May 2015

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Survivors tell their horror stories of ex-gay therapy treatments in Australia Published May 19, 2015  SOME were starved and forced into exorcisms, others were banned from masturbating and brainwashed into believing they could “pray the gay away”.

The bizarre, humiliating, deadly “treatments” some gay Australians were subjected to by so-called “ex-gay” ministries left many of them scarred and confused.

The poisonous messages sent many same-sex attracted men and women into a spiral of depression and self-loathing. Some never came out the other side.

Those who did prefer not to be called victims — they’re “survivors” who witnessed first hand the dark side of Australia’s hidden radical religious ...
Pork Belly

Pork Belly

We had a very pleasant early meal here, ahead of the Vivid opening party at the Studio in the Opera House. It’s good to have another option for eating in this area. I’ve refused to go to the strip of touristy restaurants along Circular Quay leading up to the Opera House, and though the fast food at the Opera Bar is tasty, it can be a bit manic if it’s too crowded.

I’d never noticed this place when it was the MoS (Museum of Sydney) Cafe. Here they seem to be trying for broader appeal, a modern Australian take on colonial food. Or something like that.

The host was a lovely woman from Versailles and we were served by a friendly Canadian. I liked my salt cod croquettes with lemon crème fraiche and caviar. My better half’s BBQ lamb ribs with quince and goji sauce were probably the

The Games Continue

I forget how the subject arose but Sister criticised someone for not acknowledging something Little Jo did for them. I mentioned that Little Jo has never acknowledged anything I have ever sent her and nor did she write to R's Sister in England to thank her for gifts.

It seemed to have worked and I received this post card after they spent a weekend in Bendigo. I sent her information on concretion, if you remember my post about her 'fossil' find.

While I had the ...

I’ve seen some individual photos from this photo shoot but I was finally bought the entire gallery.

With my site I don’t use one producer of movies and photos because most producers don’t do just speedo stuff which is all I am interested in (and all my members are interested in as well).  It has developed into a HUGE amount of speedo content though between the movies, pics and my own library of stories.

It is all about the speedo sex though.  This photo shoot is amazing because those blue AussieBums (Portseas) are my sentimental favourite speedos of all time.  I was wearing them when I had my first MFM threesome with a guy/girl couple. It was me wearing them to the local pool that convinced Alex that I am Dave Evans and ever since then I’ve had many more sexual experiences while wearing them.

There is no elastic in the waist band of


At this time in 28 days I will either be on a plane or in transit in Bangkok on my way to the Northern Hemisphere to get my tan topped up, my relaxation reinstalled and hopefully my mojo massaged. Sydney’s winters are very mild by the standards of most parts of the world We are a few days from the official start of Winter and I could just about have got away with wearing a t-shirt outside without a jacket. Just about. We all know, however that I’m very much a solar powered creature who thrives on warm warm warm weather.

A few years ago I made a vow to myself that I couldn’t complain about being hot, no matter how hot, if I was going to complain in winter about not being able to go to the beach. It’s been the easiest vow I’ve ever made


Today I sent off the first prints from my TRIBE exhibition. It took me a little longer than anticipated to get them out the door but there are now prints on their way to California, England and Queensland, Australia. There haven’t been any more sales yet after the first week but that’s ok. I’m thrilled with the reception that the series got and the fact that people liked it at all.

Over the weekend I signed up for an online store which is now live. There are still some bugs being ironed out but you can order limited edition prints of all the images from all three of my exhibitions


Photo by Jules Minnis via (He was looking older and sadder than this…)

Monday night, 25 May 2015, we caught one of Sufjan’s shows at the Opera House as part of the Vivid Festival. Pretty amazing, he did four shows, I think all of them sold out.

I’ve been to at least three other of his concerts here in Sydney. The first time I went just because he sounded cool. I didn’t know his music. It was so long ago that he was cool, and somehow, strangely, a decade later, there are articles being written about he is now considered uncool.

In any case, I loved his music: haunting, simple, beautiful melodies. Even when ramped up into bigger production numbers, there was also a tunefulness that I liked, as

Gay Rights A Political Football