April 2014

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Larry Pearson & Bill Nolan by Pat Milo
Photos taken in and around Newtown, February and March 2104


Today is Anzac Day, the day we remember those lost in the futility of war. Anzac Day became a day of national commemorations in the 1920s and right around the country dawn services are held at war memorials. I have said before, if you have never been to a dawn service, make sure to do it once in your lifetime. Melbourne's dawn service, held at the Shrine of Remembrance, is the most moving public event I have ever attended. The dead silence and palpable emotion of thousands as the illuminated piper at the top of the Shrine as he sounds the bugle when the sun rises is beyond description.

ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Around 10,000 who entered a ballot will gather at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey where so many Australians were slaughtered on the beaches in WWI. While we don't have any who fought in WWI left now, some of their widows are still alive and for this anniversary of the ...

The beach was just gorgeous yesterday!!!

Once I started walking south from the carpark I didn’t see another human being for 2 hours.  Nice work on my speedo tan and I got some paperwork done.

I noticed this morning that my speedo tan is probably the best it has ever been.  I’ve been back for 10 weeks or so and I haven’t had that many days like yesterday just tanning but swimming laps during the day is probably responsible for most of it.  It got me thinking about my body changes since I’ve gotten back from Colorado.

I’ve lost 5kgs (10lb) since I’ve been back and I really haven’t been trying.  Just being outdoors a bunch and walking the 1km or 2kms to town pretty much every day just to get lunch or milk and bread has had an effect and I suppose I am swimming a bit more than I was when I was living in Breckenridge.  The weather is mild enough here during the winter that I hope

Lest We Forget
Happy Birthday Barbra Streisand ............

I am truly in the dog house. At dinner out with companions last night, I blurted out that on Easter Saturday night after returning from Sister's, we ordered a delivered pizza. As our usual place across the street was closed for the duration of Easter, we ordered from Pizza Hut online. The pizza was ok, but it was quite expensive. Pizza Hut added a public holiday surcharge which I noted as being inappropriate as the Saturday of Easter is not a public holiday.

I mentioned that at dinner last night, a dinner where older people get together and complain about stuffs and tell each other about bargains they have managed to get.

I totally forgot that R told our friend that we would not be available to visit for a curry for dinner when he asked for that night, as Sister was making dinner  for us. Sister bashed off to local football, and left some a pasta sauce and garlic bread for Mother, ABI Brother and Little Jo. We were home for dinner and very ...
MY PRISON PEN PAL -- check out my feature in this month's OUT magazine: "why I befriended a convicted sex offender and never regretted my raunchy missives from 'Randyland'." Being a highly sensitive, not usually touched upon topic, I spent a lot of time trying to get the tone right (my natural instinct is to go for glib, which was not exactly going to work here). So I hope you like it. There was a lot I didn't cover with the limited scope of such a story. I did actually meet my pen pal, was able to buy him that Denver omelet.
As I wrote ...