April 2017

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Sam takes me to EB Games. It's like going to Mars. There is nothing in there that makes any sense to me, there is nothing that takes my interest. It is like a space where the walls are covered in land fill, a perplexing array of cheap art work and plastic packaging. I don't get it at all. My head spins at my inability to find something to peruse. 
Apparently, Super Mario is saving Princess Peach from a turtle? From a turtle? Who knew.Sam just looks at me as if I have missed something important in life.Me, "I thought he just jumped along a wall?"Sam, rolls his eyes.
Clearly games are not my thing. We look at the shelves of merchandise. Sam says, "Oh, look, at this."
Me, blank. It looks like every other thing at which you have pointed.
People seem to be keen on the stuff. There are queues at the register, people are clearly keen on what they are selling.
I find a seat and start writing this hoping ...

Male strippers have gone so mainstream they have to work harder for their attention these days. This guy has done a pretty impressive job of adding some flair to his routine. It’s a hard act to bring into a theatre full of women screaming as if they’ve never seen a man before but thankfully for us he recorded the effort. For me he hasn’t quite gone far enough. Sure it’s very impressive to take off your clothes while waterskiing barefoot but the piece of clothing he left on was the smallest and possibly easiest to remove. Seems a shame.

Over the last 3 weeks or so, I have been ‘involved’ with this couple.  I mentioned my ‘Breakfast Blowjob’ a couple of weeks ago and things have just been getting hotter and hotter.

This afternoon (Saturday morning here as I write this), I’m going to sit down and write about these recent sexcapades in detail… all the juicy details that you guys have to cum to expect from me.

But in the mean time I’m going to have to leave you guys, I need to go to the grocery store and grab some stuff for some old friends of mine who are dropping in for a BBQ tonight.  Old people as in like 70’s – so I’m pretty sure I can blow a few loads this afternoon writing about speedo threesomes for you guys.

And…. I have been wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos a lot when hanging out with these guys…. yesterday I bought 2 more pairs.  My cock just stirred repeating that information

Some really beautiful works here.

Bourke Street Melbourne, I'd say the 1930s

I have three words for you: Italian. Yum. Cha.

The aptly named Mezzanino is on the mezzanine floor, the top floor of what used to be Fratelli Fresh. Wow, what they’ve done with this place. Crammed it with so many little stalls and so much food goodness: it’s really fun. You could just shop here, for the rest of your life.

Now, I don’t know who came up with the idea of Italian Yum Cha but it’s obviously marketing genius. I’d heard about them before coming here. Other friends I’ve mentioned to have heard about them too. In reality, what it translates to is the sleakest yum cha cart you’ve ever seen (marble!) with the day’s selection of yummy small plates. Some of them, you can grab


When I read the AIDS Memorial on Instagram, which I do regularly, I find it is my way of remembering those people who might otherwise be forgotten, I tend to skip over the girl's stories. I guess that is sexist.