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Sleaze Poster "Kama is the enjoyment of appropriate objects by the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul. The ingredient in this is a peculiar contact between the organ of sense and its object, and the consciousness of pleasure which arises from that contact is called Kama. Kama is to be learnt from the Kama Sutra (aphorisms on love) and from the practice of citizens."

In short, an intelligent and knowing person attending to Dharma (virtue or religious merit) and Artha (worldly wealth) and also to Kama (pleasure or sensual gratification), without becoming the slave of his passions, will obtain success in everything that he may do."

The Kama Sutra instructs men and women in the arts of seducing and pleasuring each other. It also includes the famous exposition of positions.

HomoSutra presents us with the opportunity to write the definitive work on how women can pleasure women and how men can pleasure men.

The Kama Sutra was translated by Sir Richard Burton in 1883. It was originally written by Vatsyayana sometime between the first and the sixth centuries.
Tantra: Kama Sutra - the love teachings
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
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YAY!! Me first for once!!! Well, to start of the 1999 Sleaze Ball graffiti wall, I would just like to say I'm really quite looking forward to Sleaze this year. Of course, dunno who the DeeJays are yet, so I really have nothing to complain about, but regardless, I just have a feeling that its gunna be fun. Wait n' see, I s'pose. :o)
F*U*NkeeBoi - Sun Aug 8 18:34:08 1999
Luke Leal for the Hordern please.
Technowarrior - Sun Aug 8 23:36:29 1999
david smith and seymour butz are gorgeous, have spun for several years, can mix well yet have never played a mardi gras/sleaze.
give them a go! - Mon Aug 9 11:34:07 1999
I am a gay party-boy.

I contribute nothing to the gay community except for my pink dollar (and my stylish dress sense - yeah baby!!!).

I like to f*ck (unsafely), take drugs (lots and lots please) - till I pass out and then I have an excuse as to why I have unsafe sex.

I don't talk to anyone who isn't as good-looking as me, who doesn't spend as much time in the gym as me, who doesn't wear my label and who just doesn't cut it.

I think Oxford st is all that matters in life.

Actually I think Oxford st is all there IS in life.

I know I'm f*cking up my mind, body and life with my excesses, but hey we only live once don't we darling.

I'm a member of Mardi Gras and I've heard that it originally started off as a protest rally, but you'll never see me at a protest rally, darling, sweety, darling, because those things are just sooooooo not in.

It doesn't matter that others are working hard to ensure that our community can live openly and freely. I'm only in this life for just one thing.

Me, me, me and me!!!!!

P.S. I take all my fag hags (five of them, darling - and all of them are Mardi Gras members) to our parties because can't make any friendships with other gay men work because I keep on trying to have sex with them.

Mon Aug 9 11:52:33 1999

Yeah, we read you before on the party wall Mr Wank-Wank
F*U*Nkee - Mon Aug 9 11:53:59 1999
And people are still writing comments like "I don't care what the music is like as long as the drugs are good." Is this the kind of community we want. Is this the kind of behaviour we think is "coooool"???

I bet party boys think they can walk down dark alleys completely smashed and think they won't have the crap beaten out of them by some poofta bashers.

I can't believe we are fighting for people who are so completely stupide and irresponsible.
Wake up to yourselves. - Mon Aug 9 12:41:03 1999

Hey loser queen "Mon Aug 9 11:52:33 1999" you're like so 8 years-ago. Why isn't David & Seymour playing Sleaze Ball? I heard 'cause they're both straight. But so is Colleen and Paul Goodyear. Please explain....
dirtycub - Mon Aug 9 13:18:11 1999
Within a community, there will always be individuals who are stupid and irresponsible. I'd say they have reasons why they are the way they are. I don't think, however, that you can then discredit the entire community because of those individuals. What exactly is the point you are trying to make??? I think we are all aware that there are people within our community who don't seem to care about much else than drugs and sex. I know I've been through a period when nothing much else mattered. I've kinda grown up a bit since then. I think what you need to look at is why people behave like this and perhaps working to correct them. Discussion is a big part of change, I think.
F*U*NkeeBoi - Mon Aug 9 13:38:26 1999
Because our community actively encourages these values and looks down on people who attempt to make our community more responsible.
Mon Aug 9 13:54:00 1999
Just take a look at the comment made by dirtycub - Mon Aug 9 13:18:11 1999
Mon Aug 9 13:55:11 1999
Actually, I thought the comment made by dirtycub was really coming from the same side of the fence as the original wanky poster, its just that he didn't take on some mocking role reversal to make his point. The way I took dirtycub's comment was actually as it being directed at the pathetic little fag being portrayed, not the viewpoint being (in an around-about fashion) put across.
F*U*NkeeBoi... this wall ain't too Sleazy yet.... hmmph - Mon Aug 9 15:41:46 1999
If people wanna talk community politics then find they should find another wall to do it. Don't buy into it here F*U*NkeeBoi. By the way Dirtycub, Seymour is definately gay.
Technowarrior - Mon Aug 9 23:58:50 1999
who the hell really cares? Noone does a damn thing about the gay music scene in Perth during Pride does it? Or any other time of the year... our only decent gay club charges $12 just for entry! WA Gay disco people unite! email me at cmdl@primus.com.au
OmeNWoLF - Tue Aug 10 3:30:20 1999
Disco? wtf am I thinking - make that "techno" - disco is so ABBA. even moi, mr v-cut-black-sports-shirt-and-black-stretch-denim-levi-604's is above 'disco' - trance/ambient all the way for this little queer punk.
DA WoLF - Tue Aug 10 3:32:24 1999
dirtycub, Seymour Butts is definately gay, as for the other 3 you mention well they are as you say straight, that's why none of them have been excepted to play at a mardi gras party/sleaze ball, but yet it's ok for mardi gras to employ straight artist's for these parties. Figure that one out !!!!
DJ - Tue Aug 10 9:02:11 1999
Hey everyone. This wall is about Sleaze!
Panther - Tue Aug 10 9:15:56 1999
So what's the story with the DJs?? Anyone know when we'll know?
F*U*Nkee - Tue Aug 10 10:31:57 1999
Tue Aug 10 11:09:48 1999
No I think dirtycub was serious about it being "so 8 years ago".
Tue Aug 10 11:30:27 1999
This discussion re gay DJs/straight DJs playing at Sleaze will only lead to discussion about the "Q' word.
Nat - Tue Aug 10 13:28:02 1999
what the f*** are you on about DA WoLF? What's wrong with the music at Perth Pride? You try keeping 3,000 people from 18 to 60 happy. The music at the last few Pride and Xes parties has been very progressive. Anyway this is the Sleaze wall so if you want to reply do it on the party wall before we get censored.
Globe Boy - Tue Aug 10 16:03:27 1999
If you wanna see a real bitch fight come along to the MG AGM on Saturday arvo. It looks set to be lots of fun with fur flying!!!!!
Tue Aug 10 17:20:27 1999
will there be disco music playing
Tue Aug 10 19:13:21 1999
DJ Selection For Sleaze Is Friday August 13 (black Friday)...how apt !!!!
me myself and I - Tue Aug 10 19:40:53 1999
Technowarrior - I'm hoping they put Luke in the Hordern again too. If he's only half as good as what he was at Mardi Gras, he'll make my night. I am really excited about Sleaze Ball this year. The poster is a f*ckin treat and crazy Glenda Horder is at the reigns as party director. To the guy who did the kindergarten disection of gay culture, your valued judgements undermine your already wafer thin arguments. Lose the anger and try a bit of compassion. Not everyone is going to agree with how you seem to think gay men should run their lives. If you don't like what you deem irresponsible behaviour, then you try and educate people rather than pass judgement. That's the way HIV/AIDS organisations in this country have been run in this country and that's why they've had so much success. People are always going to push themselves to the limits and take risks in the heat of the moment with drugs and sex. That's life. Some people are only going to hang out in the one suburb. Plenty of straight people do it. And (god forbid) some people are going to wear labels, go to the gym and have phases in their lives when they get too hung up on how they look. Human nature. You grow and you learn. Don't assume to know what motivates people to do what they do. There are as many reasons for that as there are people on this planet. Chill man and have a happy Sleaze Ball.
Rooster - I'm really getting into this Karma thing - Tue Aug 10 21:17:03 1999
So are they going to have workshops at Sleaze about karmic orgasms?
Rooster - Tue Aug 10 21:19:46 1999
F*U*Nkee - just realised you had a similar rave about the same thing yesterday. Sorry to rehash it.
Rooster - Tue Aug 10 21:23:28 1999
Put Luke Leal and Kat in the Hordern. You couldn't go wrong.
Tue Aug 10 22:25:10 1999
Spot on Rooster - well said.
Technowarrior - Tue Aug 10 22:55:05 1999
DJ Selection For Sleaze is Friday 13 August !!!
hello hello - Wed Aug 11 0:02:59 1999
Well seeing as tho this wall is about Sleaze I want to know what its like - I'm hoping to get to this years...if so it will be my first...what can a lil' girl like me expect??
MsG - Wed Aug 11 9:53:05 1999
Not much. It's called sleaze but it's not very sleazy at all. Basically it's just a bunch of people trying to be "bad".
Wed Aug 11 12:29:52 1999
and they're not very successful at it either. Bring back the real sleaze where people just got off with anyone and everyone.
Wed Aug 11 12:31:05 1999
DJ for the Dome are Annabelle Gasper, DR John & Bill Cotsis, just been confirmed.
DJ - Wed Aug 11 13:39:14 1999
And for the rest, Horden Sveta middle set with Alex Taylor closing and the 3rd person i've never heard of, RHI is Rob Davis, Paul Goodyear & Luke Leal closing, mens space Steve Sonious, and womens space is Joshua from adelaide.
DJ - Wed Aug 11 13:58:02 1999
The womens space is DJ Jude Tsai from 10-2, and DJ Josh from 2-close (assuming that Josh has confirmed. Jude has already).
Wed Aug 11 14:29:29 1999
what's the name of the 3rd person in the Hordern?
Wed Aug 11 14:36:17 1999
Mark Andrews?
Wed Aug 11 15:25:31 1999
What a predictable line up!!!!
Wed Aug 11 16:10:25 1999
Why predictable ? Do you mean that you recognise the names?
FruitBuns - Wed Aug 11 16:18:56 1999
If the line-up above is correct its good to see Sveta in the Hordern - go for it girl! If Alex Taylor plays a set like the one he played at Home last Saturday that should be good as well. I wonder who the third Hordern DJ is? It's a shame Luke Leal is being wasted in the RHI. Its like a slow revolving door for DJs playing Dome these days.
Nat - Wed Aug 11 16:57:23 1999
scott shimma... has played pride new year 97-98 @ rhi
nice-one - Wed Aug 11 17:23:21 1999
Hordern Scott Schimmia Sveta Alex Taylor
Wed Aug 11 17:47:22 1999
Maybe Luke will move things along a bit in the RHI. Hope he's not disappointed about the slot he's been given. And hey, could it be that nepotism is a thing of the past. Which DJ is not playing for the first time in how many parties? Okay, so now we know that money is not being spent on an international DJ can we start making up rumours about international acts?
EC - Wed Aug 11 18:49:36 1999
PS. For those who care, Tina Cousins (vocalist on Mysterious Times, Forever, Pray and one of the guilty parties on Thank Abba For The Music) is performing at a Sleaze recovery. Don't know which but let's take a stab in the dark and go for Arq shall we?
EC - Wed Aug 11 19:03:26 1999
I hope that the sound in the RHI is better than it was at Mardi Gras. Can't wait for Luke to bring us on home in the morning.
Rooster - Wed Aug 11 23:04:32 1999
Technowarrior - have I told you how much your name turns me on? ;-)
Rooster - Wed Aug 11 23:34:26 1999
Hi there, I'd really like to hear about sleaze, I'm hoping to come up from Melbourne and you have to tell me, is it cruisy?, are there plenty of hot men? are there too many straight people there? I have to know if it is worth going up to sydney for it...most likely it will be paid for on my credit card like mardi gras last year... I've just finished paying it off! So do tell this funkster about your big party... I want to know most of all what the men are like, and where the good recoveries are... Thanks.
peanut butter jam - Wed Aug 11 23:52:40 1999
Actually, she will be playing at some Sleaze recovery called Frisky, along with an international DJ who will remain nameless for now, but will also be playing at Sleaze....
In the know! - Thu Aug 12 0:22:01 1999
Go Knapp go
Thu Aug 12 7:14:51 1999
ooh baby baby ooh ooh ooh baby love ooh ooh
Thu Aug 12 7:24:06 1999
Well, if those DJs are right, I reckon I should have enuff fun. I enjoy Alex when he's well behaved ;), also enjoy Luke, and I know Pauly Goodyear has a knack for seeming to be able to keep all my friends happy with his sets. So, if its true... cool. But the David Knapp thing... well, if that's true, I might have to go spastic for a bit. I spose I can't comment yet as I've not heard him, but I just have a thing about bringing out untalented DJs from the states when we have plenty of non-talent (and actual talent!) right here in Sydney!
F*U*NkeeBoi - Thu Aug 12 9:37:38 1999
But it's OK I guess to bring out 'no talents' from the UK ???!!!!
Thu Aug 12 11:39:34 1999
when have we had non-talents from the UK??? and... ummm... no, not really!!
F*U*Nkee - Thu Aug 12 12:10:28 1999
Has Warren hit Sydney yet? Is Martha in town? Check out Yipiyiyo tonight maybe?
Thu Aug 12 14:14:45 1999
Homosutra - Sleaze '99 Show Auditions - Saturday August 14 1999 - Session #1 10am - 1:30pm Session #2 2pm - 5:30pm, Newtown Theatre, 354 King Street, Newtown - You don't need to have experience or be a great dancer. We are looking for people with various shapes, sizes looks and ability. If you have the commitment and enthusiasm to be in a show, and if you are lesbian or gay please join in the fun and come along to auditions.
Glenn Horder (Party Director) sleaze99@hotmail.com - Thu Aug 12 14:24:14 1999
No trannies or bi's please.
Thu Aug 12 14:58:06 1999
Smartarse. Well 'in the know', where is this unnamed DJ going to fit into the schedule then? If all the people on this wall who claim to be 'in the know' were laid end to end ... I wouldn't be the least surprised ;-)
EC - Thu Aug 12 15:21:28 1999
Y*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*Y!! No to David Knapp!!! Well, that's what I hear - and I always trust my source. I wouldn't be so pleased otherwise. ;) @ Dollyboy#2
F*U*NkeeBoi - Thu Aug 12 16:08:35 1999
It's a UK DJ - sort of Marc Andrews clone
Thu Aug 12 16:53:01 1999
Mark Andrews - The Fridge, London - early to mid 90's (fun at the time) - now past expiry date - nuff said.
Nat - Thu Aug 12 17:50:00 1999
All sleaze djs mentioned above are past their expiry date...well, the music they play anyway. At least the punters who attend Homo Eclectus will get their moneys worth, now there's a damn good DJ line up! :-)
ken b - Thu Aug 12 18:49:41 1999
Then I crawled into Rush where Marc Andrews and Wayne G took the loving crowd on a journey into insanity as the night went on. What particularly struck me about the night was that the place was totally grooving when I got there and just became a bigger and bigger party as the night went on. Marvellous! From qx magazine this week.
What used by date is that - Thu Aug 12 19:00:38 1999
Rooster: No you haven't. Tell me more. After having just seen the ad for ARQ on page 23 of todays SSO, I'm wondering how you got your name? P-)
Technowarrior - Thu Aug 12 19:10:45 1999
When one of two lovers presses forcibly one or both of the thighs of the other between his or her own, it is called the embrace of thighs. Kama Sutra (Ch2 Pt2)
Thu Aug 12 22:19:40 1999
I don't understand Ken b and his sweeping comment about all Sleaze DJ's being past their used by date. Have you heard all of us lately? It's funny, but I don't feel the same way about Homo Eclectus DJ's, because I bother to go out and listen to them. Trashing one party will not raise the esteem of another, it will just make you feel petty.
Sleaze DJ past my Used by Date??? - Fri Aug 13 5:50:16 1999
Well who the f*** cares what Ken b thinks anyway? Surely you judge yourself on the crowd's reaction to your set, not the opinion of one whinger.
Fri Aug 13 5:55:49 1999
Oh no. Not DJ bashing again. Didn't people learn from the last party not to trash the DJs until after the party? If you don't like the DJ lineup, don't go to the party. Don't attempt to spoil it for others.
Panther - Fri Aug 13 8:56:39 1999
Well weren't we wrong! we actually thought that the new party committiee might have some imagination with the DJ line up this party. What happened to creativity and trying new DJ's who the crowd actually like? I mean what were you on when you selected Luke, Paul, & Seveta???!!!
Fri Aug 13 10:36:48 1999
Well, at least it ain't the Steve and Warren show again!
F*U*Nkee - Fri Aug 13 11:35:00 1999
Just to confirm the DJ Selection Rob Davis, Paul Goodyear & Luke Leal Scott Schimmia, Sveta, Alex Taylor Dr John, Annabelle Gaspar, Bill Cotsis Jude Tsai, Josh Steve Sonius, Garry T
Glenn Horder (Party Director) sleaze99@hotmail.com - Fri Aug 13 12:06:06 1999
Just to confirm the DJ Selection RHI - Rob Davis, Paul Goodyear & Luke Leal Hordern - Scott Schimmia, Sveta, Alex Taylor Dome - Dr John, Annabelle Gaspar, Bill Cotsis Female - Jude Tsai, Josh Male - Steve Sonius, Garry T
Glenn Horder (Party Director) sleaze99@hotmail.com - Fri Aug 13 12:08:44 1999
Thanks Glenn!
F*U*NkeeBoi - Fri Aug 13 12:32:45 1999
Nice to get it straight from the "horses" mouth (absolutely no insult intended).
Nat - Fri Aug 13 13:05:12 1999
try this instead of the weedkiller / pesticide st drugs like E. Get aerobically fit, carbohydrate load, good power sleep before and add in some herbal goodies with a sprinkling of powdered viagra (works better when snorted just like a mild long lasting amyl) all washed down with 3 glasses of champagne. This should do the trick. It takes me away all night and st drugs punish to much. Chow baby.
Cheek - Fri Aug 13 13:10:50 1999
I think I'll save the Viagra for when I'm 50 and need it. Thanks for the suggestion though.
F*U*NkeeBoi - Fri Aug 13 13:36:37 1999
Where is Syd can you get some herbal E's? I know some fabby shops in Haight Street in San Fran. But where here in Syd???
Uncle Sam - Fri Aug 13 13:37:24 1999
Probably any New Age bookshop in Newtown. Thanks for the confirmation Glenn. Eonder where this international DJ is playing. Any hints 'in the know'?
EC - Fri Aug 13 15:02:34 1999
Ken b is obviously working on Homoeclectus so of course he's going to diss Sleaze. (How six years ago!) Good luck Glen Horder with your party line up. Musically it's still "kicking down open doors" as far as I'm concerned but Sleaze is about a community fundraising party and not what's new in dace music for the minute, right? Remember this: Hell hath no fury like a queen without his classics and anthems. :o) I heard a rumour that Glen is looking at making MG in feb very eclectic, with live queer bands and more alternative spaces and stuff - cool. Make heaps of cash fellas on this one, I know it will come back some how.
Matt down south - Fri Aug 13 15:08:46 1999
There is an international playing at Sublime that weekend, although I don't know who.
Nat - Fri Aug 13 15:50:11 1999
Matt down south, for your information ken b is not working on Homo eclectus, just because he's one of many who like's the atmosphere & music that goes with these parties, which by the way is what you would call cutting edge music unlike Arq. So get facts before you start assuming next time.
DJ - Fri Aug 13 16:43:15 1999
Why are gay men so incredibly intollerant, bigtoted and judgemental?
Fri Aug 13 16:58:54 1999
dorothy dix is alive and well on pinkboard. run promoter run
Fri Aug 13 17:05:15 1999
To Matt down south - you obviously live down south. Don't you know that it's 'in' to diss sleaze and mardi gras in general? Where have you been for the past 6 years? And if your supposed rumour that you heard is true, the one about the next mardi gras going electic, where do you think that idea came from? Hmmm, could it be Club Kooky...or any of the other numerous alternative parties that have taken place over the past 10 years? And to use the word 'eclectic'...well I wonder where I have seen that word used lately...could it be Homo Eclectus??? As DJ said above...get your facts first before you start flapping your uninformed fingers!
queer - Fri Aug 13 17:38:43 1999
Fri Aug 13 16:58:54 1999 - hey mate, you shouldn't say things like that on this board cause they'll get angry at you really easily. (Though not as much as when you disagree with their music styles - eg. "No, I think the da-da-dee-da drum beat is far superior than the da-da-da-da drum beat".)

Besides they don't care about anything politcal anyway. They just like to "party, party, party" their lives away while we all slide into self-indulged-oblivion.
Fri Aug 13 17:40:25 1999

Great to see Rob Davis back. Gary Leeson must have left!
Fri Aug 13 22:27:19 1999
Great to see Rob Davis back. Gary Leeson must have left!
Fri Aug 13 22:27:29 1999
I think Thomas the Funk Engine should be playing at Sleaze,He plays the campest music and can whip a crowd into a frenzy, he does it weekly at Freakazoid in Melbourne, YAY to Melbourne talent, looking forward to attending my first Sleaze ball this year so look out for me in my Issey Miyake pleated cartoon frock .Lets party in a united stance for peace love and unity. Bye bye 1999 hello 2000
feral beral - Sat Aug 14 1:39:22 1999
You're terrible Beryl.
Sat Aug 14 4:45:11 1999
Rob Davis should still be ashamed of his appalling set at Inquisition. I wonder how many on the party committee heard it. I'd suggest nomne of them, otherwise I doubt that he'd be playing Sleaze. But then I don't care cause I'll be in the Hordern until Luke Leal comes on the RHI and supposedly makes the music harder than usual (or so says Glenn Horder in Cap Q this week). We hope so, although the muscle marys in the RHI will turn.
Technowarrior - Sat Aug 14 12:06:33 1999
If Homo eclectus along the same lines of those parties a few years ago like "Devil made me lose control" down at Angel Place then they're not half bad. Pity the promoters have to turn everyone off by lashing out at other larger parties and the people who go to them. Anyone who has to describe their party as "cutting edge" (go baby!) is probably trying to distract you from the fact that they're badly run by disguising it as avant-garde and experimental ;-) If you like it, cool. I'm happy chilling out on the "blunt edge".
Rooster - Sat Aug 14 14:29:22 1999
technowarrior if Alex Taylor plays a set like he did at the Globe in Perth two wednesdays back believe me you won't be in the RHI, you'll want to be in the Horden. I haven't heard him play like that before though.
Sat Aug 14 16:38:07 1999
He He He He He He He he He He.......How Unusual not seeing "the almighty" (in his little mind) Steve Carley not playing at sleaze ball..........how will we ever cope !!!!! Mr know it all carley has done that last 7 mardigras parties (first was mg96). I and many of us are soooooooooo distraught he is not playing this one (for a change).
ThankYou GlennHorder - Sat Aug 14 17:51:46 1999
How about you applaud the DJs who ARE playing rather than slag off those who are not? I agree it's a relief that the Leeson pattern has been broken but why just celebrate that rather than make personal attacks on Steve Carley?
Sat Aug 14 19:16:57 1999
I'm from Out of Sydney, and dont know many of those DJ's styles. Could anyone split the DJs or rooms into different styles for me. Or are they all just different shades of house?
trancehead - Sat Aug 14 19:24:12 1999
Well the recent pattern has been Dome = garage, funk, groovy very blacl music, Hordern = house, progressive house, trance, a bit of bangin, RHI = anthems, handbag, eurotrance, Kylie, Dannii
Sat Aug 14 19:50:34 1999
The recent pattern.......true, but expect the unexpected!!!!
Fingers Crossed - Sat Aug 14 21:38:56 1999
Rooster, believe me there is nothing avant-garde or experimental about Homo eclectus, if you like hard and fast then this is the party to go to, i know i'll be there again :-)
can't wait. - Sat Aug 14 23:46:18 1999
Hey Rooster, why the attack on Homo Eclectus? Why do you think that its promoters are the ones lashing out? I have heard nothing but raves about the last one (Mardi Gras) and I'm sure that the forthcoming one will also be just as good. It at least gives the techno, hard house and hard trance lovers, who are also part of the gay and lesbian community but are still mostly ignored by Mardi Gras, somewhere to go.
Technowarrior - Sun Aug 15 0:02:37 1999
Wouldn't that be great? The unexpected! Ready when you are :-)
Sun Aug 15 10:41:40 1999
Why would Homo Eclectus have to lash out? They're parties are already a success.
Sun Aug 15 11:53:03 1999
Yeh exactly. Steve is a bit of an odd guy but I have to say that as far as house music DJs go, he has shown a lot of talent in the past. What's the point in slagging him off for having a good run at parties. Man I just don't get you guys.
Rooster - Sun Aug 15 12:15:24 1999
Technowarrior - I'm sorry if it came across as an attack on Homo Eclectus. That wasn't my intention. I've gone to a few of the alternative parties over past years and have had a thumpin' good time.
Rooster - Sun Aug 15 12:20:32 1999
hey F*U*NkeeBoi Oh well your loss. It just so happens to be replacing coke as the party drug for young dudes like us. And you dont have to be senior or droopy or male for it to work and its safer than amyl.
cheek - Sun Aug 15 19:08:55 1999
And somewhere down the track it will be replaced by triple combo, at tax payers expense of course.
Sun Aug 15 19:31:56 1999
All of you. Its just another party. Get a grip!!
sorted - Sun Aug 15 22:54:18 1999
Well come on F*U*Nkee. I'm expecting a full report. Are you still at a recovery?
EC - Sun Aug 15 23:18:09 1999
Uncle Sam... Re: Herbal E... I've gotten some at the Toolshed around Easter-ish... not sure if they still sell them. It tastes like sh*t. :P
J - Mon Aug 16 10:43:27 1999
You can get Herbal E & Speed etc, etc @ Mephisto Leather.
Mon Aug 16 12:55:36 1999
I was sitting on the fence re Sleaze. Then I read Horder's comments in either Star or Q that the music in RHI is going to be a lot harder than is traditional. All part of this 'expect the unexpected' bullshit. I'm not a serious nightclubbing person and really do not want to be educated in the latest hard house/trance/techno sounds when I go to a Sleaze or Mardi Gras. So count me out this time. Just hope that there are not too many like me. I do want it to sell out. But for me, it will just have to be a frisky kind of Sunday that weekend.
Where do i collect my pension card? - Mon Aug 16 14:29:31 1999
Perhaps if you ask nicely Pollies will put on an alternative party?
Mon Aug 16 15:21:20 1999
Hey frisky boy, send you an email earlier today, hope that you have received it by now. You can get me on Boogieboy100@yahoo.com Speak to you soon.
Boogieboy - Mon Aug 16 16:33:47 1999
Get that pension card! Personally I think your deluded if you think there wont be enough hands in the air, crap for the masses, handbag at Sleaze. For the past ten years I've been despairing at the lack of anything but in gay clubs and parties. When techno first started happening the gay scene was right onto it, then it got caught up with handbag and is still trying to shake itself free. I'd be wrapped if one of the areas did manage to be a little bit up to date and play some good hard stuff, even drum and bass, but I think its unlikely. My ideal would be if they opened up an outdoor area just before dawn and played some wicked tribal trance. The straight rave scene has been doing it for years, when will we ever catch up!
Trancehead - Mon Aug 16 16:42:44 1999
I think Glen Horder said a bit harder, not a lot harder.
Nat - Mon Aug 16 16:49:06 1999
See pension man, you're not deluded I am.
Trancehead - Mon Aug 16 17:00:47 1999
Been reading these boards since they started, and it seems we are decending rapidly into the sewer. Come on, be bitchy by all means, but leave the gratuitous, vicious crap off. We don't need to read it!!!!!
Dicks Out - Mon Aug 16 17:43:03 1999
Here here Dicks Out!, I am so embarrased reading down this page at the stupidity of many of the comments. What so much discussion about who the DJ is or isn't at any given dance party..or whether people should or shouldn't care about it. After all we are, like any community diverse. Why does everyone feel the neccesity to debate every issue upon which there is the slightest whiff of disention (& yes I know I can't spell! :)) My attitude is that if you like it go off, if you don't go and find something that you do like and stop bitching - and yes this can be applied to pretty much all the issues debated on this page!
Matty Ohhhh - Mon Aug 16 21:59:36 1999
Well I think it's a great shame that Steve C is not playing at Sleaze,but if you new anything about him you would know he said no more after MG 99 and had no intention of even applying.And I think his 'little mind' did a great job creating Arq.Having read this board for the first time I see why .
Mon Aug 16 22:47:23 1999
Can you believe the pitiful sooking over DJs et al. God help us if there is a real problem. For f sake just have fun with your buddies would you or else don't go.
trader - Tue Aug 17 9:22:09 1999
I know lots about Steve C, but if i posted them on here, it would be edited for sure.
Tue Aug 17 9:25:12 1999
cheek - Sun Aug 15 19:08:55 1999 - I'm sorry... its been a long weekend... to which comment of mine are you referring?? I don't understaaaaaaaaand!!
F*U*NkeeBoi - Tue Aug 17 10:22:34 1999
homo-eclectus = homo-hardhouse
i went and it was - Tue Aug 17 11:22:58 1999
To i went and it was, i would like to know what time of the night you where there to here just hard house?? I know all the Dj's and they might play a couple of hard house tracks during there set, but the ones who where playing upstairs at homo eclectus where mainly playing acid, techno & hard trance, something you will never hear at any of the clubs, or at any mg parties.
I'll be there again - Tue Aug 17 14:21:08 1999
Homo eclectus would have to be the best party i have been to in my 3 years here in syd, it reminds me of being back in london. So give these guys a break, least there bringing the scene here something new and fresh unlike most the other parties that happen, which are all the same.
Slapper - Tue Aug 17 14:29:59 1999
Change your name Slapper. That's reserved for someone else in this town.
Tue Aug 17 15:14:27 1999
Enough about the DJ's already... has anybody come up with interesting ideas for stuff to wear to the party or any gossip about the themes for the venues or the shows.
angelboy - Tue Aug 17 16:41:43 1999
He's talking about the Viagra comment F*U*Nkee. Hardly worth the bother of responding. Haven't managed to come up with any good show ideas so far angelboy, and I'm usually pretty good at second-guessing those. Bow Down Mister has already been done, Kylie and Dannii are Karma-free zones, Tina Cousins is doing recovery at Frisky, they'll probably save the recreation of Geri Halliwell's clip till Mardi Gras ... nope, no idea ;-)
EC - Tue Aug 17 18:28:41 1999
Could we please have a 'grudge wall' so those of us actually interested in Sleaze can skip the drivel written about people that have no consequence on Sleaze 99.Sounds like the have and the have nots to me.
Tue Aug 17 19:12:04 1999
F*U*NkeeBoi - Tue Aug 17 10:22:34 1999 yes it waz a biggie for me too. Do yourself and your luvva a favour and try it ok. Like I say if you like amyl then youll luv this. ps you dont need to be old, male or droopy for it to boost you along like a cock rocket.
Tue Aug 17 20:54:18 1999
What is it that have-nots do not have though?
Tue Aug 17 20:59:42 1999
Enough is enough, I've tediously read all the above comments, and don't believe how f***king boring it was. All this crap about who the best dj's are and the likes, who f***king cares, the dj's have been chosen, so we have to put up with what they dish out. Enough bullshit girls. This is suppopsed to be a wall about Sleaze. This is going to be my first, and my partner and I are going to enjoy it the best way we can....together.
Cootamundra Queen - Tue Aug 17 22:07:36 1999
Nat, the international dj playing at sublime on sleaze weekend is Tsuyoshi Suzuki and on the 12/9 it's Zen Paradox.
Tue Aug 17 22:18:23 1999
"Cootamundra queen" - now there's an oxymoron. What I really hate are the people who complain about other peoples comments, but have nothing useful to contribute to the wall themselves. If you don't like what you read here, and you have nothing to contribute yourself, then perhaps you should stay away.
Nat - Wed Aug 18 9:44:16 1999
akshully... I hate amyl... tah anyway... hmmmmm.
F*U*NkeeBoi - Wed Aug 18 10:19:37 1999
Actually, I've done the Indian thing before for a party. Best thing about it is that costuming is relatively cheap if you go to places that stock Indian material and jewellery. The only thing to beware of is make sure that anything you wear is coloursafe - it's not a good look to have dye dripping down your leg after four hours of sweat!
Calmer Sutra - Wed Aug 18 11:03:54 1999
But how do you make it look masculine and sexy? I'm having some trouble with that. Hey F*U*NkeeBoi, sounds like viagra might be fun if you can get the amyl rush without either the smell or the tell-tale burn on the end of your nose (dont ya hate explaining that away at work). Thanks to whoever for the info on the international at Sublime that weekend. I guess he'll be doing Frequency on the Sunday night although I can't imagine him playing at Cargo?
Nat - Wed Aug 18 13:02:17 1999
How do you make it look sexy? Remember, the gay community turned the materials used to make handbags and furniture (leather, chrome and rubber et al) into fetish gear after all. Shouldn't be hard to push the envelope a bit with some creativity.
Wed Aug 18 13:37:52 1999
Heard on Wash (2SER) that Suzuki is playing Frequency. Good call Nat. :)
J - Wed Aug 18 13:37:59 1999
angelboy - try gladwrap and stockings with lots of gold
jojo - Wed Aug 18 15:49:57 1999
here here Cootamundra Queen - just git it on with or without
slider - Wed Aug 18 15:56:17 1999
here here Cootamundra Queen - just git it on with or without
slider - Wed Aug 18 15:56:28 1999
here here Cootamundra Queen - just git it on with or without
slider - Wed Aug 18 15:56:37 1999
Okay, after much deliberation I've decided that Beautiful Stranger must be a strong contender for a show - no Madonna is playing rumours please. I reckon the tracks of the night will Universal Nation (you may even get to hear it in the RHI), Come and Cher's new one. Anyone else?
EC - Wed Aug 18 16:08:40 1999
Actually some of Madonna's stuff on the last album was also suitably indie in theme but probably not commercial enough to feature in a show. I really don't mind what they do in a show as long as they don't try and trawl drag queens on scaffolds through the dance floor the way they did at Mardi Gras - that was too much to bare.
angelboy - Wed Aug 18 16:42:04 1999
BAH ! The only reason Steve (i am god in my own little mind) Carley didnt apply for Sleaze99 and said no more after MG99 was because (a) he knew he wouldnt get picked because of factor (b) Gary Leeson resigning (or was it "pushed") from the party directors position.All in all we can do without people like him who look down on the punters treating us with such distain.On a scale of 1 to 10 Carley has a personality of -4 !
happy happy joy joy - Wed Aug 18 16:46:35 1999

Wed Aug 18 17:27:29 1999
Yeah you go happy happy joy joy.....steve C was getting as stale as a 4 week old loaf of bread.And if I hear him play "passion"Gat Decor or "france"THK at one more nite club or party I'm gonna scream! I support happy happy joy joy's comments.Ever noticed how steve C has NeVeR played ANY other dance parties besides Mardi Gras or Sleaze.Seems to back up that carley/leeson connection quite well.*sob*,*cry*.
Geisha Man - Wed Aug 18 17:36:20 1999
hey geisha man:my hanky is full of tears as well.tears of joy that is that we now have a party director who wont play favourites;and as for Carley he's gonna have to finally earn his place in the future if he wants one that is !
nathan r - Wed Aug 18 17:42:25 1999
Hey EC, how about "Man, I Feel Like Woman" for a show? I agree that Universal Nation will be H*U*G*E. Home went baliistic when Oakenfold played it. I reckon Luke Leal probably has it packed in his Sleaze Record Box already.
Nat - Wed Aug 18 17:44:54 1999
Apparently tickets go on sale for Homo eclectus tomorrow afternoon, yippee
Wed Aug 18 18:34:14 1999
Tsuyoshi is one of the best Dj's I've seen. How do you get tickets to sublime?
Trancehead - Wed Aug 18 18:57:37 1999
EC - Tue Aug 17 18:28:41 1999 - Yes but you bothered to respond.
Simon - Thu Aug 19 8:01:32 1999
Wot I find interesting is that the Kama is about the sexual nirvana between a man and a women their minds their bodies. Odd theme for a gay event don't you think. Still my BF and I will blast the nite away till our legs fall off. Have fun ravvers.
JG - Thu Aug 19 8:59:26 1999
I meant "Man, I Feel Like a Woman". I'm getting all sorts of ideas about it - and I'm not even a big fan of shows. God no, don't let me be turning into Lance Leopard!
Nat - Thu Aug 19 11:47:59 1999
bring on da jumpin jungel baby
Swordfish - Thu Aug 19 12:50:12 1999
when will MG get it together and put mebbe THIS year's Sleaze information on their web page?
J - Thu Aug 19 13:18:58 1999
Sleaze only around the corner - can't wait. Never really worried if the music wasn't the best i had heard for me and my friensds Sleaze and MG is a time to meet up again with old acquaintances and meet new ones. As for Homosutra seems as good a theme as the past 15 or so. see you all there.
File Past - Thu Aug 19 14:08:52 1999
Please tell me about sleaze, I have never been and I'm hoping to make it up from Melbourne this year... I would like to hear about the music, and the best places to be for recoveries. someone fill me in on the Frisky thing too, is that an alternate party on the same night? is it a recovery? thanks. Looking forward to a great party if I can make it.
Thu Aug 19 15:02:58 1999
Sleaze is smaller than Mardi Gras but just as good (though others will beg to differ). About a quarter or less people go in a themed costume. Different venues play different styles of music. There are spaces between the venues to chat to people and most people tend to be fairly friendly (as far as I've found). Get to the party and get amongst the crowds in one of the venues and you can find a new group of party friends fairly easily. Maybe some of them will even last longer than it takes to come down. Frisky is a kind of recovery where you're not really encouraged to recover and tix are always sold out very quickly. See you at the party....
angelboy - Thu Aug 19 16:10:05 1999
say is pinboard personals down?? i've been trying to get into it and always get an internal server error in all PB catergories. Any ideas?? see you at sleaze!!! The lavender rabbit xxxxx
Thu Aug 19 20:35:43 1999
apparently sleaze is selling slower than last year.
Thu Aug 19 20:46:25 1999
apparently? and your information comes from?
Thu Aug 19 20:57:02 1999
yep i think the personals r down. i mailed panther and got no response yet.
Fri Aug 20 0:02:44 1999
ian Knowles and james Lee who put together one of the most theatrical shows at hand in hand this year must return for Sleaze! Please!
Melbourne queen who loves a show - Fri Aug 20 2:38:31 1999
All personals boards are down and have been for a couple of days. Goss is Panther is away for the week. Perhaps he turned them off as he needs to keep an eye on the content posted there. Having said that the content posted on the Mardi Gras board has been pretty firey.
BND - Fri Aug 20 10:24:07 1999
too bad if you have a concession, tiketek make it impossible to take advantage of it
A - Fri Aug 20 12:33:21 1999
Big trouble brewing re the Mardi Gras message board. It got too nasty for me months ago so I just stopped visiting it.
Nat - Fri Aug 20 13:53:02 1999
I'm in my 40s and really enjoyed the Dome at MG last year. The music was a real joy with remixes of jazz, R&B and even some disco. The crowd really enjoyed it as shown by the numbers who stayed there pretty much all night. Hope there is something similar at Sleaze.
Annis - Sat Aug 21 10:16:06 1999
To Sleaze or not to Sleaze...only a week before exams...what's a boy to do??? (BTW, how does anyone from out of town ever have a hope in hell of getting tickets to frisky??)
Sleepless in Brisvegas - Sat Aug 21 16:46:43 1999
Brisvegas, A boy is to study his butt off now and go to sleaze to finally find the guy with the mirror ball necklace. We couldn't fail 3 times! Hope you end up going.
Mark and I'm ...... - Sat Aug 21 20:13:34 1999
Oh Mark. Don't tell me you're still straight. How disappointing. Sigh ;-)
EC - Sat Aug 21 21:45:51 1999
i dont like the idea of the "girly"djs playing in the dome,keep em in the big blouse space of the rhi and keep the dome heavy ,dirty,dark,sexy and oh so sleazy
loz - Sun Aug 22 9:55:50 1999
so im sold where is frisky
dd - Sun Aug 22 11:11:18 1999
Heard Alex Taylor on Triple J last night and he played a great set of really nice, pumpin' progressive house and trance. While not as hard as I really like it (but that's me - give me bangin acid at 160bpm+ for my ideal!), it was great music that should really please the Hordern crowd if he plays similar at Sleaze.
Technowarrior - Sun Aug 22 11:24:55 1999
Hmmm, tempting Mark. Must go and hit the books now for a guilt free Sleaze!!
Sleepless in Brisvegas - Sun Aug 22 12:23:00 1999
Believe me if Alex taylor plays a set like he did 3-6am at the Globe in Perth a few Wednesdays back you'll leave a the party a happy technowarrior.
Sun Aug 22 16:25:29 1999
It seems that everyone likes different music/DJs, and never the twain shall meet... but tell me, why can't you like, ummm, all of them at different times? It's as bad as some leather boys who have banned glitter from their personality.
How radical - Sun Aug 22 18:51:19 1999
Music's definitely a mood thing. It's great to see gayboys going off to happy house, puts a big smile on my face. I'm with technowarrior though. Sleaze goes with bangin acid or grinding trance. Two years ago in the MG toilet beat there was a DJ playing the filthiest techno I've ever heard. Pity there wasnt enough space to boogie, but I reckon this guy would have turned anyplace into a writhing sea of horny bodies.
Trancehead - Sun Aug 22 21:07:13 1999
That's why we have different venues - we can go from handbag to heavy and back again as many times as we want at the parties. It's a pretty radical concept (even by other dance parties around the world) to be able to get three or four different clubbing experiences for the one dance party ticket.
angelboy - Mon Aug 23 10:57:57 1999
angelboy, you should get yourself to london sometime, quite a few of there parties have anywhere between 7 to 15 venues running at once , and there run by clubs over there.
Mon Aug 23 13:04:00 1999
sleazeball... ??? after the last homo-e party i think i know where i want to be... with the bunch of queer freaks, grooving as we speak.
lover - Mon Aug 23 13:35:29 1999
got to have that 120+ all nite long and quarter time scores with the show pony
slider - Mon Aug 23 19:33:25 1999
Isn't it time 'Dome' and 'Horden' swapped?
Tired of formula - Mon Aug 23 22:22:32 1999
I heard Scott Shimmia DJ on the weekend, he RoCkS ! excellent tunes and flawless music. cant wait to hear him in the Hordern 8====D ~~
DopeStar - Mon Aug 23 23:10:16 1999
Swapped what? Styles or temperatures?
Mon Aug 23 23:54:46 1999
Up in the air I fly, zoom zoom a zooma zoom zoom!!!
Play School Forever - Tue Aug 24 0:51:29 1999
Why all this focus on pre-recorded music played by DJ's. Isn't it time we had some live music ? To Mardi Gras' credit, at the last Mardi Gras Party, all performers in the RHI were live - Danni, Jimmy, Ellen/ 'Dreamweaver' and Marcia - lets not revisit the politics of those individual performers - but the point is - Isn't it time we had some live music as well? Suggestions such as Faithless, Yothu Yindi, Euryhthmics who have just reformed - there are many other possibilities.
Bored with Formula - Tue Aug 24 18:32:34 1999
Yothu Yindi!!!! What the F**k do they have to do with a gay a Dance Party. I thought we have already done our oh so P.C Aboriginal reconcilliation thing (and I still don't understand Aboriginal reconcilliation had to do with homosexuality but i'd better hush now or be called a racist). Yothu Yindi is practically a country western band, shame John Denver isn't still alive we could get him for a show.
Tue Aug 24 20:22:34 1999
The reason aboriginal reconcilliation has relevance with homosexuality is because both are minority groups within the larger community. If one minority group is violated in any way and it is allowed to go unchallenged what stops them from calling open season on minority groups of any kind. Together we stand divided we fall...yeah yeah I know it's a cliche, but just think of Hitler. He went after the gays, jews and blacks at different times because he knew that each minority group was different and on their own offered little resistance... Don't take what you have for granted. PS. I agree with you about Yothu Yindi at Sleaze though.
Wed Aug 25 0:09:27 1999
Hello????????? Have you H E A R D the trance remix of Treaty yet? Put Yothu Yindi in the Hordern and watch the crowd go ballistic.
Wed Aug 25 5:17:19 1999
*F*A*I*T*H*L*E*S*S*!!!!! Yes please. I believe that Rollo is openly gay, and I think that Sister Bliss might be as well.
Technowarrior - Wed Aug 25 8:49:26 1999
What about the Wiggles doing "Wake up Jeff"? With rainbow skivvies, colour and movement with Jeff in the centre miming a k-hole. Groovy.
Rooster - Wed Aug 25 11:11:06 1999
Rollo aint gay, but he's an Aussie. But when did sexuality have anything do do with a gig @ Sleaze? (dead or alive, d-ream, jimmy, kim wild, dannii, paul goodyear et al.) Keep the Aboriginal stuff away from the Parties too. Seymour Butts always clears the floor with his didgeridoo music. Queens hate it. Always have. Always do. We all want More disco, show tunes Yeah!
Wed Aug 25 14:12:24 1999
apparently sleaze is going to be full of tragic queens badmouthing the dj's this year - ooops that's just the graffiti wall, got it mixed up with the real world for a minute.
Wed Aug 25 14:59:26 1999
Well, there is definitely an 'international act' performing. Start guessing.
EC - Wed Aug 25 16:05:11 1999
EC - Did you hear the same thing about Annie coming out early before her World Tour starts......
Wed Aug 25 17:06:06 1999
Gee...keeping up with madri gras tradition, I bet the international guest will be none other than Billie...or is it Billy?? Or then again...maybe it will be Leanne Rhymes?!
madonna - Wed Aug 25 17:12:03 1999
C'mon EC, tells us what you know. If it's Annie Lennox then even I would get a little excited about it. A true star and "Diva".
Nat - Wed Aug 25 17:19:23 1999
Hell, if I knew it was Annie I'd have told you by now. That would be amazing, but I think that's just another one of those Chinese whispers. I don't know who it is ... yet. =)
EC - Wed Aug 25 19:24:12 1999
Where else is Annie touring, and what dates? Is Sydney first on the agenda? There is a rumour of another earlier concert...
NoNic - Wed Aug 25 22:47:13 1999
My flatmates got a seat three rows from the front.
Wed Aug 25 23:25:44 1999
Thought that just the suggestion of Yothi Yindi would create a stir. To the guy, (and I presume you are male) who says that 'queens hate aboriginal music' (& I wonder whether you mean music with an Australian indigenous sound or music played by Australian indigenous people), has it ever occurred to you that dykes may love it? It does not have to be all night long and perhaps the queens could go and listen to their anthems in the RHI during that particular performance. I am not sure I want to dance with those queens in any event. I know many dykes (and queens) who fled during Danni. It's a big space at the Old Showgrounds and I thought our coummunity was big enough (and open hearted enough) to accept and experience all this world has to offer. Thanks to the other person who has taken the time to listen to various music, the '98 mix of T R E A TY by Yothu Yindi is what I had in mind.
Tired of Formula - Thu Aug 26 8:54:22 1999
I remember years ago a show with a live percussion band. I don't remember what party, except that it was in the Horden. It was great, but most of the crowd didn't seem to be enjoying it.
Panther - Thu Aug 26 19:40:29 1999
Bert and Ernie demonstrating one of the positions from the homosutra.
Has any of the Sleaze Ball DJs got a copy of "The Visitors" - I know Paul Goodyear has... Pleeeeeease play it!!! & to all you techno heads - have a listen to this music - years ahead of its time - with a beat as well as original words that mean something and not just rehashed and bastardised versions of other people's work! ABBA forever!
Agnetha - Thu Aug 26 22:26:24 1999
For the "techno head" that I am now, I use to love "The Visitors", although I have never understood what it is about (anyone wanna tell me?). It actually has an almost trance like sound to it. Indeed, when a cover was done of it a few years ago, it did sound quite trancey. If you can get your hands on a 12 inch version of the ABBA original, its now worth a fortune.
Technowarrior - Thu Aug 26 23:51:02 1999
The Visitors is about Soviet dissidents according to the people who made it, though I always thought it was about paranoia. It was the very last track played at the very first Sleaze Ball. Oops, did I say that? Problem is it really doesn't have a lot of bass in it, and the bootleg 'remixes' haven't really altered it much. Of course if the Gluckster were playing Sleaze he might give it a spin. He opened his first ever Mardi Gras set with Lay All Your Love On Me.
EC - Fri Aug 27 2:22:34 1999
Isn't Visitors an Abba album ???
Fri Aug 27 8:20:10 1999
TW an Abba fan!! And EC sounding like he might be one too (and giving his age away)! OMG! Have you both been taken over by aliens?
Nat - Fri Aug 27 13:00:18 1999
Abba? What? I don't know about being taken over my aliens but I think someone may have been sniffing liquid paper. If someone doesn't play Exodus I'm going to be a very unhappy party-boy.
Rooster - Fri Aug 27 13:47:32 1999
Although (and give me at least a minutes grace to be completely tragic) the Morales mix of Backstreet Boys "I want it that way" is great and could be made into a V.E.R.Y funny show.
Rooster - Fri Aug 27 13:51:13 1999
Did I just recommend a Backstreet Boys track???????
Rooster - Fri Aug 27 13:52:51 1999
Fri Aug 27 14:56:56 1999
It's all hearsay!
EC - Fri Aug 27 16:11:37 1999
I just heard that mix of "I want it that way" on WILD today... it almost made me cry.
J - Fri Aug 27 16:47:03 1999
Now there's nothing wrong with being an ABBA fan if you're discreet about it. Personally I reckon Summernight City would be amazing remixed in a trance style.
Anni-Frid - Fri Aug 27 16:57:05 1999
Oi Panther! How come you can say ABBA on here without being rejected for shouting. Are you a closet fan too? ;-)
EC - Fri Aug 27 18:44:22 1999
Mamma mia! You're right Rooster, it was probably the liquid paper that caused me to make such a dire confession. No Nat, I am not an ABBA fan! At least, not now. OK, I confess that I was. But back then I was young and naive and things were different then. We move on. On and on and on. At least, some of us do. Good question EC, you are such a super trouper. Again you amaze me with your widespread dance music knowledge. So long!
Technowarrior :) - Sat Aug 28 0:13:28 1999
Voulez vous TW? I've been waiting for you. What's the name of the game, does it mean anything to you?
EC (roflmao)!!!!!! - Sat Aug 28 4:13:21 1999
I'll have to put Abba in the swearing filter. :-) So are you boys dressing as Benny and Bjorn for Sleaze?
Panther - Sat Aug 28 8:54:33 1999
Well, that's effectively killed the wall. Okay, no more f***ing ABBA. Anyone else heard Touched By God yet? Yummmmmmmm.
EC - Sat Aug 28 20:10:12 1999
When a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own, but does not herself do anything, it is called the nominal kiss.

When a girl, setting aside her bashfulness a little, wishes to touch the lip that is pressed into her mouth, and with that object moves her lower lip, but not the upper one, it is called the throbbing kiss.
Kama Sutra (Ch 3)

Synner is here ... but synner knows not what to wear? perhaps as a boy, perhaps as a girl, oh whatever as long as its queer! does a turban and a toga count? ... need something vaguely oriental or sub-continant-ish .. as long as its accessible!
Synner - Sun Aug 29 11:33:52 1999
Is this the least complained about party in the history of Mardi Gras, or are no gay people ging to Sleaze anymore?
Sun Aug 29 20:47:01 1999
Don't know what to wear? Try this out for size....www.condomorders.com.au Melbourne's own Online Safe Sex shop!! All welcome!
Sun Aug 29 21:30:07 1999
I think that's called spamming.
Sun Aug 29 21:52:21 1999
Found a great shop at the bottom end of King Street (near st Peters) that sells everything from Saris to jewellery and all at reasonable prices. Check it out.
angelboy - Mon Aug 30 10:08:53 1999
Remember that Sleaze Party pays for the Festival and the Parade. Be there or be totally stupid.
Mon Aug 30 11:51:36 1999
The Mardi Gras party on its own can pay the Parade and Festival. Sleaze only helps to pay for that useless administration at Erskineville. Send a message to get back to basics and don't go.
Tue Aug 31 11:15:56 1999
What drugs are you on?? That's right... let's abolish the admin team at Mardi Gras... a shitload'd happen then, wouldn't it??!! Admin staff in general are always underrated - but the world wouldn't turn without them and the work they do. (From one who knows... I am a secretary, but not at Mardi Gras).
Tue Aug 31 11:44:10 1999
Drug puppies, is it true that GHB stands for Gross Human Behaviour, or is being messy the new look? This page says kama is the consciousness of pleasure, but isn't there pleasure in (the altered states of) consciousness without falling over your friends? The magazines are telling us this stuff f**ks us up and threatens our parties - is there a truth out there? Users respond!
Stra'acting. - Tue Aug 31 11:55:29 1999
Hey, that's not fair Str'acting. I bet if go out to Penrith Leagues club after the Panthers have just won a game there will be a lot of people there who consume vast amounts of alcohol and who get violent and sometimes even have unsafe sex. With the vast amount of drug-taking at the dance parties I very rarely see the same sort of threat of violence. Sure drugs can f*ck you up but we should be able to talk about safer levels of drug-taking and ways to cope with the emotional and physical results of drugs because drugs in one form or another quite simply, have for more than three millenia enhanced people's lives and experiences in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. Yes, there are some dangers but life has many dangers...
angelboy - Tue Aug 31 13:39:22 1999
Angelboy,I like the pleasures (and I like the pain too!)and anything beats alcohol the next morning. I agree , it seems most of us most of the time do it safely, and cope with the after effects.But it also seems that going out, and being part of it now means being out of it every weekend. Mid week conversation is reduced to recounting or reconstructing how drug f**ked we were and then we do it all over again. Are we being boring? And does GHB really do amazing things to my system? At least it's safer than Penrith Leagues.
Stra'acting - Tue Aug 31 16:02:23 1999
TDK does amazing things to my system.
Tue Aug 31 16:20:16 1999
I think if you're getting trashed every weekend it's actually a waste of good drugs. You don't want to get too used to it or be too physically exhausted to fly to the top. I haven't done GHB (or GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm as it's sometimes known) but have been around people on it. I can understand how grating it must be to have everyone around you tell you that they get trashed every weekend - maybe you need to find some new friends!
angelboy - Tue Aug 31 16:56:08 1999
Waste of good drugs and waste of good life too. Why is it that in a city as gay friendly as Sydney, so many of us still have to get wasted every weekend? I like doing drugs at the parties and on big nights out with friends, I like going out and dancing at weekends and meeting people in clubs, but I don't want to do it on drugs all the time. But when it seems that everyone else is drug f**ked and out of it, it's hard to connect with anyone beyond a bit of dancefloor play and offers of sex in the toilets. How nice. Am I really out of my depth here? What about the boys who don't do drugs? What's your life like?
Stra'acting. - Wed Sep 1 11:53:56 1999
Wed Sep 1 18:26:40 1999
LOL. Good answer. Re Sleaze, I notice that in the Homosutra newsletter mailed out to members, they have profiled each of the DJs except for Alex Taylor. Is he still playing? It also advises that Sleaze next year is Nov 11th. When do the Olympics finish? Is there to be no life in October after the Olympics are over?
Technowarrior - Wed Sep 1 18:59:14 1999
Sleaze is a major event in Sydney and socog asked that no major events be held in Sydney during the olympics. So Sleaze is later for next year only.
Panther - Wed Sep 1 21:52:04 1999
GHB is very dosage sensitive – you take a little too much and its lights out for the next 2-3 hours while everyone around you panics about the state of unconsciousness that you’ve dropped into. You are actually having a very refreshing kip – the only problem being that you look like a dribbling mess and can’t be snapped out of it until it’s out of your system – usually 2-3 hours. It is best when taken after other goodies have worn out towards the end of the night – this kicks everything back in (provided you had enough – but not too much…….) When you do get it right it is the hottest horniest stuff imaginable – keeps all parts of you going for longer, and harder, than usually possible. There are a few different types around in Sydney at the moment – the main thing with this stuff is not to drink alcohol after taking it – it will hammer your body and most likely end up in Gross Human Behavior. Yes it can f**k up people and parties, but if taken in moderation can be great. The reason why there is such a scare about this stuff is because it is so dosage sensitive and is currently being labeled as a “date-rape” drug in the U.S.. If you do try it take it easy and NO alcohol. I had a brilliant time at Sleaze last year on it!
saltboy - Wed Sep 1 23:04:08 1999
So everything has to stop for the Olympics? Does anyone in Sydney actually give a damn about them anymore? Still, it's possible Sleaze could suffer because of them in terms of equipment hire and hotel vanacies etc so maybe it's not such a bad thing. Panther, shift your rumoured-to-be-cute arse into gear and do something about a new party wall. I can't even get the text box to work anymore and it takes forever to download.
EC - Wed Sep 1 23:14:37 1999
Just read the DJ line up for sleaze. Only one thing missing - where is the chill-out space? 16-18,000 people and nowhere to chill or will it be like the year when, if you wanted to sit down, you had to go to Siberia and sit on plastic seats with no music. 12 hours is a long time to be in the thick of things. Could somebody please explain??
exhausted just thinking about it - Thu Sep 2 5:03:26 1999
But don't the Olympics finish by the end of September? There shouldn't be a clash between Sleaze and the Olympics.
Technowarrior - Thu Sep 2 8:39:51 1999
The Olympics go until 1 Oct. The Paralympics go until 29 Oct.
J - Thu Sep 2 9:04:54 1999
OUT Sleaze Ball Recovery presale tickets available at NV every sunday, and at Karnal Leather. Check the OUT webpage (http://members.theglobe.com/out_at_nv/out.htm) for more details.
J - Thu Sep 2 10:57:55 1999
It's Jimmy Somerville. I don't want to hear any complaints either. Sorry Annie fans.
EC - Fri Sep 3 2:30:44 1999
Aven't we already had that whiner... like, recently?
Fri Sep 3 9:57:36 1999
Details about Freaquency@Sublime recovery for sleaze are on pinkboard 4
tradebabie - Fri Sep 3 11:45:04 1999
I'm experiencing a sense of deja vu.
Nat - Fri Sep 3 12:27:28 1999
Also mentioned in the Homosutra newsletter is the stage lighting designer for the Hordern and RHI. Does this mean they are having 2 stages operating on the night? Yeah why wasn't Alex Taylor mentioned? Any news?
Interesting - Fri Sep 3 12:44:56 1999
Tyuyoshi Suzuki sunday nite after Sleaze. with booboo&mace and more.Weekender 99 @ Glenworth Valley. Outdoors. Kewl.
Fri Sep 3 13:49:11 1999
He's doin' Arq - but I don't think Sleaze
Fri Sep 3 15:03:44 1999
Well according to his promoters he's doing Sleaze, but I guess we'll see. There area couple of tracks on his Manage the Damage album which would make great shows, though I don't see how they would fit the theme.
EC - Fri Sep 3 22:26:41 1999
Any news on shows?
Mon Sep 6 13:02:23 1999

Mon Sep 6 13:06:50 1999
hello, doess anyone know if savage garden is doing the show @ sleaze. the lead singer is about to come out.
Mon Sep 6 13:17:11 1999
This is the opinion of the poster.
I want to live like animals ... now that would be a hoot! but Savage Garden are like one of the biggest acts in the world. Could Mardi Gras afford them? Would their management and record company risk the worldwide 'gay gay gay' publicity? No, I doubt it.
Mon Sep 6 14:37:39 1999
The lead singer of Savage Garden is such a spunk! I couldn't believe it when I heard that he was married because he seemed so gay. Are you sure about this? What a catch he would be.
Nat - Mon Sep 6 15:00:30 1999
Regardless of whether or not Mardi Gras can afford those two "I'm not a fag!" little pounces - do we want them??
JJC - Mon Sep 6 16:42:39 1999
Party outfit ready, drugs obtained and hidden away, the waiting will kill me!
Dicks Out - Mon Sep 6 17:34:21 1999
to sta'aight acting... Perhaps you could try taking dexamphetamine when you go out... As I understand it, it's a prescription drug given to sufferers of attention defacit dissorder. Mind you, it's very easy to get from your Dr. just tell him you have trouble concentrating... ;-) Seriously though, It's clean and will keep you awake without losing the plot... Best thing about it is you can take it in controlled doses as you require it and it's not illegal.
Mon Sep 6 17:38:41 1999
Who did they pounce on? Or do you mean ponces? I think Animals would make a fantastic show but I think the initial poster has got Savage Garden mixed with silverchair on the gay stuff. To the last poster - Madonna is not a fag either. Would you say no to her too?
EC - Mon Sep 6 17:48:43 1999
This is the opinion of the poster.
The lead singer of the garden is a capital S sister! I know 'cause I've known his "Ex" wife for a long time. The boy is living in New York with the New boyf. The silverchair thing so far is only rumour, although Daniel loked mighty freaked when the young girlies tried touching him in the Horden last gig. I'd like to touch him in the Horden....
dirtycub - Mon Sep 6 19:45:23 1999
This is the opinion of the poster.
Tsk dirtycub, an outing on Pinkboard! Okay, so you say he's gay, but does that mean he's about to come out. That would be great, but is someone whose first album sold like 8 million copies going to risk the wrath of the media? Anyway, I still you could make a great show of Animals or maybe I Want You.
EC - Mon Sep 6 21:25:43 1999
I was just thinking how boring all this speculation about guest artists was until I realised there is really not that much else to talk about re Sleaze apart from "oh my gawd I'm soooo excited" and "whot tha f*ck am I gunna wear?". How disheartening. I think we should all just take a deep breath and then start coming up with some really good gossip.... like Daryl Sommers doing an anal penetration show to "Girls just wanna have fun". Get those gloves on, Dazza.
Rooster - I'm Bored - Tue Sep 7 13:20:41 1999
lol @ rooster! how 'bout the footy show panel in slings?
Tue Sep 7 14:59:34 1999
Big ups to dirtycubs revelation re. The Garden. OUTing is cool when queens hide behind a hetro facade. Look at Alan J. Lauchlan M. et al. Pull em outta that closet. Anyway the Garden are twee enough for Sleaze so it wouln't suprise me. .
Tue Sep 7 16:55:45 1999
I'd love to see Brad Fitler in a sling!
Nat - Tue Sep 7 18:17:32 1999
More outings on Pinkboard! Panther, can we have a separate outing wall? I like the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun suggestion Rooster, but Daryl is just sooooooo unsexy, dontcha think?
EC - Tue Sep 7 18:18:30 1999
well, we had barnsey at Mardi!
Tue Sep 7 18:48:36 1999
exactly, and your point is?
Tue Sep 7 20:58:41 1999
C'mon guys and gals - let's get back to the S L E A Z Y contents that this wall was set up for. What ideas have people had for costumes? I initially was going to stick to a backup pair of shorts but since Friday night and a little shopping at the $2 bargain place have gathered all the materials I need to make my outfit. And since then it is half finished and I am so impressed with it and so far I have disposed of $10! ! ! ! ! ! ! It will glitter, sparkle and be the diamond in the rocks full of hard thick and big cocks! ! ! ! ! Ahhh I can't think of a better way to spend my sleazeball night than with thousands of men dancing around me with sex sex sex and more sex on thier minds! ! ! ! ! ! Hope you all have a happy sleazeball 99 and be watching for me in the RHI with my "illuminated" outfit. Luv and Kisses
Horn-E-lickus-suckus Babus - Tue Sep 7 21:01:00 1999
Here here, see you at the stables coz im sick of getting my knees wet in the piss flooded toilets if you know wot i mean. back to the jaw yoga.
me - Tue Sep 7 21:45:44 1999
look try Duramine wait loss tabs (from the doc)
alto - Tue Sep 7 21:48:05 1999
Nat, F*ck the idea of Brad Fitler in a sling, I'd like to see him on my face :-P
Rooster - yes, I am flirting with you - Wed Sep 8 4:18:16 1999
perhaps we should all dispense with the loin cloths and just have a massive all in orgeee to the bump and grind. now i'd like that.
flushed - Wed Sep 8 8:36:56 1999
who the f*** is Brad Fitler?
Wed Sep 8 13:09:15 1999
He's the hottest looking player in Rugby League. He is the captain of both Australia and Sydney City, and an object of fantasy for both Rooster and myself. Hey Rooster, what about you, me and Brad ......?
Nat - Wed Sep 8 13:40:44 1999
Nat you're making me blush. If we pitch in $42.50 each we could buy him a Sleaze ticket.
Rooster - Wed Sep 8 14:19:01 1999
Or we could skip the party and just take him home and practice a few scrums......*phew*......isn't 23 too young to be getting hot flushes?....I think I'm about to pass out.....
Rooster - Wed Sep 8 14:22:39 1999
Who knows when Frisky tickets are going on sale? I heard there is a Frisky website. Does anyone know its address?
melbourne boy - Wed Sep 8 15:24:08 1999
sorry Melbourne boy... Frisky tickets went on sale last Saturday - and will most probably have sold out. I don't think you'll find that there is a Frisky website.
JJC - Wed Sep 8 16:41:49 1999
where iz frisky
jo - Thu Sep 9 17:22:19 1999
@ tha metro
Thu Sep 9 17:51:48 1999
the return of *disco*... tipped party stomper - "new york city boy" to be *big* and often...! (and you thought the VP were dead) *smirk*
rented - Thu Sep 9 19:13:20 1999
Well, after going through my first "will I go, won't I" for a Sleaze / Mardi Gras for god knows how long, I've decided to don the little shorts and sparkly bits again. This came as a result of talking to a couple I hadn't seen for years last weekend who are also ready to bump and grind. BrisVegas, I was in your former homeland last weekend and had a ball (..hmmm won't even bother with that one). Made me think it is time we began the bi yearly ritual of trying to arrange to meet. Hope you are still going. Let me know either here or via email. Take care all and see you on the dancefloor. Music request: Play a great uplifting mix of handbag and trance with a wicked spinny feel and uplifting base.
Mark and I'm .... - Thu Sep 9 19:29:39 1999
Is it just me or do others think that $58 for Frisky is just way too much? Looking at what else is available that day/night, I just don't see how it can be justified. Freakquency, with two major name internationals in Mrs Wood and Tsuyoshi Suzuki is just $20, and Gatecrasher at Home on Sunday night is $50. And don't give me that crap about all the money spent on lighting at Frisky. I know that much, if not all of the lighting cost is shared with the Saturday night party put on at the Metro.
Technowarrior - Thu Sep 9 21:30:59 1999
worth every cent
Fri Sep 10 8:11:54 1999
yeah... worth it if the aim of your evening is to line JoJo's pocket....
Fri Sep 10 12:22:04 1999
If $58 was too much would the tickets sell out (and so quickly too)? Sure, it means that I myself may not be able to afford it but that's my problem not the problem of the organiser. They aren't charities after all and they're entitled to make money.
get real... - Fri Sep 10 14:39:29 1999
yeah, sure - being entitled to make money is one thing... but ripping off one's punters is another.
Fri Sep 10 14:46:41 1999
What is it about Frisky anyway? The music is so handbag and the crowd is so the same.
Fri Sep 10 16:50:18 1999
Seems to me that there's as many people out there bagging Frisky as missed out on tickets. Funny that. And my understanding is that Frisky has been supporting the Gay And Lesbian Rights Lobby since they started hosting parties. That's a damn sight more than many venues and promoters.
Looking forward to 2nd and 3rd October - Fri Sep 10 18:53:47 1999
To the total dickheads around may I comment re Frisky:

Firstly, you will not find that the budget is shared over both nights at all - Ray and Jo-Jo deal in very different ways;

Secondly, if you hadn't noticed Technowarrior, Tina Cousins is being brought out and performing live at Frisky - not cheap;

Finally, you obviously have no idea how much it costs to put on a dance party of the calibre of Frisky. The lighitng, sound, entertainment, DJ Talent etc all costs and Jo-Jo is not one for saving a few cents for the sake of a cheap ticket price (unlike some other promoters one could mention);

PS. I know it might sound stupid but isn't this wall about Sleaze Ball, not Frisky.

If you don't know what you are talking about, shut the F*** up.
Over your pea-brained 'tall-poppy' insecurity based crap! - Fri Sep 10 18:54:46 1999

Frisky is not getting charged a cent for Tina Cousins. Jive Records is bringing her out on a "promo" tour to try and move some of her product ( I refuse to call it music ) .fact.
not you - Fri Sep 10 21:48:53 1999
I don't see technowarrior criticising Frisky so much as just asking whether $58 is justfiable. I think thats a fair question to ask. I think you've got the problem pal. I can only think that such a severe knee jerk overeaction must be coming from someone pretty close to jo jo.
NMP - Fri Sep 10 23:27:58 1999
The reason frisky is more expensive this time is that the cinema will no longer be there and as such the licenced capacity of the venue has been reduced (by about 200 i think). The production costs remain the same so the tickets had to go up. They are unsure of what will be replacing the cinema in the future, it "could" be another preformance style venue like the main room. If this is the case then the capacity will go back up and hopefully the ticket prices will go back down (but i'm not holding my breath). I think frisky is worth it you would pay similar prices to a decent concert, the opera, a nice dinner out or another pill without even thinking about it. God I'm starting to sound like an advert for the party. And no I am not JoJo, I do not know him and don't care if I ever do I just like the party.
BND - Sat Sep 11 0:06:03 1999
I thought it was Zomba Records bringing Tina out ...
Sat Sep 11 3:47:23 1999
I mentioned Frisky here because its one of a number of Sleaze "recovery" parties. I think that the admission charge for Frisky is an issue, especially when compared to the cost of other events that weekend, including Sleaze Ball itself. If "Over your ...." can't bare to read someone questioning Frisky's admission charge on this board like Frisky is some sort of sacred cow, then maybe he should stay away from here. It can get much worse ;-) As for missing out on a ticket, Frisky may "sell out", but there are plenty of people around with tickets to sell if you want to buy one.
Technowarrior - Sat Sep 11 10:34:36 1999
Jive owns Zomba
not you - Sat Sep 11 22:45:47 1999
Seems to me the decision is simple. If you don't like the price, don't buy a ticket! But anyone who knows how much The Metro costs to fit out (like it comes as a shell only! All light and sound has to be installed), the weeks of planning it takes for any party, wheverever it is, the price is worth it. Way to go, the person who compared it to the cost of an E!
Farty - Sun Sep 12 0:55:39 1999
Mel C ( sporty spice ) 4am show in Royal Hall of Cheese
Shoulder Pads - Sun Sep 12 14:59:09 1999
Sporty Spice????????? You would H A V E to be joking! What's she gonna do, an aerobics workout to Wannabe?
EC - Sun Sep 12 15:03:45 1999
midnight show in Hordern with Kamahl riding an elephant thru the crowd, tramples on a 3 DCM turkish bodybuilders and their bitches. Cindy Pastel finds the keys to their hotted up Comodore and takes me on a joyride thru the carpark while doing bumps of K. ---to be continued.....
Mr Sparkle - Sun Sep 12 15:11:00 1999
Dear Technowarrior, I was wondering where I could find those extra Frisky tickets you mentioned? Please email me with details shaneofsydney@hotmail.com Kind Regards,
Shane Hulme - Paddington - Mon Sep 13 10:57:50 1999
Hi Shane, how was the cruise ????
guess - Mon Sep 13 12:44:09 1999
Re Frisky Sleaze recovery, I'm not ready to let this drop yet, especially after a couple of the sanctimonious responses to my posting about Frisky's ticket price. Sabotage, one of the biggest "straight" house parties for the year, is being held at the Metro on the same night as Sleaze Ball. It will be Sabotage's 5th birthday. Using exactly the same venue as Frisky, with a DJ line-up of some of Sydney's best (straight) house/techno DJs (eight in all), and what I am sure will be an amazing sound and lighting system (you people going to Frisky will experience it as well, as I believe its shared with the Sabotage crew), it costs $35 for a ticket. That shoots down your excuse BND. As for where to get ticket Shane, like I need to tell Y O U.
Technowarrior - Mon Sep 13 19:14:11 1999
Can anyone help with this one. A friend is Overseas and wants to go, but as yet can't get a flight over in time. He may well be able to get a flight in the next week or so, but my dilemma is this. Does Sleaze usually sell out prior to the night??? As someone who always gets tickets early, I never really come up against a last minute rush. I know Mardi Gras does about 6 weeks prior, but I had a feeling that Sleaze did't. Does anyone know how ticket sales are going as I may just buy one for him and hope he makes it. Any ideas????
I'm late I'm late and I'm nervous about my date - Mon Sep 13 19:25:10 1999
Did someone say Technowanker?
Mon Sep 13 19:41:21 1999
Sleaze has not sold out in living memory.
Mon Sep 13 20:14:59 1999
Yep, I think it was Technowarrior who said it himself. Bit slow there Jojo.
Mon Sep 13 20:29:33 1999
We will be traveling from the US for the Sleaze Ball.. Can anyone provide any advice as to what people wear who don't come up with costumes? Thanks
Don't wanna look like a Dork - Tue Sep 14 4:48:49 1999
dont wear much at all. foot protection is a must though otherwise your tootsies will get trampled in the stampede. try GString, sling, HPants, rap pants, or just plain ol loose jeans no top, anything goes.
jg - Tue Sep 14 7:52:28 1999
Sleaze definitely sold out in I think it was 1990. I missed out and there were and extra few available for sale at the gate. I queued for one of those too but missed out by about 15 people. :-( I hasn't sold out in the last few years, but there are a couple of thousand tickets less for sale this year. Lets hope they do sell out for a change.

What to wear? When you get here go shopping on Oxford St and pick up a nice skimpy outfit. Shorts is all you need. Cloak the rest. Leather is always in fashion.
Panther - Tue Sep 14 8:55:46 1999

This is Fred Nile here. Does anybody have a spare ticket out of Sydney that w/end. I've had a long chat with The Big Man Upstairs. You're all gonna burn in an inferno of lust, passion and desire. So enjoy your superficial world of physical pleasure. I'll be praying for your souls in Hell. See you all there.
The Rev. - Tue Sep 14 12:02:19 1999
Let it go TW. If people wanna spend that much, regardless of what other parties cost, then in the end its their choice. I note that Sleaze is just $18 more than Frisky. It has five venues, at least eleven DJs, live shows, goes for ten hours and funds the parade, festival etc.
Nat - Tue Sep 14 12:16:48 1999
Dear All, Wishing you all a Fabulous !!!!!! Sleaze !!!!!!! and a Fabulous Recovery wherever you choose to be. Dear Technowarrior, I was wondering where you're planning on partying over Sleaze weekend and if you've ever been to Frisky?
Shane Hulme - Paddington - Tue Sep 14 14:42:23 1999
Hi All, Looking forward to Rob Davis' sets at Sleaze and Frisky . He's just arrived back from DJ'ing on The Atlantis Events Alaskan Cruise.
Shane Hulme - Paddington - Tue Sep 14 14:45:29 1999
Im not going to sleaze. I'll be hanging out with my wharfie at the pub
darren - Tue Sep 14 19:09:25 1999
attention JG what the hell are "rap pants" ? not those MC Hammers things ? where's a sniper when you need one ?
CandyAss - Tue Sep 14 21:42:58 1999
"Three weeks to go. Tickets selling fast." Oh dear. Translation: tickets to Sleaze not selling well :-(
Wed Sep 15 14:35:11 1999
when we bought our tickets yesterday, our ticket numbers where 11,403 etc...and the guy told us the number was in accordance to how many were sold. how many tickets are usually available for Sleaze ? is it still around 14,000 ?
Kermit - Wed Sep 15 15:33:58 1999
No, it's reduced this year because of space shortages but I'm not sure how many they're trying to sell....
Wed Sep 15 15:38:17 1999
Why would it be reduced? RHI, Hordern, Dome, men's space, women's space - all of which was provided at Mardi Gras. where's the space reduction?
Wed Sep 15 16:40:26 1999
They'll be attempting to sell as many as they can. They have been really pushing the marketing in Melbourne? It should be a great night as always.
Wed Sep 15 16:51:31 1999
Yes there is over 11,500 tickets sold and the total is 16,000. The space shortages is outside area. As always the highest rate of ticket sales is the last two weeks. We're now 17days to go. Looking forward to a Sleazy Long Weekend.
Informed Gay Party Boy - Wed Sep 15 17:13:51 1999
Rooster, Nat & Tw, Have you heard any decent rumours on who and what the shows are in the RHI and Horden...... Oops did I slip and say we're getting shows in the Horden again too!
Miss Thing - Wed Sep 15 17:23:30 1999
What to wear to Sleaze? Dress for comfort. Dress for easy access. Most importantly though, dress to be noticed.
Vain Bitch - Wed Sep 15 17:33:35 1999
Only 16,000?? wow, I always thought they had more like 19,000 Its gonna be a great party anyway!
Wed Sep 15 17:52:20 1999
There are definitely shows in the Hordern and RHI - Barb Williams has been named as the stage lighting designer in both big pavilions. I've heard that Ariel, who you may have seen out and about with a few extra eyes painted on his face, is doing one of the shows, but who knows. My sources are drying up. Darn :-)
EC - Wed Sep 15 18:09:40 1999
still not sure what to wear .. maybe i should just go naked all night like last year ... 'cept bf was getting worried coz i liked it when all the guys looked! .... confused?
synner - Wed Sep 15 20:46:01 1999
Just confirmed. M. Ciccone has been booked at the major sydney hotel I work at for the week before and after sleaze.
Wed Sep 15 20:52:32 1999
Really? Madonna again? Last time she booked into a hotel in Sydney it turned out to be Bernard King.
EC - Wed Sep 15 21:12:01 1999
Tickets must be selling badly if MG have to plant a rumour like that.
Wed Sep 15 21:19:56 1999
Sorry Miss Thing, but shows aren't my specialty. I thought it was now common knowledge that there will also be shows in the Hordern plus a varitety of performances happening all around the party (performance art etc). SGLMG even advertised for such artists in the SSO and/or Cap Q about a months or so ago.
Technowarrior - Wed Sep 15 21:20:30 1999
Sorry to kill your theory Kermit. Bought our tickets today and they were in the 7000 # range.
Happy party - Wed Sep 15 23:15:11 1999
do you C**** ever have anything positive to say ?
Wed Sep 15 23:58:49 1999
Miss Thing - Can you be in both places at once? Simultaneous Shows! Oh my God! How will a White Woman cope? I believe they are doing this to cut down on overcrowding in the halls.
Bless My Heart - Thu Sep 16 9:19:10 1999
Don't worry...no simultaneous shows...opening show in Hordern...then RHI..then Hordern...then closing in RHI
the source - Thu Sep 16 10:46:40 1999
Show queens will be to-ing and fro-ing all night.
Nat - Thu Sep 16 13:38:29 1999
Newsflash: no international act now. Whew.
EC - Thu Sep 16 15:13:07 1999
Opening show in the Horden Huh? Why not the RHI like usual? Isn't it bigger?
Thu Sep 16 15:37:32 1999
Josh Abrahams has been added to the bill of weekender99(oct 1,2,3) Joins fellow queer acts Friendly, BooBoo&Mace, Pavo Cristaus, JuJuSpaceJazz, SubBassSnarl, Tsyoshi Susuki (japan), SeymourButz, dj Gemma, Suede, Frontside, Gerling, and loads loads more
a real alternative - Thu Sep 16 18:41:28 1999
The Hordern is nearly as big as the RHI without its seating and why must anything be 'like usual'?
Thu Sep 16 20:20:10 1999
Is Josh Abrahams queer?
Technowarrior - Thu Sep 16 22:27:39 1999
Tsyoshi Suzuki was never playing at weekender99, he was meant to be playing at the wentworth valley party(free tibet), but is no longer playing, is just doing sublime recovery.
Fri Sep 17 8:15:46 1999
My preference is for hi-nrg music and with the Sleaze DJ line-up , it looks like we won't have a problem. We'll just be Hall hoping. Hopefully the RHI won't be so hideously packed as in the past.
Miss P. - Fri Sep 17 11:56:45 1999
I agree Miss P. Hopefully one of the Halls will end the nite with hi-nrg. The days of the dreadful slow down at 5am are hopefully over. My best memories have been of the Hordern at 8am and the music still hasn't slowed and its was still packed and the crowd loving it. My worst memory was Queens Birthday Party and the music being dreadful and slowing down around 6am. Here's hoping that won't happen at Sleaze.
C.V. - Fri Sep 17 12:05:48 1999
Tsyoshi Suzuki and fellow Matsuri (cool international trance) laelmates JuJuSpaceJazz plus guests are 100% confrmed to do the bigtop/open air Sunday night after Sleaze. Glenworth Valley. Only 1 hour north of Syd.Kewl!
open air, yeah yeah - Fri Sep 17 13:01:04 1999
Yeh I agree Miss P/C.V. the party goers of today aren't into the Shift type music ( yes there are some but I don't think its the majority ). Lets hope we go from Hall to Hall and have our hi-nrg music all nite. Have a great one.
F - Fri Sep 17 16:09:18 1999
Yeah that's right, you should be able to go from hall to hall and get exactly the music Y O U want in every one of them at all times. Bugger everyone else. Who's this party for anyway? Sheesh. Morons.
Fri Sep 17 19:28:30 1999
Where can I find out more about Glenworth Valley?
Love outdoor doof - Fri Sep 17 20:24:45 1999
Love Paul Turners comments in Cap Q re Steps playing at Sleaze. LOL. Please someone tell us it isn't true, otherwise I might have to take a gun with me to the party.
Technowarrior - Fri Sep 17 21:07:03 1999
To love outdoor doof, me too! I think tix for Glenworth Valley are at Fish. Check capital Q next week for more details...See you outthere.... Tsyoshi for sunrise? Yes please!!!!!!
Fri Sep 17 23:19:07 1999
5 6 7 8. You know that was the last thing on my mind TW. Leave a couple for me and pass the pistol. Tragedy! LOL
EC - Sat Sep 18 1:06:16 1999
Canyass - rap pants you know plastic rap not rap aka that boring monotonal protest muzak. Glad wrap is absolutely devine in the right places eg around a hot tight arse. So git into it
JG - Sat Sep 18 8:45:18 1999
Let's take a moment to say that we can't wait for Sleaze especially to witness the four hours of spin dream insanity from Jude Tsai in the girl bar. The choice of the next generation.
Syphon - Sat Sep 18 19:19:56 1999
no matter what anyone says, we're absolutely busting to get to Sleaze. Gonna be great!! Hope everyone gets sleazy and near (but not totally) naked. Love the sight of all that pulsing flesh. And I reckon the music is gonna be terrific too. This is our 3rd sleaze, no sign of party fatigue yet, thankfully. Have a great party everyone!!
jeffgg - Sat Sep 18 20:45:30 1999
Will it the Int'l be Thelma Houston at sleaze this year, she's opening the rugby grand final the week before.
Sun Sep 19 12:15:39 1999
Um, Thelma has been in town for months because she's starring in Fame. I doubt Mardi gras would try to squeeze a third show out of 'Don't Leave Me this Way'.
EC - Sun Sep 19 12:54:46 1999
I agree EC,but wouldn't it be a little weird to have someone sing at a League Grand Final then something like Sleaze or Mardi Gras. That hasn't happened for hmmm .............................. 6 months. :-)
Mark and I'm ........... - Sun Sep 19 18:29:09 1999
Sleaze-sounds like fun but funds don't go far enough. I'll have to settle for Gatecrasher down at the Docks in Melbourne. Hope I don't attack any of the straight guys (hmmm...pass the K) Anyway are there any more rumours on an international star going to Sleaze????I'll be thinking of you all at Gatecrasher....
Melboune Boy 2 - Sun Sep 19 21:02:46 1999
*slaps own cheeks* Is it almost Sleaze time again? Nice to see that certain members of our community can still be as bitchy as ever. Where would we be if there was perhaps more improtant issues in their lives than what DJ was playing or what drugs they could or couldn't get their hands on? Well we'd probably be in much better shape than we are now. Anyway, have a great time those going. I'll be at home in bed thinking of you all. I've been there, done all that too many times already...bring back the old days please !!!
Too Old To Care Any More - Mon Sep 20 0:04:43 1999
Syphon: I'll be in the girl bar, blissed out with ya for those 4 hours!
J (ok, so I'm biased... but I still know what I like) - Mon Sep 20 10:13:41 1999
Too old to care anymore: if they brought back the old days, all that would be left of the community would be peeps like you who wanna go home to bed. Us young'ns'd piss off and start our own bloody community! That's what makes this community beautiful - the differences, why not appreciate them rather than write them off and wish for days gone??
JJC - Mon Sep 20 10:24:02 1999
Too Old to Care....This is the Sleaze ball wall and it should be expected that there will be utmost concern about who is playing, what we're wearing and what drugs are or are not being taken - if you want other, more preesing issues you should look at the other walls. Secondly, a whole generation of gay men are having their 'old days' right now. In twenty years time people will be hankering after pre-2000 dance parties and the days of their youth so, here's your chance - get off your arse, go out and enjoy your 'old days' 'cause they're here right now.
angelboy - Mon Sep 20 11:05:19 1999
12 days to go and we're still only on the first wall.
Lack of interest ???? - Mon Sep 20 12:19:25 1999
Does anyone know what time Luke Leal is playing?
Mon Sep 20 12:51:14 1999
F***ing faggots, f***ing faggots, f***ing faggots.

Hey don't get offended, I'm only saying what is acutally going to be happening at the ball.

Faggots will be f***ing. And it'll be so much fun!!!!!!

Now Panther, please don't remove this message, just write "this is the opinion of the poster" underneath even though everyone knows that male homosexuals (faggots) will be having sex with each other (f***ing).

If this is below the standards of this wall maybe you should begin looking at the other walls as well and see how we treat women and bisexuals.
Mon Sep 20 15:41:57 1999

and who is 'we'?
Mon Sep 20 18:25:55 1999
Off topic message removed.
Dr John (who is a real doctor - of the GP variety) will be dispensing scrips for viagra in between mixing the tunes in Dome.
Dome will be the place to be - Tue Sep 21 13:20:12 1999
Jimmy and Thelma on stage together - doing that song !!!!!!
Tue Sep 21 13:21:23 1999
Why has the f**king f**gots message been left here? It is extremely offensive.
Nat - Tue Sep 21 13:29:42 1999
SHOW - Hordern Pavilion - 4am - "The Visitors" performed SOLO by Anni-Frid Lyngstad.
Sven & Lotte - Tue Sep 21 13:51:32 1999
Er, that's Sven and LottA. You must be a fake.
Tue Sep 21 13:59:26 1999
Who is Tina Cousins?? I'd much rather see AJB perform at sleaze, they're single "Land of Make Believe" i think would suit the theme better!! I know its a cheesey cover but they are such a fun group and one plus they are aussie!Lets build aussie talent up and support local music!
Feral Beral - Tue Sep 21 15:00:51 1999
New wall please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tue Sep 21 15:02:17 1999
Nat, you must admit that the comment is true, there will be plenty of homosexuals in some compromising situations at Sleaze like there always are (and I hope to be a part of it!!!)
Tue Sep 21 15:04:09 1999
Dear Moron ( Fri 17 Sep message ) Get f... Why shouldn't people have a say. The comment wasn't bitchy about DJ's only a prefernce for hi-nrg music and that it looks like we will by just moving from Hall to Hall instead of staying in one Hall then bitching about it.
Moron ( not ) - Tue Sep 21 16:01:29 1999
Cheesy? It's putrid. A Bucks Fizz cover? Have yourself spanked Beral. On second thoughts ...
EC - Tue Sep 21 19:49:45 1999
the novelty of this board has worn off
goodbye - Wed Sep 22 12:48:08 1999
But there's lots happening on the party graffiti wall at the moment. And it all sounds fantastic.
Nat - Wed Sep 22 13:58:54 1999
J: be biased. I am. And so is half the scene.
Syphon - Wed Sep 22 16:18:41 1999
Syphon: but half the scene is biased because they're related to the person they're talking about. :) Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. (I'm only a little excited).
J - Wed Sep 22 16:23:51 1999
*isn't* biased because... , I mean. God I hate typos. Meanwhile, I'm gonna go in traditional leather, cuz I know I won't be comfortable in anything else.
J - Wed Sep 22 16:25:42 1999
By all means - be as comfortable as you want. I'm doing the full Indian thing myself but I always like to see the boys in leather. If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other ...... let that be the anthem of the party.
angelboy - Thu Sep 23 11:49:54 1999
Already this is the most unmemorable Sleaze so far. Guess that's why I'm not going.
Thu Sep 23 13:05:59 1999
Of course it's unmemorable - it hasn't happenend yet! Anyway, there are enough other people going - you wont be missed I assure you.
angelboy - Thu Sep 23 13:31:48 1999
angelboy: well you'll be disappointed in this leather-clad, Sleaze-attending person then... I'm a grrl. :) Have a good time!
J - Thu Sep 23 13:40:50 1999
My mistake! I should have remebered from your previous posts. Nonetheless, my point really was that I like the whole dress up fun games regardless of the kind of drag you're into. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
angelboy - Thu Sep 23 15:08:55 1999
LOL @ J and angelboy.
Thu Sep 23 21:32:24 1999
Oh what excitement!!! All that bitchyness and not a bit of dirt to be seen what filthy scenes will you be involved in. Come on boys let get down and dirty.
sleaze slut - Fri Sep 24 0:54:23 1999
The AGM was sleazy enough for me.
Fri Sep 24 8:07:40 1999
Hot tip for Sleaze performer. I don't want to give too much away only to say Bruce Ruxton, fan dancers, "God save the Queens". You heard it here first.
Rooster - Fri Sep 24 9:04:28 1999
continued ...
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