February 2016

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I just wanted to give a quick update. The last week or so has been so busy with work that I have barely had time to reply to emails. Lol, actually it has taken me a while to reply. I need to give some more responsibility to my PA so that he can reply. It's been busy but on the work front it's good busy. Lot's of opportunities and things are taking off. More about that in the future. 

On the home front not much has really changed and it is taking a toll on me but things have been peaceful. There has been no arguments and very little disruption. Although this doesn't help me at least work has been busy so I've had very little time to ponder. 

I know that what I need is more friends so that I can escape things but it will take a bit as I'm much more a solitary person and my experiences of new friends are, well not so great. That's a topic for another day. 

Overall I am doing ok in a minefield. So


I recently had an email from someone interested in the oral history project I had been involved in in 1998, celebrating twenty years since the first Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Although I have a copy somewhere in my extensive CD collection, I needed to touch base with my friends Glen and Greig who had been instrumental in putting the project together. They came up with the idea, they found the talent, and they made it happen. All I did was chat with a few people, and hopefully got them to tell their stories as well as they could, and create the audio. The premise for the project was simple: for Sydney Pride Centre, we would get together a bunch of people who had participated in the first Mardi Gras and ask them to tell their stories.

As I wrote in 2007,

I remember at the time of doing the interviews of being in awe of these people who had quite simply participated in

Southbank was created from the previous site of Expo 88.

It's gone through a couple of facelifts - like any good girl - but was eventually redesigned into a combination residential / commercial / parklands precinct.

It has an amazing feel to the area.  I was very lucky to work in a building right next to Southbank for a while and it has an amazing array of restaurants, cafes, and people spaces.  I loved it.  I would live there IF I could afford it.

Thankfully there are many public areas that were designed and incorporated into it. 

I love the area.  Amazing boardwalk.  Great picnic areas and wonderful greenery.



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A few weeks ago I met a guy for a beer and at one point he said he went on an international trip for the first time at the age of 40 when he went to Europe to meet up with friends. I’ve been lucky enough to go overseas several times and the first time I needed a passport wasn’t a big trip but it was at the age of 18. I think there are benefits of travelling internationally for the first time when you are younger. You are a bit more naive and therefore go into it with less hangups or reservations. Sadly for what ever reason, be it financial or other commitments, lots of people don’t get to travel at all or don’t get to start til later in life.

This guy told me that he was on the plane for that trip and sitting in his seat telling himself “just make the


IMG_3824  A few months ago, I stopped by for coffee at this social enterprise cafe. How interesting, I thought. Profits to charity? I couldn’t help but applaud, but I was drawn to have coffee because it looked like a nice, modern, cool place to hang out. The coffee was superb. Tips go to charity! I vowed to come back to try the food.

After dining at the superb restaurant next door, Folonomo, part of the same business: a gallery, a coffee shop and the restaurant – apparently they’re opening a cocktail bar soon, I made it two times in a week and had lunch with a pal.

IMG_3825My potato cakes were superb: light, tasty and savoury. A perfect balanced dish. My pal had grilled haloumi on a salad. Service was great

Hey All,

LWP will have a stall again at Fair Day on Sun 21 Feb.

This year we will be with all the sports stalls up in the Team Sydney area. We will be wanting volunteers to join us on the stall for an hour or two throughout the day. Help us promote lifesaving amongst the GLBTI community, and promote our sponsors Aussiebum while you are at it. Can you let us know if you can swing by so we can work out numbers? If you can bring your uniform/swimmers that would be great.

We'll be there from 10am to 4pm. Looking forward to another fun day.

See you all soon.

My training has been lacklustre to say the least of late, even though I’ve managed to get myself to the gym 3-4 times per week I’m just not training hard enough. I think in general I’m going through a bit of a flat phase, not feeling great about myself.

After watching this video today I need to slap that shit right out of my head. These people were filmed at gyms around Rio and they are a complete inspiration. It’s not uncommon for people who have suffered major trauma or adversity to come out stronger but I would guess a lot more don’t make as much of the shake up as these people. I hate running at all and loathe a treadmill. Even with two fully functioning legs I don’t run anywhere near as fast as the guy who breaks a gym record.

Nor do I lift anything like a barbell with 60kg on either end of it like the little guy. I won’t even speculate on how badly the martial artist would kick my arse regardless of


A mother and her young son are held captive in a small single 'Room'. The son knows nothing of the outside world other than what his mother has described and from what he observes from the 'magic' of a small flat screen television with poor reception. When they finally achieve their freedom they find themselves captives in a new sense.

I went to see this with some trepidation expecting grim visuals and plot. The first forty-five minutes or so are set fully within the claustrophobic atmosphere of their imprisonment but the film then soars when 'freedom' brings a whole set of other challenges.

JGL was awarded the Hasty Pudding award this year.

As usual there were men in drag and "obstacles" galore.  JGL and every recipient before have always faced this with good humour and grace.  JGL was no different.

He had to dry hump a man in drag and suck on a cow teet. 

I will say this - he can suck a cow tit with a REALLY nice pucker.  I'm not saying anything.
I'm just saying he got skills.

Skills I'd like to experience.




End police intimidation of queers and other marginalised groups through the use of drug dogs.

Campaign video by Serkhan Ozturk can be viewed here

More about Unharm

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