October 2018

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Starting a new job at the beginning of the year, saving all my holiday leave for next year and trying to maintain a schedule of shooting and releasing a download every weekend as well as doing weddings and maintaining a social life means that as we hit the home stretch of the year, I’m dying for a bit of a break.

So tomorrow night (Friday night) I’m jumping in my car and heading out to my friends’ property a few hours out of town. I will be helping with some jobs around the property while they get ready for their wedding on the property but it won’t be too strenuous and it will be a complete change of pace. There will be an abundance of fresh air and wide open space.

The boys have their own jacuzzi next to their house but they rent the “main” house out so I don’t know how much opportunity there will be for cheeky nude selfies this time but there will be some naked soaking with a drink catching up with my

8am. Sam is sitting on the ottoman putting on his shoes just about to leave for work. "What is on your to-do list?"

"Be fabulous, I believe. Just be fabulous, that is all I have to achieve today, be fabulous," I said. "Being fabulous, as, I, speak."

Sam was just looking at me with "that" look, so I assumed he wanted more.

"Oh, yes, relax. You have worked very hard over the last three days and you really deserve the next three days off. Relax, you deserve it. Enjoy."

Sam was still just looking at me, with no expression, he hadn't said a word. (Tough nut to crack, some mornings, my boyfriend)

More, I thought?

"And of course, the standard instruction, drink more coffee." I smiled. "Coffee is good for you."

"I put some things on your schedule to ask the vet when you take Buddy to the vet this morning," said Sam. "I just wanted ...
With the weather warming up, you've got to love the clothes coming off.

Walking into the city this morning there were lots of guys in small black shorts; the guy crossing Spring Street with thighs like tree trunks with which you could crack nuts, with those tight shorts that were like they'd been painted on; the tradies in Collins Street, the young blondie with long shorts, and the fresh face, the boss wog guy with such tiny shorts that were small enough to see his lunch, and the curve of his butt cheek, and his side kick, 2IC, with his puppy dog eyes, and an arse like an Italian peach.

Do you remember at school when you had to do a group project there was always one person who did just about nothing? At work at the moment I’m part of a group working on a submission to a competition and while I know we have been busy and no one has had a lot of time, I am the only person that had brought anything to the table at all until today.

We have had a month to work on this project and we have three days left to submit and today was the first day anyone else has contributed anything.

I read a story online recently about a college situation like this where one of the girls in the group of people at university just sat on her phone texting her boyfriend when the rest of the group was working on the


This week’s download is a flash back to 7.5 years ago when I had my first gallery exhibition, Shrouded. I’d released the other two exhibitions as downloads and I thought it was time to release this one. The cover image of Brad was taken nearly nine years ago and pretty much was the start of what has become a bit of a style with me, draping, obscuring, covering models in something. My lighting knowledge has come a long way but there is something that I still really love about this image.

The rest of the images are a nostalgic trip for me too. I remember covering poor Chris in charcoal powder not realising it was going to stain his skin for three days, Matteo being so patient while I covered him in powder and all the other memories that come


Cutler & Co is one of Andrew McConnell’s restaurants, also famous for Cumulus. It’s been around for a while but the renovation is fairly recent. We loved it: a big NYC warehouse feel. We opted for the Chef’s Selection, six courses for $150, though we didn’t do the wine pairing.

I don’t have too much to say excellent we loved it. Wonderful food, great service, great ambience. A really special night out.

Andrew wanted to see a picture of the vase I bought several weeks ago. I tried to take a picture but it is impossible to do so without weird reflections and colour distortion. I've decided it is not very photogenic and looks far better in real life. Here is an image I found on the website of the shop I bought it from.
I attended a conference last week that culminated in a fancy dinner at the MCG.

I've been to the MCG previously for a footy match and the venue is, indeed, impressive when filled to capacity with a passionate crowd of footy fans. It is far superior to Etihad stadium (or whatever it's now called following change in sponsorship).

I've never been to the MCG for dinner before. The room we were in overlooked the stadium. Many of the interstate guests were in awe. For me, staring into the sea of empty seats, it was kind of 'meh'.

The dinner menu was terrific. Main course included Patagonian toothfish. I had never had it before and, honest to God, it was one of the best fish I've ever eaten. The serving of toothfish was not without controversy though. A few of the biologists refused to eat it until the host assured everyone it had been sustainably caught.
It was one of those glorious sunny Melbourne spring days.

At the top of Little Bourke Street there were police and police cars everywhere. I mean everywhere. There was clearly a protest on. It seemed as though every policeman in Melbourne was in Spring Street.

We wandered over for a look.

There was a small group closest to us with two rows of police and many more police on the side lines separating them from the second group who were in the Spring Street, Bourke Street intersection.

It was about abortion.

The smaller group closest to us were the prochoice and the larger group further away were the anti-abortionists.

We listened to the pro-abortion group, they said that the other group were trying to take away women’s choice. They also said there needed to be separation between church and state.

We headed through the police lines and listened to the other group, who said they needed to get the law changed ...
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