October 2014

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Our Brother friend went home after his first chemo treatment. He was in pain and not comfortable at home. At his next scheduled visit he was re-admitted to hospital with failing kidneys and he was not lucid. He is now under care in the brand new Box Hill hospital. Treatments have been rethought and he may undergo radiotherapy as well. In spite of assurances from doctors that all will be well, other medical opinions are not so good. On this, I am a bit the glass is half empty. I don't have good feelings about it.

It was a couple of weeks ago when R received a text from Brighton Antique Dealer. She would not be able to attend any of my birthday functions as she fallen, stepped on a stone in her building's courtyard, and broken her femur bone. After a couple of days in hospital, she was moved to an expensive and brand new private rehabilitation hospital. We visited her last week, travelling there by tram because it was the easiest option. She is ...

Have you ever worn a speedo in the bath?

My bathroom here is way too small to have a bath in it BUT, I do have an outdoor shower…..

Bathtub Speedo

I don’t think that photo is good enough for the standard this week so here is another speedo close up.

White Andrew Christian Speedo

Though a tortured life, she is a woman to be respected and admired for still being here with us.

Here is one of my favourite moments in Star Wars Episode 4...

How on earth did I miss this? I haven’t been as good at checking out the products from AussieBum lately. I have quite a bit of underwear and if I look at their site I just buy stuff which I don’t need.

Seeing Andreas bouncing around in this very sexy Riot jock strap with his massive package and gorgeous butt hanging out in a locker room is just about perfection. Perfect would be lots more guys just like him all in that locker room but we are now delving into my fantasy land. The question I have is now, do I need a jock strap?

In only our seventh submission for the Self Portrait Challenge, Bart has sent in this image that he took of himself in extreme close up. Bart said he is always fascinated by eyes and I have to agree. If someone’s eyes sparkle and smile when their mouth smiles then I’m going to respond so much more than if they don’t.

If you want to get a self portrait in to this challenge you still have a couple of weeks to do so. Get creative. Remember the winning image will be given as a prize to whoever wins the next challenge so it has to look good!

Shorten @ the Hyatt, with Brigadier, Crusader, Lobbyist, Dominionist & Spruiker

You know how sometimes you read something and it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

Narratives about identity and experiences are certainly powerful, necessary, therapeutic, and transformative. Yet I’m struck by their limitations. Knowing about someone’s lived experience of mental illness is important but it is a starting place, not the final outcome of advocacy and health promotion efforts. Discrimination still persists within mental health organisations and services who I’m sure have heard all the stories. Key to making stories matter is translating the stories into practices, actions and change at all levels from the individual, community and systems level. The inadequacy or unsustainability of interventions will not shift from stories alone. We must make stories matter.  (emphasis shifted)

Selfies, narcissism and

Our Transport Accident Commission has come up with some terrific ads over the years, many of them horribly shocking. You may be able to watch this one and not get wet eyes. I could not. I believe the original song was by a pop group.  Err, or whatever they are now called. A band? ABI Brother, Acquired Brain Injury, was treated by the TAC after his horrendous accident over an extended period and they are still stumping up reluctantly for some ongoing issues. Its rehabilitation services are a treasure. So there, your Wednesday is off to a cheerful start.

Third day of the speedo close ups, how are you guys surviving this?

So far I like all three speedo close ups.

Boner in Speedo