September 2014

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Thanks for all the comments yesterday guys, it is one of the few ways that I get feedback on whether you guys like what I’m posting/writing about.

As promised…. here are some pics of the guys from yesterdays blog post doing naughty things.

Gay FoursomeSucking Two CocksGay FoursomesSwimwear Foursome

I'd prefer more skin - but these lads are very skilled and very hot.

Although, if it was me, I'd rethink those pants.....


stylish shopperAround this time of year there are always a collection of Saturday's when we don't have any plans and we don't have any real shopping to do and those days can either go one way (boring as hell) or the other (surprisingly good).

I think, all things considered, this was the latter rather than the former.

We started off in the usual fashion... and we took my car to the supermarket again to give it a run.

The fact that the weather is warming up is problematic, as I may have mentioned last week, if only insomuch as I really have no idea what the hell to make for weekday lunches.

I have a vague idea of something I could make ...

The “Orthodox Priests” have returned for their third annual calendar, this year focusing on “Social Tolerance” as their theme. The calendar’s organizers told The Huffington Post that the photos do not feature any actual priests. The models are gay-friendly members “of the Orthodox Church” who have stripped down for the shoot “because they believe – […]

It’s something that you may have come across when viewing someone’s profile on a gay hook up site. Two small words that pack a big punch – ‘No Asians’. This article isn’t about whether such a statement is merely expressing a legitimate preference, or constitutes blatant rudeness or even racism. Instead, this article looks into […]

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