December 2017

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A collection of selfies of guys wearing black speedos….

Some are just random, some have been sent to me by fans, some are members of this site and there might even be some of me snuck in there.

Please feel free to email me your own speedo selfies…..

Tonight I’m off for my threesome with Alex and his boyfriend – I’m excited!!!!

In his youth R worked in retail in the north of England. At times a customer would present a Scottish pound to pay for goods, which staff saw as being a nuisance but they reluctantly accepted the money. However, it was not 1 Scottish Pound for 1 English Pound.   I never really learnt how to write pounds in the correct way, so I can only express it like this; the Scottish pound was only worth 19 shillings and 6 pence. The customers trying to use Scottish pounds would get very cross about being shortchanged. I believe now both are of equal sterling value, but still many shops in England are reluctant to take them as they see so few, they don't know what they are supposed to look like and could be forgeries.

Man, this is crazy. Just to make it more confusing, three different Scottish banks issue different notes of the same denomination and are now all polymer. (Please do not use these pictures to forge Scottish bank notes, as I may have one, two ...
my adelaide fringe picks 2018Guess what time it is!

Okay, obviously you don't have to guess... and if you've been here a while you know that the beginning of December marks my annual Adelaide Fringe Festival post.

The online version of the guide dropped last Friday and I spent a good chunk of the day going through it all.

I will say that one of two things (or a combination of the two) happened while I was going through everything... obviously this year I'm on a more restricted budget, and that may have factored into whether or not I put things on the first cut shortlist, but I ...
The weather forecast has caused me to rethink my plans today. I think I'll be relaxing at home under the air conditioner with the dog.

Taking Buddy to the park at 6am, before the temperature climbs to 36 degrees
More outrageous than the gross but rather attractive Milo, is that the organiser of his tour is to be charged $50,000 for all the extra police deployed to separate Milo supporters and those who protested against Milo's performance, and that is what it was, a performance. It pleases me that no one in Australia with any brains takes the vile and foul mouthed extreme right winger Milo, a master at publicity,  too seriously.

Look at the man love between Milo and Alan Jones. If the camera shot was bigger, you would see a wet patch on the execrable Jones' trousers as he dribbled with excitement. Yuk!

There was a discusion thread on Facebook about gay marriage.

A christian woman laughingly stated that an application for gay divorce had already been lodged. Luv is luv, hey? she said. (I could so see her permed hair and her twinset)
So I wrote the first thing that came into my head.Luv is luv. New research shows John, son of Zebedee, married his long-time partner Jesus of Nazareth in a simple ceremony in Nazareth in Galilee. John’s' older brother James the Apostle is said to have been best man. Joseph gave Jesus away, who is said to have worn a simple cream outfit. Joseph and Mary were said to have been over joyed with the nuptials. “We love John like a son,” said Joseph. The happy couple are said to have honeymooned at the sea of Galilee. "Luv is luv," said John, who is said to be over the moon with his betrothal.

Then she wrote.No one mocks God and gets away with it. (I could see her eyebrows knitted downwards in ...

Back when I first posted the photo shoot with Jorge it got a great response and the video (below) has been watched over 20,000 times. So I thought I’d put together another digital download for sale on my website from that shoot.

Jorge’s body is absolutely ridiculous but in a really, really good way. It doesn’t hurt that he also has a cheeky personality and a twinkle in his eye. He’s so much fun to work with and we are trying to coordinate another shoot shortly after Christmas.

Don’t forget you can also buy the other two digital downloads at my website as well as fine art


If the idea of Turkish-Mexican fusion food doesn’t intrigue you, what would?

I’m a fan of the NYT, and of their restaurant reviews. I’ve been really happy about their new Australian desk, and then even happier to find out that they coaxed an Australian food reviewer, Besha Rodell, back from LA, where it sounded like she had a great reputation.

I love that for her first review of a Sydney restaurant, she chose not one by a more well-known chef, nor one smack dab in the middle of the CBD or Surry Hills, but a location tucked away and serving interesting, modest food, not high-end, but with a Modern Australian flare.