November 2015

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Every time I am about to go away overseas, it seems my body tries to throw me a medical challenge.

I'm due to head over to Germany late next week so, naturally, my right foot decided to start hurting. It is quite possible I brought this on myself after last week's excessive walking. I initially though it was gout but after taking anti-gout meds, I'm now thinking it must be something else because the meds aren't working. I'm going to have to put my feet up this weekend and chill out.
The first day our trip was basically a travel day. Two flights to take us from Sydney to Hanoi via Singapore.

'Us' comprised friends CE, ME and myself. The first leg was by Singapore Airlines to Singapore; a flight of about 7½ hours. The plane was modern and in good condition and the service and catering were good. After a transit stop at Singapore of nearly two hours the second leg flight was by Singapore Airlines subsidiary SilkAir.

The two airlines seemed like chalk and cheese. The SilkAir plane was clearly very old and the service and catering ordinary. We arrived in Hanoi after sunset around 6.30pm from memory.

Descent to HanoiThe most notable sights on the drive to our airport were ...
I don't remember teasing Sister when we were kids. Perhaps it's because our age gap is so great, ten years. Little Jo is her mother reincarnated and while I do try not to do it too much, I do tease her. Actually at times I do tease Sister now, and like her daughter, she always bites.

The thing is that Little Jo is so pedantic, and while she is incredibly smart, she doesn't get humour terribly well.

Maybe it is more a dad joke problem.

I did once make her laugh when I sang Humpty Dumpty and slowly pushed an Easter Egg off the bench when Humpty had a big fall. Of course the egg smashed within the foil. Sister said, see Andrew can be funny at times.

Little Jo, did you see Nanny in Packing Ham.

Andrew, Nanny lives in Pakenham.

There used to be a factory there where ham was packed. Isn't it called Packing Ham?

This is a post going nowhere because Little Jo immediately tuned back the 'screen&apos ...
Principal dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet.


... bubble tea.

The 'pearls' or 'bubbles' in bubble tea are deliciously chewy. They are made of tapioca, which comes from the root of the casava plant. I reckon they look like frog spawn.

I'm fairly 'vanilla' when it comes to bubble tea flavours. So far, I've been ordering mostly plain Oolong tea with the pearls, but I got a bit adventurous today and ordered a milk tea with pearls! Next time, I might even go for a flavoured tea!!

So, I’m going through a pie-making phase. Why not? All purpose. Slightly retro. Who doesn’t like a piece of pie… or tart, as the case may be?

But the last time I made a lemon tart, I remember that it was OK… but didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. It’s hard not to think of those lemon tarts in French pastry shops which the shimmering shiny yellow surface.

Having offered to bring dessert to a dinner party on Monday, and having some lemons that I needed to use up, I did a google search and saw Heston’s recipe on the SBS website. The question was, considering that it looked considerably more fussy than other recipes, would it be worth it?

IMG_3830Dear reader, I had no idea. First of all, the timing on the

....there's no place like home.

Our descent into a cloudy Sydney this morning
We have returned to Sydney this morning weary after a somewhat gruelling schedule but very happy with our visit to Vietnam and Cambodia. The positives of our tour clearly outweigh the few negatives.

Will post photos from the trip in the days to follow.
In this modern era of information and technology, ironically, stupidly reins supreme. We settle for inferior, cars in the form of 4WDs, they pretty much don't do anything as well as a car, oh other than running off the road. How many single car accidents do you see where the driver has lost control of their 4WD at speed? 

We settle for 2nd rate politicians who are more often than not bought off by big business, (if anybody wants to talk about it, or not) making decisions for their monied donors and their own political future. Political donations should be banned, it is that simple. We aspire to political ideologies that we will never achieve, the workers voting for the right wing parties because it is the closest they will ever get to being wealthy. 

The anti vaccination brigade must be the stupidest bunch of people around at the present. All the medical evidence in the world to back up the latest medical advancements and yet ...
If all goes to schedule and flights are punctual, arrival in Sydney at 11.40am.
Pure slapstick but so funny. I used to laugh so hard at them. It is said that if in your old age you develop a liking for macabre or slapstick humour, you may be prone to alzheimer's disease. I am safe then, as I have always liked both.