March 2015

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big luna staresky wheeling
merry go round twins ...
Great set of works in Redfern, Sydney

Guido van Helden ...
Oh dear how will I look my best for next week's visit by Andrew and R? (That's not Andrew R as in 'Elizabeth R' but Andrew and his partner R.) I've just experienced the sugar binge from hell.

An entire packet of party mix on Tuesday.

Another entire packet of party mix on Wednesday.

An entire block of Rum n Raisin chocolate on Thursday.

In the small northern Welsh  village of Trelawnyd this day John Gray of Wales is to wed his partner Chris. Good wishes, gifts, messages and payola have poured in from around the world and as an avid reader of John's blog, I certainly wish them well.

If you are not a reader of John's Going Gently then you miss out on great tales from a small village, personal anecdotes and John's life surround by many creatures great and small.

Good luck from Down Under chaps.

Santo messaged me during the morning to tell me he had been retrenched. My poor baby. They had a meeting at 10am. He thought his job was safe, he thought that they needed him. He was shocked when his name was read out.

He came home half way through he day. He met me out the front of my work. We read his letter together sitting on the step out side my office.

He was upset, as you’d expect.

Santo and Buddy met me after work, we walked home together.

I didn’t got for a walk after work, apart from the current turn of events, my feet hurt yesterday and I thought I should have a rest day. I have been walking for an hour every night for weeks. Headphones on, off I go.

It was curious timing Santo getting retrenched, just as I'd paid off my mortgage. We were planning a European vacation this year. Two steps forward and one step back. Why can’t there just be a happy forward trajectory, why does there have to be the yin ...
Photograph: Feri Lukas/Rex

A profound piece by George Monbiot in the Guardian, The age of loneliness is killing us.

Some quotes:

When Thomas Hobbes claimed that in the state of nature, before authority arose to keep us in check, we were engaged in a war “of every man against every man”, he could not have been more wrong. We were social creatures from the start, mammalian bees, who depended entirely on each other. The hominins of east Africa could not have survived one ...
"You must be tired of cooking every night my dear. I will make fried rice tomorrow night."

"Nice try. We are going out for dinner tomorrow night."

"Don't be sarcastic. I forgot. I will make it tonight then."

I put the proper recipe up years ago and it is nothing special but the only thing I cook and is quite tasty. Just a few details.

I leant a lesson very early when making fried rice don't put all your eggs into one glass. I was breaking the third egg to the glass and it was off and so had ruined the first two. Now I break each egg into a glass and pour it into the another glass once I am sure it ok. While this only happened once, I hated wasting two eggs.


After posting those pics yesterday I found some more pics from Idle Swimwear, I had never heard of them before so did a little reading.  It is a US company run by two gay guys and they have a huge range of speedos.  I love how they use masculine guys in their photo shoot!!!

Only thing is they are like $75 for a speedo.

It got me thinking about the most expensive speedo that I’ve ever bought and I think it is probably the Turbo speedos that I have – they were like $50 each.

What is the most expensive speedo you’ve bought?

Ilde SwimwearSpeedo Model

adelaide fringe: a butterfly effectI have to thank cast member Jaklene for giving me free tickets to this show following my review of Death Comes At The End last weekend.

I'll be perfect frank, A Butterfly Effect by First Draft was not the show I was expecting to see. Based off the blurb in the Fringe Guide and the fact that I'd seen cast members Jaklene Vukasinovic and Coby Yolland in a comedy improv show previously, I was expecting something more in that general vein.

What I got was ...

Blake Little is a photographer that has caused me to get lots of comments and messages online of late. We’ve never been in touch but because he seems to have a tendency to cover his models in honey, at least for this series called Preservation, everyone thought I should enjoy his work. The name came from the look that the models take on when covered in gallons of honey, like they’ve been encased or preserved in Amber. Blake has photographed a wide variety of models drenched in honey, 900 bottles I believe. The models included a 1 year old and a dog. They are beautiful photos, enjoy.