August 2017

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Some of you have contacted me to say it's working for you.  Which is good.  Alas it's not working for me!  I still have to clear my cache (sounds a bit, um, iffy, doesn't it?) every 10 or 15 times I access this blog. 

So for now, back to no posts.

I'm posting here, so drop by if you want to.

Yesterday was the day of my first wedding as Marriage Celebrant, for my lovely friends Ash and Lauren. I’m very pleased to say that I didn’t mess it up and they are legally married and it all went spectacularly.

Early in the afternoon I was really nervous but once I got into my wedding ensemble and got down to the actual location of the ceremony, a beautiful natural rock cathedral, I felt much more relaxed. Then I nearly started getting a bit teary when the bride made her appearance, then again when she was reading her vows and Ash started getting teary. It nearly set me off.

The rest of the night could only be described as one of the most fun weddings and


I’ve had many tasting menus (and matching wines), often reflecting the location of the restaurant: Copenhagen, Sydney, Buenos Aires… but I’ve never had a German-inspired contemporary menu.

And to highlight Riesling wine was a good bonus. They offer a 4 course option, a 6 course option, and this special tasting menu (and you can order a la carte).

The salmon on a sort of gazpacho was delicious.

Their version of a wiener schnitzel with potato salad tasted simply like a very good

Make sure that you enrol to vote before the cut off on Thursday. There may be many distractions about what the vote stands for. Opponents of voting yes have engaged in a game of smoke and mirrors to try and persuade voters that the vote is anything other than what it is. You may think that the vote is a sure thing and that the yes vote will win. Don't make that mistake. EVERY vote counts.

You guys know that I run the site,  It was a few years ago when I redesigned the site and one of the things I was excited about was the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day’.  It has turned out awesome and today is the 1,186th Photo of the Day.

I hand pick every one of these pics and today’s Photo of the Day features one delicious arse in some perfectly fitting red speedos.

Speedo Photo of the Day

And here are some more red speedos which featured in the Speedo Photos of the Day.


I have to write Victoria, BC since if I say Victoria in Australia, people think of the state of Victoria. I don’t think most Australians know what the BC stands for but writing Victoria, Canada looks a bit weird.

In any case, this is likely to be the only food blog from Victoria, as I’m just passing through on my way to a school reunion, so what luck to have my one nice dinner at the charming Stage Wine Bar. A nice selection of reasonably priced, mostly BC wines (though I started with a swig of Tio Pepe, a favourite dry Spanish sherry before moving onto a BC Chardonnay).

Pre-theatre, we just ordered four dishes, and it was enough. A fresh green salad, a charcuterie plate of pork belly with some pickled vegetables

Yep, that is me in three words, mostly. They are also names of towns or areas and the triumvirate recently received some media publicity. Bland is the newcomer to the paired towns of Dull in Scotland and Boring in Oregon. Apparently a local Scottish woman was a on a cycling holiday and passed through Boring in 2012 and set the ball rolling to pair the two towns for their mutual benefit. Bland has just jumped on board.

The first, Bland, in Australia. Well let me see. Shire of Blan is a local government area. It's kind of a bit south of the middle of New South Wales. Nice modern shire building.

pig facesucculents

Well, the last week has been full of highs and lows. There have been fights which to some degree have again reinforced some of my beliefs. This is the 7th post in this tag and I will still tag everything so you bring up everything however I will stop numbering to make it easier. 

I am certainly in a precarious situation. Until I can get myself back into work I have limited options but to tolerate or manage things as they are. In saying that even though there have been some big lows this week there have been some constructive conversations. 

One of the things I learned from T this week is that he is finding himself very confused about how to behave now that he is transitioning. I can understand that even though I think he is going about it the wrong way. I can see a lot of his stress is actually caused by the "I want it all now" mentality. He came to his realisation as a light bulb moment about a month ago and naturally he needs to

Things are on the move. I have already updated the previous post: check it out for added information. Waiting for YES Don’t forget there are flyers and small posters you...