Pinkboard Sleaze Ball 95 Graffiti Wall

Welcome to the Pinkboard Sleaze Ball Graffiti Wall. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras' Sleaze Ball is now less than 4 weeks away. The theme is A Robodyke and Cyberfag Homosphere.

You are welcome to leave your comment, fashion tip, or where you will be on the night (I'll be 5m south of the mirror ball) at the bottom of this page. It will be automatically added.
Panther (as in the Pinkboard Panther) - Mon Sep 4 17:22:04 1995

But I am a cyberfag already! What am I going to wear????
Panther (as in the Pinkboard Panther) - Mon Sep 4 18:08:37 1995
We had planned to bring Annie, but the bitch couldn't get her outfit together in time.
tinker - Tue Sep 5 19:00:53 1995
Tue Sep 5 22:43:44 1995
Shane loves Doug. Doug is in Heat, but not ready yet. Doug wants Shane. Should Doug profess his love to Shane? - Wed Sep 6 13:08:52 1995
Arthur Bear behave yourself!
Leo. - Wed Sep 6 20:22:18 1995
where are all the grrrls?
Thu Sep 7 18:22:29 1995
Happy Sleaze Ball Everyone ! Sorry I can't go. Antony, Muffy, Trevor, Paul have the best time and tell me all about it. Take photos and keep off the amyl. P.S. Watchout for Rupert !
Thu Sep 7 21:48:29 1995
anyone wanting to go to tribal gathering in ireland please leave details there are more of us in ireland than you think see ya wouldnt want ta be ya
glenda gunge - Fri Sep 8 1:56:05 1995
suck my root
Fri Sep 8 1:57:53 1995
Rumour #1: Olivia Newton John doing Xanadu
Fri Sep 8 8:44:31 1995
But do you really want to see Olivia Newton John doing Xanadu?
Fri Sep 8 21:48:20 1995
What does everyone think of the theme?
Fri Sep 8 21:51:12 1995
The theme is OK. I think one year we should have a hetero theme: thongs, singlets, prams, pink sloppy joes, sheepskin boots, T-shirts promoting beer? Maybe the straights there would be offended but who cares!?
betty beatkweene - Sat Sep 9 10:27:32 1995
For a good time... call
fruitbuns - Sat Sep 9 21:29:16 1995
all the grrls are here. Linköping, sweden
cilla and jenny - Mon Sep 11 5:35:41 1995
         F      A   A G   G  S
         F      A   A G      S
         F      A   A G   G       S
         F      A   A GGGGG  SSSSSS

straight-AS-hell - Tue Sep 12 9:17:51 1995
I want to stick my probe in you.
R2D2 - Tue Sep 12 10:37:33 1995 waz ere!
Wed Sep 13 0:33:35 1995
pin kiks ass you all suck graffitti kicks ass
pin - Wed Sep 13 9:14:04 1995
Fags suck other Fags Dicks! Make sure your boy friend doesn't leave any equiptment BEHIND !!!!!!!
Fags SUCK - Wed Sep 13 9:17:07 1995
Just a small sample of why we don't want people who hate us at our parties.
Panther - Wed Sep 13 9:51:53 1995
The most confusing thing about bilesgay folks: How they can stand ERASURE.
straight, but respectful - Wed Sep 13 20:58:36 1995
This fag sure sucks - nice big smooth uncut cocks!
betty beatkweene - Wed Sep 13 23:02:09 1995
Is anyone else out there going to the party? Or is it just me?
Panther - Wed Sep 13 23:19:02 1995
betty beatkweene is. Just look for Bulldogs footy gear with a big number 5 on the back. I'll be the one smiling at about 7.00am!
betty b - Wed Sep 13 23:50:12 1995
I hope every straight persons drugs dont work!!! tee hee hee
The Snake - Thu Sep 14 0:36:14 1995
Shosha make you're way here grrl, dump the man and get on a plane! All of Sydney is waiting for you.....and most of all A cute young Australian thang...... Come to Sydney and find out what you're missing......(smile) Love and Spit,
Alexx - Thu Sep 14 19:41:33 1995
I was going to be there but now I have to work at the sauna. The moral of this story is "Never date the boss!"
The girly wa-wa boy - Thu Sep 14 23:21:24 1995
Mary Sheryl, Leah & Tim say howdy from the States! Any cuties heading to Boston in the next few months?
MSLT - Fri Sep 15 2:21:49 1995
Love yr site - sorry to miss your ball. Jump me if you're coming to San Francisco. Any gay Aussie bowlers out there? Hugs&kisses! 752-7613
jc - Fri Sep 15 4:10:01 1995
Alexx...come to sunny Florida grrl :) I will dream WHILST I wait to see you in living coloUr...:) See, I am educable..barely Your loving,
Shosha - Fri Sep 15 13:47:53 1995
Hello from Santa Barbara County! just stoped in looking for support.={ tall female-normal,irish&indian, lookin for a nother normal female out there...=]
Tiger08eris - Sat Sep 16 8:56:20 1995
It's raining in Sydney, but who cares its only two week to HOMOSPHERE..... I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait
Stomper.again - Sat Sep 16 12:26:44 1995
Is it really going to be a good party or does it depend on your drugs. Generally the themes dont seem to make a difference. All the parties seem to be the same
Sat Sep 16 23:43:27 1995
Would'nt it be great if it was held somewhere different for a change. May be another city.
Sat Sep 16 23:47:13 1995
Would'nt it be great if it was held somewhere different for a change. May be another city.
Sat Sep 16 23:48:35 1995
I can't wait to be in Sydney for Sleaze. Let's all get out of it and enjoy.
jianni - Sat Sep 16 23:58:34 1995
All us locals would have to travel if it was somewhere else. That's not a good look. :-( Anyway Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane all have a Sleaze Ball too!
Panther - Sun Sep 17 10:46:28 1995
Welcome to the 1995 Lesbian Sleaze Ball. Notice the Vortex is Woman only. No where for men only. Didn't 1994 have that same sort of ever lasting one sided scent?
Sun Sep 17 22:46:36 1995
Smooth iss the only waay to go!!!!!!!
wanna'be - Mon Sep 18 11:17:36 1995
Smooth is the only way to go!!!!!!!
wanna'be - Mon Sep 18 11:19:09 1995
Sorry I won't be there to see it but I will be in Dullsville Brisbane.. Think of me.....
Mon Sep 18 16:56:58 1995
Two weeks to go and I still can't decide on what to wear :( At first glance the theme sounds great - so many options. But it all boils down to bits, bites (sorry, bytes), floppy disks, robotics (bet we'll see a million Robocops), aluminium foil, strategically placed CD-ROMs etc. HELP! I need more ideas on what to wear. The next thing I have to do is learn how to drive the sewing machine :-}
The Toots - Mon Sep 18 20:34:28 1995
I have my final fitting tommorow. Yeah I'm a lazy bitch, and I get someone else to make my outfit. But it'll look fabulous.
Tue Sep 19 22:49:00 1995
I heard that the opening show was going to be Metallica. Rumours are that they will be doing a cover of Madonna's "Erotica". (well everyone is being stupid!)
There always has to be one... - Wed Sep 20 8:58:14 1995
Toots: How do you get the sewing machine to go through CD-ROMs? As to what you can wear: in Cyberspace you can be anything you want to be. I might just go as a panther. Make sure you wear sensible shoes though.
Pinkboard Panther - Wed Sep 20 11:32:45 1995
who's for real bi
Wed Sep 20 20:37:36 1995
who's for real bi in se qld couples? leave answer here
Wed Sep 20 20:46:11 1995
BIG RUMOUR,,,,,,,Try an appearance by Janet, Janet who? Need a Clue? Her brother is a pedophile !!!!
Snake - Wed Sep 20 20:58:24 1995
BIG MULTI BONER ROMOUR; An appearance by Janet, Janet who?? Need a Clue? Her brother is a pedophile !!!!
Snake - Wed Sep 20 21:01:36 1995
OOPS!! I mean rumour
yeah me - Wed Sep 20 21:03:08 1995
if you swing and live in seq let's know who you are
Wed Sep 20 21:24:20 1995
hubby and i love to meat you
Wed Sep 20 21:34:49 1995
OK Janet. Give us a glue or better
Wed Sep 20 22:04:29 1995
I am Truely Bi.
Tiger08Eris - Thu Sep 21 6:24:40 1995
I am 15 and am gay and proud of it
PJ - Thu Sep 21 7:48:24 1995
I'm wearing silver mesh shorts made by my wonderful mother! What is everyone else wearing? Does anyone know what time Kate Munroe is DJ'ing? (close as usual I suppose?)
Absolutely fabulous! - Thu Sep 21 9:04:28 1995
Ab Fab: I don't think Kate is playing this party. Rob Davis is last in RHI/Nexus. We're all wearing red PVC. Mine are shorts. The rest are wearing all sorts of other permutations.
Panther - Thu Sep 21 9:27:32 1995
Panther: Rob Davis? Where would I know him from? Is he good? Does he finish with a bang or does he make everyone go home (recovery) early? Snake: Janet was the rumour for Mardi Gras. I don't think so. Anyone else got some good rumours?
Absolutely Fabulous - Thu Sep 21 10:45:51 1995
Darling Alexx-- Go and visit :) I want you...biblically... Why are you half a world away? Love and Longitudes, Your loving and very horny,
Shosha - Thu Sep 21 13:41:04 1995
Well Shosha what can I say?? MMmmm...guess you'd better make it here for this sleezeball... Love you babe...come to the party, and then I'm all yours to take home...
Alexx - Thu Sep 21 15:53:10 1995
See all you boy's at bodyline on sunday!!!! Don't forget to play safe!!!!
Hotboy - Fri Sep 22 9:10:59 1995
The cybernetic/biomechanic atmosphere of this Sleaze is something that intrigues me. It's trying to reboot the next day that's the bitch!!
Fri Sep 22 13:30:56 1995
I love Jason F.
secret man - Sat Sep 23 10:09:23 1995
Sydeny is Hot! So are the men! Picked up my outfit today! It's HOT too! Show gossip - there are none. Well, not as we know them
Limping.Mistress - Guess who got new shoes yesterday. - Sat Sep 23 14:21:03 1995
hi happy sleaze ball. I wish i could go but as a dyke who has just moved from the country i did not know anyone that could nominate me as a member. This rule should stop. anyway i will get off my high horse have a great time. to all the homophobes who contrbuted to this site piss off.
jet girl - Sat Sep 23 16:08:05 1995
hey, are there any queers in TOWNSVILLE!!!?!?!?!?!?!!? if there are, submit something to here on the double! and.. i guess, we'll work from there!!
JCU'er. - Sat Sep 23 22:51:13 1995
Re: Sewing thru CD-ROMs. It's all I can do to make the body look ab fab for the nite without worrying about getting the needle thingy to go through CD-ROMs :( Lucky today was sunny - gave me a chance to get a tan - now, all I've got to do is find an outfit that shows off the rippled stomach I've spent months working on :)
The Toots - Sat Sep 23 23:11:46 1995
Hey Jet Girl - wanna ticket? Send me an email at I've got a spare 'cos one of the girls I was going with has to work.
The Toots - Sat Sep 23 23:13:15 1995
Viki-think body girly-the grrrrrl
Sun Sep 24 12:59:28 1995
if you're going to be wallpaper, atleast do it with fat girl- groovi wallpaper, neat pix. love the hairy armpits. rat girl
rat handler - Sun Sep 24 15:04:16 1995
I'm playing the feisty dominating bitch from hell and I've got two lovely lipstick leso's on either side of me. Attached by dog collar is our favourite friend Mark. Won't that be fun ...
Sun Sep 24 15:16:17 1995
Have fun TINKER we'l look after ANNIE, and may all the STRAIGHT PEOPLE'S drugs work better. Happy Sleaze Ball to everyone!!
Sun Sep 24 16:11:53 1995
The one above is from "WHITE TRASH" AND "NAKOR"
Sun Sep 24 16:13:48 1995
Remember, a reefer a day keeps the doctor away. Please keep your HIV+ friends happy & high.
Justin - Sun Sep 24 22:23:50 1995
Anyone out there know Evan G. Ruth of Sydney? Tell him Craig from NY says "Hi!" Everyone, have a great time at the ball! Wish I could be there. - Mon Sep 25 3:30:46 1995
Anyone out there know Evan G. Ruth of Sydney? Tell him Craig from NY says "Hi!" Everyone, have a great time at the ball! Wish I could be there. - Mon Sep 25 3:30:59 1995
I have just heard (from a reliable source) that Janet Jackson is indeed in Australia as we speak. You never know!
Ab Fab - Mon Sep 25 9:57:21 1995
My boyfriend Peter is the hottest thing since slice bread. And he knows it too! Look out for the two gorgeous guys in silver shorts. I've also heard that Janet is actually in Australia at the moment - you never know!
Ab Fab - Mon Sep 25 9:59:43 1995
Wearing silver shorts? My, how original. Let me guess, you'll take your shirts off at 3am and pretend to be really out of it. You'd be smooth all over (yuk) and spend your spare time staring at yourself in mirrors at Cissy Gym.
betty beatkweene - Mon Sep 25 20:43:33 1995
go betty, you got them pinned down to a tee. See ya all at the dome where the MEN are - somewhere among the fur coats!!
ozcub - Mon Sep 25 21:37:26 1995
Dearest Betty and Ozcub, my partner and I will not be wearing shirts at all. Nor will we need to pretend to be out of it - expensive accessories can account for that! We will not be smooth, we will be going a-la-natural. And we will definitely not be looking at ourselves in the mirrors - what for? - we already know we're to die for! We will be doing some serious groovin' from the time we walk in, until the last show comes on, and then it will be straight off to recovery for the next two days. And where may I ask will all the "real MEN" be at this stage? Somewhere in the gutter I think!
AB FAB (in a bad mood!) - Tue Sep 26 8:37:01 1995
Hi Ab Fab. How can you be in a bad mood? It's only 4 days to go! I'll watch out for you so I can worship your body.
Panther - Tue Sep 26 8:50:24 1995
Panther : You'll have a fun time picking the silver shorts that belong to Ab Fab & Co. Apparently 'Aussie Boys'(Gag) have reported them as the hottest selling item. Aren't we glad were not going in silver!! Show Gossip : 0330 in Hordern : 200 penguins on stage, stomping to the Tin Tin Mix of Windows '95.
Guess who? - Tue Sep 26 9:19:58 1995
Guess Who: That's why I don't shop at Aussie Boys. My dearest mother is making our outfits and she is a wizard on the sewing machine. We just wanted to dress comfortably for this party but I'm sure mother will whip something up that will stand out from the rest. I never go unnoticed! Hope everyone looks great and has a fab time (even Betty).
AB FAB (in a better mood) - Tue Sep 26 10:36:48 1995
have a peak at - visible human project-suss out the fleshy bits we're made of-or else go to the spot
Tue Sep 26 11:00:56 1995
marina is pissed off cause she doesn't own a pair of glamerous tight flesh grabbing latex shorts to shake her thing in. rat grrrl thinks this is actually a very good thing. cause she wants to shake her thing too, but alas. is also lacking latex.
girl becoming ratt - Tue Sep 26 12:07:15 1995
I just converted the countdown to hours! It's less than 100 hours away (as of 6:01 pm).
Panther - Tue Sep 26 20:16:00 1995
Ab Fab - I too wish everyone has a totally brilliant time at Sleaze. And hope to see you on the floor in your silver. I'll be the one in the red -- at 0600 -- in the middle of the RHI -- with THE lollipops. See ya there. - Wed Sep 27 1:05:00 1995
OK Tiger08Eris I am truly bi too. Where are you? Are you he or she? I am he?
Wed Sep 27 7:42:09 1995
Ab Fab, You are the sickest individual person I have ever had the displesure of meeting!! You make me F#@king sick! I hope both you and your fag friend Peter die a slow and agonising death when you get HIV..that would make my day!!!
Fag Hater! - Wed Sep 27 9:09:56 1995
Screw all you FAGS your going to kill us all!!!
straight-AS-hell - Wed Sep 27 11:08:05 1995
straight as hell, love you, suck my cock
Wed Sep 27 12:38:43 1995
straight as hell it's ok, youre not invited to our party
Wed Sep 27 12:41:23 1995
Fag Hater and Straight as Hell... The two of you must be so proud of yourselves...abusing people via an anoymous mailing list .......Go back into the hole you crawled out of..... To everybody else.... Have a great time at the Ball
Gay, Out and Proud - Wed Sep 27 15:11:14 1995
Fag Hater: I can sympathise that you are going throught turmoil, trying to repress those feelings for other men, but please do not take it out on those of us who are able to be honest with ourselves and live the way we want to . Next time, tell someone who cares! By the way we all meet every Friday to discuss plans and strategies of how we are going take over the world - so BEWARE!
AB FAB - Wed Sep 27 15:32:42 1995
Fag hater - you shouldn't go into an area like this if you don't like it.... Do you dive in a sewer and then complain about it??
queerboy - Wed Sep 27 15:41:15 1995
Ab Fab, Pal, you don't have the brains to take over the can't even work out that getting f#@ked up the arse hurts like hell....but, as the saying goes.."No brain, No pain" the way, who's the "girlie" of the two of you or are you both just absolute f'ing queens? I think that this may be the case...think about it while your getting your arse shredded by that silver shorted, arse pounding, pillow biting, donut makeing fagot of a "boy"friend of yours! If I ever set eyes on your fagy, puney little body I'd give you the f#$king of your life...with a stick big enough for an elephant to feel!!!!! Regards........Like F#$k regards, more like screw you all and death to all fags!!!!!
Fag Hater. - Wed Sep 27 16:25:53 1995
Fag Hater - I've put a trace on your mail and guess what I know you from little encounter; listen honey keep it up and I'll distribute the contact details
NetWatcher - Wed Sep 27 17:58:56 1995
It's good to have comments such as Fag Hater's. It serves to reinforce just how peaceful, tolerant, caring (sometimes a little bitchy) gays and dykes are. If I ever got so sick that I posted a straight bulletin board with anti-straight messages please put me in an institution where I can have my hatred repressed with chemical therapy. Maybe he's just trying to meet someone on this board - someone who can break his tight arse in. Fag Hater - what are your stats and what size is your head (I like tight fitting paper bags).
betty beatkweene - Wed Sep 27 18:10:45 1995
Ab-Fab: The real men will be having sex with other hot (and hairy) men just about the same time you're having your first Pimms and Passionfruit dacquiri (is that what queens drink?). You see recoveries are for those who can't pick up. Doncha know?
betty beatkweene - Wed Sep 27 18:20:28 1995
For those who are interested in what they are doing to their bodies, please visit the following web page: You will find a lot of information (and pictures!) of your favourite chemicals.
CHUNKY LUNCH - Wed Sep 27 19:31:09 1995
Well, here it is Wednesday night before the ball and I haven't a thing to wear :( Oh well. Time to drag out that Mardi Gras outfit from two years ago - the one with all the alfoil, silver and butch accessories. By now, everyone will have forgotten it. Hopefully it'll still fit - I wasn't as muscly then :)
The Toots - Wed Sep 27 21:43:25 1995
By your own description of it sounds like you should have forgotten it as well! Does anyone know what the Ab Fab pair look like? I mean, which one looks like Eddy and which one resembles Pats? I think if I saw those two on acid wearing silver shorts and nothing else I'd freak out well and truly!
Rose Hamfist - Wed Sep 27 21:52:47 1995
Well, here it is Wednesday night before the ball and I haven't a thing to wear :( Oh well. Time to drag out that Mardi Gras outfit from two years ago - the one with all the alfoil, silver and butch accessories. By now, everyone will have forgotten it. Hopefully it'll still fit - I wasn't as muscly then :)
The Toots - Wed Sep 27 21:53:48 1995
Yeah the Ab Fab pair look like Saffie's boring Uni friends. The biggest loser this week is Ab Fab's mum. What must be going through the poor dear's mind knowing that her soft son is going dressed like a Paddington Chocolate!
FurryBearCub@Eastlakes - Wed Sep 27 22:06:23 1995
1996 MARDI GRAS PARADE Queers on the Net marching group. Maybe with Ab Fab and her girlfriend leading the group. Lets all wear silver shorts in the parade.
Brenda Boxpleat - Wed Sep 27 22:15:07 1995
Yeah the Ab Fab pair look like Saffie's boring Uni friends. The biggest loser this week is Ab Fab's mum. What must be going through the poor dear's mind knowing that her soft son is going dressed like a Paddington Chocolate!
FurryBearCub@Eastlakes - Wed Sep 27 22:32:46 1995
FurryBearCub@Eastlakes - Wed Sep 27 22:41:31 1995
I heard a rumour from Janet Jackson today that Ab Fab and the boyfriend are doing the 6am show at RHI. Apparently there'll be five hundred dancers on stage (wearing you-know-what-coloured-shorts) and they'll be dancing a 160bpm hard core techno version of Dancing Queen. Can't wait. Go Ab Flab, sorry Fab.
SizeQueen@9inches - Wed Sep 27 22:51:00 1995
To the homophobes:
You are not welcome at this site. Piss off before I do something about you.

To the Sleazers
See you under the mirrorball!
Panther - Wed Sep 27 22:52:13 1995

GLAD WRAGGE - Wed Sep 27 22:57:29 1995
Beloved admirers, Ab Fab and Co will be having a viewing at 0600 in the RHI (column 7). No cameras please, there will be pictures for sale!
Queen Ab Fab - Thu Sep 28 10:21:22 1995
Show Rumour: Janet Jackson doing a duet with Ab Fab & Co with 200 penguins dancing to Xanadu, with a grand finale - Take That exploding on stage (literally!)
Penetrator - Thu Sep 28 10:31:16 1995
darling fag hater-i know you, you sucked my cock at last years sleaze, then drove off into the night in your brock special edition commodore, back to mothers in rooty hill. give my love to that big toothed narelle that you drag around in shopping malls, dressed in last seasons fashion(NOT!) from penrith katies stock clearance sales. if only i could have a life like yours. don't forget to shave this time, your bum fluff, WHOOPS, whiskers do scratch some what. HAPPY BSLEAZE BALL TO ALL THE LUCKY ONES.
RAT FINK - Thu Sep 28 15:53:20 1995
Thu Sep 28 15:57:44 1995
found a great www, for all lovers of fat dykes with attitude and humour- don't need to be a dyke to enjoy- just a grrlll
rat - Thu Sep 28 16:13:37 1995
Bi and bi-friendly Sleaze Ball goers will meet at 11.30pm at the flagpole outside the Hordern Pavilion.
R - Thu Sep 28 18:26:32 1995
Happy Sleaze!!!
luv from Jonathon - Thu Sep 28 19:48:58 1995
Ab Fab: lets dance the final track together!!!
betty beatkweene - Thu Sep 28 20:25:42 1995
Just watch out, Ted's about!
Spooky Gav - Fri Sep 29 2:28:18 1995
Can't believe it's the 90's and all this hate is still floating around.... :(
Fri Sep 29 14:03:26 1995
Ever been in the RHI when it's empty? Get there early and go crazy!
Fri Sep 29 15:22:31 1995
See you all there. Enter the Horden. Turn right. Stop at the first set of seats thats face the dance floor (Not the angled ones) and go up the back. Many Wombateers and Net heads to be seen there!!
Erik and Wild Contra - Fri Sep 29 18:35:58 1995
I just wrote to Panther suggesting he make this PinkBoard membership only. This would scare off fools like "faghater"( can you imagine him giving his email address and name and details to gain membership?) If you agree please post a note, if you don't agree with the idea please post a note also, thanx. BTW FagHater, you just gave away the fact that you live in NSW, it's against the law here to incite hatred so here's a question for you, Do you like prison food?
Fri Sep 29 18:42:58 1995
Fag Hater thinks he's about to accomplish something never done before in history. Finding someone at a dance party! Good luck you loser!
betty beatkweene - Fri Sep 29 19:27:46 1995
JD&GVK - Sat Sep 30 15:13:59 1995
JIM&GREG - Sat Sep 30 15:20:24 1995
Been at the hair salon all day. We all have fabulous new colours and hair-dos!
Sat Sep 30 17:19:17 1995
It's late and I'm not at Sleeze, Thank Gawd (or some equally impotent Diety) I am so glad I'm not there. And I never will Yet again I'm relieved that The Real image of Gay life is hidden From the homophobic people of this world... and with the plastic false image that is portrayed is it any wonder that they go off like they do. In your Drug-phucked state of questionable joy, remember there are a lot of us who get left behind and kicked in the face by the empty pointlessness of "Sleeze Balls" and "Madi Gras" It's not JUST the homophobes that do the kicking, think about your own reactions to people like me who DON'T fit your idea of what being a Queer is...
We_Dont_all_fit_the_mold - Sun Oct 1 0:56:17 1995
your comment rejected because of a swear word????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun Oct 1 15:44:35 1995
i don't fit the mold either, but what the ****
Sun Oct 1 15:50:30 1995
It was absolutely fabulous.

I broke the mold.
Mon Oct 2 10:51:31 1995

I Guess the penguins pecked that Jackson Girl to death. $65 dollars and all I can remember are a couple of cheapo video's and some scary fairys waving lanterns around. Come back Kylie all is forgiven!
Kamikazi Queer - Mon Oct 2 15:46:37 1995
I Guess the penguins pecked that Jackson Girl to death. $65 dollars and all I can remember are a couple of cheapo video's and some scary fairys waving lanterns around. Come back Kylie all is forgiven!
Kamikazi Queer - Mon Oct 2 15:47:10 1995
Come to the Cairns Far North Queensland Sleaze Ball - Queer ZOO. When?- 7th October 1995 BE THERE OR BE STRAIGHT.
Mon Oct 2 17:22:49 1995
Dear Stomper We think we know who you are! We loved Sleaze Ball but were a little diapointed with the music. Where were the virtual reality machines? And as far as the Vortex, we thought we were trying to get rid of discrimination. Oh what a recovery, I had the best time dancing on the bar at the Flinders
The Sleazeoids!!!! - Mon Oct 2 23:53:56 1995
VORTEX waz the only place to escape the straight boys trying to pick up a dyke and the cutsy slightly post-pubescent handholding girls and boys ... I like the idea of fags and dykes dancing together but couldn't get through the straights to enjoy it ... where did they all get their tickets????? but I did have a woooowww of a time pick up dykes
Tue Oct 3 9:01:23 1995
Sleazoids: The VR machines were in the chill out area near the cloak check I missed them too but aparantly they weren't that exciting. The lights in the horden were best but the atmosphere was ruined by the straight "chicks" and Muscly Boyfriends hanging around the podiums who should have stayed a DCM. The Shows That I saw were a disapointment ESPECIALLY the closing show which, to me, meant that I lost 20 valuable minutes of fun and grooving. I hope everyone got their lollypop In the RHI at 6.30am (say thankyou to Stomper.Mistress). Did anyone see the penguin show?
fruitbuns - Tue Oct 3 11:53:42 1995
To the 12 year old gay with his problem (??) ie the mate and his butt and the dog's bum. Maybe you should talk to someone. Boys are fun for some (of us) but animals are really an No No!! Contact Panther if you wish I'M sure he will be helpful.
BTYC - Tue Oct 3 20:06:17 1995
What a ball! I hope everyone had a great time and has recovered by now. My boyfriend and I had a fantastic Sleaze, but I didn't think much of the shows. Betty - we didn't make it to recoveries, we spent the last three days in a hotel room. Are we real men now? Hope you had a fab time. Panther - was is to become of the Grafitti wall now that Sleaze has gone (but not forgotten).
Ab Fab - Wed Oct 4 9:40:16 1995
Some of us really are bi (believe it or not) and a re not just opportunists trying to #$@# anything. It seems to me that there are gays and lesbians that despise us as the so called "straights" despise them. Come on!!! We really are bi sexual people who enjoy sex with both sexes. Contact me if you have something sensible to say: at this place. TYC @ Gold Coast City
Wed Oct 4 21:20:35 1995
Boys and Girls Bums are fun Bumboat
Wed Oct 4 22:43:38 1995
Betty thought the entire Ball was very mediocre. The lights in the RHI were the best part of the evening. Several boys in silver shorts thought the bulldogs football player (that's betty) was off the planet when questioned if they were ab fab. She stopped asking cos she was gettin' a bad reaction!!!!! Hope SG&LMG gets out of debt soon cos the parties need more money spent on them or we won't bother going. We'll go to ab fabs palace on the harbour instead.
betty beatkweene - Wed Oct 4 23:41:58 1995
Overall I thought Sleaze was a disappointment this year. Music in the RHI kept starting and stopping in early hours. Shows appeared low budget (albeit as promised.) The crowd, music and atmosphere was far superior at recovery events eg. Gilligans on Sunday arvo and the Shift Sunday night. I can't help feeling Sleaze is losing it's gay and lesbian identity. I'll think seriously about attending one of the alternative parties next year.
Matty - Thu Oct 5 23:07:09 1995
Matty: What we have to do is get more gay men and lesbians to go to Sleaze and make the tickets sell out early to make it better. I agree that it wasn't sleazy or homo enough and I hope the Mardi Gras board is still looking at this.
Panther - Fri Oct 6 9:04:16 1995
Queer Zoo - Sleaze Ball CAIRNS It was FANTASTIC. GREAT Bodies GREAT sex GREAT dancing Sitting up on the mountain in the rainforest watching all the bodies and lights move. IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Queer Club, JCU - Mon Oct 9 11:33:22 1995
Robbo's bum is full of cum oh do dah day
dipper - Mon Oct 9 17:33:12 1995
I agree Matty, Gilligans went off Sunday arvo (after popping another). I am a straight (friendly) girl and this was my first Sleaze. I was impressed. You may have seen me - my friend was cruising thru the crowd with the Bubble Gun and the crowd was in awe. To 'The Snake', my drugs were better than yours! Nah nah nah nah nah. Congrats to everyone who looked fabulous dahling!
Fag Hag - Mon Oct 9 21:09:38 1995
I pissed on trough-man! Get the T-shirt.
proud owner - Mon Oct 9 21:42:48 1995
Sleaze photos from Capital Q
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