October 2017

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Joining in with River and others with some random photos for Sunday Selections. The first three photos are not mine, but from FB.

Some ugly stuff happens when children and teens play games. Just last week locally there was an assault on a teenage umpire, presumably because a parent did not like a decision he made. There should be no tolerance for this kind of bad behaviour whatsoever.

Even worse now that route 8 has joined with route 55 to become route 58. It's a can of sardines, if you aren't sure.


I just wanted to apologise for the ongoing troubles with leaving comments on the blog. It’s driving me crazy too that I can’t interact with you all.

At the moment my blog host doesn’t seem to be contactable for me to work out if it’s a problem with the servers and I’ve also done all the updates I can at my end to see if that helps. Fingers crossed we have it all sorted out soon.

misty bondimanly rocks
While I don't think I would have taken any notice of disconnection advice, why wasn't I told? I assumed we had connected to the NBN, but it seems not. I am very happy with our non NBN service.

While at times things go weird when you least expect it, such as going down to 30mbs download at 6.30 am, it normally sits at around 70 mbs. I use three different test sites when I test. I don't expect anyone will really want to look at these, so trust me. So scroll down to the bottom and you will discover, as I did when I read the email, that we are not connected to the NBN.


Aussie photographer John Bortolin earnt himself a great reputation with his Manscapes book that he released last year to great acclaim. No wonder too, it is full of beautiful men all nude in the beautiful Australian landscape.

He followed it up late last year with a Calendar which was released to raise money for Men’s health and to prevent suicide after one of the models took his own life.

Now it’s time to go and buy the 2018 calendar, again to raise money. Right now there is also a great exhibition in Brisbane. Sadly I can’t get to see the exhibition but I think I might just order myself a calendar. Order it at

There are more gay Instagrammers than ever. So, here is your essential list of 18 AWESOME gay Instagram accounts worth following in 2018! These guys are all different and unique. Yet they share a number of qualities that I really admire and respect. They’re out there, they’re confident and they express themselves.  We need to […]
I’ve had a few messages lately asking if I’ll be moving my content over to The site has been
Much happened between our family owning the HR Holden and the next car. My parents officially separated and it was not a good time for the young Andrew. Less so for my younger siblings. Mother refused to clean the HR Holden, 'for that slut to ride around in'. Father was a friend and drinking mate of the owner of the local town tv and radio service and sales place. He at times would visit his mate in his shop. These visits became increasingly frequent as Father became interested in his mate's secretary. She was a couple of years younger than him, and god forbid, had the same name as Mother.

A relationship, nay love, happened. Love like I had never seen between Father and Mother. She went on to become our Step Mother. She was sharp of tongue at times but her bark was much worse than her bite. She was kind and cared for us all at different times when we visited Father. I lived with them for about three years, with her own children of an age ...
The two falcon chicks escaped their wooden box into the metal gutter where the box sits.  I took a screen grab on Tuesday and both chicks were far from the box. I later saw a video where someone had grabbed some footage and both chicks were being fed.

Wednesday morning when I checked, one seemed to be dead to me, but sometimes they just like sleeping. By Wednesday night I was convinced one chick had died and it has. It is odd that I haven't  seen any mention of this, especially on Twitter.

We had a couple of hot days, and in spite of me seeing a parent shading the chicks, perhaps ...
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