September 2016

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Now that just about every person effectively has a camera in their hand or their pocket every waking moment of their lives in the form of their phone, the world is being flooded with imagery all the time. Some of it stunning, lots of it not. A little while ago I read a statement that said, since the invention of the iphone there are now more photographs taken every day than there were in the entire history of photography up until that point.

In the world of male figure photography it’s very easy to become jaded. We seem to only celebrate “sameness”. Magazines and blogs are full of guys with no expression on their face because they are too busy flexing their hard-won abs and the rest of their muscles while wearing name brand underwear or swimwear

No, that is not me, but it could well be. There are various ways I can contact friends and family, telephone, SMS, Face Book message, email and Tweeting. The younguns don't do email but SMS and FB works for them, or even a phone call. ABI Brother is phone call only, as is Mother, although I have sent an SMS message to her landline a couple of times which was read out to her by dismembered voice. Tradie Brother is very slowly become a bit tech. He can read SMS, just not reply to them and he does FB on his phone, but not very actively.

Like family, friends are similar and there are various ways to communicate with them. Funnily we mostly communicate with Brighton Antique Dealer who is 81 years old using SMS.

I have various ways to communicate with blogmates in private, depending mostly on them and their preferred communication. Email is probably my preferred means, but SMS is ok too but that is usually if I am meeting them.

But there are two ...
In the Gardiner area of the suburb Glen Iris great work has been done, with a train line lowered into a cutting and a new station built. There are steps and lifts at the end of the platform where I am and ramps at the far end, and I would assume some way of getting across the line there too.

With trains running in both directions every ten to fifteen minutes, the crossing caused very nasty traffic snarls in both directions in Burke Road and Malvern Road. While the removal of the crossing has improved the situation, it has partly moved the jammed up traffic to other parts of Burke Road.

Today was yet another deeply saddening day in the game of chicken being played out between the Government and the Opposition over gay marriage. On the Government side, we have yet again a plebiscite that no one except the right wing of the Liberal Party and the Nationals wanted- foisted on the Liberal Party room by Tony Abbott. Then accepted by Malcolm Turnbull as a condition of his rise to

A couple of months ago I annoyed the hell out of you all by constantly posting about the #barenakedtruth project but I’ve given you a bit of a rest so it’s time. The response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though having a nude photo of a friend they’ve not seen in that light popping up on Facebook has been a bit of a surprise people have been full of praise for the people who took part.

During the photography phase I was only aware of a handful of the actual stories that people had shared and some of them have really resonated with me and they are all touching everyone who reads them whether they are sad, tragic or full of happiness.

We are doing what we can to try and make an exhibition of the series happen and feeling very

Kind of speakies now in The Highrise, but I am suffering from malnutrition, having no dinner cooked for me for over a week. I did cook my fried rice one night but the offer of my cooking effort was declined by my co-habitor.

Bad swear words were directed at me tonight and that is part of the healing process. I've been through this a once or thrice and I know once the bad words, the swearing, the horribleness is over, we will heal. Relationships can be difficult at time and if you ask R, I am far from blameless. Naturally that is not my opinion. R gets quite stressed about things, often enough to do with my family....or me.

The past week flew past though and I took a few outings on my own of which you will hear about. Thursday was of course Mother's Day and to my surprise, R did come with me. Mother was her usual impossible self.

Saturday afternoon was a trip down the Mornington Peninsula  for a family party for Fire Fighting Niece ...
He sat on the white plastic stool, his black tribly hat matched his black tie. His crisp white shirt matched his shiny white seat. He picked up the white iced cup cake, from the shiny white plate, lifting it to his mouth. As he raised his arm, the tail of his shirt lifted up over his white, hairy thigh. His pubic hair was a black bush contrasted against his white skin. His penis lay shrivel over his large purple testicles, laying down against his hairy, inner thigh. He took a large bite on the cup cake, his little finger pointed just so, chewing the light cake between his teeth. Tufts of black hair sprouted out of each of his big, white, toes. Crumbs fell from his white chin, falling into his black bush, appearing like dandruff, or stars in a black sky.

A little while ago an email popped into my inbox from a guy who runs Sextoys247 asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their product. It sounded like a laugh so of course I said yes. They sent me a couple of products and I gave them a whirl.

I decided a video blog (vlog) was the best way to go. So check out my review of the Male Power Pouch Short and the Mood Ball in the video below!