May 2016

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Gday and Shalom all.

I'm on a break right now whilst my life and location changes.

Updates will happen once I'm more settled.

Till then there is a bunch of posts that will keep you entertained here on the blog.
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Blessings all.

The teen, known only as Myren, posted the below photo of himself boyfriend Ralph, with the caption: “My parents told me I couldn’t go to prom because I wanted to go with my boyfriend so I had to go behind their backs.”

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a Speedo Pool Party/Orgy that a guy lined up in Sydney.  I was invited but couldn’t make it which was a real bummer.

I asked if the guy organizing the party/orgy could send me a description of what happened and he was super cool and send me through the details – click here to read that blog post).

It was a pretty big group of guys and everyone was speedo friendly.  The group consisted of some guys who had been to previous parties, some new guys found on social media (like Grindr) and some friends of friends.  Sounds as though ‘speedos’ brought this random group of guys together and things got pretty hot.

I just received a second installment of what the guys got up to – but it is only for members (I love my members and want to give them the goodies).  You can join for just $5 right

All I can say, is that there are a lot of noisy trucks in the world, as I listen to Richard Harris sing Macarthur Park, on my Juliet Balcony, in the glorious morning sunshine. What a lovely way to start the week. The sunshine, not the trucks. Bathed in glorious warm honey for the first day of the week. I can feel the sun's rays on my skin., like a herb, no, not like a herb. Like a tonic, a tonic for the soul, we all expand and bloom when the sun shines down.

My colleague from Finland took over the lease from an Indian family in Carnegie last August when he came to Australia for work. The Indians left a bunch of stuff behind, including a pantry full of spices (many of which were unfamiliar to us).

A few weeks ago, my colleague returned to Finland, but not before inviting a bunch of us to his place for pizza. He needed to clear out all the things in the apartment so I took some of the spices (after getting some help identifying them from an Indian PhD student who also came for pizza).

I ended up cooking a delicious fish dish on the weekend with some of the spices (mustard seeds, coriander seed and tumeric). It ...
I do many presentations in a year. In most years, I present about a dozen times. Ok, that sounds like once a month. But of course it doesn't happen like that. It might happen once a week, just like last when I presented to the Family Court of Auatralia about surrogacy. Much more often, presentations occur in clusters. Just like when I get asked: how often do you go to court? Well it might be once
What will River put up for this Musical Monday? You can check here.

I am cross because what I really want to share with you does not seem to be on the internet. There was a new show on tv, one that had me leave my computer chair and give the television my full intention. I have always liked stories and learning about the Raj and this show, Indians Summers is a fairly typical tv show, giving a picture of Indian hill station Simla where the government, officials and VIPs moved up to the cooler hills during the hottest summer months. Simla has always looked so beautiful to me.

The brilliant Julie Walters is so well cast in the show as socialite Cynthia Coffin.  Here is a clip I did find. You may have to listen to it a couple of times, 0:29.

Naturally they begged her to sing and she belted out a song I don't ever remember hearing. Now Walters does not seem to be on You ...
After a rather crappy (wet) Saturday, we took full advantage of the 'dry' weather today to go on an outing this afternoon.
After some shopping (I needed to buy some new undies), we decided to go for afternoon tea at the National Gallery of Victoria. The sweets selection looked pretty awesome. If we didn't go for the scones, I would have opted for the macaroon at the front of the photo and Nathan would have gone for the lemon meringue tart.
This man ran through my photo of the Harbour BridgeThis man walked across my photo of the Opera House forecourtI don't know why men keeping walking across my camera line.