July 2014

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My old aunt, Olive, from all accounts and calculations is turning one hundred years old. I think it is next week. I should be wishing her health and happiness and congratulations on achieving such a milestone, when in reality I hope the poisonous old bitch is in pain.

Does that make me a terrible person?

What a piece of work! I love that expression. She truly is a testament to theold adage, that only the good die young.

According to the modern day meaning of respect, she should be afforded all the respect in the world. She is 100 years old, after all.

According to the traditional meaning of respect, I say bury her now, why wait until she is dead.

My mother always said that her aunt had tragedies in her life and that we should make greater allowances for her. My wonderful father, who rarely, almost never, said a bad word about anyone, (I take after him. Big smile) responded quietly with, She didn't need tragedies in her life ...

Well… It’s time for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Board elections for the 2015 season.

I’ve been involved in the organisation since 2006 in a variety of roles in the Parade and by putting my professional experience to use in human resources.  I was honoured to be selected as a Director in February 2014 filling a casual vacancy.

2014 was a challenging year for the organisation.  Faced with a range of internal issues and external pressures the season resulted in an overall poor financial outcome.  That’s not to say 2014 was not without its successes.

Just a short list of some of the things that I think, as a community, we should all be proud of coming out of the 2014 season:

we reinvented our organisation’s values through I-CARE we implemented the Mardi Gras Accord to reduce the impact of policing on our events we hired a Volunteer Manager… a move that was long ...
Thailand has until now been one of the major places that Australians go for surrogacy. As Australians have not been able (except for medical reasons) to undertake gender selection at home, they have undertaken gender selection in Thailand, amongst other countries. It is illegal for those living in Queensland, NSW or the ACT to undertake commercial surrogacy in Thailand- but this has not
Shady right-wing conspiracy extending tentacles here?
With every political ideal comes a number of lunatics who take the issue too far and tend to delegitimize the core group. Feminism is of course not immune to this phenomenon, however i feel that feminists get far more grief than they deserve.

Historically Feminism has made innumerable steps towards the political, economical and social equality of women. New issues for women have developed, and many of the old problems are still at large.  According to the US census bureau (as well as every source I have seen that shows actual research), the wage gap between men and women is a very real thing. This means that on average, in the United States, women who are working the same type of position with the same experience as a man, will earn less than him. Our Supreme Court has made it legal to withhold access to medications for sexual health for women, but not for men. Women are still blamed to their rapes. Gender inequality is still a very real issue in our ...

(This was possibly meant for publication, or maybe not, but I have nothing else ready for today)

What an awful business in Ukraine where a number of Australians lost their lives, but heaps more people from the Netherlands lost their lives. What goes on Gaza and Israel is beyond the pale.

How terrific was the Commonwealth Games opening in Glasgow. Great Britain is such a civilised place. My nephew lived and worked in Glasgow for a couple years, well just out of Glasgow, in Paisley. I once asked asked him if he ever felt in danger, and there was one night when he was on his way home from work at a nightclub where he outcycled some young men who had bad intents.

R's sister's sister in law's husband grew up in Glasgow. He told us things that made our hair curl about Glasgow, including telling us about the Glasgow kiss. It is a head butt, if you don't know.

I was looking up something and I came across really disturbing ...

How was your weekend guys?

Nothing too exciting here.  I’ve been jerking off nearly too much (aghhh no such thing exists right?).  Just thinking about fucking Alex last week gets be a boner.

Thanks a bunch for all the positive feedback that you guys have been sending.

New week and I am excited, hopefully Kip will get his travel plans finalized this week and his timing could be perfect with Alex now ready…..  I will keep you guys posted of course.

Italian Male ModelItalian Speedo Model

So, yeah, my birthday dress was inspired by the one and only Cyd Charisse... a little something she wore in The Bandwagon opposite Fred Astaire. WHO WORE IT BETTER? No, don't answer that.

We got ready at Richard's, in Darlinghurst. He set up a full vanity with lots of champagne and all the usual suspects showed up. Everyone got a makeover from a pro, Nathan. Well, everyone except Mai Tai...who came out of retirement ...

New Zealand cops a fair bit of joking from Australians for being the “poor cousin” neighbour but they’ve given us many good things over the years. Some are still being disputed such as the Pavlova and personally while Russell Crowe is claimed as Australian I’d be happy to give him back. One thing they have given the world is Manu Bennett. He’s mostly known for his full frontal bad-guy-made-good role of Crixus in Spartacus (above). He’s also been in the Hobbit trilogy and CW’s The Arrow.

Manu’s Maori heritage has given him that amazing dark complexion and soulful eyes and it may well have helped his warrior like portrayal of Crixus. I don’t know that it has anything to do with his nude-friendliness. The Maori