June 2016

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I'm loving this florist's arrangements. If I lived in Sydney, I reckon I'd be a regular visitor to his shop.

Diversity, or rather the lack thereof, is a big topic these days. So I reached out to Garçon Model, an underwear brand (as you do), to get their thoughts about diversity. Garçon Model is a Canadian-based underwear brand. It started in 2013 with a mission to bring men’s underwear up to date with other areas of […]
I just got home from the London Pride parade for a quick change before heading out for some dancing and celebrating with friends and I thought I’d share these pictures straight out of the camera with you. What an amazing Parade this year with all the wonderful colour, flesh, music and paegentry we’ve come to expect from these events and also for some reason a giant Burrito. Happy Pride everybody....

I always have fun knowing that 99% of the time I wear speedos.  I wear speedos under my boardies, under my jeans when I’m out at BBQ’s, under my suit during work meetings and I have worn speedos under my tux at weddings.

What I wonder is…. who else out there is wearing speedos in public without anyone knowing?

With that in mind, you guys can imagine why I love this new speedo movie.

The cutie Allen is just chilling out in some great pink trimmed black speedos and a masculine man in a suit arrives (Mr. Boxer).  If you want to watch this movie – it has been available on for a couple of weeks…..

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This is the story of where our flag comes from. Happy Pride everyone!  

There are certain things that have happened in my lifetime that are great that I never thought I’d see. The Berlin Wall coming down. The end of Apartheid in South Africa. Marriage Equality and LGBT rights advancing rapidly. That kind of thing.

There are other things happening right now that absolutely terrify me. The fact that Trump is even a candidate, let alone the Republican nominee to run the U.S. is one of the most scary things I’ve ever seen. He is so arrogant, ill informed, violent, quick to lie and racist that he will have the whole world at war in about a week and a half and then tell you he’s winning as America gets blown up. His tweet to Scotland saying they were happy to leave the EU was just an example of his irresponsibility.

Britain voting to leave the EU isn’t quite as scary but it’s a ridiculously ignorant thing to do. The financial ramifications are already being felt. Ireland and Scotland will

Grat show of works for sale at the Ambush Gallery, Sydney

wonderful photo of Adnate by nicole reed ...
The latest flowers on my dining room table are these cute teddy bear banksias, Banksia baueri. Nathan reckons they look like large hairy bollocks.

I was lazing on the couch last weekend watching the Food network, when I got inspired by a healthy looking rice bowl dish that Nigella Lawson had whipped up.

I decided to head straight down to the supermarket and brought all the ingredients to make my own healthy rice bowl meals for the working week. It was a disaster.

The problem was that my rice bowl turned out nothing like Nigella's (I think I undercooked the rice).

Not wanting to tip the whole thing in the bin, I decided to set myself the challenge of seeing how many days I could actually eat the stuff before getting tired of it (Answer = I lasted the entire week....I can be ...