March 2015

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Tonight, 46.30%, 8/11

With three months to go before I sail naked through Croatia and explore other parts of Europe, my fitness regime is suffering. Work is ramping up to a busy season and tomorrow I will be in the office too early to squeeze in a gym workout first. Added to that, I’ve strained an ab muscle at circus class. It’s not a major injury but over the past couple of weeks it’s gotten worse so I need to rest it a bit. Hopefully next week it’ll be on the mend and feeling better.

If there were gyms like the one above, I’d be so darned fit. Some friends saw this image and just thought it looked dangerous and unhygienic but I’m all for it. Everyone is supposed to use a towel on the equipment at the gym anyway so why not work out nude. The ancient Olympics were

Cat Food

There’s a cat in my apartment block who I feed from time to time. Mostly, it’s because the female owner of the cat (who lives on the third floor, and I live on the first) travels a fair bit with her work. I’ve spoken about Spidercat aka Biscuit previously, having remarked he’s a bit of a pet for the entire apartment block.

At first I started offering Biscuit some reasonably nice tuna (the same kind I mostly consume) from the supermarket. He liked that. Then, being budget conscious, I started buying some rather generic cat food. And then when the generic catfood failed to inspire, I recently decide to up the ante a little and to buy some more upmarket catfood. My conclusion? No


I’m considering giving up the gym. Not because I’m not interested in fitness anymore. On the contrary. I’m probably more interested in fitness and getting stronger and healthier than ever before. I’m just questioning whether the gym really is the best way to achieve these goals. I blame yoga. I started both working out consistently […]

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I was up at 5am, I couldn't get back to sleep after having a dream. One of my failing dreams again, it shook me awake. I got up for a piss and then I just lay there. Santo rolled over and snored in my ear. Funny, at the early part of the nights sleep, I drift off with him snoring in my ear, no problem. And usually I just drift off again, but not today.

Milo was pleased to see me, he dashed about, he was here then there, then here again, like only a 7 month old kitten can. They are quite mad really. Delightfully mad.

It is still dark at 5am and cold. I made coffee. What did people do at 5am when they couldn't sleep before computers were invented? I guess they read books, or did embroidery, or chopped the weeks stove wood. Funny, we think we are so clever and sophisticated now a days. And yet we are eating ourselves to death.

It is lovely and quiet at 5am, not much of the world is stirring yet.

I'd made two coffees ...

I loved them all in my youth, the music gods. The late Marc Bolan from T Rex, Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. What a trio. Two out of three of these people did not do the biz together. What?

Someone recently mentioned something about guys I am attracted to. I conveniently can't recall who. When I work out what sort of guy I am attracted to, I will let you know. There is a French expression, Je ne sais quoi. and I don't know what it means really, (I have surprised myself on the brilliant word play there)  but I am sure it applies. In the meantime, how hot is this guy in a photo from  Don't be disingenuous. You know ...

We watched Paddington Bear last night. And while they didn't stick to the original story line exactly, it was, I guess what you'd call, they call, a reimagining. And I quite liked it. 

Admittedly, it has been more years than I'd care to mention since I read Paddington Bear last.

Not long after It started, I messaged Mark and told him that the Paddington Bear movie had a ...
lego ninjago electromech - the boxlego ninjago electromech - the finished mechIt has become clear that I have a thing about Lego mechsuits...

First Kai's Fire Mech (which I renamed to Aka Usagi... the Red Rabbit), then the Temple of Light with it&apos ...
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