February 2019

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He was attractive enough, but wore a real don't speak to me face. I suppose it must have been something about his body language that spoke aggression, which I can find appealing but in this case, no. He just looked scary.

We were in South Melbourne Aldi shopping, as we do, and he was queued in front of us with three bottles of mixers under his arm. He stepped out of the queue into the adjacent liquour area, and returned to his place in the queue with a bottle of what looked like vodka. I was focused on what we were doing and only half noticed what he was doing. Can you step back into the same place in a queue as he did? I guess so.

He put the three full sized bottles of mixers and the bottle of vodka onto the belt and he was close to the checkout. He then picked up the bottle of vodka, tucked it under his arm as the mixers were scanned and he paid for them, then gathered up the mixers in his arms and left, with only a cursory acknowledgement to ...
adelaide fringe: quest time! by improv adelaideQuest Time! by Improv Adelaide kind of brings me all the way around to my first experience with both improv and a number of the performers.

It all started with Dungeons and Improvisation Adventure Show in 2013, then Improvise To Go in 2014 and back-to-back Unplotted Potter in ...

Sunday’s adventure was a lot of fun. Completely exhausting but totally worth it. We started just before 7am with a 2 hour drive, followed by a 45 minute hike. That led us to the start of our river adventure.

From there we spent an amazing 5 hours on the river floating on inflatables, walking through shallow parts and some scrambling over rocks. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen with crystal clear water, sheer canyon walls and lots of different things to see.

We stopped for lunch and since we hadn’t seen anyone else in a long while we stripped off for some photos after eating, then chilled out some more. After lunch we had a couple more hours of moving down river before we had to make our way out.


I would guess that the reason I didn’t review Dead Ringer before is because I’ve only had cocktails here. But what cocktails! An interesting selection with enticing descriptions in a fun, casual, hip atmosphere. I sent friends here who told me they’ve been back more than once to flirt with the cute barmen. But finally, I managed to get a meal here, and it didn’t disappoint.

Anyone remember the pop-up restaurant that Broadsheet put on on Danks Street? We went and found it an interesting concept, that there were ‘hit’ dishes from restaurants from all over Sydney. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I do remember that one of our favourite dishes came from Dead Ringer.

In any case

I am thinking of a song that begins honey honey. I can't really remember it and I am so not going to look it up on Youtube. Oh, I did and it is one of my least favourite Abba songs. Execrable.

Around the world honey seems to be adulterated with sugar syrup and certainly here in Australia. I haven't convinced R yet to shop green, but that is my intention.

I did convince him that we needed to buy pure Beechworth honey from The Block Arcade in the city and not honey adulterated with sugar syrup that is found in our supermarkets. There was a terrific special for the otherwise expensive Beechworth Honey, three jars for $12.

My life is full of disappointment in political leaders, my workplace and companies. Please tell me I will never discover that Beechworth honey is not pure. Red Stringy Bark is a variety of our Eucalyptus trees.


Back in early January I spent a beautiful weekend with mates camping nude down at River Island. On the Sunday morning I got to do my second photo shoot with Tom, Ozmod of the now sadly defunct Naked Werewolves Instagram page.

Tom is one of those beautifully humble men who has no idea of his charms, both physical or in personality. Working with him again was great. The first shoot we collaborated on was a winter shoot and while this recent one wasn’t a particularly warm morning, it was nowhere near as cold as the winter shoot.

The morning light at the river


I was blown away by this place. I always like flavours that surprise me and aren’t what I’m used to, and in my limited experience of Sri Lankan food, there’s a depth and complexity, and a hit of spice, which I find delightful.

I’d heard recommendations but hadn’t made my way to the Lankan Filling Station in Darlinghurst. We arrived a little after 7pm on a Tuesday and it was packed; we had to wait another half an hour to get in. Then, it’s a crowded little place with tiny tables, and I wasn’t sure of what to make of the menu: like a yum cha place where you tick off the orders on your own.

One of my favorite Parisian artists who often brightens my day as I walk arounf Paris in search of new street art.
You can read an interesting interview with him ( in English) here:

Our favourite creperie is in Centre Place in the city. Not that we often have crepes. It has quite a range of food. Centre Place is dirty, grungy, graffitied, tagged and for some reason a massive drawcard for tourists. It must be listed in every possible online and book guide to Melbourne. There are better lanes for mural art as I show here. Most of what is in Centre Place is a mess. But if you keep a keen eye out, at times little gems appear. Yes, that is a homeless person sleeping, quite undisturbed. Once sitting on the steps I saw a couple of young blokes smoking and one had the slogan on his tee shirt, "Too ugly for prostitution". He wasn't great looking, but he was young and looked ok, and just in need of a good scrubbing down in the shower and a washing of his long blond hair. Hmm, dirty old man thoughts.

This has just appeared in fluoro paint. I ...
If the world laughed even just a little more, it would be a much nicer place