May 2016

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I'm going back to the country of my birth for a few days. The last time I went to Singapore for an actual visit (i.e. walk out of the airport) was in 2002. I'm really looking forward to it. The top item on my 'to do' list is to eat a dish from my childhood...stewed pig intestines with rice noodles (kway chap).

Nasty man Sir Charles Court, former Premier of Western Australia. While he was not as bad as Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, he was was quite despotic enough.

Where had our shared platter tow nights ago in the upmarket The Terrace in St Georges Terrace.


I know you guys love it when I write about my speedo experiences, it was my first threesome that caused me to start this blog in the first place.

Occasionally I have blog fans and members send me stories about their speedo experiences which I love reading.  Here is a story that is part of the archives…  enjoy.

Speedo Hottub Story

I am a little upset tonight while remembering an incident in Bourke Street Mall in town today. I don't give beggars money but they are human beings and if not harassing people,  then let them ply their silent begging trade and respect them as not fitting terribly well into society and our generally materialistic society.

I did not see his face but I saw that he was wearing a suit. As he passed by a sleeping, presumably homeless person, who had his dog cuddled up to him, he flung a twenty cent piece at the sleeping bloke's face and the guy woke up, as did his dog in alarm. The sleeper called out bastard at the suit who was by then well past.

Australia has a reasonable social security system that is almost ok, but can be wanting in some areas. It is arguable that no one needs to live on the streets, but many do. We can ignore people sleeping on the streets with a fairly clear conscience.

But what that bloke did today was plainly ...
Almost every day, I have to advise clients about whether they are or they are not parents under the Family Law Act. Sometimes this is because they have undertaken surrogacy, or because they have had IVF. It was always so simple before the rise and rise of IVF, and the rise of surrogacy! Many clients think that they are the parents of a child under the Family Law Act, when they are not.

“This cannot just be another budget, because these are extraordinary times,” Mr Morrison said in delivering his maiden budget tonight.

Um, really? I'd like to disagree with you Mr Morrison, these are not extraordinary times. It is just business as usual for most of us. The only thing "extraordinary," about these times is that you are fighting for you political life and that your useless government has the possibility of getting back into power. I agree, another 3 years of your dithering, ideology driven, right wing, Christian, govern for the rich nonsense could be "extraordinary" for this country. (But we will fix that come July 2nd)

The potential for you losing your job may be "extraordinary" for you, but not so much for the rest of us. We're all just going to work and living our lives like at any other time, trying to decipher the lies you politicians continue to tell us.

Just because you say ...
I think we had to at the rendezvous point at 7.30 for our trip to Margaret River. For so many years R has banged on about seeing Margaret River and I could not let him down. We booked a coach tour with the dominant tour company in Perth. We did not arrive back to our digs until 10pm, tired, but pleased we made the trip. Our accommodation on the edge of the city was across this freeway from the city. How many times did we walk across this pedestrain/cycle bridge, I would hate to count.

Our rendezvous point was at the Rendezvous Studio Hotel. A dog owner arrived to pick up his daily paper. We were picked up by a mini bus and transferred ...

I am amazed at just how many speedo movies I now have in the archives.  Today I was just doing some testing of some stuff and stumbled across this movie which I haven’t watched in over 12 months.

The guy in the orange speedos has a body to just die for!!!  He is just chilling out at the pool, when the guy in blue speedos interrupts his lazy sunbaking session.  The blue speedo’d guy decides to remove his speedos and jump into the pool.

The orange speedo guy joins him and all of a sudden…. the front of those orange speedos are pulled down and his cock is getting sucked underwater.

Full length movie available at (it is full length and in HD so I can’t make it public because of the bandwidth costs – $4.95 seems kind of worth it just for this one movie if you ask me)

The headline in the then Sun newspaper said smokes to rise by 2 cents. 'Dad, can I have two dollars to buy up and beat the price rise?' 'No.' The price of a packet of Park Drive cigarettes rose from 39 cents to 41 cents and I think at the same time a box of matches rose from 2 cents to 3 cents. There was outrage about the matches. Some things in Federal Budgets never change, although I doubt the now Herald Sun will splashing ciggies to go up on their front page in 2016.

Apparently Australia runs a budget deficit. What? We spend more than we earn? That is not right. (the less disingenuous me knows that our budget deficit is very small compared to most countries and no big deal). How will we pay off the deficit?  From taxes of course. So the government increased taxes to pay off the deficit? No, it cut taxes for the rich and small to medium size businesses. When I think of small business, I think of privately owned cafes and the local ...