July 2016

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Spring cannot be far
hopeful daffodil spikes reach
for a warmer sun

The Hipster in a beenie
I'm aiming to post an episode of Majorca Flats every day or every second day.  We're moving towards the conclusion of this volume of the story--maybe another 50 episodes or so, and I haven't decided whether to keep going.  I've grown fond of Jason and Lou and Cody and Keith and Esmé, and of course of the sharp-witted Lucasta and Eleanor.  And of course no story really ends, does it?

On the other hand, I have several novels (6 in fact) which need revision and rewriting.  So the question is whether I should temporarily set aside Majorca Flats when it is finished and go back to work on my other novels.  I'm not sure yet,  Majorca Flats started out as a way to get past writer's block.  Surely, I thought to myself, I can do 100 or 200 words a day.  And it worked.

I write because I love writing, and because I get to know and care for the characters I've made.  But I ...

I love it when I get fun emails from members, as a member feel free to email me and I pretty much guarantee that I’ll reply.  This is an email that I woke up to this morning and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Hey Dave! It’s cool you replied.

You should know that a guy spied me taking this pic that I was taking with the intention of sending to you today.

Speedo Fan

He came over afterwards and laid down next to me in a pair of blue wonder jock AussieBums (I asked). We got to talking about our speedo fetishes and how horny I was at the beach (and I brought up your blog too). We started kissing, and I started getting hard fast. I had to pump the brakes quick since there were some other guys around already watching

Jason rang the number he’d written in biro on his hand.
“Hi, this is Jason Armstrong-Beaufort.” He’d decided to use his name rather than his title when dealing with the police here in Australia.  He thought that using his title would provoke disbelief.  And they didn’t have time to waste.  “I phoned about 20 minutes ago to tell you about a message a friend had left me saying he was in danger.  Yes.  Well, I just want to tell you that you don’t need to come because the police are already here.  Yes.  My friend must’ve called you guys before he called us.  Yeah, you can talk to one of them.  Sergeant Kaminski.”  He handed his phone over to the policeman.
When Kaminski had finished speaking he handed the phone back to Jason.
“What are you going to do now?  Don’t get involved.  Let us do our job.” They were obviously no longer ...
I am away, but I ask you this. I think the time has come where people have stopped laboriously saying www when reading out a web address and if they haven't, they damn well should.

While watching commercial tv news this week, several times I heard reporters say the words 'mobile phone'. Surely if someone is outside and they drop their phone or used their phone or haven't used their phone, it goes without saying that it is a mobile phone, so drop the word mobile. It is quite unnecessary.

Oh yes, if you need to contact me while I am away, call me on my mobile.
  Gay culture has always been superficial and I am ashamed to say say that for a long time I was one of those people perpetuating those same myths about body image. I stopped posting hotties of the week because I wanted to find a more positive message for the blog. I also did it for my own sanity because I realised I was comparing myself to guys who were...
Orson Wells at Aldi
Well, this week's flowers did not last for this week. The following week they were replaced by more this week's flowers, which did seem to last almost long enough to be this week's flowers, by Friday night. Except we are not here on this Friday night of This Week's Flowers, so I am not entirely sure about this week's This Week's Flowers.