: George Stavropoulos & Bill Jensen


DJs: 10pm-2am Steve Sonius, 2-5am Junior B, 5-8am Steve Worthy

Lighting: Mark Anderson

Carousel Bar - girls space

DJs: 10pm-1am Nadine Haynes, 1-4am Rachel Harvey, 4-7am Sharyn Brand

Lighting: Barbara Williams

Kensington Centre - chill

DJs: 12-4am Gary T, 4-8am DJ F.E.


RHI Midnight: Welcome speech by Bev Lange

RHI Midnight: Three is Family - Trudi Valentine and 130 dancers

Horden 12:30am: Free Gay and Happy - Wyness Mongrel Bitch with 60 marching boys and 30 marching girls and 30 marching drag queens from the parade

RHI 2.30am: Love Shack - Bernina Bod, Maud Boat, Portia Turbo & 50 dancers

RHI 5am: The Boss - Mogadonna hanging by a giant gold hoop from the ceiling

RHI closing: Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

Party production manager: Mark Peterson


1 March 1997 Graffiti Walls #1, #2

Sold Out 31 Jan

RHI - Purple Passion

DJs: Dean Essing 10pm-2am, Steve Carley 2-6am, Warren Gluck 6-10am

Lighting: Steven Hales

Hordern – Mango-a-Gogo

DJs: Mandy Rollins 10pm-2am, Brent Nicholls 2-6am, Steve Sonius 6-9.30am

Lighting: Barb Williams

Carousel – Lemonessence

DJs: Sveta Gilerman 10pm-1am, Sioux Spears 1-5am, Sharyn Brand 5-8am

Dome – Rubyfruit Jungle

Gary T 10pm-3am, Bucknaked 3-6am

Kensington – Lime Groove

Annabel Gaspar 10pm-3am, Michael Robinson 3-8am

Exhibition House – Stawberry Daiquiri

Drag Bar


RHI midnight: Chaka Chan

RHI Closing: Village People - (You) Can't Stop the Music

Party Director: Gary Leeson

20 Years of (R)evolution - 20th Anniversary - 28 February 1998 Graffiti Wall #1, #2, #3

Largest party ever - 27,000 tickets $70 - sold out 24 Jan


DJs: 10pm-4am Warren Gluck, 4 -10am Steve Carley

Lighting: Steven Hales, Barbara Williams;


DJs: Luke Leal and Brent Nicholls

Lighitng: Allan Parkinson


DJs: Steven Alkins and Sveta

Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen


DJs: Mandy Rollins, DJ Kat, Sioux Spears

Lighting: Lisa Kemball, Barbara Williams

Horden Mens Toilet

DJ: Buck Naked


RHI 2am: Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do

RHI 3am: Recreated "I Am What I Am" show from 1989 with 60 drag queens

RHI 4am: Kylie - Better The Devil You Know

RHI Closing 1: Jimmy Sommerville

RHI Closing 2: Mogadonna

Party Director: Gary Leeson

Celebrate The Future - 27 February 1999 Graffiti Wall #1, #2, #3

20,000 tickets $85 - sold out 29 Jan

Red - Vegas is Burning - RHI

DJs: Sean Manley, Steve Carley, Warren Gluck

Stage Lighting: Barb Williams

Dance Floor Lighting: Allan Parkinson

Silver - Satellite Of Love - Hordern

DJs: 10pm-2am Greg Boladian, 2-6am Luke Leal, 6-10am Sioux Spears

Lighting: Antony Read

Thunderdome - Dome

DJs: Sveta, Annabelle Gaspar, Bill Cotsis

Lighting: Jamie Ivarsen

Orange & Blue - Aloha Dot Big Top - Costume Pageant

DJs: 10pm-4am Dot Dingle, 4-close Garry Tee

Orange - Girls Space - Tent

DJ: Mandy Rollins

Blue - Boys Space - Tent

DJ: Buck Naked


RHI 1am: Dannii Minogue - Everlasting Night

RHI 2am: Jimmy Barnes - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real

RHI 5am: Erin Hamilton - Dream Weaver - bed moving through crowd

RHI 10am: Marcia Hines - I’ve Got The Music In Me

Party Director: Gary Leeson

(Rainbow Party held on same night at Australian Technology Park)

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