August 2014

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Aunty, I seldom have cause to address you because I have little to complain about. You continue to present generally good tv and I continue to watch.

However, Tom for tomorrow in your programme promotions is really getting up my throat craw.

Also, I am so fed up with promotions for Doctor Who. Well, I thought I was until the ads came on for resin statues of Dr Who. Now I am really fed up to point where I am so sick of the promotion, I don't think I will watch the new episodes of Doctor Who.

Promotion is a fine line, and you have overstepped it with resin statues. You wouldn't happen to have a blow up doll of a younger Ian Henderson would you?
fork on the road - queen vickyfork on the road - square forknessMy claim to want to go to bed earlier from yesterday didn't really hold a lot of water, so while I wasn't exactly running behind this morning, I didn't have a lot of time for goofing around.

But as always (seemingly), I ended up heading downstairs just as Ma arrived... which is ...
No, not niece Little Jo, but great niece Little Em (her names begins with M, so she is not Emma or Emily).

It is her daddy's birthday, so mummy and daddy have gone to town for a meal and a ride on the big ferris wheel.

R was feeding Little M her bottle and I laid down the law to 5 month old Little M. Now my girl, when you projectile vomit your milk, make sure it goes on R and not the carpet. As she was intaking, at the other end R said she outaking, so to speak. That's his department to deal with.

After a play on the floor, another nurse ensued, and sure enough, out came some milk. She got both the carpet and R, most delightfully on his bare foot.

Dog Jack was picked up by his mummy and her partner today who have been in Queensland for some dry and nice weather, where they had neither. Dog Jack threw up once while here. I picked up the solids and left the rest to dry and it vacuumed up nicely. Then there was the picking up in ...
I am back in Canberra for a few days visiting with family and friends.

The security guy who was checking my bag at Melbourne airport was making polite conversation and asked me where I was going. When I said Canberra, the guy asked "Why would you want to go there?" Poor Canberra.

I went to the Canberra Centre two days in a row. I noticed the same elderly lady sitting near the information desk eating chocolate ice cream on both days. My parents say she is always there, eating her ice cream. It must be her routine.

My routine in Canberra is to eat, eat, eat. It is unrelenting. My parents feed me from morning til night. I always gain weight.

Nate Green denies gay past. Becomes homophobic straight singer.

“Music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I’m proud of mine nonetheless.” Those were the words of out and proud gay country singer Josey Greenwell when he graced the cover of DNA Magazine just a couple of years ago. Inside the magazine he frolicked in a photo shoot with his boyfriend of the time. Just last year Josey disappeared from all social media and media generally.

Fast forward to this year and straight country singer Nate Green has appeared on the scene. In the old age of Hollywood people could overhaul their image completely and a lot of indiscretions or overhauls of image could be handled much more quietly. Sadly for &ldquo


Dan Osborne is a bit of a hot deal at the moment, especially in the UK but if you read the gay blogs you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s an international superstar. He is one of the stars of The Only Way is Essex, a show I’ve never watched and probably couldn’t stand if I did. Thankfully Dan is prone to posing nude for Attitude Magazine, jumping off high platforms in tiny speedos with Tom Daley for tv etc etc blah blah blah.

We like him for his intellect gorgeous body and lovely smile and now we like him even more because he’s just done the Ice Bucket Challenge nude. That tan of his has no white parts. We love that. The video is a bit dark, so you might want to ramp up the brightness on your computer screen.

Yesterday was a fantastic day on the snow, blue sky, full snow cover and not too many people.  Anyone who complains about Aussie skiing is missing out!!!

The guys here are awesome as well.  Nothing too naughty just yet BUT last night I handed out AussieBum’s to all the guys for the hottub.  It was pretty great having 6 of us in the hottub all wearing AussieBum speedos.

I’m up early just checking on some stuff and today we are off to a smaller resort called Charlotte’s Pass which I’ve never been to.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Speedo Butt - NICE!!!!

Even though I’ve often bought takeaway from there, and even though I live about fifty metres from Ichibang, I’ve never actually dined there before. But I was feeling somewhat lazy (you know, Friday night), and I’d reached the point (nine o’clock) where I could either choose to eat or simply go to bed hungry. I chose the former.

As it was reasonably late I chose two entrees: a squid tempura dish and some sushi. The sushi was absolutely fantastic. It was beautifully prepared and tasted great (which is what you want from Japanese food). The tempura was okay, though I hasten to add, I always think tempura is a bit of a disappointment: it always sounds like a good idea, but I’ve never been excited when it arrives.

The service was good, fast and efficient: though when ten o’clock came around I note there was a bit of pressure to get out the door as quickly as possible. I’d have happily stayed a bit longer


Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, expert on anti-bullying research

Australia’s leading expert on bullying, Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, son of the late governor-general Sir Zelman Cowen, has just published the findings of his latest research.  He’s found that an effective way to counter the problem of anti-semitic bullying is to divert funding away from anti-homophobia bullying programs.

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen says he’s sorry for the little gay boys and girls who are bashed on a daily basis at school, enduring routine taunts of “poof” and “dyke”.  However he knows that it’s

London journal aug 22/ 2014 from Aussie Space Time Traveller on Vimeo.

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