December 2016

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French model, Charles Laurent Marchand.

Yesterday morning I read Marie's post about her resuming what we would probably call hiking after a break because of a foot problem. In the afternoon I finished a book by Bill Bryson called Notes on a Small Island in which I came across this sentence about British hikers:
I learned that there are, in fact, two kinds of walking in Britain, namely the everyday kind that gets you to the pub and, all weing well, back home again, and the more earnest type that involves stout boots, Ordnance Survey maps in plastic pouches, rucksacks with sandwiches and flasks of tea, and in its terminal phase, the wearing of khaki shorts in inappropriate weather. 
And then the sun came out and I went for a walk. This guy had a great arse, the photo doesn't do it justice. I really am an arse man, I have to admit it.
It was grey and overcast. And the rain came down. I like to go to Cash Converters to buy their $1 cds. I often pick up those albums I have missed along the way, or those cds I once had that have ended up in the same place with the odd socks, glasses, pens, the remote control.

I had to buy milk and butter at the supermarket to make cake. My bananas had turned black.

It started to rain as I was down the street and all the shop keepers said it was a shame about the weather. All of their mouths fell open when I told them I preferred it. “I’m going to retire to some place cold,” I told them. “Maybe Hobart.”

Friday is generally Cryday for David, but not today, he came over and we drank tea and ate the banana cake I had made (he has a sixth sense, read she’s a pig) and watched YouTube clips about how the bible is a work of fiction. After which, David went home for an afternoon nap.

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