October 2016

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The fastest sprinter in the world, the appropriately surnamed Usain Bolt, is in Melbourne and boy can he bolt. He will be here for a time; I think he was invited to be part of our Spring Racing Carnival, and he has family here.

He is 195cm tall and weighs 95kg and not an unattractive man. Now if all things are in proportion, and the bulge indicates that this is so........well, my eyes are watering at the very thought, and of course you know what voracious appetites black men have, such is the stereotype.

It was reported on the television news that Usain was out nightclubbing on Saturday night and is expected to ...

A few years into my last long term relationship, my partner at the time and I figured it was time take it to the next level, get more serious.. have a child... well, adopt a cat; so the next thing we knew, we were off to the veterinary hospital to adopt and it was the best thing we ever did.The first edition to the relationship was a cute little black kitten, and we named him Cruiser - after the RTD's Vodka Cruisers - we were never very creative when it came to naming pets. Cruiser was a mischievous cat, the most curious I had ever met.Living on the Mid North Coast in more of a suburb setting, meant we were more comfortable to allow Cruiser to go exploring. I still remember the first day we let him out to play, both my partner and I stood there like over protective parents watching his every move. He would run and jump into the garden, and we would both chase ...
LGBTI surprisingly calm in the face of manufactured outrage

A couple of weeks ago, I had another birthday. It was my 43rd. The day itself was a pretty standard work day but one of my colleagues bought me a beautiful bottle or Rosé wine and another baked me some chocolate cupcakes that were delicious! The night was a lot of fun. I had a boozy pub meal with about 10 close friends and lots and lots of laughs. It was one of those nights that make me realise how lucky I am to have such good friends.

So of course I decided to do a vlog about my birthday. Some of it was a bit drunk at the end of the night. Oops.

img_5824 Incredible Thai flavours: Thai street food as Sydney high-end dining

I’ve been awaiting Long Chim’s opening in Sydney. A branch has been open in Perth for a while. In Bangkok, last year, I dined at Nahm, which was incredible. So, David Thompson’s return to Sydney is newsworthy… and exciting.

The flavours are simply wonderful. As recommended by Terry Durack in his review in the Sydney Morning Herald, we tried a mashed shrimp curry, which was so delicious, it had an addictive quality about it. We also had watercress, and an incredible melt-in-your-mouth lamb dish flavoured with cumin.

For starters (above), the shrimp and coconut in betel leaves was perhaps one of the most subtle and complex versions I’ve tried, and the chive dumplings were probably the best I’ve ever had.


How was every ones weekend?

Nothing too exciting here, just a bunch of work.  I’m up early and going for a surf with the boys, it is kinda chilly but it is a nice way to start the day.  Although there was a shark attack north of here this week so we will have our eyes peeled.

I haven’t had a chance to write more about last weekend but I might get a chance later this afternoon.  When I write about my sexual experiences I kind of need to be in the right mood – ie horny.  And often I am so horny that I end up cumming which puts me out of the mood – hehehe.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you guys hanging.  Here is a Fivesome movie which I think you will enjoy (yes, you have to be a member to watch – it is only $5 to join.  Click here.).


Narooma was such a nice place but we journeyed onward and upwards to Batemems Bay. Again not too far, and we turned off the road to see Tuross Head

While sitting on a seat and admiring the scenery, a nearly white bloke who was aboriginal told us about his late wife, about about his home, his tinnie boat, his car, our Prime ...
dark rainbowrainbow fishWhat I love about this time of year is that we can go out with the intention of looking for ideas for other people's Christmas presents and come home with mostly stuff either for ourselves or each other.

Okay, technically we did make some actual present ...

As I mentioned the other day, Joel Devereux has announced the dates and venue for his #Foodporn series. This was a series that I was going to be photographed for but, kinda thankfully, it didn’t happen. I would have really enjoyed being a part of the series but I don’t think my body would have stood up next to the bodies of the other guys that I’ve seen.

Starting on 25 January next year at the Brisbane Powerhouse, #Foodporn is a bit of a send up of people on instagram taking photos of their food and tagging it #foodporn. The press release states “#FOODP*RN satisfies an aesthetic, sensual hunger and encourages cravings of every imaginable kind. Drawing on the historical role of food as both