February 2017

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So, this is just a placeholder before I have 1/ a meal here and 2/ more coffee. But I’ll update the blog post when I do.

Alive Coffee takes over At Kate’s which took over from Have2Cafe which was a slightly new version of Robocog.

Will it be able to succeed in a place that has seen so many cafes fall? I had a perfectly nice matcha latte, and my pal had his usual English Breakfast tea. To me, it’s a nice location, slightly away from Campbell Street, a nice outlook to the street and good outdoors seating; but it seems to miss the foot traffic that keeps cafe MO always looking busy.

The Buddster is getting fat. He's actually put on 0.2 of a kilo, so he's not really getting fat, but he looks a bit chubby in this photo, I think. It is really just the angle of the camera and how he is sitting
I chose to sit next to a cute, presumably Muslim, guy with one of those Muslim beards, on the tram this morning. Are those chin beards Muslim beards? I don't know? He had a round, handsome face and gorgeous coffee coloured skin. He was taking up ¾ of the seat when I sat down, and he seemed reluctant to move over any more than would allow half my arse to hang off the seat on the isle side.

I readjusted, you know, did the "seat wiggle" as if to give him a hint that maybe there was some inequity in the seating arrangement as it stood, but no, he didn't relinquish a millimetre. Nothing. Not a shiver, not a flinch, nothing. Not even an annoyed glance in my direction. He was the immovable object and he clearly didn't care how much room I had.

I see, I thought to myself.

I pushed my thigh gently up against his thigh and felt how solid it was, how muscular, it felt really nice. Warm and strong. I think I even did one of ...

As I get nearer to the end of my Marriage Celebrancy course I’m now into the elective subjects about business planning and financial planning etc. Given that being a Marriage Celebrant is only going to be a bit of pocket money and not my main business I get to have a bit of a laugh to myself. Obviously I’m taking the course very seriously but last night I was doing a SWOT analysis of my business as a celebrant. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Doing some research it would appear that a lot of celebrants get asked if they’d be willing to officiate at a nude wedding. A lot of them said they would officiate at a nude wedding but not nude themselves.

This all started for me when a mate became a marriage celebrant. He and I have hung out nude on

Fifty-six years after Sydney's extensive tram system closed down tram tracks have reappeared on Anzac Parade in Kensington as part of the construction of Sydney's new south-eastern light rail line. For Andrew's benefit in particular, here are a couple of photos of the newly constructed sections of track.

Steve Smith, captain of the Ozzie cricket team.

Any time.

As usual, we have invited the media along on Wednesday night to film us rehearsing on the beach.  They are always super keen to film us marching in the setting sun, so we would like for all marchers to arrive from 6.30pm, to allow time to change into your swimwear, inflate your beach balls, and be out and on the sand by 7.00pm.  We'll gather first upstairs in the pavilion, in the little area in front of our rehearsal room, beside the bar.  Someone will stay back and mind the bags while we are on the beach.

Regardless of the amount of media turning up, marching on the beach is a great opportunity for us to polish our routine, get used to formation, and travel further than the room allows.

Note that if the weather is inclement, we'll likely just remain in the room.  If you haven't collected your swimmers on the Monday, they will be available beforehand.

Also, anyone volunteering on the parade as a supporter is ...

Bryant Wood