July 2015

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What will the neighbours think?
An early departure from Jasper meant leaving this calm scene at our overnight accommodation.

Fairmont Jasper Park LodgeAlong the way we passed Elk grazing by the side of the road.

Returning to British Columbia from the province of Alberta we stopped to view Mount Robson (and enjoy yet another comfort stop).

This Australian tennis player is HAWT!!!!!




Homophobia in sports, especially male-dominated team sports, continues to be an ongoing issue. In Australia, the Essendon Football Club recently launched its latest supporter group, Purple Bombers, in an attempt to deal with homophobia in the sport head on. The Purple Bombers aim to assist the Essendon Football Club and the AFL more broadly, in […]

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fogo - 1

You know, I didn’t think this place was terrible. It’s made fast food out of Brazilian BBQ. My better half felt like eating MEAT. We ordered the big platter for $24, and it was more than enough for the two of us. With a glass of house white wine, and it was OK. The lime bean salad tasted fresh enough; I didn’t really like the chicken salted fries. The meat wasn’t bad, nor particularly good. I thought the service was very friendly. A fun atmosphere with Brazilian music. It brought me back some happy memories of Cae and John hosting me many years ago in Rio, meeting their friends, and learning about Brazilian culture. If you’re in the mood then…


shenkin - 1

Between trying out the Knafeh bakery yesterday and returning to Cafe Shenkin a few days ago for lunch, the theme this week seems to be Israel. And why not? I’ve never visited the country, nor am I familiar with its cuisine. The menu at Cafe Shenkin doesn’t just have a twist of what’s different, or is ‘influenced’ by a cuisine. It’s authentic, and it means that there’s a lot on the menu that I simply don’t recognise.

I’m making my way through though… Shakshuka, Ziva, Sabih, Angelita. And each one I’ve tried is delicious. Usually with a flaky and tasty pastry, and some nice sauce, and either vegetables or meat. I went for lunch this time with a vegetarian and unlike many restaurants, he didn’t have to search for what he could eat; at least half of the menu

tea revives youSometimes the Universe just arranges things in the right order...

My internal clock is a little out of whack at the moment, so I didn't wake up until later than I would have liked, but I was up, showered and out the door pretty much at the same time Ma arrived. However it did mean that I forgot to pick up my wallet and take a photo of the soup recipe I wanted to make. So I had to wing it a little bit.

I ended up going with the "white soup" idea... so I got potato, swedes, parsnips, cauliflower and a couple of white onions. So, you know, white things. I might add in some corn and there will definitely be some bacon, because bacon.

So it ...

Knafeh - 3 So, I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, and c’mon, if that’s not intriguing, what is? A new food sensation for Sydney, a back story (pastries bringing cultures together often in conflict in the Middle East) and bakers with big beards, Palestinean brothers serving Jerusalem street food.

By chance this morning, I see on Facebook that they’re at Moore Park Entertainment Quarter today. As they’ve been at other locations fairly far away from me, this seemed like a good chance.

I thought they’d set up a regular food stall in the market, but no: this is a whole event! It’s a shipping container, it’s an entire lawn of people hanging out, as you can see: it’s

We departed Lake Louise after breakfast headed for Jasper as our overnight stop.

A couple of stops along the way;

Peyto GlacierAthabasca GlacierDriving on Athabasca Glacier ...
America is a land of many colours...