July 2014

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It’s a strange day when Buzzfeed has become my source for perve material but that is exactly what happened this afternoon. Strangely enough it coincided precisely with the moment I felt quite old. This guy is Jaeger O’Meara who plays Australian Rules Football, by far the most athletic of football codes played here, for the Gold Coast Suns. He was named the NAB AFL Rising Star for 2013 after last year’s season and I think it may have been for his cheekbones alone, possibly aided by his jawline.

Jaeger is a young guy, he turned 20 earlier this year. His birthday is in February according to Wikipedia. I could also tell he was young by his gorgeous skin

Australia's first Anglican Church to apologize to the LGBTI community.  St Marks, Fitzroy, Victoria. Address by Father Stuart Soley on Saturday 19 July 2014 

There is a heavy burden the Christian church carries.  It is the burden of homophobia, the side-lining of the hurt of GLBTI people as an urgent issue but above all the denial of the reality GLBTI people exist within the church and who need to heard.
This depletes its resources and discredits its reputation and is a major break on its ability to be an effective carrier of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Instead, many who profess to ...
Pollies fawning over extremist Christian minority
Sourdough bread seen through the windows of a bakery/cafe at the Five Ways.

The response I’ve been getting from my experiences with Alex over the last couple of months has been phenomenal. I really appreciate the feedback and because of it here is another installment of Alex’s sexual awakening.

Alex and I have been busy lately and haven’t caught up for some naughty fun in a few weeks. The last time we caught up I showed Alex my new butt plugs and I put the smallest one inside him and sucked him off. I then let Alex fuck me and he fucked me hard!!!

It is one of Alex’s goals to be able to take a good anal pounding and even before we began our sexual experiences, Alex’s girlfriend would finger him when sucking him off and Alex has admitted to fingering himself when masturbating. When Tim joined us for a beach fuck Alex was excited to try his first ‘real’ anal experience but I wasn’t sure he was ready. While he was sucking Tim off, I lubed him up, fignered him for a few minutes

From Hunk du Jour

Just a quick early morning post for you guys.

Somehow I managed not to cum yesterday, which is odd in itself considering on average I jerk off 2 or 3 times a day.  I work up with a raging boner and while I boiled the kettle I had to go for a quick swim to try and calm it down.  It honestly felt like if I so much as touched it I would explode.

I’ve been thinking about what Alex and I are going to get up to this morning.

I have all the supplies out that I need.  I haven’t tied anyone up to my bed here so I had a bit of a practice.

I hope Alex is ready because I am hard again just thinking about it.

OK, I’ve got a couple of hours to kill so I’ll try and do some work.

I’ll post later today and let you guys know how it goes.

This is how McDonalds across the road looked a few weeks ago. As far as I can recall, it has had the same canopy at the front for over ten years. I quite disliked the garishness of it.

Some scaffold went up and the store was closed for a couple of days while the canopy was removed and the small overhang was placed over the entrance. Yes, it is bright, but overall I thought the appearance of the store was very much improved. You should have seen the dejected looks of patrons when they discovered it was closed and they instead they had to choose the healthier Subway option.

From GayTwoGether