October 2014

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The clocks used to be hand adjusted by a man with a stick to the departure time of the next train on various train lines. These are the internal clocks. On the outside is another set the same, or rather each is a double sided clock.

Here you can see them from the outside. There are a few more at an adjacent and smaller arched entrance. As I said, a man with a long stick would adjust the clocks to the next departure time for each line. Also there were drop ...
I lived in Hong Kong from 1977 to 1980 and loved it so I have looked forward to my return today; my first visit in 32 years.

Departing Helsinki overnight where it was 5º the old familiar heat was in evidence here with 33º on arrival. Notices at the Airport warned arriving passengers that travel delays may occur because of 'incident'; an oblique reference to the current street protests against the PRC Government's electoral proposals. Further announcements on the Airport Express to the City revealed those protests had spread from the Central District of Hong Kong Island to the Tsim Sha Tsui district in Kowloon affecting access to some hotels there. My hotel here, the Sheraton, is located very close to that district but so far I haven't come across protestors. Well, not that I've noticed.

Some photos, first of the airport arrival. My previous visits here were through the former Kai Tak Airport, a postage stamp size ...

Up until a few days ago the name Mike Hoffman had never been on my radar. That was until I saw something on Brent Everett’s twitter about some hot body builder finally showing us the goods after teasing his gay fans for ages. Turns out Mike has been popular on youtube for a while. Flexing and posing up a storm showing off the progress he’s making with his body. Looking at the shot on the left, compared with the other shots, he’s making massive progress. He’s added some ink along the way and now that he’s apparently just turned 18 he decided to post a jack off video complete with him licking


Last week I heard about a new collaboration that Pink was a part of. Going by her real name Alecia Moore and Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) had spoken about working together for a while and very spontaneously they recorded some music which I have to say is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very different to her work as Pink but just as lyrically honest and raw. Their beautiful song “Break the Cycle” (below) is a song about her mother. I’ve preordered their Rose Av. album and listened to the first couple of tracks over and over. It’s such gorgeous haunting music.

As much as I read a lot of blogs and things online, music blogs aren’t on my list generally. So it was a really pleasant surprise to hear of new music from Pink. I don’t listen to her albums often but they are good when you are in the mood for them and I think she’s a very talented woman and so refreshingly unscripted and honest. This album I think will

it's fresh, it's clean, it's my new templateThis template has been a long time coming... at least in terms of the idea. I've been wanting something really clean and clear for a while now, but nothing I could find really rang my bell.

And after a couple of weeks of hardcore looking at seemingly every possible blog template out there, and even trying a bunch of them on a dummy test blog, I started wondering if I couldn't build something myself.

It was during that search that I stumbled first on a post on XOMISSE that had pretty much the ...
The pic says it all really.

Alas my camera died last Thursday while I was working and I have been in mourning ever since. I think only a photographer can really know what it feels like when you camera dies. It’s like losing a part of you.…

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I built the shelf as a place to put food for possums in the early eighties. The paint colour matched the timber gate just in the photo. However, the cats thought it was the perfect place to sunbake. Thomas is on the left, a beautiful and affectionate male, and Tuffy, somewhat scrawny and not very affectionate male on your right.
While they didn't get along terribly well, they tolerated each other's company when there was warmth to be had, inside or out. It is always sad when you lose a pet, but the loss of Thomas was heartbreaking. He went missing and we found him under a bush, ready to die. We took him to the vet and hastened the process. I did not miss the drool that came with his affection though. From my retinue of blog mates, Marcellous is the last person to have lost a pet.

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