November 2014

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labelsWhile we did have an instance of general "blah", today pretty much all came together with nary a hitch.

I rolled myself out of bed later than I'd intended this morning, so I only really had a chance to change my bedding and generally straighten things up rather than get things, mostly the kitchen, appropriately shipshape.

And because the weather is unable to pick a season I ended up having to wear a jacket, which is slightly ridiculous for the beginning of November.

As I mentioned last week my superpower to judge when Ma is downstairs is clearly on the fritz, and I had to stand around on the corner like an idiot until she arrived.

Then we switched cars as ...

When I started high school, which was an all boys school on the Gold Coast, during PE if we were swimming speedos were compulsory.  Each there was a swimming carnival and every one who got in the pool wore a speedo, no jammers or dork shorts.

By the time of my final year I remember that guys were starting to wear jammers or the ‘speedo only’ policy wasn’t being implemented and guys were wearing dork shorts.  I can only imagine that since then it has gotten worse with more jammers and dork shorts.

However, I was reading today a comment that someone said they were talking to a Speedo rep and schools were buying more speedos than jammers this year.  I’m assuming they are talking about US but that is great news.

Water Polo

Because being who you are and owning it is sexy at any age.

And whilst I couldn't find my favourite scene aka "We love what you've done with your hair"... THIS is pretty fantastic.  Magneto in all his awe-inspiring terror.....

Kate McClymont speaks at Olle Lecture

Kate McClymont speaks at Olle Lecture

“Because I haven’t lived in Sydney before, I didn’t quite understand some of the references”, my friend Sue told a couple sitting at our table at last night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture. Last night’s lecture was given by Kate McClymont, the Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist who famously writes about crime and corruption in New South Wales. The woman in the couple then related a story about how she had purchased a house from one of the crime world figures mentioned in Kate’s speech. Between purchase and settlement, hers and a bunch of other houses were burned down in suspicious circumstances, I recall her saying. “These are very Sydney stories

Biscuit The Cat

Biscuit The Cat

I was sitting at home the other night watching television with the balcony window open. I live on the first floor of my apartment block by the way. First floor, not ground floor. With one notable exception, that usually means I’m high enough off the ground not to have to deal with unexpected visitors. I exclude the flying cockroaches of Sydney in that. But the other night, quite unexpectedly, Biscuit The Cat paid me a visit.

Biscuit is owned (as much as a cat can be owned) by a woman who lives on the third floor of my block. Quite how he managed to go from her apartment on the third floor to my balcony on the first floor

I read. I read a lot. I read a lot of electric newspapers quickly, but perhaps without much retention. But I am heartily sick of hearing of about problems in Middle East, problems in Africa, Ebola, the sweat shops of the sub continent, the lack of human rights in so many countries and refugees. I don't like humans, or animals for that matter, to suffer or not have a good life, but my care genes are all used up. So please ABC/BBC, lay off the ad nauseum wall to wall coverage of the worst areas, the Middle East and Africa. I am over it and I just don't care anymore.

And to pre-empt you public broadcasters, Australia does not need a huge coverage of American elections. Salient summaries will be adequate, thanks, and not blow by blow descriptions.
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