January 2017

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Religion is like the difficulty of riding backwards on a train, your parents tell you about it when you are a child and you accept it unquestioningly for the rest of your life.
Black birds in the park

In just over 5 months I will be taking off on my adventure to Europe. A lot of my energy recently in planning this trip has been spent on Greece, trying to find accommodation. Now that part is all sorted I’m thinking about all the fun I can have in places like Berlin. My time in Cologne will be spent meeting up with a long time reader of this blog and relatively frequent buyer of my photography, Thomas. He has promised to take me to a good traditional sauna in Cologne so I can experience the awesome attitude towards communal bathing and nudity.

Lots of people have mentioned that I should go to Berghain when I’m in Berlin but I am not a big clubbing person anyway and the thought of lining up for a couple of hours to be turned away for an unknown reason is too much for me

The Netherlands is now running all of its electric trains using wind power to generate the electricity. Believe me, as I have seen them, there are a lot of wind turbines in Netherlands coastal waters. Australia should be generating all of our power with wind, wave, hydro and what Australia is known for and has in abundance, sunlight.

Because onshore gas production has been banned in the State of Victoria, a little scare campaign has been underway by those with vested interests in increasing the price for natural gas we pay. Apparently because of a 'gas shortage' we will have to start freighting gas from Queensland and it will cost a lot more. Phewy. Our gas comes from Bass Strait off the Victorian coast. When I was but a lad, I remember hearing that there was enough gas under the seabed in Bass Strait to last us thousands of years.

I should have saved the name of the author of this little gem. Whether true or not, I do not know, but ...
I went for a bike ride in the afternoon. I know, I know, I should have gone earlier, but I didn't. It was hot. The sun felt like it was burning my skin when I was waiting at the lights towards the end of the ride.
So today, I went at 8.30am and it was quite nice. It was due to hit 38 degrees today, so I had to go early. Sore arse though, for my second day of riding, but I am working tomorrow and possibly Thursday, so I had to go today to get my three days of riding in.

After the heavy tone of the previous post I thought I’d share something that I saw yesterday that I found really beautiful. This is a video about surfing but it is so entirely different to all the other surfing videos that I’ve seen over the years. Instead of the pretty intense rock music or dubstep noise, this one uses Puccini classical Opera instead. The style of photography is different to most surf films and the contrast between the high drone footage and the extreme macro close ups of the water moving through black sand is just gorgeous. I hope you like it.

Sable Noir – Featuring Jack Freestone from Desillusion on Vimeo.

Yesterday I found out that someone I know has been suffering with some pretty serious mental health issues. He is in a really bad place at the moment and while I don’t know him well, I felt compelled to reach out to him. We have known each other for several years now and while we’ve never been close, there is a mutual respect for each other.

Obviously I’m no mental health expert and I’m far from qualified to help him but just knowing that there are people out there thinking about him who want him to stick around can’t hurt the situation. Sadly none of his family is close by to help him get through this dark period. He also let me know it’s not the first time this has happened. I guess looking back there have been some indications that he was

I have just received news that I can now publish my submission to the Queensland Parliament committee where I supported the abolition of gay panic defence in Queensland. Here is my submission:

Good afternoon everybody, Monday here in Colorado.  Kip and I spent the weekend being very well behaved and doing a whole bunch of work and not very much snowboarding, it was super busy with the MLK Holiday weekend and all the snow that we received last week.

Now that we are on top of things I can sit down and share with you guys one of the hottest speedo stories I’ve read in ages.

Tomorrow Kip and I will be back snowboarding and I plan on going for a swim after lunch and unlike last time, I promise that I will speedo it up.  I’m going to take one of my fans advice and wear my Aussie Turbo speedos.  If you are at the Rec Center keep an eye out for me…..

And here is the story, I found it over the weekend oging through an old version of my site  It was written by one of my first members and I had forgotten all about it.  Enjoy guys.