June 2017

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Two cruise ships sailing out of Sydney this afternoon

I’m not sure of the logistics of white thongs…. kinda like girls wearing white jeans or people wearing white snowboarding pants, they tend to get dirty and I’m sure I don’t need to explain a white g-string.

But, this does look fucking hot!!!

That cock looks very suckable…..

White G-String

Sunday saw us travelling to Geelong to see Little Jo perform on stage. We went a little early and thought to spend some time on the waterfront but after ten minutes of being in a cold wind, we decided to go to the busy cafe early and get a table. Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo arrived in their new Renault Megane and it was a very pleasant lunch.

While Sister and Little Jo walked to the concert venue, Bone Doctor took us out for run in the new car, which was quite nice, although quite small. It was quite a bargain price, full of extras.

The show began quarter of an hour late but was ok enough, the highlight for me being Little Jo in a group singing Let's Go Fly a Kite, from Mary Poppins. There were a couple of children in the different age groups who really shone and may well have careers in showbusiness. Little Jo appeared in a fur jacket......why? Only later did I realise it was because she was an animal in the Lion King. Later she wore a ...

'Churchill' focuses on a little known situation (to me) when Britain's wartime Prime Minister was at odds with the Military commanders regarding plans for the Normandy 'D-Day' invasion plans.

Brian Cox does a great job in the title role getting the PM's demeanour, body language and voice just right even if his vocal delivery is more a bellow than light and shade.

Quite interesting.


It has been just over a week since I last wrote about Tony, the Married Guy.

I left you off with the Married Guy walking up to the backdoor (the beachside) of my little house, he was wearing shorts, shirt and boat shoes.  I opened the door wearing my white AussieBum Coolabah’s and nothing else.

AussieBum Coolabah's
White Coolabah Speedo

The Married Guy and I shook hands as I let him into the house, his eyes were struggling to keep off my speedos particularly since I had an 80% erection after being horny ALL MORNING in anticipation of this.

“Bourbon or Beer mate?”

“I think I’m going to need a Bourbon thanks Dave

The colours of nature is every possible shade of every colour.

Native to North and South America. In Australia we do have similar plants that colour the desert sands.

Humans like colour too and as this is the end of Wednesday Wonders, this picture slightly references my next series of ...
When will Tony Abbot ever just shut the fuck up? Mate, when will you realise, you are yesterday's news

My friend A gave a textbook demonstration this week of how not to behave when stopped by a policeman.

She was pulled over for driving an unregistered car by a policeman with his sirens blaring and horns honking (according to A).

Her first response was to be excused as she had a hairdresser's appointment. Always a likely winning argument you wouldn't think.

Her second response was 'to say things (to him) that she probably shouldn't have' not knowing that she was being recorded.

Her third response was to plead ignorance. An argument that even I ...

  My pal is vegetarian so Thai food is often a good option in one way, because there is usually the option of having a dish with tofu and vegetables rather than meat. On the other hand, I’ve always found interchangeable dishes a bit suspicious when you can choose between beef, pork, chicken and tofu. I like, for example, a Vietnamese Chicken Curry or a Massaman Beef because I imagine that the originators specifically matched those spices and style of cooking to that protein, rather than it being any protein.

Still, one definite plus of Uber Thai is that they served up Vegetarian Money Bags, which David tells me is not so usual. Matched with the Thai Spring Rolls, this was good. They were perfectly crisp.


  Hey. What a nice surprise. A new stylish, sunny corner cafe in Redfern. We were served up an early lunch by a handsome, extremely large bearded waiter, and the food was very good indeed.

I always fall back on a Croque Monsieur and am surprised how often it’s a miss. It really needs a generous portion of béchamel, with the whole thing covered in cheese of course. This was very good.

My friend liked her corn fritters very much and remarked on both the hit of cumin and the tasty sauce. I had a bite. It was, indeed, tasty. And the coffee was good too. What could go wrong