April 2018

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So many restaurants to choose from! We came to Chica Bonita (“Pretty Girl”) because somehow they’ve managed to score a little higher than everywhere else on Zomato. So, why not? And I like Mexican food, the authentic kind and the various alterations.

We thought the food was tasty enough but nothing special. So perhaps people are swayed by the drinks menu, which sounds kind of fun, honestly.

The lunch menu is pretty limited. Burritos. $14. I went for the one with fish, my pal the one with pork.


One my better half’s friends, Marian, introduced us to milk kefir, a few years ago, and then another friend gave us some water kefir grains to try.

I love the idea of kefir, strange little granules that make a drink that’s full of healthy bacteria. I’ve read for years about the ways that we lose healthy bacteria from our systems (such as stress, antibiotics and bad diet) and concomitantly, how good it is to have healthy bacteria. I knew that probiotics could be found in yoghurts, that weird Japanese drink Yakult and pills. But having a personal probiotic seemed a good thing.

We were happy to discover that water kefir is pretty easy to make. You do need to get your hands on some grains (there are Facebook groups, and if you asked around, someone in your social circle might have some). Once you have your own grains, if

Sam woke me just as the clock passed 8am and said, “Go downstairs and make me toast. I demand toast."
He makes me laugh.

Rightio then, I thought. I looked at my clock and it said 8.05am. I got out of bed and pulled on my house frau outfit.

“Make me toast with the bakery bread.”

“No, that is all gone.”

“Oh well, don’t bother then.”

“I can make you toast with other bread.”

“No, I don’t want Coles bread. I am not eating Coles bread.”

So, I crawled back in under the doona.

“I see,” said Sam. “Your services are no longer needed.”

“I am like a robot going back to my docking station,” I said.

“You have to get up and feed Buddy.”

“I see.”

“Yes, it is all about Bud Bud, you should know that by now.”

“I do know that,” I ...
We rose early enough on Sunday morning and after showering, to a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast cooked by our host T. It was clearly going to be another gorgeous day in Launceston.

Mea culpa. I knew I was not up to a steep walk in West Launceston, let alone R. T is super fit, and for the health of her transplanted heart maintains her super fitness. We are not fit at all. Our travelling companion A walks a lot and is fitter than us. R really struggled with coming up the steep slopes of Fraser Reserve. I am not sure if it was helpful, but A pushed him up with a hand to his back. Advice to all, judge the fitness levels of your guests and if you are the guest, be clear about your fitness levels. There are times to just say no.

If you want a bit of a laugh, read Cro's post here where his good wife gave him a telling off for not having things in the freezer labelled, and so under wifely pressure, he did label at least the drawers in the freezer.

It reminded me of, oh yes, I haven't mentioned this yet, but we are going to South Africa later this year for a two week tour, health permitting.

I was home for lunch when we absolutely decided to go ahead. I went back to work while R booked. Stupidly I did not leave my passport out. He tried to call me and then text me, where the eff is your passport. I need your passport number. He was very cross and wondered why I did not have a file in the filing cabinet named passport like he does. He eventually found it. R has many more passports than I have, being a Brit, a Euro and an Aussie.

My passport is in a file that is labelled Misc ...

Finally, something I’ve been looking to make happen, is going to happen. Today I told my housemate that I’ve found somewhere else to live. If it all goes to plan I’ll be moving all of 100 metres so getting to stay in the area that I love.

Even better news is the fact that the guy I’ll be sharing an apartment with is also a bit of a nudie. He and his partner have just done a sailing trip with Saltyboys who I sailed nude through Croatia with a few years ago.

We’ve chatted about it and I don’t think either of us will be sitting around the house nude 24/7 but I certainly won’t be bothering with pants for my first

Amid doom and gloom about what we humans do to our planet and the environment we live in, there are some good news stories.

Portugal generated 103% of its power needs last year by using renewable energy. I expect it still generated some power by other means, and sold some power perhaps to Spain. Portugal is not usually at the forefront of much, aside from tourism for good reasons, so well done Portugal for a remarkable achievement.

China is replacing its diesel buses with electric buses at a furious rate.

The numbers are staggering. China had about 99 percent of the 385,000 electric buses on the roads worldwide in 2017, accounting for 17 percent of the country's entire fleet. Every five weeks, Chinese cities add 9,500 of the zero-emissions transporters -- the equivalent of London's entire working fleet, according Bloomberg New Energy Finance. All this is starting to make an observable reduction in fuel demand.

Edgar Tarimo ...
I usually post something for ANZAC Day, one of our war commemorative days. I haven't this year and I am rather pleased that after the event, I can post a translation of the speech from the French village of  Villers Bretonneux by the Prime Minister of France, where Australia had such success in WWII but with an enormous loss of life.

Here is a copy and paste from The Guardian as reported.

Then the Frenchman went to the microphone with, it would seem, aggression in his heart and literature in his kitbag, launching himself into the crowd with a line from Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front: “He is entirely alone now with his little life of 19 years, and cries because it leaves him.” 'The earth is his only friend&apos ...

Sometimes keyboard warriors do great things, fighting for justice. Mostly they are just looking to be outraged when there is no reason to be at all.

Today here in Australia is ANZAC Day. That stands for Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps and is essentially our equivalent to the U.S. Memorial Day or Veterans Day (not sure which). Someone posted a message saying “Happy Anzac Day” on the page of a Sydney nudist group I’m in on Facebook, accompanied by a photo of genuine Army men, in their berets, standing nude in a river. They were covering their privates (pun intended).

A keyboard warrior thought it was highly inappropriate and disrespectful to use the image and to say “Happy Anzac Day”. Um no. Most

We decided to go for a movie today.

I've been trying to convince Nathan to go and see A Quiet Place but he wasn't keen on horror. It seems that Emily Blunt (from The Devil Wears Prada) is not sufficient enough of a drawcard to entice Nathan into seeing that movie with me. Instead, we settled on the gay teen flick Love, Simon

The movie was showing at Cinema Nova so we headed out to Lygon Street for lunch first. We ended up going to Tiamo, which does a terrific chicken liver dish (I was in the mood for liver after seeing it served on My Kitchen Rules last night). Nathan went for the osso bucco.

The cinema was quite busy. I guess going to see a movie is a popular way to spend Anzac Day.

The movie seemed to have attracted three types of audience members: gay men ...