August 2016

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This movie ‘The Pool Boy’ is the latest movie addition I added yesterday.  It is probably the longest speedo movie I have running 55 minutes.  What I love about it is that the Pool Boy keeps his speedos on for 20 odd minutes.

The movie is professionally shot but I love the premise of the ‘story line’.

The pool boy is hot and thankful to have his speedos today.  The homeowner, a gay guy in an open relationship asks the pool boy to join him for a drink.  While chilling out the pool boy tells the homeowner that thinks aren’t that great with his girlfriend.  He told her when they met that he is bisexual and the sex is kind of boring.  He even offered his girlfriend a threesome with another guy and he can’t believe she wasn’t interested (I definitely know how he feels, I’ve had a couple of girls get weirded out when I’ve offered a threesome with another guy – I

They can be terribly naughty and destructive, but I just love our cockatoos and they are so trainable. You can perhaps get an idea of the strength of the beaks from a video posted by Elephant's Child. While it is a different species, I am sure their bite is similar. Their beaks can crack a walnut. Never take your finger for granted around a cockatoo. 1:09

A while go, I talked about playing with this couple in Sydney. Since then, we’ve become friends and meet up regularly for sex whenever possible. The sad reality is I always attract to one of them more than the other. You’ve guessed it right, the one with the bigger cock. Well apart from he has a nice big, thick cock, he is actually a very friendly guy and his dimpled smile always makes me melt inside. 

He was super horny one day and texted me, good timing as I was also horny as well and loved to be fucked by his big cock. So we organised to meet up that night for some real good fun. Funny thing is, we always try to meet a little earlier before his bf gets home, so we can have sone 1-to-1 sexy time together as we just gel so well.

When I arrived at his place, he is looking as cute as ever, straight away I want to kiss him. We don’t waste any time and straight into sexy business in the bedroom. I love kissing and he is a great

I woke early and could get back to sleep. It's the trouble with going to bed early. Sam always wants to go to bed early. I went walking at 6am, just as the sun was coming up. I was just going to take some sunrise shots, but some how I kept walking. It rained. It had already started as I was leaving, but I thought, hoped, it would stop. It got heavier. I pulled my hoodie over my head, to keep my head phones dry.

By the time I got home, it had stopped. And I was freezing. I stood in front of the fire in the lounge. Buddy licked the sweat off my legs. It tickled.

I was just drying my hair with a towel when there was a knock at the back door, it was my neighbour Lou. Loopy Lou. (Oh, I shouldn’t say that, I am an awful person. She has a heart of gold. She means well.)

“You been walking in the rain again?”

“Yeah, well, gotta do what ya gotta do.”

“It will lead to no good,” said Lou. “I ...

Last week I posted a very rough video I’d cobbled together from my time in Croatia. Last night I put together this video of the last day of my slacklining class. Clearly I still have a lot to learn both about slacklining and video making but I’m gradually working my way through the software and trying to figure out how to do things I want to do. It’s a really fun thing to learn and very easy to waste HOURS of time.

Beginner's Slacklining from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.

Before heading back to Melbourne I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Cambridge. Famous because of Cambridge University the town is about 1.5 hours from London by train. The first hing you notice about Cambridge is the bikes everywhere. There are very few cars as most residents ride around the small city. If you don’t get run over by a local on a bike or at least...
London's Tube stations are incredibly hot mid summer and so are New York's subway stations. Melbourne's and Sydney's stations are too, if the weather is hot. You hopefully don't want to wait too long in such conditions. Transport for London (TfL) is spending large amounts of money to cool some Tube stations, lines and the trains themselves by various means.

The difference when a New York or Australian train pulls up and the doors open, is wave of cool air falls over you. Generally in London you do not have that experience and it can be hotter in the train than on the platform. However, there are quite a number of new trains do have airconditioning.

But for the very tight tunnels of the deeper tube lines, little can be done at this point.

Remember the Boris Bus from my post back here? Boris is just nickname for the modern Routemaster bus ...
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