Editing on Pinkboard

Pinkboard is sometimes accused of censoring contributions to and ads placed on Pinkboard. Pinkboard does reserve the right to edit all contributions. This right is reserved by every single form of media in the whole world. Pinkboard does not and cannot censor the Internet.

Editing is controlling what goes into a single publication. Censorship is controlling what publications are allowed to be published and seen. Editing allows a specific publication to have a specific topic, tone, etc. Censorship is not specific. It applies to all publications.

Pinkboard is edited, but Pinkboard opposes censorship on the Internet. This is not a contradiction.

As an example, would you allow someone in your lounge room who is going to destroy your furniture? I choose not to allow people to smoke in my lounge room. I do not tell them they should not smoke when they are elsewhere. I ask them to respect my house and not smoke inside. In fact I allow them to smoke on the balcony. Asking them not to smoke in my lounge room is editing. Banning smoking is akin to censorship.

Pinkboard probably is a lot more liberal (small l) than most other media, in that most of what is put on Pinkboard is not edited. Only a few things that are edited:

  • illegal activities
  • promotion of unsafe sex
  • discrimination and villification
  • incivilities
  • abuses of Pinkboard facilities
  • items that are off topic for the category or for Pinkboard

If someone doesn't like Pinkboard for whatever reason they are welcome to discuss their problem with me personally, or use another site on the Internet.

Updated: 10th April, 2004