September 2014

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I saw 'Felony' last week before departing Australia for my vacation and could have left any comment about it until my return in a month's time but it is such a good film I want to add my recommendation whilst it is newly screening in Australian cinemas.

The film is about police officers and how they pull together when confronted with a problem they would rather not have come to outside notice.

One officer, only just hailed a hero for one operation, faces a dilemma when he becomes involved in an incident that could end his career. There are experienced officers who know only too well how to manage the ...
predestination: to save the future he must reshape the pastI don't think I have every enjoyed a movie where the plot was so blatantly obvious from almost the very beginning of the movie as much as I enjoyed Predestination.

It's a time travel story with twists and turns and reveals, as only a time travel story can do, so I don't want to go too far into the plot. Suffice to say though that I'd worked out 98% of them (or at least almost all of the major details, there were just a few little flourishes here and there that I didn't pick up on).

And, you know what, I don't even care.

Because more than ...

Last week I went to have a massage to try and sort out the knots in my back and neck. While the massage was one of the most painful and deep tissue massages I’ve ever had and exactly what I thought I needed, it didn’t really work. Even so, I would recommend the masseur as he did his job well. It was a perfectly legitimate massage and no happy ending was requested or offered, just a good firm massage. Then yesterday, nearly a week later I got a text message out of the blue saying “Wasn’t sure if it was what you were after or not but if you’d like a more sensual massage next time I can do that for you.” I have no idea where that came from. Maybe he likes to suss out clients in advance before that kind of massage which would be fair enough. You don’t want to offer an intimate service to people that you may not want to give it to.

The text messages went back and forth for a while because, as I’ve said before, I

Malcom finished his lunch. He sat back and let the sun fall on his face. 

He took his cigarettes from his jacket pocket and lit one.

“Would you mind going somewhere else and smoking that?” asked the nice lady in the twinset and pearls, sitting at one of the other out door tables.

“This is somewhere else,” replied Malcolm.

“I’m sorry?” said the nice lady in the pearls. Her sweet, saccharine smile fading just a little.

“Well, we were once allowed to smoke anywhere, we were once allowed to smoking inside, but now we have to smoke “somewhere else,” he made parenthesis in the air with his fingers. “Which is out here. So I am, actually already smoking this”, he held the cigarette up in the air, “somewhere else.” He made parenthesis in the air again.

“It is just that I am allergic to cigarette smoke,” said the nice lady in the ...
Be careful what you wish for Mr.GAYNOR. Cheers Garry. Please click on the following link to read the ideas of Mr Bernard Gaynor…

Laws allowing discrimination against homosexuals are good Laws allowing discrimination against homosexuals are good

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended for publication in New South Wales. I do not give permission for anyone in New South Wales to read this article, print it, post it to themselves, talk about it or place


Dear Minister Ayres,

  I write to you in relation to Mr. Luke Mc Kee.   Luke Mc Kee is in either South Korea , North Korea , Vietnam or some other asian country.   As of the 6th June 2014 there were 21 valid arrest warrants filed by NSW Police against Mr.Luke Mc Kee.   Luke Mc Kee has threatened to kill me and my family.   Luke Mc Kee has harassed and made physical threats against Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn.   If Mr. Mc Kee was to obtain the home address of Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn he would publish it on the internet. This in turn could cause a person to seek her out to be harmed.   Young Minister you must not sit on your “cross stitching” and do nothing to protect members of the NSW Constabulary.   You can instruct your Commissioner to act in relation to Mr.Mc Kee.   Ma’am Burn doesn’t deserve this form of abuse and continued threat from Mr.Luke Mc Kee.   Ma’am ...
Which was does the wind blow?
Rodeo Drive stores have individual emergency services connections
A Beverly Hills house in the style of Spanish architect Gaudi

This has been hanging around on my computer for ages. I think it may have originally been posted by Jayne at Our Great Southern Land. I have always meant to post it on the day a season changes, and once again I have missed, but we are only one day into Spring.

It is probably only applicable to southern Victoria but may suit some other areas and is how the aborigines used divide up the year into different seasons. So forget this arbitrary placement of seasons which seem increasingly out of sync with reality. Does it make sense to you?

Steve Grand made all the gay blogs talk when he came out publicly last year with his song American Boy. Thankfully Steve, who has graced the pages of DNA in the past decided to take a different approach to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of wasting water like most people (notable exception is Matt Damon who used toilet water) Steve jumped naked into Lake Superior which I’m going to assume was a bit chilly if it equates to an ice bucket. Either way, we should all be grateful for the glorious vision of Steve naked. The post on his facebook page says there is a video to follow. Please please please.