December 2018

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We have been in discussion with Mardi Gras and have gained ourselves another 20 spots in the parade for 2019.  So anyone still thinking of registering that thought they may have missed out, register for the parade in the coming days and lock it in.  We are hoping to send our swimwear requirements to Rival before Christmas so jump in now to be sure we place an order for you.

It's going to be a hep of fun.  Rego link is below, although you'll need to join the page first, before registering.  Two minutes max including a few easy questions about your surf club and music suggestions etc.  Grab your lifesaving mates and make it a great night.

Get to it and register here

Gary, Orlando, Mike and the Committee

I have three more days of work left before we close for Christmas and I have to say I can’t wait. While I haven’t had a bad year, it’s been a long one without a real break.

Today I got most of my work deadlines out the door so the rest of the week will be a bit more relaxed if all goes to plan. While my two week break won’t be super lazy it will be all social and fun stuff.

In the mix is a circus class or two in my new apparatus which is awesome even if it does hurt and exhaust me. That seems to be the norm with circus stuff. If it doesn’t hurt it’s probably not going to impress an audience.

I’ll also be heading to a city in Australia that I have never been to for New Year’s Eve to see some friends I haven’t caught up with properly since I went to Bali 2.5 years ago. That’s bad!

The wedding post, part 2, needs some polishing. You will have to make do with this for today's post. It has sat around long enough for emergency purposes and today is the day. 

A snip from a newspaper. 

Acting Sergeant Trueman told a court hearing that police raided the clubhouse several times, including in June 2014 after they received a tip "that the Gypsy Jokers (a bikie gang) had stolen an alpaca and were having sexual intercourse with it".

What???!!! And they say gays are queer. Though I must say, Cleo is quite pretty.
It is Buddy's birthday today, he is 8 years old. I sang him Happy Birthday when I first woke up.

Early this year I met Aaron through some mates of mine. At the time he wasn’t living in Australia but in that time he’s made a lot of changes in his life and one of those was to do a fundraising trip around Australia.

A few weeks back that brought him here to Sydney for a couple of days and since he’d done a shoot with me back at the start of Winter, we decided that it was a great opportunity for another one. So this time we found a nice little secluded beach and headed there early in the morning.

The lighting was beautiful and at one point the waves crashed in to the rocks and created a huge splash right where Aaron was standing. Hence


I may not be an expert in French croissants but I did spend months chasing down the ones on various best lists in Paris a few years ago. So, what a treat that there are amazing croissants in my own neighbourhood. Really, I should be coming here every morning.

Like a number of the best French bakeries, this one proudly announces who is doing the baking: Christian Bonne, who opened the bakery in Surry Hills with his partner Kareen Ferrali in early 2017.

I couldn’t resist ordering a chouquette, a tiny airy ball of pastry covered in hard rock crystals. Delicious. And while the croissant didn’t have that thin, very crisp layer on the outside that shatters at first bite, a quality of some of my favourite croissants in

Last night, Saturday night we met up with the widower of our late friend, the Fijian Indian, to celebrate his birthday at a pub. Ten people were there to celebrate, although most did not know it was his birthday. It was a great evening, and R won $40 on the pokie machines, well $45 but he put $5 back in and then sensibly took the $40.

Sunday morning we were up early to see great nieces' perform their dance routines, starting at 10am, an hour's drive away. It was a three and a half hour show with a twenty minute intermission and it was really terrific. The costumes were amazing, most of the performers really good. It was not unlike a School Spectacular. It was so professionally presented. Little Em, at about two and a half years old had two gigs, one as a doggie in How Much is that Doggie in the Window, and in another performance where she was mermaid. She was the youngest performer and didn't do too badly.

During the finale, family made ...

Some weekends just leave you feeling like you need another one. This was one of those for me. For the vast majority of it for very good reasons.

On Friday we had our work Christmas party and it was a lot of fun and not a late night but I didn’t sleep well because I knew I had to get up early. After a restless night I got up at 6am and not long after was on the road. I had a quick coffee with my parents at their place an hour away then headed further south where some friends of mine have just bought a new investment. There were a bunch of us staying down there to check the new place out and catch up, drink wine, laugh and swim in the river. So much fun.

Another terrible night’s sleep last night however on a blow up camping mattress meant getting up at 5.30 was even more rude this morning. I

We did the big walk. We were coming down Brunswick Street from King Willian approaching Moor Street, where there is a woman with a shopping trolley which she has pushed up next to the public phone, pretty much, blocking the footpath. She is rummaging through a handbag she has on the trolley.

“Excuse me,” I say. We have to squeeze between her and the building. It appears obvious to me that, other than her and her trolley, the footpath is empty. “If you moved your trolley over there,” I say. “You wouldn’t be blocking the footpath.”

“What?” She looks at me. She has lank, peroxide blonde hair, and she is missing a front tooth. She has oddly grey skin with spots, or are they sores, maybe?

I smile, I don’t think nervously at this point, I can’t remember. “If you just move your trolley over here and then…”

It's the season of work Christmas parties and I attended three this year.

The first was a day time event that took place at the zoo. I was super excited  about going to see the animals but it turned out to be a sweltering day and I decided best to stay indoors at the function venue where there was good air-conditioning. The few colleagues who braved it outside to wander around the zoo saw basically nothing. Even the animals had more sense than to venture out into the heat.

That same evening, Nathan had his Christmas part. I swear that Nathan only works so he can go to Christmas parties. He was so excited and ended up buying a new shirt ...