30th Anniversary Mardi Gras
Tonight we celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Roads have started closing. The barriers are in clumps along Oxford and Flinders Streets. People everywhere are gluing and screwing and primping and putting the last minute touches on their parade and party outfits.
At 7:45pm The Parade starts with 150 floats and 10,000 people filling the street with colour, music, dancing and pride. After the parade thousands will make their way to The Party.
There is an excitement in the air that has not been felt for many years. Everyone is looking forward to tonight (except those that missed out on tickets). Even the weather is perfect with not a cloud in the sky.
Tonight we are celebrating all the Gays and Lesbians and Bisexuals and Transgenders and Intersexes and Queers and supporters who have been part of this 30+ year journey towards equality. We are not there yet, but the new federal government has given us hopes we will to get to the next step soon.
Have a great Mardi Gras. I'll see you all under the mirror ball.

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There was an article in the paper about Cindi Pastel. She will be performing tonight and has said this will be her last drag performance. I expect we'll see her in the 2.00am show.
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GT Confirmed - This really is playing while I'm typing! - Replies: 1, add

Oh no, sorry to hear that! Obviously you're devestated and extremely concerned for your "close one" if you're sitting on your computer reading Pinkboard and making bitchy comments to someone who has something to smile about. Whoever you are, you're not going to bring me down - it's too beautiful outside today and it's going to be even more beautiful tonight. Sorry someone as seemingly hateful as yourself won't be able to join us in our celebrations. Perhaps if you were a little nicer, I'd have some sympathy for you.
I won't reply to you again.... well, not today anyway. I have better things to do, like, oh that's right, choose shoes for tonight.
JGirl Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, add

You sure will Marchinggirl. Can't wait! Happy Mardi Gras! :D
JGirl Confirmed - Replies: add

STOP STOP STOP. I can't bare all this talk about shows...... I'm getting way too excited
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I have to choose accessories for two outfits! One for parade and one for party! Help me JGirl! Maybe i should just take everything and keep changing all night!
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GT Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Mardi Gras to outstrip all others

Organisers of Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras say tonight's event will be the biggest ever. More More More (Source SMH)
- Replies: add

GT, it certainly is a tough one! I like your idea though, I say the more the merrier! :)
JGirl Confirmed - Replies: add

You want to live, you remain secret admirer.

I dont go with him to his work except for the big
Marriage certificate - Replies: add

Happy Mardi Gras
Less than 12 hours to go before I am floating amongst the lasers at Mardi Gras! I absolutely love this time of the year.

I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe weekend. I expect to see thousands of smiling faces at Mardi Gras and Toybox.

Happy Mardi Gras to all the pinkboard regulars and particularly to Countdownboy, Gary - Toybox Rules, JGirl, Happy Feet & Noisy Gypsy.

It is going to be an amazing weekend! Flight crew prepare for TAKEOFF!
Laserboy Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Pinkboard Classified
If the disgruntled concession card holder is still reading pinkboard, check the classified section of pinkbord now.
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just woke from my nanna nap.

Finish off the housework, get ready,cook light high carb dinner, get dressed.

Watch out Hordern/Dome I am on my way.
T. - Replies: add

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone
I havn't felt this excited in years.....

Well done Marcus, Anna, The board, the vollies, and most importantly all of you, for building the best buzz ever...

Happy Mardi Gras everyone. See you under the mirror ball.

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Steph Sands Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Friend just came back from Fox Studios saying lots of tents everywhere but the biggest surprise to him was the wooden dance floor in the Hordern was small ? surely not ? with the massive numbers am hoping there are more platforms being delivered as I type.
Just wanna dance................ - Replies: add

is Hugh Jackman really doing a show in The Dome balcony in the first half of the night? I do hope he is coming as Wolverine!
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Happy Mardi Gras to you too Laserboy, and to all our other gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. It is just the perfect day for the Parade & Party. See you all under the mirror ball, in the laser lights, in the RHI at 3.00am. It is going to be just fabulous.
Am so excited, can hardly wait...
Party Hard and Party Safe!
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Party Girl - Replies: add

Happy 30th Mardi Gras......
Oh my god, my feet are just itchin to start dancin in the Hordern and getting blasted with all those lasers all night long. Only seven hours to go now. I'm so excited don't know if I will be able to lay down and have my nanna nap.

Happy Mardi Gras Panther, Countdownboy, Laserboy, Gary - Toybox Rules, JGirl, Noisy Gypsy and all the rest of Pinkboarder gang.

Panther, Countdownboy and all the moderators thanks for your effort in the build up to today - much appreciated.

Have fun everyone and take care.
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Happy Feet - Replies: add

All set!!! Happy Mardi Gras Everyone! :-
Well I am home from getting the last few little bits and pieces for my outfit, but I too share the dilemma of GT in having 2 outfits all set to go and cannot decide between them! They are both different 'looks' and am not sure which yet I feel like having....maybe after my Nanna nap all will be clearer.

Does anyone know whether we can check in to the cloak area a small bag or only jackets? I like having my sunnies and spare 'morning' top for afterwards but having used the cloak room in the past couple of years so was not sure what the current protocool was.
It is as others have said the perfect weather for our night of nights.

I wish everyone a fantastic evening at both the parade and party and am hoping to see smiles everywhere I look!

Happy Mardi Gras! :-) x
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which one? i'm told they'res dozens.
- Replies: add

Everyone is shaking

It's all to much for some

Party time approaches.

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 7 HOURS to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - its getting very close , isn't it - Replies: add

OMG!!! Best rumour ever!!! The girlfriend and I did simultaneous sqeeeing at the thought of Wolverine on our Dome party spot!! Eeeee!! Hint: don't get between me and Hugh Jackman as I will be having a serious fangirl moment.
Evil Twin Confirmed - Replies: add

Happy Mardi Gras
I had to pop out to Oxford St earlier because I didn't have enough accessories. The street was so busy. People everywhere. In the shops and carrying bags of shopping. In the bars and cafes. And on the street. Some people had their hair done. Some were already in costume, like the three angels who floated past. Then there was the guy in Monument's pool giving a show to all those watching on the corner. Passed a float with a big globe on it being assembled in one of the lane ways.

We have to leave shortly to join our float at the start area. Got the sandwiches and drinks packed. Comfy shoes.

Then home for a quick change before we head off to the party. I'm not wearing jeans or t-shirt. I am wearing lots of accessories.

Here's wishing everyone a Very Happy Mardi Gras. For all those that can't be with us, enjoy yourselves wherever you are. For those who are doing this, see you under the mirror ball.
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Panther Confirmed - Replies: add

"At 4am in the RHI Noisy Gyspy will fall into my arms and be mine , mine , all mine."

Yeah right... to the sounds of Xanadu.... camp!
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Hugh's a guy Evil Twin.

Prepared to swap sides for the night are you.

Known him for about 15 years if you want an intro.
T. - Replies: 1, add

its getting very close ..........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh
We wait

We are excited

We are busting for it

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 6 HOURS to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - wanna nana nap but am too excited, grrrrrrr - Replies: 1, add

(chucks girlfriend off computer)T, there are allowable exceptions and Hugh is right up there! Consider me President of the Lesbians for Hugh Jackson Fanclub.

Usual spot in the Horden then, about 11.30?
Evil Twin Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Countdown boy - you're killing me! the excitement is too much!
Finished all preparations, donned the chucks and am just about ready to go to meet mates and start the big night.
Have a great, fun, safe, outrageous, brilliant time everyone!!
Bring it On!!!!!
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marchinggirl - Replies: add

THE COUNT IS ALMOST DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
High Anticipation

Positive Attitude

Fun for everyone - Bring It on.

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 5 HOURS to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - feeling nervous ... is that good ? - Replies: add

Yep 11:30pm will be there Evil Twin and Girlf.

We will be there by 10:30pm to beat the crowds.

T. - Replies: add

can anyone please let me know, what time olivia and cyndi will be performing?????
- Replies: add

I've had the best idea..... remember those platinum tickets a few years back.... well the priviledges recieved for that ticket should be the members priveledges...... we should have an elevatied dance floor in the RHI.... some room and height to see the shows.... not to mention a SHOWTIME SMS!

What about just for us founding members..... :)
Can't wait! Merry Mardi Gras ALL!
xtoffa - Replies: add

Six O'clock

Preparation Time.

It's not long now.

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 4 HOURS to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - only 240 minutes ..... arghhhhhh OMG OMG OMG *Runs around screaming* - Replies: add

Can cloak back pack etc, no problems.
Happy Mardi Gras!
- Replies: add

its the FINAL COUNTDOWN.... da da da DA DA DA DA !!!
The sun is nearly set

Its getting dark

Party time draws close

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There are ONLY 3 HOURS to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - certified craziness - Replies: 1, 2, add

I'm stuck at home unable to get to the parade. Does anyone know if there is a webcast on tonight? I've googled & googled & can't find anything.
Thanks x
nuanced - Replies: add

we are almost here
There is ONLY 1 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOURS to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !

There is ONLY 1 HOUR to Mardi Gras !
countdownboy Confirmed - shower time - Replies: add

I've never been this excited about a party! LMAO!
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Well I'm home from the parade. What an amazing experience! No-one noticed me until I put on my costume and then I've never had so many photos taken in my life. The crowd was fantastic! The walk took 45 mins but felt like 5 mins. Only disappointment is not getting to see all the other floats but I'm sure I'll see plenty of photos. Just having a glass of bubbles the off to the party.
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GT Confirmed - Replies: add

THE PARTY IS OPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!

The gates are OPEN - Its Mardi Gras Time !!!
countdownboy Confirmed - MY COUNTDOWN IS OVER ...... SIGNING OFF ..... SEE U AT THE PARTY ..... I'll have the t-shirt that says "CB" , although it might not stay on 4 long ;) - Replies: 1, add

No Retro Music!!! - not in the RHI, not in the Forum, not anywhere - was all Techno etc
So much for the 30th Anniversary focusing on a retrospective of the past, music wise.
I am in my 30's & have really enjoyed the popular "Retro" section in the Forum the last few years.
I was lead to believe that for the 30th, the whole RHI hall was going to be one huge "retro" space, called "DISCOtorium"... but it was more like TRANCEtorium. Very disappointing.
The Carlotta show (2am) didn't have the same feeling against such a lead in, and I was locked out of the Oliva concert at 4am- saw it on some chick's mobile afterwards... she just sang one song.. Xanadu. We (& MANY others) left after that- couldn't stand around in 2hr sections listening to mindless Techno in the hope of seeing another show.. maybe Kylie. If Oliva, Kylie etc soooo popular they had to lock the doors 1/2 hr b4 Olivia on, then why the DJ's not PLAY that type of music in their sets????
The Parade was FANTASTIC, the Party minus ANY proper Retro music was VERY BLAH & bland.
We won't be going again (& forking out a fortune) unless there is some variety and some proper retro music. Many people exited quick smart after the Olivia appearance.
Yes, there were some positives, such as the exciting variety of having live bands in the Forum, and the fun live shows in the tiny Fox & Lion (albeit the stage embarrasingly plonked right behind a very wide pilon!).
- Replies: 1, 2, add

Thankyou Mardi Gras
To all the volunteers and contractors who put together such a fantastic Mardi Gras festival, parade and party, a massive thankyou! Truely one of the best parades and parties in years.

I was in trance heaven at the party all night long and that laser show with laser man...unfrinkbelievable!!!!!!!

You guys rock and its amazing that all this came from the passion and energy of so many volunteers.
- Replies: add

What a great party! Congrats to Marcus, Anna and everyone who made this years party so memorable. Fantastic themeing, unbelieveable shows, great music and just a great atmosphere to enjoy!
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Luv MG - Replies: add

my thoughts.
the oddest party ive ever attended. some elements were the best they ever have been and the crowd was great, friendly, courteous and dead sexy. however for me, as personal taste is subjective, the music was the worst of any dance party ive attended. now in saying this i actually went to the party not expecting to enjoy the music as there was only 1 dj i enjoy on the bill, sveta, so i wasnt expecting much. but what was dished up on the decks i thought was below par for a world class event. worst perpretrator being the RHI and their 'drop the level for some audience participation/mass kareoke during every chorus'. surely the cheapest and cheesiest dj trick ever. i have noted this practice is common and possibly popular in straight venues..
the horden looked fantastic, the scenic and lasers were hot, i just personally hate trance so was pretty to look at but best avoided for me.
the levels in the dome were far too quiet after svetas set which killed any oompfh mike kellys set had along with the other djs that followed. forecourt levels killed the sets there also, plus the sporadic rain.
didnt venture into the forum, again not my scene but am more than happy of its inclusion. so for me the music was well below expectations which were very low indeed. shows weren't bad but have seen much much better produced by mardi gras on previous years. gawd heaps of other good and not so good comments floating around a fuzzy mind so will leave it to that.
please note i DID enjoy the party immensely just less so than any other danceparty ive been to the queues were fun, very busy party but it never felt too oversold as per the 98 or 99 party. hope others that had more luck enjoyed their preferred sound. sum up: for me a dud but worthy noting for many many others they seemed to be having the nite of their lives..
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- Replies: add

Aaarrrgghhh damn it CB! I only just saw your post and had no idea to look out for you. Damn, I hope they'll be other coming out occasions for you. :)
How did everyone enjoy their night? Unfortunately I just didn't have it in me to stay right till the end for Cyndi's show as much as I wanted to. What was the verdict? Olyvia was wonderful but the place was so packed that I didn't get to see the actual show, was stuck watching screens.
I have to say I couldn't really settle into one area for too long, was quite aggitated and had to walk around a lot. I really enjoyed the music in the forum and found the upstairs area to be pretty comfortable. For the first time ever, spent very very little time in the Hordern, I think mainly because my friends were in the RHI for the most part. I'm actually wondering if I preferred Slease 07 to MG08... dunno, maybe give me a couple of days. :) Off to Toybox now. Hope everyone's recovering nicely.
JGirl Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Damn you PWG!
I would have thought, with the hundreds of vollies (well, all 12 or so) it took to create that incredible party that you would have had the foresight to have organised better weather!
I've been going to parties for years and this is the worst organised weather I've ever seen. if only MG would REALLY get serious and professional and attend to ALL the details, then it would be amazing rather than just good.
I know some people may like it raining like that, and the few polar bears I saw were VERY happy, but not scrawny drug-wrecked trashy whingy ghetto dwelling me! I won't be helping MG make a great party as a volunteer next year (as per all other years) but I WILL complain endlessly about the stuff I could have helped get right if only I'd had the balls to get in and help!
Serial Whinger - Replies: 1, add

totally agree. How could Mardi Gras get the weather soooo wrong. How very dare you!
- Replies: add

pickled fruit
What was that poster about that was in the toilets, with Markus in it? That was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
- Replies: 1, add

You can't throw the biggest party in gay Australia and have retro in the main hall, Mardi Gras needs to be about whats happening in gay dance parties now.

It would have been house or tribal you were listening to in RHI, not techno, and considering that Hex Hector has been one of the biggest and most talented names in gay dance music for over 10 years and Paul Goodyear has been one of the biggest influences on the local scene for ages too, i thought the DJ selection people did a good job.
hq2 - Replies: add

Thanks Mark!
To the party Scenic crew, well done! With very little help and TONS of effort you pulled off a stunner! Thanks! without you and all the others we 20,000 could never have had so much fun!
Grateful NMG member - Replies: add

yeah that was funny - a pic of marcus pissing on the names of other parties.
my funniest party moment actually happened in the toilets: while standing at the urinal, some guy's big metal cock ring fell off into the trough with a clang. he shrugged, stopped down to pick it up, and then kinda by way of explanation, he just shrugged and said "i've done worse things".
loved the party. paul goodyear was on fire! loved the olivia show, and the cyndi show, especially when she hit herself in the face with cake. that was really sweet and wacky.
Sensible Shoes - Replies: add

I agree with you! But instead of 'retro' I would substitute the word pop. Some of this can be retro but much of it is modern. For instance, DJs could have had modern-day Kylie music and stuff like that as well as fab retro pop - but nope, MG is too cool for that. Which is ridiculous considering how everyone wants Kylie to perform there, as well as other camp icons like Olivia and Cyndi!
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After walking to the party, post parade through the zoo of Oxford St, we didn't have too long a wait in the members queue before meeting up with mates, kicking off.

So nice to see so many people make an effort with costumes and sexy hot outfits. Much eye candy goodness.

We started in the Dome for Sveta, then got restless and walked the other venues to check out the music and vibe. Thought this restlessness was just the party starting nerves, but unluckily it continued most of the evening. Like JGirl, couldn't settle, or find the "Best Spot".

Highlight for me was laserman in the Hordern. CRIKEY that was excellent stuff and the kind of surprises I expect of a big party. Hordern lights were rocking, and "yay lighting guy!" except you were too far up (and me too short) to yell it out. But Hordern music not my thing. soz. Chandellier in the RHI was spectacular.

Back to Dome for Jack Chang's set which was great. He worked hard, we danced hard, there was sweat. Thumbs up, baby. Mandy kicked off with beats which kept me on my feet, more sweat, and catch ups and hugs with friends happened, until we needed to head home.

Thanks vollies for a great event, thanks NMG for giving us a great party, and medical for my bandaid.
Evil Twin Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

GREAT Party! Thanks to all involved!
My friends and I really enjoyed the party last night! It was wonderful to see a return to lot's of smiley, happy people in the crowd. It was all very friendly and nice.

We spent most of the night in the RHI. We really loved the mirrorballs -especially the huge, chandelier style one made from wind chimes. It was beautiful. We found the music to be up and down -it was great having a quite a few tracks that we could all sing along to, but parts were patchy and very slow, and without lyrics for lengthy periods of time which we missed. You could visibly see the crowd lift and smile whenever a good vocal track was played. Would have loved to have heard a few more tracks with a bit more energy in them,and a bit of Kylie would have been lovely.

We sat in the bleachers in the Hordern for a short time to watch the lasers -which were awesome; was the dance floor in the Hordern smaller last night than usual, or were there just less people in the hall making it more visible? Had a few good wander's around and came across lot's of cheery, happy people on these which was nice.

We hadn't expected to stay through until 8am but we did, and watched Cindi's show (we didn't know her first track, but True Colours was fun to hear again). We enjoyed Olivia's show. For each of the show's it seemed as though the music was being played more loudly than the vocals of the performers which meant that we couldn't always hear what they were singing.

We collected our bags from the cloak room area looking forward to putting on clean and dry t shirts...but alas ours had been stored in the outside area and in the rain had been saturated; no dry clothes for us :-(

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers, the performers, the many happy and friendly partygoers we met, and all involved in creating a wonderful atmosphere and a great 30th anniversary party!! :-)

Time to head back to bed everyone. I hope that everyone enjoyed the parade and party, and any other festivities they may have (or still are) involved in. ;-)
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So happy the doggy's didn't show - Replies: add

Thank You Mardi Gras
Had a great night, the forum was fantastic, but every where else sounded the same. Feeling a little sad that it wasnt as good as i would have liked.ONJ sound was terrible, and poor Cyndi isnt much of a morning person a little squaky....

Hows ever great job Mardi Gras, see you all next year
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A brilliant parade, a good party. Things I really liked:

1. that bead ball in the RHI was a work of ingenuity.
2. the RHI had some great music going on, and much in the spirit of the retro pavilion
3. the video displays in the RHI were pretty cool
4. the people

Things that made me go hmmm:

1. even with the excuse of the bad weather, the party is still way overcrowded, and has been for some years. People passing out from heat exhaustion is not a pretty sight
2. I still think that even if seating is expensive to erect, if it's well used by people, which it always is, it's a good investment
3. a little PR on the toilets when closing them off (to usher in the performer) would be good. Having police blocking off the doors can be a bit confronting. We thought someone had died.
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Well I never realised what a gorgeous hunk Marcus is! He's a dreamboat. Were he silly enough to venture into the Dome at 5am he wouldn't emerge unscathed! I'd make sure of that. I thought the party was great. The crowd was friendly, smiling and helpful - with no aggro at all, even when I stood on people's toes. I enjoyed the fast, hi-energy, uplifting music in the RHI. The lights in the Hordern with the best ever but trance is not my style so we moved on and spent most of the night in the Dome which eventually returned to excellent form. Thank you all you handsome sex men! The first show was my favourite - low key, remembering past and present community. Well done NMG. Shame about the weather!
Paul Diamondo - Replies: 1, add

Thank you NMG
It was my 10th MG Party and what a way to celebrate it on the 30th Anniversary.
Had a fab night, sexy people everywhere and for once the music in the the 10 years and 40 something parties I have attended, the music in the Hordern was perfect (Trance) always knew Trance suited the Hordern although it is not every bodies taste of music the people I saw in the Hordern looked as though they enjoyed it or they would not have been in there dancing.

My only critisism is, the sound system lacked noise and clarity in some of the Djs sets, thought it might be because of the music they downloaded onto the cds they were playing was from illegal download sites where the sound quality is sometimes bad hence not sounding clear through the speakers.

Well done NMG, bring on Sleaze 08 and may it continue for many years to come.
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Yeah, I am happy that I was in the RHI to see Oliva at 4am, although watched most of if on the big screen as couldnt really see the stage. At least I was inside and not locked out. Came out to find the rain. Unfortunately, also didnt stay and still dont know who performed to end the party. Was it Cyndi?
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here's my view on the party....got there a bit before 12am and saw Shauna Jensen's show - it was like they were scrambling for dancers and took all the fitness first employees from the Kings X and Darlinghurst Fitness first gyms to be involved! Don't get me wrong, the dancing was good...but could have been a fitness first float. Then was eagerly waiting for Hex Hector's set - was ok...nothing special and didn't think he needed to be flown out from NYC to do his thing..would have liked it if the music was a bit more commercial. Was also disappointed that there was no retro music in the Forum, i always enjoyed listening to those "golden oldies"! Waited for Olivia's show from 3am in the RHI, but she didn't come on until 4! Hex's set just never seemed too uplifting in the RHI especially during the last hour...finally when Olivia performed, not sure if it was really worth the wait...she mimed the whole thing and then at the end, she wanted to say something to the crowd, but her mic wasn't even turned on! One song wasn't enough...how about also doing at least "let's get physical"??? So much for a headline act.

All in all a good night, but probably wasn't the best mardi gras party i have been too...bring back the retro dj's that you had for 2003-2005 era.
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it's a wrap - Replies: 1, add

Olivia's show on YouTube!
Hello from a San Franciscan currently vacationing in the desert south of Tucson, Arizona...

Waited a few hours until after the party was over and found these!
Pretty fun to watch, but also great to get the "live" impressions from people who were actually there here on pinkboard, too!


Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=rM2utjpTSHk

Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=AcWd0Qz52yk

Part 3 http://youtube.com/watch?v=zskKZNYFhMo

Part 4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=A0zZeo2P9eI
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GlobalJetStar - chilling in the sun - Replies: add

OK the negatives first -

the dance floors ie wooden platforms were way too small, what were they thinking with record crowds ?

RHI and Hordern music sounded the same at times. The Hordern almost sounded like Techno at one stage like
200bpm. Moving between the 2 middle of night it just all sounded like some form of trance.

As I thought, with change of Hordern from Harder/Tribal made the Dome toooooooo packed. We like it busy but not that Sauna dangerous over heated feel.
And it was Dome's turn to have lines out the front counting how many went in.

The positives -

was Laserman ! what a f**king awesome laser show.

Crowd was great.

Men only toilets in Hordern fantastic.

Bar person/Vollies/Security all lovely and friendly.

Lasers in Hordern, lighting in RHI awesome.

What I would like for next party -

if big numbers then big dance floors please.

Return harder/tribal to Hordern of if Sleaze only 2/3 Halls then maybe Trance half the night in Hordern then turning to dark harder/tribal.

Return Retro.

I am not a Retro lover but as a hard/tribal lover and both of our crowds supported NMG over the last few years, felt totally let down. Trance I can put up with for a few hours at the beginning but as most when its half way through the night you like to get down to some dirty hard/tribal and the Hordern just sounded exactly the same all night with exception of odd almost techno sound.

And how I knew my friends were thinking the same is , everyone kept wondering from Dome to Hordern to RHI trying to find something to settle into and couldnt do it in the one Hall.
Thank you NMG overall we had a good time - Replies: add

Agree Evil Twin and JGirl

spent a lot of time looking for friends as no-one could settle down in the one Hall.

Missed the Horderns usual style, Trance all night is not for me and one friend who came back in from RHI said it sounded the same as Hordern. Felt Dome lost its energy around 4-5am'is and so wondered into Hordern but was same monotonous beat going - no offence to trance lovers but prefer a hard hordern.

Agree on Laserman Evil Twin , he was amazing. More of him please but someone said he was from Canada ? not sure if visiting or living here but would like to see him again.

Wouldnt put the party in my top 10 but was still not a bad one either.

And agree with other poster re shrunken dance floors -
never again. Not sure if they want to make it look full ?
but dont care about that , people need space to move and being packed onto smaller floors like sardines you just cant get your dance moves going :)

Now back to reality and work tomorrow.

Sorry missed you Evil Twin and girlf. Next time.
T. - Replies: 1, add

Laserman? Toybox did that two years ago. :)

Glad to hear good reports of Mardi Gras. Well done NMG!
- Replies: 1, add

she was NOT miming!
AcidJasmine Confirmed - www.acidjasmine.com - Replies: 1, 2, add

the dome was amazing. missed sveta, but walked in as mike kelly was playing... wow! jack chang kept me grooving until mandy rollins tore the roof off! what were the other rooms like???
- Replies: add

Miss Olivia did mind.. As the song ended, she said "happy mardi gras" and her mike was turned off. Who cares though. The show was great!!!!
- Replies: 1, add

I was at the front of the stage and yes she was miming! She forgot some of the words when walking down the stairs LOL! and tapping the mic at the end HELLO! But Still it was an awesome wicked show and Livy rocked... Been ages since the whole of the RHI was singing together!~

The party was great fun, but I must admit it didn't have the total WOW factor that I thought the 30th would. Sure there was a buzz and it was an excellent party, but there didn't seem to have the finishing touches to symbolise the 30th party!

Would have thought they could have let off confetti cannons, streamers etc at the finale and the 12.00 noon show.

I had a great time and all my group did also, but we did also move around alittle as the music didn't keep me stuck to any particular venue. Overall 8/10 great night with awesome GAYS and LESBIANS from all over the world, but lacked the WOW factor!

Great job anyway guys.....

BTW what was Cyndi Lauper on, my god she was like a toilet dolly on acid! I love Cyndi and she was great in her show, but it was like she was running around like a crazy women. Although she made me laugh and totally got the crowd rocking, it made her look some what trashy!!
OMG work tomorrow! YUCK! - Replies: add

Somebody suggested earlier that the music was louder than the vocals. I think that was a huge problem with Olivia.

Either her mic was turned off or not enough volume, but it was very faint most of the time and only came good for a minute before dying again.

Can somebody explain???

Other than that her show was quite surreal... It was THE ONJ performing at 4am to a crowd that went ballistic when she performed. And she looked 25, not 60. I'm sure she's never gotten that response from a crowd before :)
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I heart local DJs!
First off a huge thanks to MG and all the volunteers!!

Secondly, MG could save a lot of money by forgetting about importing DJs for the parties. Hex Hector was very disappointing and had no cohesion.....same as previous years with Boy George *yawn* Brett Henrichsen *snore* Freemasons *blag*. Local DJs know the crowd and play to please the punters and not themselves......5 genres in 15 minutes is just plain lazy Mr Hector. Bring back Dan Murphy to the RHI!
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I had a great parade and party, after thinking earlier in the week I wouldn't be able to get in (a friend gave me her ticket at the last minute). A big thank you to the organizers and volunteers. This was the first time that I went from room to room instead of staying in RHI all night. The highlights of the night for me were Faker in the Forum -- they performed a great tight set -- and Cyndi at RHI -- she's as loopy and loveable as ever.

I'd love to see more live bands at future MGs, btw. But for now, it's thank you for the 30th anniversary MG.
Adrian - Replies: add

At the end of Xanadu I swear the clapping and cheering lifted the roof off the RHI. I can't remember ever hearing such applause for any other performer at Mardi Gras.
Arti Confirmed - (More comments later) - Replies: add

Looking forward to Sleaze 2008
Thanks to all involved for putting on our 30th birthday party.

Maybe I built it up too much, or expected too much, or just got too excited, but have to agree that the party did lack the wow factor. It did not feel like a 30th birthday celebration. Sleaze 2007 was the best Sleaze for years, so I was all geared up for a great night.

I was expecting that at various points throughout the night, given the RHI was the Discotorium, that we would get a bit of a retrospective of the last 30 years, along the lines of the songs that have been the fabulous shows that we all loved. A lot of friends who haven't gone to the party for a few years (now that we are all getting that bit older) went this year because it was the 30th. And it was great to see a lot of older faces back again, that I have danced with over the years. So for me the music in the RHI just didn't hit the mark. Hex Hector was very disappointing, and didn't seem to guage the mood of the crowd at all. Occasionally when he did play some uplifting vocals (Eg. Absolutely Not) the crowd and the mood really lifted, but then went flat again when he returned to playing what to me felt mostly more techno/tribal than uplifting house. At other times, the music really slowed down, and the crowd were standing around waiting for something more danceable. There are many DJs in Sydney who would have played better music for the RHI crowd. Paul Goodyear was better, but not nearly as good as he usually is.

Lights in the Hordern were great, but why is that we no longer have any lasers in the RHI? A laser on each of the mirror balls would have made a huge difference. This is the third time in a row that the RHI has been laserless. But I did appreciate the person who brought their own little laser - even that little one bouncing off the mirror ball made a difference.

Dance floors in both the Hordern and the RHI seemed way to small, and the RHI was therefore too packed and hot for most of the night. Sound in the RHI was OK on the dance floor, but once you were off the floor or in the bleachers, you couldn't really hear what was playing. Watched Olivia from the bleachers, and not sure I would have known it was Xanadu if I hadn't known it was going to be Xanadu.

Thought Cyndi was great - loved that frock! I thought she rocked at 8 o'clock in the morning, for someone 50+ who had done already done a show on Saturday night.

Great crowd, with lots of smiling happy faces. Was surprised to find it raining in the middle of the night, after such a perfect day and evening. Guess Fred didn't pray hard enough again....
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Party Girl - See you all at Sleaze! - Replies: add

DJ hectoring
I too would like to have our great local DJ's headline our parties. As a US friend said to me at the party re Hex and his unmixing, "Anyone can get up there and change records!"
Has anyone spotted online vids of Cyndi's show? The set was amazing.
Great party atmosphere, hot, fun and friendly crowd.
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My mardi gras weekend
Hello fellow pinkboarders. Here's my mardi gras weekend:

Parade in the BGF stand - awesome! Great fun and the entertainment! Linda Hansen singing at the Glamour Bar end was just great. What a voice! Where has she been hiding?? And the parade was heaps of fun this year!!

Party - same as many comments already - didn't get the music at all. Until we wandered up to the Forum and Seymour and Paul Mac were just great! Finally we were happy! Then Faker - all good. Ran off to see Livvie. Maybe a mistake - but she did a good job! Then we just couldn't settle again.

The sound in the RHI was awful - ugh. The music leading up to Cindy's show was really tedious. That's my personal view and I don't mean to criticise other's taste in music - each to their own but that last 40 minutes waiting for Cindy was torture. I was getting a bit tired though, so anyway..

Speaking of Cindy - we went out to the Cherrie party at Slide last night - and frankly the music there was so good - more than a few of us were lamenting the lack of that style at the party! I think it's Bel West as DJ? Then Sandi?? Really great stuff - danced all night!!! I think it was Beth Yen to start with some gorgeous house music.

Back to Cindy - who strolls in for a quiet boogie at 1am??? How exciting for us all!!! Tho she was harrassed a bit much by folk - she just wanted to have a boogie!!

So all in all - a great weekend - met lots of lovely people - hi to the Brisbane boys dancing with us at the forum!
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I heart local DJs too. They rock!

But Please Mardi Gras, can you continue to bring international DJs to our parties? Its great to hear different music.

I do agree with the previous post about Brett Henrichsen and Hex Hector. However I think if we stop importing US circuit party DJs and Producers and target greats such as Lee Burridge, DJ T, Damien Lazarus, and Jimmy Van M.

All great DJs who don't charge the world for their performance fee. And surely now that NMG has an association with Fuzzy deals can be brokered about jointly touring DJs to share the cost????

Just a thought.
suckem - Replies: 1, add

Brave new (some old) Worlds
I would agree with many of you regarding the party.

Shows (that I saw anyway)
Shauna Jensen was just an absolute legendary show; it was great to see such a large amount of volunteer community members. The microphone worked and it was awesome...

Laserman is from Sydney, Australia. It would seem that his popularity is surging amongst the dance party scene from recent performances at Toybox and now Mardi Gras. It was interesting to watch although probably not something I want to see at a party.

Carlotta and David Campbell, my god now this show was impressive. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the singers more just how many Drag Queens were in that show!!! I am told by reliable sources that they all made their outfits and Ashley Swift, you brought wings to my party. They are all local megastars from the last 30 years and it brought back a lot of memories from the Albury, Taxi Club and Imperial for me. Congratulations Penny and to all the cast, that’s the stuff parties are about...

FAKER you guys are true young Aussie rockers and I wish you well in all future endeavours.

Olivia well that would have been great if she had sung and I was at the front and could hear her live singing which sounded nothing like the backing track that was coming out of the speakers. In fact to Olivia’s credit this is more likely to be an error from the sound and lighting crew.

Well done Cyndi Lauper, you rocked my world! What an absolute star you are and an incredibly humble one as well. Indeed there could not have been a better ending to the 30th Anniversary of our Mardi Gras!

DJ’s (that I heard anyhow)

Hits – Murray Hood, Peter Newton, Mike Kelly, Mandy Rollins, The boys from Stereogamous all the way!!!


Sveta (purely because of her bitching about straight women being at the party)
Hex Hector (dunno where u were but it was not in the RHI)
Paul Goodyear ( Copied Music and still doing the walrus thing)

Creative (u get it now)

Well done team, a keep it simple approach worked well. The items of particular interest such as String art in RHI - fabulous, those little silver twirls forming a big sphere - bloody fantastic, Video Wall on RHI stage - ingenious. Congratulations also on the Member bar next to Forum, punters were partying there until the end!

Sound and Lighting

Sound totally sucked in RHI, lighting was interesting though. Lasers and combination of lights in Hordern was great, sound also rocked in there. Sound in Forum and Dome were ok I thought.

Overall this was a good party in some aspects however the
finer details such as DJ selection, DJ venue allocation need attention. This is the 2nd party I’ve been to recently with the same glaringly obvious mistake having been made. I wander why this is so???

Congratulations New Mardi Gras on your efforts!!! Thank you to all the Volunteers that made this possible (including those on the DJ selection committee, hope I haven’t been too harsh). The amount of punters that were there brought back memories of sold out scenes from the 90’s for me. There were so many hot men everywhere and that really made the party for me. WOW WOW WOW!!!

P.S. To the well known website journalist that bugged volunteers about getting a Member’s area wristband I hope it was worth it!!!
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Observationist - Always Observing!!! - Replies: 1, add

How was Agnelli & Nelson?
- Replies: add

Good party
First Mardi Gras in 2 years and had an awesome time. Thought the Hordern was the best venue for space and consistency in music. I normally like Hex Hector and have many of his remixes but he was all over the shop. I also thought the RHI was too busy and was unhappy with the reduction in dance floor in both venues. To finish positively, great crowd, very friendly and polite....I never felt like I was being pushed out of the way, people always moved past me in a courteous manner. Also, loved DJ Josh, have enjoyed her sets a number of times and would love to have had more of her...more of DJ Josh in future dance parties please! All in all a job well done.


P.S. Why was chewing gum banned from the party?
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Photos on Same Same
- Replies: add

Mardi Gras
Well my brain is slowly starting to get back to work after a weekend of fabulousness. Thanks to everyone involved in making Parade and party such a huge success.

The Mirror ball chandalier in the RHI was awesome, as was the show by Laserman.

Great lighting, great look, lots of variety and fabulous happy smiling people.

Can't wait for Sleaze!
Dan - Still toe tapping! - Replies: add

I didn't see any of the professional photographers at the party so I am going to have to post my own photo

Panther Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, add

Photos by Owen Hanson:

- Replies: add

Is that Johnny Depp? Ah no its panther!!! Gorgeous.....
- Replies: add

A change is as good as a holiday, are there any other options for a venue besides Fox Studios? Carriageworks just of King St would be a stunning place to hold Sleaze/MG. Imperial as the official after party when she finally reopens :-)
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amazing party!
Thanks Sydney!
Mardi Gras was amazing. So friendly - really a celebration. The Forum blew my mind. Such great queer bands - and wonderful dj sets... Rufus Wainwright and Freddy Mercury! Wow!
Heres to many more years of celebration
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More links:
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30 Years experience and they still don't get it
After 30 years of being in the business of putting on these events one would think Mardi Gras would have done a better job production wise. First build a stage high enough so that you can see what's happening on stage from a crowded dancefloor. I had to keep looking at the moniters. Second Sound quality during the live performances was appalling if you could actually hear the performers sing the volume was so low. They are my major gripes but Hex Hector was disappointing and Cyndi Lauper get her off stage.... don't bother she perfomed most of ther show off stage anyway to the front row. On the other hand Paul Goodyear was amazing. Crowd seriously cute and friendly. Had a great Mardi Gras one of the best despite the production problems. Never missed on. Will never miss one but MG please get the basic production fundamentals right. There's no excuse for these errors.
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A record number of gays and lesbians and their families and friends celebrated the 30th Sydney Mardi Gras on Saturday night.

About 10,000 revellers and a further 400,000 rainbow flag-waving onlookers answered the critics and doomsayers who, in the lead-up to the parade, claimed Mardi Gras had lost its way. more
from SSO - Replies: add

she wasn't miming, the soundmix person turned her mic off as soon as the song was over to talk over her and announce the next DJ - disappointed not to have been able to hear what she said - she was desperately waving at the audio guys to turn it back on!
Adamx Confirmed - Replies: add

I have to agree with some of the earlier comments. Overall the party was good but it lacked the WOW factor. Perhaps my expectations were too high for the 30th anniversary?

I enjoyed the lasers in the Hordern. Laserman was awesome and the neon decorations looked great as the lasers flickered across them.

I was disappointed with the midnight show in the RHI. Shauna was great but the production looked cheap.

I enjoyed the 2am drag show but it did not have the same WOW factor compared to the previous versions that were performed 10 and 20 years ago. It was great to see Cindy Pastel on stage for the last time. They don’t make drag queens like Cindy & Miss 3D any more. We just keep pumping out the Britney & Christina clones. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that drag seems to be in decline at the moment. And will someone please tell Maxi Shield that you should never, never wear the same dress twice. I’m having a 2004 DIVA Awards flashback with that swan dress. Honey, please return it to the zoo! Also did anyone else notice how much eyeliner/makeup David Campbell was wearing? My eyes were doing strange things during that show as I thought he looked like Bert Newton.

The ONJ show was great but the best show of the night was Cyndi Lauper. The costumes were fabulous and Cyndi went off! I had a great view of all the shows, but my vertically challenged friend had to watch all of them on the big screen. Was the stage lower this year?

The mirror balls and the revolving chandelier in the RHI were great but they would have looked so much better if NMG had installed a few lasers to bounce off them. The RHI is a huge space and you need huge lighting rigs and a few lasers to fill the space and to create atmosphere. One friend from overseas said that the RHI looked a like a school prom! At $150 a ticket I expected to see a few high-powered lasers in the RHI, just like the great parties from the past.

It will be interesting to see how much profit NMG makes this year, particularly after they increased the capacity by 1,500.

Overall there was a good vibe to the party but it did not live up to the hype.

PS: I am looking forward to seeing Kylie at the 60th anniversary party in 2038 when she will be trying to flog her 107th greatest hits collection.
Laserboy Confirmed - Replies: add

Great Mardi Gras
Party was great I don't expect perfection like other peoples comments on the pink board hence I had a good time.
- Replies: add

Alright, I admit it, I was on the inside the whole time.

Not that it helped me get into the Olivia show, which made me sad, bt we learnt our lesson and were in hours before Cyndi was on. I tell you what 7:30am and waiting for Cyndi in the RHI with that not too great music was like hell for me and my buddies.

But when she came on, it was like... well it was like what I had felt like about 40 minutes after getting to party. The cake fight was amazing and for 8 in the mornign the day after she had a show, she made the morning worthwhile.

But before that, my Mardi gras day started at 8am, and every second was worth it. The Media Briefing was moving and piognant, and seeing p[eople speak there really hit home what Mardi Gras is all about. Seeing Craig and Shane interviewed really made me see what we are fighting for, and made me proud to have been involved for so many weeks to bring it all together.

Foreplay was amazing, if understated, was great to see how many people were waiting at 5:30 and great to see them entertained and hydrated by some of the most charismatic and energetic performers I have ever had the pelasure of wokring with.

Parade itself was mindblowing. The Dykes raised cheers like I have never heard before, surprising the crowds who were expecting a traditional entry.

The 78ers made me proud once again, I spent some of the Parade walking from End to Start, and had the plasure of meeting the 78ers on the way, and shook many hands and gave many thankyous.

Cho (who I adore) was a fitting choice, and Parade organisers made a wise choice with her.

Once again craig and Shane were so improtant, and it has been great to see the coverage they have been getting.

The parade from then on in was AMAZING, if not a little long, but there is a lot to fit into a short time. And it was all nealry perfectly on time (to everyone in Start area, congrats).

As for my first party, well, what can I say, I have nothing to compare it to, but the thing that blew me away more than anything else was everyones attitudes. The party was filled with smiles and conversations with strangers, unde the most amazing lighting and visuals I've seen in a while in the Hordern.

Carlotta and David and 40 Drag Queens was... well, it was big, and bigger is better. It was great to see members of Working Groups and Board runnign around and dancing with everyone who they have been working for for many weeks now.

To everyone who brought positive energy to this party and parade. See you next year.

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Not Quite An Insider - and if I was... oh alright, I am. - Replies: 1, add

Thankyou NMG
:) I had a great time all round.
Unlike the younger folk who are never happy or pleased. And pick at anything that doesn't match their idea of PERFECTION!
It was great to experience the vibe, music, crowds etc.
I was very pleased to see the toilet situation adequately provided.
A big thankyou to NMG, volunteers and supporters who attended.
If I was to poke a stick at anything it would be at the younger generation many of whom seem unable to enjoy themselves unless they are drug F#*ked, sleazy and devoid of all sensibility.

Thankyou NMG!!!:)
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pickledfruits.com - Replies: 1, add

Well the trance people screamed for trance and so the usual styles in the halls was shuffled around.

Now after reading peoples posts I dont think it worked.
Dont scream trance people am not knocking your beloved trance but most music types could fill the Hordern.

Call me old fashioned but in the past when you went to a party you always knew what style was being played in a hall and generally was well excepted ( some DJ's not so great ) but it was

RHI - Commercial/Handbag
Hordern - Hard/tribal
Dome - Dirty Sexy Tribal/House
Forum - Retro

could start Hordern with some trance or finish RHI off
with trance as I think lasers in RHI as well would look awesome.

Anyway thats why I think a lot of people ( those that attend parties regularly ) found themselves wondering and not being able to settle in.

Dont get me wrong still had a great time, always do with my friends.
Bring on Sleaze - Replies: add

RHI & Horden

- Replies: add

Laserman, Kitty Glitter, Jack Chang, Mandy Rollins

- Replies: add

Sorry but that poster is offensive and disrespectful to a large volume of hardworking people.

Shame NMG shame
- Replies: 1, 2, add

LOve the pic Panther! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful night! :-)
- Replies: add

It's worth repeating just how great the crowd was. I've never seen so many helpful, aimable, smiling people - young and old - despite the cold, wet weather! There was a real community feeling. The straight people blended in perfectly. No "us and them" feeling at all. Some of us enjoy being "real up close" so no complaints from me about the smaller dance areas. And the Dome was warm but not dangerously hot or overcrowded. It was perfect for me and lots of other people too! The security people were great too - completely unobtrusive, just there to make sure that we were safe.
Paul Diamondo - Replies: add

Sorry Marcus but you and who ever is responsible for that poster being printed and then posted in the toilets shows disrespect and a poor attempt at being funny. It is a shame to see this sort of politics from an organisation that should direct its politics towards governments on matters of substance.
Mardi Gras member. - Replies: 1, add

I just looked at panther's display of old Mardi Gras posters.

Why was the March changed from it's original date in June?
- Replies: 1, add

no wonder I didn't spot you - I never would have recognised you!

soo many pirates - what was the theme of your float?
Lil - luscious in leather Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

who ever came up with the concept for that sphere in the middle of the RHI is a f'kin genius
Dr Belows - Replies: add

RHI music & sound
sorry nmg but the music was boring. not made any better by the poor sound quality. maybe if the nmg board spent more time doing their job rather than running around being celebrities and posing for photos for tacky toilet posters they might have noticed. the party wasn't for your farewell marcus it was for the 20,000 people who overpaid for tickets. still had a good time though, just not as good as it could have been. truth is i've had better nights in the clubs. for the 30th i was hopeing for something really fantastic and so were my friends.
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Marcus Poster
Can somebody please fill me in on what this hoo-har is about a poster in the toilet involving Marcus Borget, I have no idea what's being spoken about.

Please tell me what it was all about

- Replies: add

I think it had something to do with it being winter ? correct me nicely if I'm wrong. So they moved it to warmer months for the Parade/Party etc.

What's with the poster dummy spit. I didnt find overly funny but not offensive either.
Slowly recovering - Replies: add


I was part of a float, but nothing to do with pirates. I changed completely for the party.

Didn't see you or Evil Twin either.
Panther Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

As far as I know these posters have nothing to do with New Mardi Gras. They have been displayed at the last four or five Mardi Gras parties. They had a website last year, but it seems to have disappeared.
Panther Confirmed - Replies: add

Fantastic Time
Thank you NMG for a wonderful 30th Birthday Bash! I had a great time.

Watched the parade from the members area, as always, standing on Gilligan's Island, sipping cocktails with a queer crowd is the best way to watch the parade. Thank you to the team who put this on, it was fabby! Great Vibe, fun people.

Party was excellent. Loved the Hordern and Mark Murphy in the Forum was great. Didn't get to see any live rock bands unfortunately. Reports please?

As for the pickled fruits posters at party, I always find them very amusing. I remember the first time I saw one several years ago, before Marcus was chair, and it made me laugh.
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Love the pirate outfit, Panther!

We kept an eye out for you, but didn't spot you.

We had a bit of a giggle at the Members area alongside coatcheck. It looked a bit like a convenient child minding location, where you could drop off your bags and the kiddies at the same time. Henceforth, for the rest of our party we referred to "I think I saw her in child minding..."

Oh gawd, back at work today. Sooooo tired still. Must have more coffee. Nurse! Caffeine drip, STAT!
Evil Twin Confirmed - Replies: add

Sound and chewing gum
There were sound issues in just about every space I went into. As well as the RHI - the Dome (where i spent most of my time) was attrocious. The sound in the dance floor area was too soft, mids and highs were lost and overall a muddy sound - unless you were standing directly in front of the speaker stacks (located outside the dance floor area). Sound in the forecourt area and girls space sounded like the bass was at 10%. The Horden was probabaly the best overall for sound - but all the three of these major halls needed speakers to fill the areas outside of the dancefloor - why only attempt to have good sound on the dance floor only??!! we like to listen when we are off the designated dance floor areas as well!! (they were too small this year).
As previous poster noted - chewing gum was banned - mine was taken as well - why???
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Awesome Party!
The party was freakin awesome!

If anyone says they had a crap time, then dont come next year! I refuse to believe that a party that massive failed to cater for everyone. I went with no expectations, (having never been before) and had the best time i have ever had!

I just cant get over it... Thankyou everyone involved!!!
Greatful! - Replies: add

My Mardi Gras......
Got to party around 12am. Had to laugh at friends with membership - we got in half an hour before them. So much for priority queue!!! They didn't use membership areas at all. Good to see no doggies at the party too. Started at RHI to meet up with friends, music didn't do it for me in there - never does though. Over to my belovered Hordern spent most of the night there in trance heaven. But what's with the dance floor being sooo small? Bit of a damper on it all in there. Lighting was spectacular, with Laserman and the laser show from 4am onwards was amazing especially watching it from the bleechers. Were they softdrink cans and candy rolling along the ceiling? Or was I seeing things? Headed to Dome to catch Jack Trang his was an amazing set. Amazed I even got to see Olivia and Cindy. Microhoning for Olivia was piss poor - don't they check these things before hand? Cindy really rocked for the closing. All in all a great night with so mant happy punters. Os & interstate friends really enjoyed it. Was getting close to the older days. Thanks NMG and all the volunteers.
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Happy Feet - Replies: 1, add

I had my bag thoroughly searched including having to empty out the tube with glow sticks in. Then they took the lollies that were in the bottom of the bag. They were just left over and weren't important but I can't understand how a few throat lollies are a banned item. I had two packets of chewing gum in my pocket and they didn't find them! I'm not going to even mention what was hiding in my underpants! At least I was allowed to keep my Ventolin!
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:) BIG Thankyou to NMG Board and Volunteers for your passion and commitment over the MG festival.

For my overseas freinds it definitely was worth the effort to come from the otherside of the world.

:(And to all those who feel it could be done better.

Please put some action into your critique by being active participants in the organisation.Allowing it to evolve to your expectations.

As for the poster it was humerous to a degree but not offensive. After all NMG is commited to our community and I'm not sure if these other events are. I assumed just profit?
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gum was banned? what the? When the lady at the front patted me down, she stole my mini can of deodarent, but didnt say anything to me about my gum! and i had 2 packets of it! Should have asked me for some! :)
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Like most we had a great time but also found ourselves wondering and not settling into one Hall.

Missed my Horderns harder edge and agree with another poster at one stage it was so fast it almost sounded like techno. Friend came back from RHI and said both halls sounded the same.

Even though line moved into Dome , dont remember ever having to do that before.

Some scream for change ( like wanting Trance in Hordern ) etc but this just left a lot of people wondering all the time. Good or bad , I didnt like it as could never just settle into the one spot for a good dance or listen.

We still had a fun time and thank NMG for putting on a great party. Feedback is good and not meant to come off as a whinge.

Oh and the smaller dance floors ? never again please. Sure Paul D likes being up close and personal :) but prefer some room to show off the dance moves :).
So please bring back my harder Hordern :) - Replies: add

posters in the loos
SOMEBODY **PLEASE** TELL ME about these so called posters in the toilets , I have no idea what you're all talking about
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Qoute: "Laserman? Toybox did that two years ago."

...and Mardi Gras did it in 1995. But it can still be sensational!

Agnelli & Nelson - fantastic
Hex Hector - fantastic
Ruby - sweet
Marty fabbo - Space Brothers one more chance super 8 YEAH!
Shauna, Olivia, Cyndi - Oooh la Laaah!
Ollie in the Shauna show - love your work babe.
Toby in the Cyndi show - mmmmm red head TASTY!

Music in the Hordern was great all night.

Another fantastic party.
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Trance Trance Trance Confirmed - onwards to the next 30 !!! - Replies: add

After the party and TB we had a blast at Slide on Sunday night with Cyndi Lauper, the DJ (?) was bouncing us off the walls. The best electro house the whole weekend.
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my thoughts
Now that my brain has shifted onto the "on" mode after a few days of too much fun, my personal opinions on the party are:

i) Set designs of RHI and Hordern - wow, i loved the whole feel of both halls, and that lovely giant swirling mass of silver ribbons...i think i spent too much time staring at it post 4am :p The giant screens worked a treat, and for once i could see what the shows were about (i think wearing my glasses also helped). And no nanna's bed sheets in sight!
ii) Laserman show - Yes, i know there was one done at Toybox a few years ago, but i am a sucker for flashing lights and it was great - i was right up to him at the 1am show and he is way cute in that euroboy kinda way
iii) Olivia's show - it brought a few tears to my eyes with her rendition of Xanadu - but at the same time i couldn't help wondering who was her fabulous plastic surgeon - nobody has a right to such gorgeous skin at 60.
iv) Was i the only one who noticed the undercover cops, they were VERY obvious as they stood around without a smile and looking bored out of their minds - one of them took great interest in me as i fished out my ...chewing gum
john k - Replies: add

Live Bands
Had the best party ever. Probably mostly to do with who I went with. Saw ONJ and Cyndi. Both very memorable - especially Cyndi who only managed to get through half of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun before she lost it and started screeeching the chorus over and over. Was fun to watch if a bit bizzare.

BUT The highlight of the night without a doubt was The Potbelleez in The Forum. They were F*cking awesome!! The place was PACKED and everyone was going crazy - including them. They did mash-ups of tracks like Timbaland etc, a female vocalist doing amazing rap then "Don't Hold Back". I reckon it would be awesome to see them do a half hour show in the RHI next time. They were seriously impressive and the lead singer was seriously cute too... That really made the night. Friends from interstate and OS reckoned so too. Good on NMG for a bit of variety with the live bands.

Only negatives have been mentioned here before. Dancefloors too small, sound in the Dome was really bad... and music in the RHI sometimes could have been better (although whoever played New Order's Blue Monday sometime in the middle of it all - AWESOME!!!).

Can't wait for next year now!
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Matt - Happy 30th everyone :) - Replies: 1, 2, add

Re: I heart Local DJs
Magical party - thanks to all involved. As always, I had a wonderful time! The music in the RHI is never my cup of tea and neither was the Hordern this time around - trance, for me at least, is just OVER. Missed my favourite local DJs on the bill - Seymour & Gemma and Sveta. Other than that, I felt the best music of the night was provided by Mike Kelly and Jack Chang in the Dome - absolutely mind-blowing! Mandy's set was also hot - the best I've ever heard her.
The set-up at 'The Forum' this year was also great, with the live bands. To mix the music up like this and involve rock was perfect.
I very much agree with 'suckem' and his overseas DJ suggestions, especially Lee Burridge, DJT and Damian Lazarus. I would also add M.A.N.D.Y. and Steve Bug. There is so much new talent - and new direction - in tech/house music at the moment. I'd love to hear more of this (currently happening!) music reflected at future parties, but on Saturday night, Mike Kelly and Jack Chang brought me close.
Agree with the comments about shrunken dancefloors in the middle of the big halls and the sound only catering to these areas. Around the edges, there was only echo. The decorations were incredible though.
Thanks again and Happy 30th Anniversary to all!
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Julie - Replies: add

yes, I also didnt like the music in the horderm but at least it kept the straight kids from the suburbs safely contained in one room and away from all the other rooms. so maybe "trance" is a good thing after all !
Dr Belows - Replies: 1, add

'pickledfruits.com - Mon 3 Mar 2008 19:21:10' look at the picture in this post and you will see what they are going on about. Click on the picture to enlarge.
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ho-hum, kinda
I had fun. Musically, we found our preferred style/venue quickly and settled in. Grazed round the other venues as part of our chillout routine. I danced all night. No complaints about the styles or choons played.

What makes a MG/Sleaze for me though, are the shows. They have a potential to turn a good party into a memorable one. Sleaze '07 nailed the Zircus theme 100%. The Toby Allen routine brought camp, amazing costume, story (and even <gulp> Nikki Webster!). The spectacle was bigger than the stars involved. It was fantastic.

Sleaze '06 "Ghetto Fabulous" brought such energy with the B-Boy and B-Girl routine. I remember them much more than which Bardot chick was actually doing the singing.

In years by, mirrored-lasergirl running above our heads suspended by invisible cables, eclipsed the singer (Christine Anu or Vanessa Amorosi - I'm not sure which now, again the spectacle amounted to more). Breath-taking. Even the number with Deborah Cox and the booted, sunglassed fur-coated models with the sexy attitude being dragged on a podium from one end of the RHI to the stage -simple, yet it connected more with the audience.

This year...BigStars comes on, BigStars sing, BigStars leave. (one admittedley with pie in face). But really where was the 'wow', the spectacle?

Maybe I bought too much into the 'sold-out', 'gonna be huge', 'expect surprises throughout the night' hype. Especially the whole 'will SHE fly in secretly for us' nonsense.

With the annually increasing OTT ticket prices, I supected/hoped NMG was stockpiling cash for an anniversary extravaganza. Again, my fault perhaps - but show-wise, I left mildly disappointed.

I had a fun time, I just don't think I'll be remembering much of it in years to come...or even next year come to think of it.

Three stars.
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Re: Dr Belows
So next time I want to attend Big Day Out, Good Vibes, Mobile Home or V Festival will remember not to go because "Straights" aren't contained to one area..... Is that the idea??????????
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Actually the sound in the DOme was the worst I'd ever heard it - there was barely any sound in the centre at all. I can't believe that anyone did a sound test in there. The music was fantastic in there - especially Mandy who played at an entirely new level, but dammit it was hard to hear it.

I spend most parties in the Dome - and the sound at this one was the worst in living memory.
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I too was very disappointed with the Mardi Gras Party this year. The sound quality in both halls was really bad and not loud enough.
Hex Hector was terrible and I love his mixes/music and what was with the cutting out of the music so people could sing out loud...tacky tacky tacky.

Olivia was great but again I was disappointed with the production of the show, I was expecting amazing costumes and heaps of shirtless men dancing around her.

The lasers were great but why only in the Trance room. Surely they can afford to put them in both halls considering the extra charge for the tickets.

I really don't think I will go to another Mardi Gras Party after this....I wish I had gone to Toybox which from all accounts was amazing.

This is just my opinion on the party I know others enjoyed it very much.
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"After the party and TB we had a blast at Slide on Sunday night with Cyndi Lauper, the DJ (?) was bouncing us off the walls. The best electro house the whole weekend"

It was Bel West and yep - I agree - fantastic music and a great night!!!
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"Oh no, sorry to hear that! Obviously you're devestated and extremely concerned for your "close one"
i dont know if the poster was or was not devastated but i find your post quite vain as well. hope your shoe choice was right for the night and had a fab time. ;-)
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Mardi Gras
ill try to describe the party in one short sentence.
"After all the hype - the crowd went mild"
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A party that ignored a large percentage of patrons
For all of the hype and all of the so called excitement that this party generated I feel that New Mardi Gras made one very very VERY large mistake that simply smacks of arrogance.

Question - There may have been 20,000 people at that party but lets be realistic - How many of those 20,000 people go out clubbing on Oxford Street or for those out of towners their equivalent gay clubbig area on a regular basis ?

Answer - Maybe 50% at best

Now I'm one of those persons that has grown out of clubbing in Darlinghurst a number of years ago. I haven't put a foot on Oxford Street since 2003 and I have no interest in the place whatsoever. I can guarantee you there are thousands who also feel the same as me.

But I as well as many many many others still like to check out our big community dance parties. Thje reason is because by attending these parties we are supporting an event run by *OUR* community organisation - New Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras 2008 for me and many people like me who dont go clubbing anymore was a complete dud.

The RHI was billed as being a "discotarium" , the hall where we would get a large percentage of hits that celebrated 30 years of Mardi Gras - What a load of bullsh-t. New Mardi Gras as well as Hex Hector and paul Goodyear have deceived us. Totally Dishonest.

As i stated before there are thousands of people who attend these event who dont go to clubs. They lead normal lives and dont know the latest hip and trendy dance tunes. In the last few years these people have been catered to with the implementation of a retro space. These people were snubbed and treated like crap by New Mardi Gras this year.

Most people who dont ever go clubbing but make the effort to support the big dance parties that New Mardi Gras put on need to be supported at our events. People who dont go clubbing dont know the latest music , they what to hear stuff they know otherwise you completely alienate them and as was the case for many people I know left the party early feeling ripped off.

Dear Brad Wright , Dear Marcus Bourget - We all appreciate the work you do however Mardi Gras 2008 for me will go down as one of the most musically alienating events I have ever attended.

The retro space MUST be placed back in Stage 11 / The Forum. You NEED to cater to the thousands of us that that dont know current trendy dance music. If you don't then I (and a large group of my mates) will never attend your party again.

Many of you might say why bother with retro, its not as popular as most might think. Let me remind you of the extroadinary queues that existed to get in to the retro space at Mardi Gras 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. There was also a Sleaze party (I think 2005 or 2006) that also had a retro facility and yes you guessed it , long long queues.

New mardi Gras , you put on a big and sold out 30th anniversay party in 2008 but you also sold out on the thousands of people that have relied in recent years on having a space dedicated to fun, happy and RECOGNISABLE music to those of us that simply aren't interested in the crap that gets played on Oxford street in recent years.

If New Mardi Gras has any sense at all (which sometimes is questionable) then Sleaze 2008 will cater to the thousands of people that were completely and utterly musically alienated at Mardi Gras 2008.

Dear Marcus , Dear Brad - Do the right thing for us next party and return retro to our parties. The RHI on Saturday night was touted at a discotarium however your DJ's completely ignored what you briefed them to play.

Disgracefully misleading advertising. In the corporate world I'd be entitled to sue for the lies I was fed in Mardi Gras's advertising.

Mardi Gras - Cater to everyone next time , not just those who go out every week !
Disenchanted and alienated - Replies: 1, 2, 3, add

Forum! Wow!
Congrats for such an amazing party. THe forum was amazing! Faker, Grafton Primary, The Blow Waves, Blush Foundation, Stereogamous, and Potbellez delivered!

E e E E E E E E E !! Party Girl was the highlight of the night.
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"If you don't then I (and a large group of my mates) will never attend your party again."
i like when people say "me & my mates" who? how many? 4, 7, 12.6 of your friends? are you representing a large group of maybe 45? how large exactly is the group you are talking about? ....you made me laugh (however i agree with some of your opinions)
"at a discotarium however your DJ's completely ignored what you briefed them to play"
...and i always thought DJs are booked for what they play - their own unique style. DJs are not booked and told what to play, especially at parties like MG. also must say, not sure if this is the case while mr wright is involved. (however & again i agree with some of your opinions) :-)
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retro retro retro!
Donna Summer, Whitney, Sylvester, Queen, Bronski Beat, Madonna, all the hits and more!

Thank you Mardi Gras! Was a wonderful night!
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RE A party that ignored a large percentage of patrons
Um... Are you sure? I heard so many old retro tracks being played in the RHI, I was starting to get a bit over it. Maybe you should just stop going out all together when you are finding that you aren't being catered to musically anymore. To say MG and the DJ's were being dishonest is kind of a stupid statement really. We should be moving forward not backwards all the time.
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No retro? I was in the Dome when two friends ran in screaming having escaped McCarthur Park in the RHI - all that sweet green icing was melting their brains. I also heard reports of a half hour Whitney / Deborah Cox mega mix at some point in the night and Paul Goodyear closed with Sylvester. How more retro can you get?

Agree about the sound issues - we asked Jack Chang if he could turn it up at one point - quite rightly he said there was nothing he could do. We ended up in front of the DJ booth as the DJ's booth monitors seemed to be driving the sound in the Dome. I don't understand how they get these basics right for one party and then get it so wrong the next.

Dear Mardi Gras - please read your notes from whatever you did with the Dome sound system in 2006 and do that again next time.  

Sveta rocked that opening slot - shame she had to finish so early. Mike Kelly was deeper than expected (with the exception of playing Alanis Morrisette - that's not something I expected in the Dome) and Jack was good, but Mandy Rollins was amazing. Someone said to me on the floor at the time - it's like she's invented a new genre of music - it was a whole lot more than tribal. Respect.
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30th RETROspective- No Retro Music in the fake "DISCOtorium", and not pop music - except for Olivia!
Everyone crushed in to see Olivia perform "pop" music... why...? You answer that question.
Then, if she was sooooo popular, then why not play more of that type of music by the DJ's.
The "Discotorium" was a fake. It was only a disco for 3minutes when Olivia was on... and apparently her music was VERY popular- so much so they had to lock the doors to stop more people coming in.
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John B
Congratulations to Mardi Gras and all those who worked hard to put a party like that together, however the music was not good. Yes, I'm a 53 year old man but i do know my music and I believe most tastes in dance music should be catered for. For me only the forcourt and the DJ playing the grassed area outside the dome played the only music even remotely satisfying to me, but of course the rain spoilt that, the DJ's in the dome came close(Jack Chang did OK) Can we kick Hex Hectors ass back to New York and even Paul Goodyears set was disappointing, not once didn't I hear anything vaguely soulfull, funky or "get down" in the big halls. The music was for the most part hard, overproduced and tuneless. On a positive note the lights were amazing(loved the chandeler)
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I was the same as many others on this board..just couldnt settle. I am a house music lover, so was looking forward to dancing outside to Eddie Coulter and GI Jode..shame about the rain. Didnt they read the weather forecast? The sound was so low out there anyway, that it would have been frustrating trying to dance. What happened to house music at Mardi gras?
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Well I am one of those that has not gone out on Oxford St since the 90's and only attend the parties but I do still keep up with the current music usually from the Internet as I like the hard styles.

I posted before the party saying I felt let down by NMG the same as the Retro people.

For years the Horden has catered for harder edge music whether it was hardhouse/hard trance/tribal and the Hordern was alway very busy at these events.

As you say for MG this year Retro was dumped, Horden given over to trance ( and yes Hordern was busy ) but as I asked , we supported NMG over those lean years , where do we go for MG 2008 ? this time Dome had a queue even though it did keep moving all the time, it was still a queue.

I'm not knocking trance nor am I a fan nor do I hate it but moving between RHI and Horden at times it sounded the same.

Now before the Toybox lovers who also attended MG start slagging me , just think, what would you do if Toybox
changed its style to say House music ? you would feel cheated, wonder where will you go after all the years of support you gave them and thats how I feel and the Retro people feel.

No problems with NMG wanting to introduce Trance again and add live bands etc but find somewhere else for them to go.

We still enjoyed ourselves and will be there for more MG and Sleaze parties but this is how we felt.
Nicely recovered now - Replies: add

Spent most of the night wandering between City Live and the RHI. Perhaps the best innovation since Marcus's time with Mardi Gras has been the introduction of live bands and a different type of gay space at Mardi Gras. City Live went off all night. Seymour and Paul Mac, you know I love you guys, and you never fail to get my feet moving. The Potbellez was the highlight of the night and, have the agree with the previous post, the lead DJ is seriously hot. Only left City Live the make sure I saw Olivia and Cindi, and still held out a hope for Kylie. Loved that sparkly ball thing in the RHI and my plans for this weekend involve constructing one for my bedroom. David Campbell singing I am What I Am at Mardi Gras just confirms for me how gay he really is. Isnt he getting married this year?
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Chewing Gum is banned from the Dome to preserve the floor
Bgrrl - Replies: add

it's a composite pic from an article about Marcus and some other trickery.
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Dr Belows - Tue 4 Mar 2008 13:45:54 yes, I also didnt like the music in the horderm but at least it kept the straight kids from the suburbs safely contained in one room and away from all the other rooms. so maybe "trance" is a good thing after all !

So that's where they were!!!!
Paul D - Replies: 1, add

Todays Posts
You can really tell it's Tuesday!

I still think it was a great party even though it's Tuesday.
- Replies: add

ooh ahh
The old MG party comm used to always talk about ways to get that "Oooh Ahhh" and "Reveal" factor (WOW factor)

Think the Roses on their tracking system above the RHI that also saw Christine Anu perform Sunshine On A Rainy Day on a sun or a revolve, or pryrotechnics that went over budget.

Big stages, Big sound, Weird Aliens giving birth at 4am but bizarre show stopping fun.

Bring back the "Oooh Ahh" factor.
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what about the Parade?
Have we all forgotten there was a massive, exciting, political, well organised fun and happy parade of 10 000 people before the party?

It's all party party party

Yes I thought the party was ho hum as well but it seems people only post here if they want to bitch!
Did we enjoy the parade? I did ? Was there a real message to the parade ....Yes!

Congratulations to Greme Browning aka Mitzi Mac and all in the working group for putting OUR parade back on the map.
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Someone said to me on the floor at the time - it's like she's invented a new genre of music - it was a whole lot more than tribal. Respect.

you should have heard her at woofclub the next night. even better.

i thought i had walked into the wrong hall when i heard alanis in the dome - thankfully mike seemed to find a less commercial groove by the end of his set. jack delivered a great pumping tribal set that unfortunately lost all of its sparkle in the middle of the dome dancefloor due to the poor sound. MG need to realise that its an attrocious position to put djs in. i simply cannot understand how they can get the basics of sound so wrong. this is one of the main reasons just about everyone i know found it difficult to settle in what ever hall they were trying to find their spot in.
it was a real credit to all the djs in the dome that they managed to deliver such great music - to the point that there was a line up to get in.
its a dance party after all - how about we get the sound right and forget the other crap.
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sorry, but the hordern is the best space at fox. straight kids from the suburbs do not get my vote for preferred occupants! and i do love straight people. but nope, nope nope nope nope! was that clear?
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a party that ignored a large percentage of patrons
In light of almost all the other - generally supportive - comments here, relating an actual view of the party, it seems quite bizarre to see one that vents so angrily about nothing more than a non-dominance of retro 'hits' in music mixes. Just because you haven't been to clubs since '03 doesn't give you cause for resentment of the evolution of music and of it's keen new generation of music lovers (as well as older people who continue to remain open and interested).
Anyway, if you'd really listened, you would have noticed that 'retro' was certainly not absent from the mix and you would have also noticed the very relaxed and friendly vibe amongst the many lovely and fabulous people surrounding you and having a good time.
I'm sorry 'Disenchanted and Alienated', but you're sounding a little jaded. And that's fabulous in itself.
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Julie - Replies: 1, add

Sound Levels
I would guess the sound levels were lower because it was overcast. When there are clouds the sound bounces off those clouds onto the residents in Moore Park Road. If the volume isn't controlled the residents complain and the party risks being shut down. There is not much that can be done about this except sound proofing RHI. Though I have not heard of this before it may also have affected the Dome.

How loud is loud enough anyway? http://www.workershealth.com.au/facts007.html
Arti Confirmed - Replies: add

Re: Dr Belows - Tue 4 Mar 2008 13:45:54
Is that like when someone says you know like those gay people, ah but don' t get me wrong I love gay people......

Us and them again... hmmmmm Interesting...Is that clear???
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Mardi Gras snubs its loyal fans
The retro hall at Mardi Gras parties 2004-2007 were the runaway hits of each of those parties or have most of you forgotten about the monumental queues to get in that were generated by a retro space ???

For Mardi Gras to scrap the retro hall for the 2008 30th Anniversary party was a disgraceful short sighted and appalling decision.

Shame on all of those in power who snubbed the retro space for 2008. A public apology from New Mardi Gras is in order especially given the fact the the RHI did NOT deliver in regards to its tag of being a "discotarium"

Put retro back where it belongs - In City Live (or whatever its called these days)
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No, that is not clear. Please use correct punctuation so I can understand you.

warm regards,
Dr Belows - Replies: add

Queen Miss Left Titter and Brendan McLean head to Sydney’s Mardi Gra 30 year celebration march and check out all the fine talent, and chat along the way!

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Paul D what were you on ?

Straight kids in the Hordern ?

I kept going back to the Hordern hoping one of the DJ's would play some hard trance or similar but unfortunately no.
I never spotted an over abundance of straight kids in the Hordern. Same amount as in RHI etc but dont remember spotting any in Dome.

So no to keeping trance in the horden just to keep imaginary straights in there.
xxxxxx - Replies: 1, add

am not a Retro lover nor hater but the way the RHI was advertised it sounded like there would be some Retro played and it wasnt so I'd be p*ssed too.
Remember there are different views - Replies: add

DJ `s choice
I have heard Sveta, Mike Kelly and Mandy Rollins and I loved them for their choice of a different style of music.I had posted a warning about Hex Hector as a ''has been'' from the year 2000 playing in USA and Canada at that time but not much more since.

There are some comments about bringing Lee Burridge or Steve Bug, go for it ! It would bring another style of music and a good way to introduce some new stuff to locals. I am very amazed but sad to see that all those International Dj`s are mostly from America playing music all known heard on radio stations.

Someone like D-Formation (Spain) would bring a superb musical experience to the gay scene in a desperate need.
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Mardi Gras reinvention
I love big dance parties but I love them more when they're gay (Yes, I'm gay). People are so much friendlier and polite. Needless to say I loved Mardi Gras party on saturday night. However, I do agree with some of the comments about sound and music. Still, I was there and I was going to have fun! I would love the organizers to take a chance with a future party by changing venue or doing something else. I am concerned that next year the numbers wont be as high since its not a major anniversary. To keep the party alive it has to be reinvented and the gay and lesbian community are incredibly creative so I am sure we can manage this. Any thoughts?

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i this bitching about retro is ridiculous. the rhi was FULL of retro hits alll night - blue monday, mcarthur park (hello!!??), whitney, more whitney. c'mon!!!
you sound like the people who are still complaining that there was no hard music in the hordern!!
anyhow, i was in the dome - and there was a line up to get in. does this mean we have now set a precident that entitles me to petition for the permamanent inclusion of tribal in the dome at every mardi gras??
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The line to get in the Dome lasted for all of 30 seconds.
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exactly you would have had half the hall full!!
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Mardi Gras thumbs it nose at retro - big mistake
The lack of a hall dedicated ONLY to retro music was one of the biggest gaffs New Mardi Gras has made in quite a few years.

A few token golden oldies in the RHI over the course of a ten hour party falls a long long long long LONG way short of the so called advertised "Discotarium" that New Mardi Gras's marketing department spun to all of us. I feel mislead and cheated.

Sure it was nice to hear one or two oldies during the night but like 95% of punters nobody stays in the same hall all night - everybody wanders at times and hence may miss the odd oldie. I also dont wanna be put in a situation where I have to be in a hall waiting for something I like to dance to. I refuse to dance to crap so on Saturday I found myself dancing to about 6 or 7 songs all night because in between I was hearing unfamilar doof doof music that does nothing for me. Hardly a discotarium !!!!

I state it again, the RHI last Saturday was like every other party held in the RHI over the last 20 or so years where the DJ's played a token classic tune once every now and again and in between played a whole heap of current mumbo jumbo music that sounded pretty much the same as some of the other halls.

I challenge the 2 DJ's who played the bulk of the night from midnight to close (Hector & Goodyear) to post their play lists on here to prove me wrong..... I'm not holding my breath though.

To Brad Wright - PLEASE get things back to where they belong next party and put retro back into the party footprint. Thousands of us want it. Just remember those queues.
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Brad produces the party. He is not responible for the creative aspects like choice of music. There is no point asking Brad to change these things.
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Get over your crappy retro issues and stop living in the past! There where plenty of retro tunes being pumped in the RHI, and i think the forum was put to much better use this year with the bands/DJ's and the POTBELLEEZ!! if u want retro go to palms!
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Grandpa Simpson, you crack me up !
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Re: Mardi Gras thumbs it nose at retro - big mistake
I agree , Mardi Gras wasnt the same this year without a retro space. It was a big let down for all of the older queens who dont go out clubbing anymore but still wanna attend the big parties.

These are the people that have supported MG for decades and they got shunted aside this year with no retro hall.

Its certainly not as much fun attending an event where 90% of the music played is unknown to you. Retro should be a must for future NMG parties otherwise you just alienate a large percentage of people who simply wanna dance to familiar music.

The 2 posts above mine at 14:51:32 & 14:50:13 are shameful as they are disrespectful of other peoples points of view - shame on you both.
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Please add me to the list for permanent "Underground house" in the Dome - "Tribal" is a bit limiting these days, and actually a little old fashioned. (In this context Jack Chang was a little 2002 whereas Mandy Rollins and Sveta were a lot 2008). This time of music belongs in the Dome - in fact the last time there was a queue was in 2002 which was the last Mardi Gras party to have a fully tribal line up in the Dome. I remember queing about 2:30 to get into the Dome then to see Mandy Rollins.

It was never overcrowded in the Dome - there was plenty of room.
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Really gets up my nose with people slagging off at those disappointed at some aspect when they were all happy and cosy in their hall of choice.

I can assure you if there was a Retro set ( not the odd song ) in RHI , I would have run to the Hills. Discotarium made out there would be songs from the last 30 years and in my mind and a lot of others thats means the originals.

Someone posted what would Toybox fans do if suddenly the party changed to House Music or any other style ? the regulars who supported Toybox would be annoyed and probably not support it any longer.

Fans of Retro and Hardstyles supported NMG for years and both got dumped. Now before you scream , just read back on the posts and you will see lots of posters said great party but they found themselves wondering as couldnt settle. Never had those problems over the last few years. Sure the odd dud DJ but that was about it.
So what was different ? 2 styles dumped and changes in what music was played.

Of course Trance would fill the Hordern as would House or Electro whatever and of course live bands would fill City Live just as House or Trance or Jazz could have. Just because the Halls were filled with happy people doesnt mean the change was a success. NMG completely forgot about them and their support.

Hordern and City Live would account for what ? about 5,000 people ?
Thats a lot of people to annoy.

And no one is saying dont introduce new things , of course we need them but why change the core group of
halls/music that have been successful ?

Sleaze will be the telling time when halls/styles announced and then we'll see what support NMG get then.

Overall though most have said they had a good time.
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Much of the griping about the party (of which people are justified, unlike some who believe we should all just nod out heads, shutup and not voice any opinions) has been about the music and sound quality.

Basically both major EQ venues are acoustically sub-standard, not made any better by increased noise restrictions. Put this with some DJs who fail to understand the theme of the room (Discatorium in my books should mean up, happy, ass-shaking fun), and it's a recipe for disaster. However it's a catch 22 situation as there aren't any other venues that can hold as many people in the same area of Sydney. Can MG be held outside of the ghetto?

The MG board really needs to take any constructive criticism on the chin and use it as a means to looking at improvements for future parties. I'd much rather a portion of my ticket money go towards sourcing world-class sound and lighting engineers to produce a world-class party, than shipping in DJs just to put names on a flyer. Also utilise our creative and talented local drag performers to produce fun, sexy shows....at least they admit to miming :-)

I support MG all the way and hope we can survive, but more foresight needs to be put in otherwise more people will simply skip the official party and go to the often better organised afterparties. I've offered no answers but hope we can use a forum such as this to get people talking and voice their own ideas and opinions.

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congratulations mardi gras! best party ever!
Thank you Mardi Gras for a wonderful party.

The RHI was amazing - a true trip[ through the 30years of Mardi Gras history. I'm sorry the above "retro" guy felt cheated. It was an amazing singalong journey for me and the thousands I was dancing with!

(In fact many thought it was TOO retro! I really have to ask the disgruntled poster "are you sure you were even in the R.H.I?" :) )

The Forum was a highlight too. Such a brave (new world) move. But the biggest line up of all the halls was there! The queer live bands were just fantastic. Stereogamous were H.O.T! Lots of actual gay retro I heard in there too in there too: Queen, Frankee, even the Smiths!!)

There was a lot of work put into this party. Thank you to all those who put such on a beautiful experience for our city and visitors.

Many more to come!

My advice to the people that felt vilified by the playlists at the party....
G e t I n v o l v e d!
It's our party - join a committe, have your say! Boycotting just gives power to the straight haters, and who want that? Unless you're one of them of course.... hmmmm?
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Well no Dome wasnt crammed wall to wall but the area where you can dance did overflow and even getting past the DJ area was a trial as people crammed dancing there.
Same in the other Halls , plenty of room on the outskirts, busy on the dance floors.

I usually hang out in Hordern but after awhile trance seemed to go to something way faster so headed to Dome. Dancing outside that Dome area not the best. Completely lost its feel for me anyway.
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Mardi Gras 08 will go down as a good party that for many lacked a certain amount of zing.

For the older generation who dont frequent Oxford street anymore the supply of a retro space in recent years has actually brought back these people to NMG events as they had a dance space where they could smile and dance their assess off.

No dedicated retro space for MG 08 meant that these long time and loyal supporters of the old and now new mardi gras were left high and dry out in the cold.

A retro hit once an hour or so in the RHI in between a whole stack of tribal/techno/trance (or whatever u want to call it) just simply didnt cut it for me or the dozen or so of my 40yo+ mates who all went to this party with high expectations after the way NMG marketed the RHI as a discotarium.

So what went wrong ? Were we mislead or did the DJ's ignore their briefing and go off on their own little tangents. I suppose we'll never know.

One thing i do know is that I refuse to support any further NMG parties unless the dedicated retro space is re-instated. For me nothing else matters.
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well my feet have returned to 'foot size' (from 'hams' on Sunday!)
Thank you to all who organised the party: a huge job to cater to a lot of people. Boo to the rain!! Was really enjoying the outside areas until the downpour. Poop. Anyhow... got locked out of ONJ, and ran out of steam before Cyndi - but loved the drags' show with I am what i am...could do without D Campbell though. I too missed the real retro hall, but found plenty to dance to from the boys in the RHI. And the crowd were gorgeous, so friendly - had a great time meeting people. Agree on the sound quality: maybe it's time to lobby for soundproofing from the owners of the site (would cost a bloody fortune though). Anyway, a big, big thanks to everyone who put in time and effort to stage the night - and the parade! one of the best ever. Looking forward to '09!
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"I'd much rather a portion of my ticket money go towards sourcing world-class sound and lighting engineers to produce a world-class party, than shipping in DJs just to put names on a flyer"

It did
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Trance was great!
Thankyou thankyou thankyou Mardi Gras!

Had a fantastic time in the Hordern dancing to trance all night long. I was worried that it would end up in that melodic style trance with no beat but was pleasantly suprised that it started hard and then continued with energy all night long.

Laserman was one of the most amazing thing I have ever seen and Agnelli & Nelson were heaps of fun. Also great to see DJ Josh return to form!

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I think you are a littlke OVER sensitive - how is the poster meant to be offensive to volunteers?????
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you see, musical taste is such a personal thing - I thought the Horden sounded way too hard for its advertised TRANCE style - oh well, one mans fluff is another's "much too hard" :)
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Sleaze style MG party
Why cant MG Party be similar to Sleaze was so much more fun than the party on Saturday.

I am a vollie from the launch/fairday/parade, and i felt it lacked so much.....something! Dont know what.

I do feel alot of people expected more for there $150 and a 30th birthday celebration, i was expecting so much more. Also people expected it to be great and the ticket frenzy before the event made this expectation much higher.

All i can say is my 6 years of vollie work has come to an end(i have done enough) and i really hope all the people with the great ideas posted get involved and make MG bigger and better in the future.

Thank you Mardi Gras for the memories and the fantastic friends that i have made over the last 6 years
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Oh for heaven sake, I don't go clubbing any more either, but i certainly don't expect music to be predominantly retro - try to keep your mind open to some of the later music - otherwise mardi gras could end up like one of those spooky dance halls relics from the 1940's, complete with victory roll hairstyles and sharp suits.
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Re: Re: Mardi Gras snubs its loyal fans
It goes without saying that the bulk of persons attending NMG run parties are in the age group 25 plus. The kids 18-24'ish find it difficult to afford a dance party ticket at the cost it is these days. So we have this situation where there are so many older people attending these p[arties who have grown out of kiddy land (aka Oxford St).

It was quite noticeable on Saturday seeing so many older gay guys roaming aimlessly around feeling like they didnt belong in any of the halls that were on offer. Now lets cast our minds back to Mardi gras parties 2004-2007 where retro had a look in. My memory seems to recall that the retro hall was packed with these older generation gays, it was a space they felt comfortable in due to the nature of the music (ie, singalong and familiar stuff).

Mardi Gras 2008 will go down as a well attended party that didnt cater to the patrons that have supported these events for the last 10,20 even for some 30 years.

Lets not make the same mistake again. Retro needs to be provided at these events in some form. The RHI was not a discotarium.
James aged 47 - Replies: add

"Were we mislead or did the DJ's ignore their briefing and go off on their own little tangents"
can you please explain yourself ?
what do you mean under "ignoring a breifing?"
djs are booked for what they do (play) not booked and told what to do (play).
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A dissenting voice
Okay - this is all getting a bit much. I take the point that some people only go to parties to listen to retro and they'd have been a bit disappointed (not that I'd know - I didn't go in there all night).

But - this was my 9th Mardi Gras party, and I still managed to have a great time. The music in the hordern was great, the company was good, there a few cute guys around.

So if those if you who feel the need to pay parties out don't mind me saying so - Thanks again New Mardi Gras. :)
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Retro is good for you
Well, I think if you all listened to more retro, you would have more R.E.S.P.E.C.T. And you would learn to spell, which can never be a bad thing :)
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Everyone crushed in to see Olivia perform "pop" music... why...? Then, if she was sooooo popular, then why not play more of that type of music by the DJ's.

- Interesting to ponder. Not to mention those wishing to see Kylie (who also sings pop & retro music).
At the end of the day, I paid $150 for a fake "disco" hall that never existed apart from the 3 minutes Olivia was on. Way back when tickets were first on sale NMG said that the retro space was going to be expanded into a giant discotorium- what a croc... something changed & the discotorium theme was scrapped as the DJ's looked to the "brave new world/brave new music" theme instead. I would LOVE to get my $150 back. btw- cause I couldn't stand the music in there, I just wandered- then at 3:30am when tried to head over to see Olivia, I was actually locked out!!! (so I REALLY want my money back!!) as aparently that 3minutes of pop/retro music she performed was so popular they had to lock the doors from the crush. So... Hmmmm.... if that type of music so popular why not play it all night in the "disco"torium. But no... AND for the first time in years no to ANY retro space at all!!! So my money was just a donation & I left. The main thing is I don't want NMG speaking on my behalf saying the party was a sell out & everyone enjoyed the music they chose for the "sell out" event.
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No Retro
Having no dedicated retro room left a big hole at MG this year. So many people who felt left out with no place to settle. A pretty ordinary decision by mardi gras if I do say so myself.
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My 2 cents worth.....
Ok, had a good time at Mardi Gras party. To me it rated about 7.5 out of 10. Everybody was expecting more of the WOW factor (especially at $150 a ticket) for the 30th party, but to me this was lacking. Honestly I think the overseas guests are truly a waste of time including our own ONJ. I would rather see a show put on by our own community - like the bears did at Sleaze one year. And keep it to one show either in the middle or at end of the party.
Lighting was good in Hordern and OK in RHI. Sound was so so in all halls I visited. Especially with the shows in the RHI. This definately needs to be worked on.
I suggest Retro be brought back to Forum, Live bands in Dome, Hordern start off with trance and progress to tribal and harder styles to finish off with and house/techno et all in RHI. Funky styles in forecourt.
Well thats my two cents worth........I know its a hard job to please all the punters - but its very easy to disgruntle them. I am in two minds wether to attend next year.
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Had SUCH a good time
Thank you NMG, wonderful vollies, cast, crew, DJs, bands, performers, sexy smiley friendly crowd, and my decades old teenage bedroom Xanadu poster come to life.

Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been worse?? Oh God yes!

Sorry to interrupt the niggling. Carry on as you were.
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Yep you are right about music being a personal thing.

I was disappointed Horderns usual sound of hard/tribal swapped for Trance.

And believe me, it was not hard. More like techno at one stage it got so fast.
Wasnt hard - Replies: add

Oh please John K

again another poster considering we should all accept things your way.

What you forget John K is there were a number of Halls therefore a number of styles and some posters missed certain styles played in the past - retro and hard/tribal.

Would you attend a party if it was ALL Retro ? sounds not.

As for the comment about spooky 1940's dance halls not one single person has posted asking for that and shows you dont even know what Retro is.
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"I suggest Retro be brought back to Forum, Live bands in Dome, Hordern start off with trance and progress to tribal and harder styles to finish off with and house/techno et all in RHI. Funky styles in forecourt"

I like the sound of that.

Best Inquisition I ever went to was in the Hordern as they had so much space to do things. Anyone remember the girl trussed up on a piece of wood and carried around by 4 guys singing out for help. The guys sharpening their axes and sparks flying out over the audience, the guy threading himself through the tennis racket.
Memories - Replies: add

"I suggest Retro be brought back to Forum, Live bands in Dome, Hordern start off with trance and progress to tribal and harder styles to finish off with and house/techno et all in RHI. Funky styles in forecourt."

I do not think Dome would work with live bands. It is completely the wrong shape.

The music scene has fractured so much with so many different genres and everyone so passionate about their own genre that it is becoming more and more impossible to please everyone. I can only think of three approaches:
- Mardi Gras can try to please everyone by having different styles across the halls and across the night.
- Mardi Gras can choose a number of styles and stick to that.
- People can embrace musical diversity. They can stop insisting that their music is The Only Music and that it must be played at every single party.
Arti Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

What are people defining as retro? The music in the Forum for the past few parties has been modern remixes of retro tracks, and thats exactly what I heard in the RHI. As well as some more recent pop remixes.

This year the RHI was packed all night even before the shows and the rain, I havent seen the dance floor filled like that since the old days. Line ups for the Dome, Forum. Hordern still had a full dance floor though not as packed as RHI.

I think people have voted with their feet on the night what they want.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the continued whining over what, really, is not even a problem is just going to turn people off. I know it has me.
Zakalwe - very little gravitas indeed - Replies: add

Does that mean if NMG supply you with an iPod and headphones with a David Hiscock megamix we'll get to see you dancing away in the Forecourt next year?

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"I'd much rather a portion of my ticket money go towards sourcing world-class sound and lighting engineers to produce a world-class party, than shipping in DJs just to put names on a flyer"

It did

Really - well we couldnt hear it. The dome - sound was too soft on the dancefloor and had no clarity. same in the rhi - sound had no punch and was thin. all halls - no fillers outside the designated dance floor area. forecourt and girls space was all top end and little bass.
i can tell you the sound was THE big issue with this party - i and my group of friends wil be thinknig twice before going next year. i can put up with whatever music style - i like make my own fun - but poor sound just gets me. I'm not asking for world class - something passable would have been okay. sound was substandard accross the board this year and not just confined to one hall either.
With regards to sound restrictions - the irony is that the better quality sound you achieve, the less volume you need - it just has to sound right.
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Agree to a point Arti but embracing musical diversity wont work. People already know what they like and dislike and what they like to dance to.
Would work at something like Fair Day etc but when you are on the goods, you want your style and thats the problem.

I think NMG should just pick styles and styles where people have supported ie the biggest complaints have been from Retro and Hard fans.

On parties past when they had hard/tribal in the Horden and Retro in Forum both venues very busy , very popular and the only complaints from memory was the odd dud DJ.

I was told on the grapevine that a younger person at NMG wanted trance introduced and did it and I think the biggest mistake was not introducing trance and not introducing live bands but no thought given to the styles they were replacing and that is where most complaints are coming from. These 2 styles supported NMG for number of years now and as both rightly claim, dumped for MG 2008.
Loyalty is a big thing and you need to keep these people happy and they are not.
Proof of this is the obvious complaints of having to move around a lot and not being able to settle in.

No problem with introducing trance and live bands or any other styles but need to find another space for them.

The way the hype was building the party of course it was going to be a sell out no matter what styles playing but time will tell. Look how Toybox became so popular by giving one style an alternative party. If anyone has the brains to put on a Retro alternative party and a Hard/Tribal alternative party when MG and Sleaze are on then NMG could have a problem.

My gang still enjoyed ourselves. It was a great party but not one of the better ones. As a lot said there was just something missing. Can never understand the sound issues ?
there have been parties where the sound was great so why not use the same people/same set up ? or is that too simple a way of thinking ?
? - Replies: 1, 2, add

noisy gypsy should be able to tell everyone if there were any differences in the sound set up between last year's party and this one.

i and my group of friends (who number 14,879 in case you were wondering) are all planning our costumes for the next year's party. we had a great time.
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I feel hoodwinked.

I feel like I was lied to.

I've been cheated.

I was excited when Mardi Gras came out stating the RHI was going to be a Discotarium. Every piece of marketing from Mardi Gras insinuated that the RHI was going to be a similar experience to the Retro spaces provided in previous years.

And so there I toddled off and forked out my $150 expecting a night of retro bliss in the biggest hall in the complex.

I couldn't believe that NMG could be so dishonest.

The RHI was far from a discotarium. It was its normal self playing 95% current music with the odd token golden oldie thrown in at extremely irregular intervals.

I dont have any faith in NMG anymore. I'm sick of false and misleading advertising from them.

I had a reasonable time at the party cause I ran into lots of old friends i hadn't seen in ages but as for the music I feel ripped off due to the misrepresentation in the way the RHI was marketed.

I'm so disappointed and feeling so let down.
shaking my head in disbelief - Replies: add

my friends (5 of them) love to dress up and have a good time (as i indicated in my post). when i go to a dance party to listen to music and dance - i can't get into the party if the sound is noticably poor. the djs struggle (which was obvious at many time throughout the night), the crowd finds it hard to settle (indicated in many posts on this board) and it creates a viscous circle where the dj and crowd are bouncing off each other on that unsettled and anxious vibe. thats all. for $150 i think thats a fair enough comment and to suggest there was world class sound on saturday is simply not true. i would love to hear what NG has to say - whether there were specific sound issues - its not like there hasnt been great sound at fox before this year.
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It's Thursday and I'm still enjoying the parade and party. It's criminal I know. We arrived around 12:30am and had a laugh when we saw the only queue was at the member's entrance. We're members. Once inside did a circuit of all the venues to get a feel for the night. Whilst in the Hordern having a little dance caught the Laserman show. Loved it and it really set the tone for the night. Continued on our journey did the regulation meet and greet with friends old and new. BTW how open, charming and polite was the crowd? I always use the overall demeanour of the punters as a KPI for the party and this crowd's mood was in the top percentile. Member facilities whilst good were a notch below last year but it is great to see NMG servicing the folk who support them throughout the year. Really appreciated having an express back door into the dome. Usually I spend most of my party in the Dome but this year I spent most of the night in the RHI. Have no idea what happened as I usually find it too hot, too crowded and just too??? Anyway it was so much fun. embarrassesd my self singing along whilst shuffling around until the sole came off my disco boots (may they rest in peace) 40 minutes before the end of the party. Loved all the performers I saw (thanks Laserman, David & Carlotta, Olivia and Cyndi), design elements, music, polite staff and most of all the delightful up for it crowd. Congratulations NMG!
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Sound problems @ Mardi Gras Party
If Toybox can get the sound to perfection at their parties and especially when they held their New Years Day party in the Hordern, then why cannot NMG? Toybox would have had the same restrictions put on them in the Hordern but they came up with a crystal clear sound system. Best I have heard and seen the Hordern in all my years attending parties there.

How about using these sound engineers at future parties.
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It's the Same Old F*cking Story...
This was my 19th Mardi Gras since 1982. I have never set foot in a "retro" space and never will. Times change, music moves on. Get up off the couch or lie there and rot. Your choice.
Sure, some things were not up to scratch and there were obvious cost cuts everywhere you looked ($60,000 in music licensing fees for the party alone), but I enjoyed myself to the max and so did 90 per cent of my friends.
I'm pretty sure the thousands who lifted the roof for Cyndi at the end all enjoyed themselves too. I thought her new song, Same Old F*cking Story, was a perfect summary of the inevitable whining.
Congratulations to all the 2000 volunteers that created the 30th anniversary Mardi Gras for a great effort.
But look, forget those American circuit party DJs. They really are clueless in Sydney. The locals do it so much better. Here's to the next.
The Phantom Insider (semi-retired) - Replies: 1, 2, add

I agree. It was the sound that sent me wAndering around (note sp emphasis. Sorry to be picky but if you're wOndering, you're thinking - not walking. Although I guess you could be doing both :) ). I'm used to the Hordern having great sound but unless you were on the dance floor, it was slapping all over the shop and really frustrating. The sound in the RHI was just awful as it always is. The Forum was better - but then so was the music. THAT was the place to be for me.
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Wow, i didnt think the gay community could be such a pack of whingers! That is until i started reading this forum...

I for one thought the entire night was FANTASTIC! I am a fan of most styles of music, retro, rock, house, trance, tribal, and in my opinion, i heard pretty much all of those styles, and more on the night!

Just because a particular venue didnt cater to your specific taste in music for the whole night is no reason to complain and whinge like you where personally snubbed! This party catered for 19 000 people!

Im not really sure about sound levels and stuff like that, not being technically blessed to tell these things, but the music was pumping, thats all i care about.

The shows where unbelieveable, the lighting was awesome, and hex hector, the potbelleez and agnelli and nelson rocked my socks off!

Not having been to any previous MG parties i have nothing really to compare this one to, but i thought it was well worth the $150 i paid for my ticket, and i cant wait for next years!

To those who have nothing to do but complain about it, it seems you are taking all of this for granted, and feel the party owes you something. All you have to do is buy a ticket, go there and get off your guts and have fun. Never mind the fact that hundreds of people slaved to put on this party, hundreds of people where working the night while you where out enjoying it. Be greatful that we get something like this!

I have paid much more to go to some pretty crappy straight events, we have it good!

Thats my little rant :)
Happy Customer - Replies: 1, add

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh another poster who says everything was alright by them, then it had to be the same for the other 19,000


never been to any MG's prior to compare.

and that my friend is where you fall flat on your face , you havent been to other parties to give a good comparison.

If you had been to Sleaze then you would know what we are talking about.
Sheeeesh - Replies: add

Im just about to run out of the door however I will be replying to peoples concerns re sound to set the record straight. In the mean time if you do have legitimate complaints please email me directly. brad.wright@mardigras.org.au
Brad W Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

oh dear. why don't people do a little bit of research before they put their posts up.
- Replies: add

correct me if i am wrong toybox lovers, but NMG do use the same person as toybox. he is a gem! but they also do 9 spaces, not 1... plus their ticket prices (i think) are about the same, so ten points for mardi gras doing their best to cram in the value. i would like to see a louder MG09, no question, but i am not blaming the sound guy. i am blaming the EPA and neighbours of this entertainment quarter... one which doesn't live up to its name for me
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Errrrrrrrr wasnt that a day party ? no problem during the day for sound.

At night it really carries and people are asleep.

I suppose you have to think of the neighbours as they were probably living there before the advent of all night events but if Fox want to seriously keep on having events use their facilities then they have to get them sound proofed.

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the Hordern was soundproofed years ago ? I think the main concern is the RHI which is not ?
Dome I think is soundproofed as well as is Forum so that just leaves the tents.

As others have posted in previous parties the sound as been great so why all of a sudden the big change.
? - Replies: add

"I thought her new song, Same Old F*cking Story, was a perfect summary of the inevitable whining."

Really? I thought it was a piss-poor choice to end what was a 30th celebratory anniversary - of all things great and all things Mardi Gras. Shame really, as she has such an awesome, upbeat back catalogue from which to cherry-pick.

Ps. Loved ur whine 'Get up off the couch or lie there and rot. Your choice' and 'Sure, some things were not up to scratch and there were obvious cost cuts everywhere'....and 'forget those American circuit party DJs. They really are clueless in Sydney'.

Pot and kettle anyone?
- Replies: add

A couple of things re the sound at MG. Firstly NMG have been using the same company for 6 parties now, this party we actually hired one of the best audio engineers in the world, the same guy who mixed the audio for the Sydney and Athens Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Secondly, as people have stated we also use the same company as Toybox use, however, the restrictions placed on the party due to it being a night time party are much different from any day time party either in the Hordern or Luna Park. Finally, the atmospheric conditions have a lot to do with the level we can run at and this changes each party. The sound at the party was the best possible considering all of the elements that are factored into it. To have it any louder would have breached the EPA restrictions and resulted in the party being shut down.
Solution... don't have parties in the RHI/Hordern..? Move the party to homebush? I don't really think so and from what I understand there have been new EPA restrictions placed on the venues out at homebush now as well due to the increasing numbers or people moving into the areas.
The sound was a good as it gets.
Brad W Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, add

hey sunshine, music style can be beloved for all time - we don't need to discard the music of the past and 'move on' - especially if we really loved it! I think people were disappointed cos they thought the 'discotarium' was to be a larger version of the Forum/retro we've enjoyed in the past. Pity it wasn't. Perhaps next year a true retro space wil be reinstated, the Hordern will be harder, and we'll all go back to dancing happy. Cheers!
i missed it too.... - Replies: add

The sound was a good as it gets.

wow! thats a real issue then in my book. i'm no so concerned about volume - i want to hear clarity. it wasnt there. there needs to be a real rethink about having outdorr areas playing styles like funky house that are bassline driven - but can't be heard because of noise restrictions. is homebush an option? maybe we really need to enter a brave new world where the sound is amazing!
- Replies: add

Sound problems
Would it be possible that Mardi gras could think a radical idea and move Mardi Gras and Sleaze parties to DAY TIME parties to allow a better sound level at Fox Studios.

I think its certainly worth thinking about
- Replies: 1, add

Sounds like a good idea to me..........
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What about the people
I attended MG party number 14 this year. This year I took four party virgins with me. I had a brilliant time this year, and would rate it as one of my best. The virgins had a fabby time too. In previous years I have loved the retro space, because the music took me back to my coming out days, and sometimes it seemed like my life's soundtrack was being played by a DJ (uh oh, maybe that sounds a bit sad - oh well). None of us was especially taken by the music in any space this year. The thing that struck me this year,m and that also struck the beginners, was the people. The crowd was friendly, in great humour, chatty, and seemed to be loving being with so many other gay and lesbian people. I've spent these last few days back at work wishing there was another MG party to go to this weekend, just so I could be with a similar crowd. And all of you people who were saying you will think about not going next year, please think again. We loved having you at this party - you made out nights. Sorry the music didn't thrill you, but boy, the company was exceptional! Thanks to all those who were cheerful and friendly on the night. Come back again.
I've been a twice a year visitor to Sydney for 15 years - MG and Sleaze. It makes me sad to hear people talk about the possible demise of Mardi Gras, parade or party. It brings to mind the line from 'Big Yellow Taxi' - "We don't know what we've got till it's gone." Let's just not go there.
Mort from NQ - Replies: 1, add

"As good as it gets?"

The sound in the Dome was as bad as it gets. Have spent many Mardi Gras, Sleazes, Inquisitions, Gay Games parties, Prides etc in the Dome and the sound this time was by far the worst.

Either the sound engineer stuffed up something badly in there or something had changed from previous parties.
- Replies: add

Hey Brad W

this is posted in a nice way no bitching

over the last few years the sound has been better than it was at MG 2008.

There must have been something different whether speakers, speaker placement , quality equipment ?

Again just asking in a nice way as a lot have posted so must have been something different.
Curious - Replies: add

"The way the hype was building the party of course it was going to be a sell out no matter what styles playing but time will tell. Look how Toybox became so popular by giving one style an alternative party. If anyone has the brains to put on a Retro alternative party and a Hard/Tribal alternative party when MG and Sleaze are on then NMG could have a problem."

You kind of just answered your own question. There was no Retro Alternative Party on the weekend which obviously means that party promoters think there is not really a big audience out there and actually no money to make in such an alternative retro party!!
- Replies: 1, add

"You kind of just answered your own question. There was no Retro Alternative Party on the weekend which obviously means that party promoters think there is not really a big audience out there and actually no money to make in such an alternative retro party!!"

Well if there is no market for a retro party then how do u explain the 2,000 odd punters who jam packed The Forum and caused the longest queues ever seen to get into a pavilion at previous Mardi Gras events ? Oh yes, thats right , they were the 2,000+ punters last Saturday night roaming around displaced with no where to feel comfortable due to the RHI not delivering on its so called Discotarium theme
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re Sound Problems
There were many factors making the sound issues difficult at last Saturday's party. 9 different systems, some literally out in the open, all generating level. Low cloud cover that came in the critical early morning hours accompanied by a southerly breeze. 8000 people in the RHI at 4am generating their own noise making it near impossible to get above with the outside restrictions applying.

I, unfortunately, had to leave after the 2am show for rest before Toybox, but felt that my colleagues had done a fantastic job with the nature of the venues and conditions to deal with.

Please note that the Luna Park Big Top was purpose built with a soundproofing to 120db - a very good reason why Toybox is substantially louder. None of the venues at the Entertainment Quarter come close to that - not sure exactly by maybe the Hordern and Forum may get up to 95 or 100.

Levels for our Mardi Gras parties are maintained evenly, as best possible, in all rooms, to avoid the complaints that one room is louder than another etc. This is an ongoing philosophy that helps, at the very least, maintain a fairness across the board for all guests no matter which room they are in.

The residential boundary levels are monitored by an independent acoustic company who advise breaches (or close to breaches), and accompanying 'rogue' frequencies, and it is the audio company's role to satisfy these within no more than a few minutes or fines may occur with the eventual threat of shutting the party down, as Brad quite rightly points out.

If it had been possible to have higher levels in all venues, as has been the case at past parties where the climatic conditions were more favourable, they would have been.

Yes, I work with these guys so can be seen as biased perhaps, but having personally managed the audio levels for many an Inquisition on that site, with only a couple of venues, I can attest to the difficulties we sometimes face giving good levels.

I hope that explains a little of what goes on and why sometimes it is 'better' or louder than others.

PS Homebush is a nightmare for audio problems as well these days as so much residential is close and the night air out there is much quieter with the same complications when the weather is against you.

Please, I do not want to get into a slanging match over this and will not reply further - just thought it worth a rational audio engineer's response to assist sensible debate.
Noisy Gypsy Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

"for the first time in years no to ANY retro space at all!!! So my money was just a donation & I left. The main thing is I don't want NMG speaking on my behalf saying the party was a sell out & everyone enjoyed the music they chose for the "sell out" event."

The crowd was great.. lots & lots of happy, friendly gays (many there for the Disco/Retro hall), and less of the rude straights.
Unfortunately the huge influx of gays expecting retro & POPular music needed have bothered & all left wishing they hadn't paid $120-$150. If only they had of been catered for, then they would come back next time. But no- expect them to turn thier backs on this party next time, and for it to be flooded with rude straights (at cheaper, desperate tickets prices.. and back to not being sold out).
Lots of gays I spoke to went to party as they were excited by the idea of the retro space being expanded into the entire RHI. That's how it was communicated from day 1- that is why the ticket sell out, and that's why so many gays in the crowd. Can't deflect by saying sold out due to Olivia.. as she was singing retro too! It was billed as a huge retro space in the RHI & the ticket sell out based on that premise- which did not deliver & was ignored. I was soooo looking forward to dancing in the huge RHI hall, rather than squashed into smaller crowed retro space... but shocked to find no retro space at all!!! Boy, what a huge slap in the face, false advertising by NMG, and GOOD LUCK trying to flog off tickets to straights in desperation for sales next year.
- Replies: 1, add

HI Mort!

It's good to hear that you had such a great time with your buddies!!!

I also noticed (and enjoyed immensley) the friendly, and general cheeriness of the crowd and in all honesty, it made my night. For me it was the best thing about the night. I hadn't experienced that so much in the past 3 or so years and after enjoying great people everywhere since 1993 when I attended my very first Mardi Gras party had missed the friendliness very much. Wherever I went in the party people always smiled and said 'Hello.' It was a really nice atmosphere.

Our lil' posse also found the music to be quite up and down, but we loved the mirror balls in the RHI (especially the extra special chandelier-style one) and just enjoyed being in the crowd and with one another. We would have loved some laser's in the RHI; a friend had a small laser pointer which when directed at a mirror ball gave a nice extremely miniture response! It made us smile more than any true laser effect! More vocals and generally more tracks with energy would have been appreciated, but even so we still had lot's of fun.

It's great to hear that despite various grumbling's about certain aspects of the party that most people on the whole seemed to have enjoyed themselves.
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this year was my 25th MG in an unbroken row, as i enter my 40th year - phew! another good if not the greatest party. twas built up so much perhaps it could not live up to the hype.

had a wonderful time, people were all so happy and friendly, good size crowd with room to move if necessary, and a bit of sexy squeeziness too !

- as for whines about ONJ, i have never heard a louder roar at the end of her performance at any event in any sport/performance arena anywhere, and i bet she never has either - magic and obviously a pleased crowd.

- same for cyndi, rocky, quirky, thats her and a great end show
- rhi centrepiece was piece of art
and for my other comments

- in the dome you had to stand in front of a speaker to get the real sense of thumpa thumpa that you want from that space
- discotorium was not up to its billing as a hands in the air heaven.
- next year rebrand the retro as "commercial dance" and let it go off as the happy people who are not regular dance club bunnies bop along and sing along to their fav tracks

but A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those who work so hard to put on the whole massive shebang with so many issues.

i may retire now after 25, but i suspect you may entice me back
slimming down - pretty darn hot acutally - Replies: add

This would have made me laugh in the RHI on saturday night;
Mr G from Summer Height's High singing 'Naughty Girl.'

Click on the link to hear it;

- Replies: add

Olivia and Cyndi's shows on You Tube
Link to Olivia and Cyndi's Mardi Gras shows on You Tube...


- Replies: add

Just for your information ...........
There is 212 days to go to Sleaze Ball

There is 212 days to go to Sleaze Ball

There is 212 days to go to Sleaze Ball

There is 212 days to go to Sleaze Ball

No colours , No Fonts, Still feeling plain
countdownboy Confirmed - ouch my head hurts .... lets do it all again this weekend :) - Replies: 1, add

"it was billed as a huge retro space in the RHI & the ticket sell out based on that premise"

It was NEVER advertised as a retro space and it is laughable to say the party sold out because people thought it was retro. Mardi Gras did say they would play some old tracks but Discotarium was never going to be retro all night long.

I hope they do bring retro back for you by the way. I didn't go into the forum to see the bands so dont know how they were recieved but I thought they would be much better suited to the marquee outside.

Any jusy a thought.
- Replies: 1, 2, add

You Tube links to Mardi Gras shows
Olivia Newton John show


Cyndi Lauper show


Laserman show in Hordern


Lasers in Hordern

- Replies: add

If people actually cast their minds back over the last few years they will remember that the Hordern hasn't been tribal or hard house (excluding last year and what a flop that party was with Boy George) for some time. Trance has been the main style in the Hordern for almost every Mardi Gras I've been to.

2 weeks ago everyone was singing the praises of Mardi Gras for having their first sold out party in a long time, do any of those complaining about the lack of retro somehow think that people didn't know what the line up was before buying a ticket? Did the lineup not help make it a sellout party?

Everyone loved to critise Mardi Gras the last few years when the party didn't sell out, and this year they make a few changes to the lineup and actually sell out, you can't have it both ways.

The sound was a bit softer but Noisy Gypsy has explained the restrictions placed on them, better a quieter party than a shut down one. The sound in the Hordern was good on the dancefloor and as much as people might like the sound to be perfect up in the bleachers to, it's impossible to do with the volume restrictions and obsticles/distance between the walls and dancefloor. The RHI had a few more problems than usual with the sound, but yet again, even having a basic knowledge of audio setups, I know that this was due to the volume restrictions and weather conditions.

The RHI lineup was house/tribal/disco/retro, the fact that Hex Hector was playing in there should have been indictation enough it wouldn't be retro most of the night, so don't claim to have been misled.

I don't go to Mardi Gras expecting it to be the worlds best dance party, it never will be. Mardi Gras though is unique in allowing me to have fun with friends, socialise, catch up with people I haven't seen in awhile and meet new people.

If you want the worlds best dance party, go to a party with just the style of music you want, in a venue you like, with all your friends. It's that simple.

However, if you want a really fun night, with SOME music you like, having a dance, talking to friends and taking in the atmosphere, then Mardi Gras is where you should be.
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No Retro
Of all the parties Mardi Gras have put on in recent years you'd think one as important as a 30th anniversary would be the most important one of all to have provided a retro space. A retrospective of 30 years of dance music - sounds like a perfect tagline to me.

The party production team in my opinion really f-ck-d up with its decision not to provide a retro space for the thousands of queens who want to hear familiar music cause they dont frequent oxford street anymore. It's these 1000's of queens that wont be coming back to Mardi Gras or Sleaze ball again because they feel that NMG have betrayed them. It's these 1000's of queens that wont come back that will make it difficult for Mardi Gras to ever sell out again.

The true sell out that occurred on Saturday night was all of the retro fans that were sold out by NMG's misleading advertising of what the RHI was going to be

Marcus Bourget - please take note.
disgrunted retro bloke - Replies: 1, add

I would like an answer to this question -

Prior to 4am (at about 3.45am) the 2 doors at the Northern end of the RHI were locked due to the pending Olivia show.

I was one of the unfortunate people who missed out on getting in.

However on the North eatern corner of the RHI you can normally walk along the eastern side of the building and enter the two entrances along that eastern side of the building.

This walkway was also shut down by a gate when it was deemed that the RHI was at capacity.

Now here's my question -

In between 3.45am when that gate was closed off until 4.10am when the Olivia show finished I estimate that at least 100 to 200 people exited the RHI area via the gate that was closed at the north eastern corner of the building.

So why werent people that were waiting at the gate (like me) allowed in on a one out , one in policy ??

200 people left the RHI area in this time and zero were let back in.

Could somebody from NMG who might read this please explain this anomoly ?
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And who was that very messy Mardi Gras organiser I overheard boasting on Sunday about how fantastic Hex Hector was, "and wasn't it fabulous, I told him my favourite song and he remixed it for me and played it on the night".

So it wasn't about the members or the punters, it was all about the organisers! Hang your head in shame, you know who you are!
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his own - petard - Replies: 1, add


then you have your music styles mixed up my dear.

Why do you think the Toybox crowd campaigned to get Trance back to NMG parties ?

As for Boy George I agree he was a dud but he neither played anything hard nor trance.

Still missed my hard/tribal in the Hordern.
You have your styles mixed up - Replies: add

Retro question
As a promoter, I'm intrigued by the obvious demand for retro parties and the lack thereof.

IF I were to put on a retro party on a saturday night somewhere, what kind of retro would you prefer? The pure no remix style retro, only dance mix retro, or half and half?

There's some brilliant retro DJ's here in sydney and it could be worth trying to stage a party in a few weeks to test the waters.
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From yesterday's transcript of proceedings in the NSW Assembley

Ms CLOVER MOORE: I direct my question to the Premier. Given that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras generates more than $45 million for the New South Wales economy and the success of the thirtieth anniversary parade last Saturday, will the Government consider funding this hallmark and significant event?

Mr MORRIS IEMMA: I thank the member for her question and place on the record the Government's appreciation of her longstanding support for this event. As the member is aware, the establishment of Events New South Wales and the appointment of its board are designed, first, to produce a calendar of major events for New South Wales to receive support and, second, to have that schedule of events become regular major events for this city. They cover cultural, sporting, business and artistic fields and they will get the State back into the business of major events. The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has been a major and very successful event for three decades. I undertake to pass the member's question and request for support of this major event to Events New South Wales and to provide a response when I receive that advice.
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Hey NMG can we get Jack Chang back for Sleaze? He played an awesome set in the Dome @ 3am. Luv his style of music.
- Replies: add

Oh Please !

ever since Rachel Auburn banged home an awesome set back in the late 90's the Hordern has had some form of harder style from hardhouse to hard trance to some tribal.

Boy George playing any of these styles ? laughable and
yep he was another dud import DJ.

You seemed to have missed the 100's of posts from Toybox fans pushing for NMG to bring back trance. If it has always been played at the parties their would have been no campaign.

Sorry but you dont seem to be able to differentiate the many styles from each other.

To jog your memory this is how RHI was advertised and by the way not a Retro fan but like them, missed my favourite style which we all supported by attending parties when others like trance went to Toybox -

"The Royal Hall of Industries will be transformed into a glittering ‘Discotarium’ – spinning universal past, present and future dance anthems, dance remix sensation New York’s Hex Hector will be joined by Barcelona’s Paul Goodyear. Paul now has residencies in Amsterdam, London and San Francisco and has played at Mardi Gras parties since 1991. “After playing many Mardi Gras parties and being part of the scene for the last 23 years, I can’t wait to showcase and remix some of the big Gay Icons of the last 30 years – Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Sylvester, George Michael, Eartha Kitt and me.”

So from the above you can see why people where expecting some sort of Retro and never got it. The odd song does not count. No one I dont think was expecting it to be Retro all night long either.

Bone up on the different styles of music otherwise you just upset others.
Sleaze next - Replies: 1, add

Thankyou for your Kind Remarks on the lighting in the Hordern Pavillion, Im glad that you totally enjoyed it and the mood of the night. For the first time i also had total control of the lasers on my lighting console giving me the choice to turn the lasers on and off depending on the music being played as i knew all the tracks, this makes a bigger impact when the song breaks.
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/ Programmer for Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary
Hordern Pavillion 2008
- Replies: add

Thankyou for your remarks on my lighting. I apprieciate them fully
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/Programmer for
Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Party 2008
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Thankyou for your remarks on my lighting. I apprieciate them fully
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/Programmer for
Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Party 2008
- Replies: add

Thankyou for your remarks on my lighting. I apprieciate them fully
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/Programmer for
Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Party 2008
- Replies: add

Thankyou for your remarks on my lighting. I apprieciate them fully
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/Programmer for
Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Party 2008
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Thankyou for your remarks on my lighting. I apprieciate them fully
Paul Marin
Lighting & Laser Operator/Programmer for
Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Party 2008
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Cause 1. Damon Hartley tunes the sound at Toybox and it Sounds impecible.
2. Toybox has basically an unlimited budget, mardigras does not.
john - Replies: add

Good to see the people involved getting the recognition they fully deserve.
- Replies: add

"It was NEVER advertised as a retro space and it is laughable to say the party sold out because people thought it was retro. Mardi Gras did say they would play some old tracks but Discotarium was never going to be retro all night long."

agreed! not only that but there WERE retro trcks played - and not just one or two and heaps of remixed oldies. maybe retro lovers should have stuck it out for more than five minutes and got into the spirit of the event and they would have heard them as well!
- Replies: add

"As a promoter, I'm intrigued by the obvious demand for retro parties and the lack thereof. IF I were to put on a retro party on a saturday night somewhere, what kind of retro would you prefer? The pure no remix style retro, only dance mix retro, or half and half?"


I think it's high time retro got a look in on a Saturday night. Arq's feeble attempt at Retrosexual parties on Friday nights havent worked simply because Friday isnt the right night to have a dance party - you gotta go with a Saturday.

As for a venue , thats a tough one - Upstairs Shift would be perfect but would the Shift be prepared to give up a Saturday for a retro only gig ? Given the Shifts up and down numbers from one Saturday night to the next they should seriously consider it, and if they do go with it then the Video Bar downstairs should *NOT* play retro on that particular night.

As for what type of music , retro to me is about hearing the original artist singing their song either in its original format or a remixed updated version. Cover versions where somebody else sings a song originally sung by another artist is not retro. Thats my take on things.

To that promoter out there I hope you take the plunge and give it a go. Me and my 37 million friends will come along ;)
Retro Retro Retro Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, 3, 4, add

thank you mardi gras! the retro rocked!
Just chipping in to thank Mardi Gras for a wonderful party.

I loved R.H.I with the trip that Paul Goodyear and Hex took me on. So many hits and memories. It was a true discotorium! And songs to sing along to.... It really was a 30th birthday celebration of the higest order.

Was dragged into the Forum (against my wishes) and was delighted to see that Mardi Gras embraced the live music at this party too. Cool queer bands! The Blow Waves even covered the B52S! Wow! Such a perfect venue -"city live" will be there next year for sure... It was the only venue with a real line up to get into!

There seems to be a few fragile people on this wall. Cheer up queens - we were spoilt at this party. :)

Happy birthday Mardi Gras.

Loved it all.
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happy retro lover - satisfied and enthralled!!!! - Replies: 1, 2, add

You are welcome Paul you did a really spectacular job in the Hordern with the Lasers especially from around 4am onwards. Was mesmerized sitting in the bleechers just watching in wonderment. Don't know why but the red laser had me hooked, as it travelled all over the centrepiece. And were they tin cans and lollies wrappers rolling around over the ceiling? Or was that just my candy working overtime. Great show mate and hope to see more of your work. Lighting guys never seem to get as much appreciation for their work as do overrated DJ's (IMO).
Happy Feet - Replies: add

Actually, Shift upstairs had a very successful Retro night on the Friday night before MG. It was packed to the rafters.
- Replies: 1, add

Thanks for the feedback Retro Retro Retro, I was thinking of a smaller venue to gauge the reaction... I'll start looking around.
- Replies: 1, add

what makes me laugh about these retro people is that they really believe MG would have the biggest hall as a retro space. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
- Replies: add

"Actually, Shift upstairs had a very successful Retro night on the Friday night before MG. It was packed to the rafters."

I dont mean to sound disrespectful but "the night before MG" .... Derrrrr , everywhere was packed to the rafters that night.

The big test for a retro night is on a regular weekend when the tourists arent in town , and on a regular weekend a Friday just doesnt work as we all know that those Retrosexual events at Arq on Fridays dont work. On a regular weekend it's gotta be on a Saturday night somewhere. i still favour upstairs at the Shift, you only need 400 people and it's at capacity. What about the Flinders as a smaller option ?
Retro Retro Retro Confirmed - Replies: add

Have to agree Shift upstairs would be a great venue for a weekly/fortnightly/monthly Retro Saturday night. Didn't they put one on upstairs a week or two ago, but I think it was a Fri night?
Would greatly improve patronage upstairs on the weekends. And yes video bar downstairs would need to change music style on the night.
So how about it Shift?
- Replies: 1, add

MG Party Problems
There are 256 posts on this board yet only 115 unique IP addresses.

Even "generously" presuming that all 115 people made single complaints about the 18,500-strong party, like why would NMG change anything next time?

I only saw smiling happy faces all night. When I left at 7:30am the place still had thousands of people having a good time.

They will NEVER please everybody, but hey lets get things into perspective.
- Replies: add

Well we all know we know how things would run better but I have always thought if I ever had nightclub I would definately have things like -

1st Sat of the month - Retro
2nd Sat of the month - Trance
3rd Sat of the month - Tribal
etc you get my drift

Rest of the week just the usual club music.

I know there are people out there that live to party every week if not every night but most only go out every few weeks or few months and you would learn to time you weekend out with one of those nights.

Dance music has diversified so much that our clubs nowadays just choose the most popular and they all seem to play it hence the whinging about some venues sounding the same.

Even a drag night competition once a month for up and coming drags and they could perform and at the end of the year the Queen of Drag could be announced. Just something different each week.

Whether it would work would remain to be seen but would be a change from the same old , same old.
Worth a try or not ? - Replies: add

There seems to have been 4 dj's that night Mandy, Bel West Gi Jode and Sandi???????????

I was told by Slide Mgt that the dj on Sunday night was GI Jode.

Maybe it was all of them.

Anyway I/We went off our heads.
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If NMG confiscate items at the gate then they should id and secure them if they are of value instead of just dumping them on the ground like rubbish for anyone to steal.
My friend had an expensive bottle of perfume taken and she was not pleased, as you'd expect.
Next time we will conceal items so they wont get anything.

PS; It didn't stop the G coming in, a girl walked up to me and squirted some in my drink from a dropper bottle.
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Thanks Damon!
- Replies: add

Yeah a friend took small container of deodorant ! they only had to smell it ( and your friends perfume ) to know it was real.

yet the G got through !

Hope you punched her in the face ? I would have if someone did that to my drink. Laws against that. Best to smack them in the head than the trouble of reporting them.
Bam. - Replies: add

Why would someone buy G (I presume it's not dirt cheap) and then spike a stranger's (?) drink with it? Bizarre! And on that note, do we know if many people were taken to hospital? I saw an ambulance arrive at 7.30am.
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"The Royal Hall of Industries will be transformed into a glittering ‘Discotarium’ – spinning universal past, present and future dance anthems"

What part of the above statement led you to believe that the RHI was going to be retro all night long? They clearly stated present and future along with past so it was only ever going to the odd song here and there.

Now on to trance..... wasn't it just great trance music at Mardi Gras! None of that predictable lollypop trance you get at Toybox :) Meow.
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To jog your memory this is how RHI was advertised:
"The Royal Hall of Industries will be transformed into a glittering ‘Discotarium’ – spinning universal past, present and future dance anthems, dance remix sensation New York’s Hex Hector will be joined by Barcelona’s Paul Goodyear. Paul now has residencies in Amsterdam, London and San Francisco and has played at Mardi Gras parties since 1991. “After playing many Mardi Gras parties and being part of the scene for the last 23 years, I can’t wait to showcase and remix some of the big Gay Icons of the last 30 years – Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Sylvester, George Michael, Eartha Kitt and me.”
So from the above you can see why people where expecting some sort of Retro and never got it.

Fact 1- more of a gay crowd, tickets sold out, on the above premise of the RHI turned into that huge "disco" space.
Fact 2- in the past when there was no retro space, ticket sales flagged & NMG had to try & drag along young straights to make up the numbers- this time those straights expecting to buy their tickets late missed out.
Fact 3. In the past couple of years when a retro space was added, it was very popular, packed, and lines out the door to get in... then cut to this year... the retro space advertised (text above) to take over the entire RHI, and presto 30th or not, tickets sold out on the above advertising premise. Then.... to everyone's shock, not only did this not occur, but they were left with no retro at all... after paying a premium price for thier tickets.
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How about Palms?
- Replies: add

I wanna complain about the sound quality in the downstairs mens toilets. How the hell was I supposed to give good head without the thump thump thump of a disco beat ?

Please , next year music in the mens loo ! ;)
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You're saying there was NO retro at all? I heard lots of old tracks in the RHI, so please don't stretch the truth any more. Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Sylvester, George Michael, Eartha Kitt ... were all played. Some were originals, some were new remixes.
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They played The Boss by Diana Ross at about 6am or so and I remember the crowd singing along to Deborah Cox's Absolutely Not - is that not disco then please tell me what is. The previous poster would be well served to note people vote with their feet at these events and the RHI was the busiest hall by far all night. There was not an inch of space on the dancefloor so let's assume then that the music was a BIG hit with the crowd - that is an undeniable FACT.

One thing no one has mentioned which deserves a comment is the fact that MG air conditioned the RHI. What a f*#kin brilliant idea. Well done MG as that would have been expensive to a/c a hall that size. It made the venue which normally gets uncomfortably hot, a great and comfortable space to be all night.
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I can answer if for you but I'm not from NMG. The dancefloor in the RHI what grid locked from about 3.25am. You seriously could not move. I saw one guy being carried off the dancefloor by his mates.... looked like he had fainted. To let more people in under those circumstances when the hall was already over capacity would have been irresponsible and dangerous.
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No I didnt think it was great trance at MG. It was OK but not great.
At one stage sounded almost like techno. Beats must have been up around 200bpm.

Oh and I dont like fluffy trance at all.

But realise we cant all be pleased.
Average - Replies: add

RE: RHI Lockout
I was in there then and you could not move.

The gates and doors are closed for crowd control and fire safety legislation reasons. Can you imagine trying to get that many people out if there was a fire! The hall wasn't nearly as packed for the last show and it still took 20 mins to exit.

I would at this stage have to confess that am a NMG semi insider. Unfortunately I did see about 200 people push past understaffed security and police. In fact I would suggest that this is just one reason more people were not let in!

Get in earlier next time and this might not happen!

Have a great day!
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The dance floors were smaller than previous parties by at least 1 or 2 slabs ( or whatever you call them ).
RHI for me was too tight a squeeze so left it alone.

Still had good party ( not the best one ) but buggered why with record numbers they shrunk the dance floors in RHI and Hordern.
Smaller - Replies: add

"Fact 3. In the past couple of years when a retro space was added, it was very popular, packed, and lines out the door to get in... then cut to this year... the retro space advertised (text above) to take over the entire RHI, and presto 30th or not, tickets sold out on the above advertising premise. Then.... to everyone's shock, not only did this not occur, but they were left with no retro at all... after paying a premium price for thier tickets"

You are stretching things here. The RHI was NOT advertised as being retro and the statement from Mardi Gras clearly said "universal PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE dance anthems" . At no time did they say that the RHI would be retro all night long.

You are absolutely kidding if you think that the party sold out because all the maligned retro fans snapped up all the tickets because they thought Mardi Gras were going to the expense of flying Hex Hector and Paul Goodyear in to the country just to play retro!? The party sold out because it was the 30th and Mardi Gras got the mix of music styles right (including trance all night long in the Hordern).

Having said that all that I think there is room for retro so how about you write to Mardi Gras and suggest that for 2009 retro returns to the Forum and that the live bands move out to the marquee? I doubt anyone would want to take the gamble of turning over the RHI to retro all night... god I can see the posts complaining about it now!
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Congratulations to all!
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anything in the Hordern would work. Harder/tribal worked for last few years and Horden was packed back then.Could understand replacing if the Horden was not busy but that was never the case.

I had a good time at MG but they did dump 2 styles that have supported them over the last what ? 3 or 4 years ?

as the disgruntled Retro fan has suggest what will happen next Sleaze and MG 2009 ?
will the Retro and Hard fans look for somewhere else to go or an alternative party ?

If Luminere is on at Sleaze will trance still be supported at Sleaze etc ?

The party sold more so from nostalgia than any particular music style and it will be Sleaze/MG 2009 that will see who supports NMG.
Questions - Replies: 1, add

I agree with the previous poster.

I can't see NMG ever selling out a dance party that size ever again. I would say that at least 5,000 people who went last week went purely because it was the 30th anniversary party.

I myself have outgrown dance parties - i just dont enjoy them anymore, I only went last Saturday because of the nostalgia factor as the previous poster puts it. I am positive NMG will struggle at Sleaze later this year and again for MG 09. The days of the huge dance party are sadly gone.
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Quote: "So it wasn't about the members or the punters, it was all about the organisers!"

What's wrong with the DJ playing requests? I think it's great. Least he's talking to the locals and getting a flavour of what's gonna work on the dance floor. In the past some of the internationals haven't gelled too well with local tastes but I thought both Hex Hector and Agnelli & Nelson were fabulouso this year. And you can't go past Deborah Cox, no matter *WHO* you are - Absolutely Not!
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Trance Trance Trance Confirmed - back into hibernation... - Replies: add

all this chatter about retro is starting to get boring, especially the chatter about putting it back into the forum and moving the bands outside. clearly the person who suggested this did not see how packed the forum was all night and well the live bands went in there. live music is definitely the way forward and the forum is perfect. personally i think retro outside in a marquee sounds like a better plan.
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Everyone has made their point, so lets STOP the complains and whinging now!
Lets look forward.
NMG needs to take a few learnings from here and involve the community that it represents in decisions. That is, on their wbsite site, they should NOW, look at setting up a voting page for how Sleaze 08 should be tackled. ie, what music, where, performers etc. The rule should be on computer, one vote.
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i couldnt agree more. live acts at the forum was an excellent choice. the space is built for this kind of entertainment. every act there was different. very proffesional. these people are artists. i never listened to the potbeleez before till i saw them live. MG you have got my full support. i hope the same will be repeated at next MG party. see you all at the forum!
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Well it's up to all of us to continue to support MG by going to Sleaze and MG 2009 otherwise i agree MG will struggle to survive. Yes we all have our complaints about the party, things we would have liked done differnetly but what a hell of a MG season they put on ...... one of the best I can remember.

Can you imagine Sydney in February with the MG festival of visual and performing art, fair day, film festival, the parade.... it just wouldn't be the same and it's up to all of us to support 'cos it's worth supporting. I went out on Oxford St the Friday before the party and it was like what Oxford St used to like in the early 1990's and should and could be like again. Friendly, crowded with gay boys everywhere. No agreesive straights getting pissed on the pavement and no homeless people begging for money.

So sure give MG feedback and tell them when we think they've fucked up and praise them when they've got it right, but let's not abandon MG and stay home. We'll regret if we let it die.
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as I previously posted is what sold out MG 2008.

Not 1 type of music.

The postings are now becoming lame especially the one saying how full the Forum was and that live music is the way forward. HELLO previously Retro filled the Forum as well.

The days of the big dance parties is not over but the problem for NMG now is which music styles do they cater for ?

For Sleaze do they ditch RHI in favour of spending the $'s or 2 or 3 extra spaces ? to cater for the ever widening music styles or just stick to Hordern and RHI and have only 2 styles ?
Does each Hall only have 1 style being played all night or do they play 1 style half the night then another for the other half eg trance into hard/tribal in Hordern as they did a few parties ago ? RHI starts with Retro and then goes into commercial handbag ?

Stop yr bitching about what you think is the style that sold out MG 2008.
Posts offering up solutions get read properly, bitching just gets passed over.
Decisions, decisions - Replies: add

Really wonderful party!

My friends from the USA were mighty impressed with the Forum. "This is the future..." one of them beamed the next day. "...A gay and lesbian party, booking gay and lesbian acts. The festival circuit is begging for gay coachella (big day out) back home."

Such positivity!

The energy in the R.H.I was wonderful, so friendly, so many memories. It was great the way 2 the two last D.Js spun so many hits from yesteryear.

The past, present and the future all stood in harmony that night. Hold on to that wonderful energy Sydney. Mardi Gra s - you rocked!
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i couldnt agree more. live acts at the forum was an excellent choice. the space is built for this kind of entertainment. every act there was different. very proffesional. these people are artists. i never listened to the potbeleez before till i saw them live. MG you have got my full support. i hope the same will be repeated at next MG party. see you all at the forum!

i couldnt agree mere either and i didnt set foot in the forum.
there was about 20 of my friends that i know personally that went because there were live bands this years at mardi gras. a lot of them went for the first time and i think they'll be back for more next year. this 'retro' argument was a 'trance' argument last year for the horden. whats eve sillier is that NMG delivered EXCATLY what it said it would in the RHI - music from the past, present and future. in fact most of what was played in the RHI was remixes (wit orginal vocals) and original tracks of retro music.
they put tribal in the dome (again wjere everyone was complaining it should be). What was lacking - imho - was a proper house space. you don't see people complaining about that adnauseum!!
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please dont add fuel to the fire

the live music push and then throwing in house music push !

just like the Retro push a few years back.

I think NMG should just rent out a whole Hotel. Maybe the Hilton ?

then put a DJ in each room and cover every single possible music style.

Lets see the Hilton Sydney has around 300-400 room ? that should just about cover every style possible.

Only trouble would be finding 300-400 DJ's ! and dearly loved poor Noisy Gypsy would run out of speakers.

Of course which rooms get the lasers can be determined later.
Room 2401 Retro, Room 2402 Hard, Room 2403 Live - Replies: 1, add

Thank you! BMGE! Best Mardi Gras Ever!
Airplane ticket: $1,600
Hotel stay: $1000
MG ticket: $150
Food: people eat during MG week??
Alcohol: I lost count
Miscellaneous "extras": you don't even want to know
Experiencing MG30: Priceless

This was my 6th pilgrimage in a row to Sydney for Mardi Gras from the USA, and in all my experiences this is hands down the BEST MARDI GRAS EVER! Certainly I do not have the extensive history as some of the local folks do, but to my credit I have been here through the transitory phase from bankruptcy through to revival. The organization has performed a complete 180. It normally takes me about a week to digest such an event to really understand what I experienced, so when I had already made this proclamation in my own head the night of the party, then it must mean it truly was a special occassion for me.

The stars aligned very nicely over Sydney for me the past week...so much so that I don't even know where to begin.... Watched Margaret Cho perform and she was spot on: Cyndi Lauper, Olivia Newton John, Kathy Griffin and herself really do make for a fag hag summit! Then on Friday an Aussie friend had a commitment ceremoney in Pyrmont with his partner of 3 years. Absolutely fantastic!

Then there was the parade and party. The music was absolutely phenomenal! Vocals are only just making a comeback at circuit parties in the states, so it was extremely refreshing to be able to sing along and actually know the songs. For all the Hex Hector nay-sayers, let me put that in perspective for you. What he did on Saturday night was completely outside the normal American DJ comfort zone. We are all so often fed rather dark, heavy beats with little or no vocals, and even when they are used, it's rare and only sprinkled throughout a set. This was truly a stark departure from mainstream circuit music in the USA, so I give him thousands of props for feeling out the local styles and taste. It may not have been perfect, but he certainly tried. Heck, anytime any set begins with what...like 14 Deborah Cox songs?? woven in and out of Whitney Houston and Kylie Minogue...it's going to be a good night! My Aussie friends even commented that I could not have asked for a better playlist! I tried getting off the dance floor 5 times between midnight and 3 am, but every time I got to the edge another great song came back on which kept me coming back! Investigations are still under way to find out exactly what time during the night I got so completely soaked in sweat that my hair completely flattened out.

I have always heard snippets of Xanadu in the past, but I have never heard the entire at once before. I'm extremely happy that my first time was the real thing! While I don't truly think Olivia was lip-syncing ala Milli Vanilli, it certainly does provide some ammo for conspiracy theorists! I hadn't seen Cyndi Lauper since the Gay Games in Chicago. To see her again was amazing! I'm glad she sang "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," as that song was not performed at the Games, when you know every gay man wanted to hear it! If you ever get to hear her sing "True Colors" acapella, I implore you to do it!

The closing of the Mardi Gras season this year really has me at a crossroads. Is there a year 7 for me or not? How do you make MG31 better than MG30? Is it even possible? I can't imagine it. I'm not saying the organizers can't do it...but I think lots of things came together at the right place and right time to really set this year apart. How do I even begin to rationalize that much $$ for MG31 having experienced arguably the best party I will ever attend? So for all the people on this board that whinge about anything related to this MG season, please step back for just one moment and see that no matter what you didn't like, your MG organization and local GLBT community really stepped up and raised the bar to an almost unattainable level. Good on all of you! And if you already thought too many Yanks come over for this every year...after this year your only hope of keeping us home is a really poor exchange rate!

Usually I repost something I put on this board about three years or so ago. I think now, more than ever, is the perfect time to revisit a small quote from the original posting:

"I implore you all to realize what you've got. This party, this time of year: You have something special. You have the party that is the envy of gay boys and girls across the world. Living with this year after year, I can see how one could become immune to it and not appreciate its full worth - but it's because of all you that makes this possible for the rest of us. We see you as a gay mecca, a bastian of GLBT identity and voices.

This time of year for you all is so much bigger than just you. So much bigger than Sydney and all of Australia. This is the time of year when WE look to you all to see how a real unified GLBT voice sounds and looks like, how a real community comes together to celebrate diversity, and how a real party is thrown.

And at the end, for one night, if only for just one night, your party absolutely, truly, without a doubt lets a person be themselves. No presumptions, no explanations, no excuses needed. Leave it at the door. And for that one night, it's worth the entire flight over."
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"I will be dancing with a group of my straight friends and will really enjoy that time with them. We are FRIENDS and sexuality does not come into the picture at all. Actually I get way too many hugs from them than I do my gay friends. I love them , I love being out with them as much as I love being out with my gay friends.

I am sorry you can only survive in a totally gay world, it is your choice but dont ram home your choices to us. I would never want to live in a totally gay word and that is my choice.
Love my friends no matter who they f**k. - Fri 29 Feb 2008 21:29:16

Just curious about whether you go to a G&L party to be reaffirmed by your straight-friends-group, or do you go to be a part of the G&L community celebration?

If every gay at a G&L party asserted their choice to bring along a straight-friends-group to hug and dance with, at what gay to straight-friends-group ratio would the general vibe of the party turn from that of a gay community celebration to that of a straight dance party:

- every gay with a straight-friends-group of 2,
- every gay with a straight-friends-group of 5,
- every gay with a straight-friends-group of 10,
- every gay with a straight-friends-group of 20?
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"I implore you all to realize what you've got. This party, this time of year: You have something special. You have the party that is the envy of gay boys and girls across the world. Living with this year after year, I can see how one could become immune to it and not appreciate its full worth"

What great feedback from an overseas visitor and never a more true word spoken. We could all learn from this. Well Done. Look forward to you coming back next year with more "Yanks"
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See you next year with bells on Mardi Gras!
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Why are you dragging this sad post again ?

If you want to live in a totally gay world then go for it.

But leave me alone if I choose to hang out in the gay and straight world.

I also dont need to reaffirm anything.

Your argument/post is just ridiculous as there I was at MG 2008 with my gay and straight friends and from what I have read not a whinge about the number of straights attending the party is there ?
Ratio Smatio - Replies: 1, add

There's no need to get aggressive and all defensive.

It was a very simple question, premised on your choice to bring your straight-friends-group to a gay community celebration and didn't even touch on whether people might want a gay community celebration to be "totally gay world".

To rephrase the question then: If every gay was to bring a straight-friends-group, at what ratio would the gay community celebration morph from "gay world" to "straight world"?
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"To rephrase the question then: If every gay was to bring a straight-friends-group, at what ratio would the gay community celebration morph from "gay world" to "straight world"?"

Funny world in that we are fighting for equality but we still want to exclude people when it suits us.

Personally I couldn't give a crap about the sexuality of the people of the party as long as they come with the right attitude and are gay friendly. All the friends I partied with were either gay or lesbian except one straight friend who has supported the gay community more than many GLBTI people.

It's more about attitude surely... unless you are only there to pick up in which case you should go to bodyline.
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The Dome
Party: Good. Have enjoyed others more but still had a great time.
Best part? Dancing with the Dome men! A BIG slice of HOT SEXY heaven - worth the $150 ticket alone!
Really wanted to see Peter Skirrow's exhibition but missed out - hope he exhibits again soon. Great stuff!
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thanks :-)
- Replies: add

thank you. you've made me feel all warm & fuzzy. please come again :)
Chiclet - Replies: add

This is getting ridiculous.

I have an example for you . Not a hypothesis.

I was at Mardi Gras with my mix of gay and straight friends. Another poster said they had a straight friend there.

So the example is - Mardi Gras 2008. We had our straight friends there. Was it a predominately gay crowd ? or was it predominately straight ?

And I have been going to these parties with this mix for the last 15 years.

No more need to be posing your question. It has been answered.
Have a good life - Replies: add

First time poster here on Mardi Gras...

Thank you to all who produced such an amazing night. The diversity of music in the halls was fantastic. I loved dancing in all the different spaces. The RHI got better as the night progressed... the hordon was visually a treat ... the dome was let down from poor sound (after last year nailing it!) ... but the biggest revelation was the forum. Ive enjoyed a laugh in there before with the campy "retro with a 90s twist" but this new format rocked!
The bands were all stunning - and actually interacted with the crowd! There were hit and memories too (queen / b52's / ect) But also the brandpanking new - I heard The Presets and Mr G ! Both remixed exclusvely for Mardi Gras!! Paul Mac and his partner's dj set was a revelation!

The best party ever, the best music ever, the best bands ever. I loved it all. Thank you Mardi Gras for such a diverse line up. Cant wait till next year!
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Yep agree.
We want to be accepted so we have to accept others ! and attitude certainly comes into it.

I dont understand this persons question ? if this was the first ever party then their quesion may be relevant but they have been going for what 25 years or more ? and the so called ration of gay/straight would be easy to ascertain by now.

MG was so gay ! period ! even with those others posters bringing their straight friends.

Oh I had 2 with me. Best mates for decades , we do lots together.
Stop pondering - Replies: 1, add


Thank you Sydney!

A truly wonderful event.

Will return for sure to party again in Australia. The Band Room was complete genius. Who were the two bearded guys playing before The Faker? I cant believe I heard Rufus Wainwright at a dance party!!

You own the future Mardi Gras!

Loved Livvy and Cindii too.
vancouver bear! - Replies: 1, add

The more straight people who come to MG the less gay it is. The more straights that come to MG the more straights will be attracted to MG until you get to the situation that gays no longer go..... look at ARQ or more critically DCM, moreover look at oxford street in general. - walk down that street any Friday or Saturday night. Do we want MG to become like that? It's sad that some guys are so uncomforable and self loathing about their sexuality they feel the need to be validated by bringing along their straight mates who in turn will bring along their straight mates who in turn will bring along their straigh mates...... need I go on. These are people who will come along for a party one week and the next when they're out with their straight mates for work or the burbs will abuse and bash us on the streets.
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The two bearded guys were Paul Mac and Seymour Butz, aka Sterogamus. They so totally rocked!! I loved that venue - best place to be for the whole party - my kinda thaing!

FYI http://www.timeoutsydney.com.au/clubs/bad-habits-remix.aspx
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" It's sad that some guys are so uncomforable and self loathing about their sexuality they feel the need to be validated by bringing along their straight mates who in turn will bring along their straight mates who in turn will bring along their straigh mates...... need I go on. "

This pop pyschology is laughable.

It's probably more accurate ask why you are so uncomfortable with your sexuality you feel that you have to party in all gay enivironments.

equating all straights with gay bashers is very naive and a huge generalisation. but it's reminded me to check up on my parents, brother and sister to make sure they're not planning to hang around taylor square this weekend to shout abuse all the homo's hanging around.

I think it's lucky that most of us are so relaxed and comfortable about are sexuality that we can party with like minded friends whatever their sexuality.

hopefully you'll get there someday.
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Re: Mon 10 Mar 2008 13:46:32
Oh gee stereotypes, how is the community going to address this issue if we continue to do it ourselves?

In fact I can't believe there is even a need to type this!
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I don't think I have ever heard so much whingeing after a MG party! Although I didn't go to the party, as I was out of town, I think this probably has something to do with expectations. My best party experiences have been the ones where I've gone with no expectations or it has been a last-minute decision to go. I can recall only a couple of parties where I've gone with high expectations and they've been truly met. This party was so hyped up, especially when you look back over some of the comments on this board, it is no surprise that people feel a bit let down.
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I really enjoyed your post and I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed your 6th trip to Sydney!!

Your explanation re; Hex Hector's set was appreciated. I spent the bulk of the night in the RHI and whilst I enjoyed myself immensley would have appreciated even more tracks with vocals. The crowd surged with energy every time a vocal track came on and there were wide smiles all around.

My friends and I had an excellent night overall and enjoyed the friendly, happy people that we encountered everywhere we turned at the party!

Should you decide to journey back to Sydney for MG09 I hope that you'll have a fabulous time :-)
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Budget Cuts at MG?
Did the party seem a little flat to everyone else?

I can't escape the feeling there was a massive cut to the budget for the party this year. A lot less lighting, a lot less sound. I could hardly believe how dark and quiet The Dome was - and as a result, it lost atmosphere. Most of the other spaces felt the same.

I'm sorry to bring this issue up again (yes it's been done to death) but I have a theory - I think with the low numbers at Harbour Party this year, Mardi Gras made a massive loss on that party, and then chopped the budget out of the Mardi Gras Party to compensate and make the money back.

Lights and speakers aren't everything, but those spaces are huge and they need a lot to warm them up.

I guess the question this raises is: what does this mean for us punters? I certainly don't want Mardi Gras to go under (a massive loss on even a single party could do that); but I don't feel it's right that my $150 had to subsidise the other events.

I should also suggest, before everyone starts ripping into MG management (again), remember that this is a charitable organisation and not a cent of profit goes into anyone's pockets (except salaries of course - but Marcus et al are not on commission). If they make a killing this year, fantastic - it'll all come back to us in the next year's season.

Perhaps I should consider my ticket a charitable donation ... But I still feel ripped off and $150 ain't cheap. It was a good party, but not the great party it should have been ;-(

And remember kids, this is pure speculation. Just hoping for some debate on the subject as I don't go to Harbour Party or Fair Day or any of the other subsidised events.

Should we judge the party on its merits or just think of it as a fundraiser?
lalala - Replies: 1, 2, add

just a point of clarification. The Chair of Mardi Gras (like all the director positions) are volunteer roles. There is no payment involved. Marcus, like the rest of the directors, have other full time jobs and do Mardi Gras stuff in their spare time.
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I'm not saying all straight people are gay bashers.... I have straight mates too...... how offensive is that? What I am saying though is that there has been incidents of gay bashing at the party itself - in the early 1990's I'm told violence was quite high one year which was one of the reasons the board introduced the ticketing policy in an attempt to curb and control straight attendance.

Only during last years Parade 3 marshalls were bashed on the Parade route. Yes some straigths come along to party with us, but then there are those who come along to abuse and bash us too thinking we're fair game.

It's not unreasonable for one night of the year to say to your staight mates....... tonight, Mardi Gras night, is gay only. If they're true mates they'll understand that.
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Re: Re: NMG GOODBYE - Mon 10 Mar 2008 21:53:44
The ticketing policy you’re referring to was a so called initiative by the now bankrupt Mardi Gras. It was a last minute attempt to save an organisation that was going under due to poor management. The organisation became an elitist ego enhancing machine that unfortunately was living well beyond its means. We now have an organisation that is operating well and has adhered to budgets whilst securing financial backing from community minded corporate sponsors.

It has been my pleasure on occasion to be at Fox Studio parties with my straight friends. In addition these parties are not limited to Mardi Gras, they also include Hand in Hand, Inquisition and Pride. I have also had the pleasure of listening to my gay brother DJ whilst dancing with heterosexuals such as my sister and other friends.
I was there at the parties you are referring to and have had altercations with other party goers that may or may not have been “straight”. It is unfortunate to think that as a society we have not progressed to a place where we can all party together. In fact to request that people stay away on the basis of their sexuality is draconian and out of date.

Moreover I will repeat that this is the exact attitude of indifference that we are fighting against.

I hope to keep dancing with all my mates regardless of their sexual identity, race, culture, sex, age, disability, status and religious identity.
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Observationist - Always Observing - Replies: 1, add

I don't think there were cuts to budgets compared to previous years. The low sound has been explained. I didn't notice less lighting. Dance floors were smaller than they used to be, but they have been smaller for the last few years.

One of the things I missed was pyrotechnics, but I would guess that the site banned them for safety reasons.
Arti Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Yes. We want to be accepted.

However we also want the right to party amongst our "kind". I think the question about how many gays (and the rest of the alphabet) does it take to make a gay party is quite valid. If it is 100% or 90% or 80% then I would say it is a gay party. If it is 10% or 20% or even 45% I would say it is not a gay party. So where is the boundary?

I am not against having friends and supporters at our parties, it is just how much is too much?
Arti Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, add

"in the early 1990's I'm told violence was quite high one year which was one of the reasons the board introduced the ticketing policy in an attempt to curb and control straight attendance."

My memory was that there were just too many "straights" at the parties. There was a meeting in the building behind the coke sign where it was discussed. This meeting also took the shameful move of banning bisexuals from membership of the organisation (unless they could show commitment to the community).

This membership policy for tickets ultimately failed because too many people were prepared to lie on their membership forms that they were gay or lesbian and hence obtain membership. More and more straight people joined and brought their friends to the parties.
Arti Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

Interesting comments re budget cuts. If anything I think the budget went up from previous years.

This is how I saw it. BIG name stars such as Cyndi Lauper, Olivia Newton John, the Pot Bellez, Faker, they flew in Paul Goodyear, Jack Chang, Mike Kelly and Marty from other countries. There was high tech LED video in the RHI, great lighting and use of it in all halls, sound has been explained, huge members marquee which would have cost a lot of money, more DJ's than ever, more bars, more security and police, more lasers in the Hordern with that Laser man show and I think the same size dance floors as Sleaze and MG 07.

Just not sure how anyone can think that there were budget cuts, I have been attending these parties since 1994 and have seen the parties at their best and their worst, this was one of the best in many years.
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Thanks New Mardi Gras
I just want to register my thanks to NMG for putting together such an interesting, diverse and world-class party. I had a great time at the RHI dancing to Hex and Paul Goodyear. How good was Paul though??? Loved the journey he took us on. Unlike Hex who was ok, Paul's music was interesting, surprising and some remixes were quiteo riginal. Shows were fantastic too, a fitting tribute to 30 years of stuggle and success!

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How odd you think Mardi Gras was going under due to poor management in the early 1990's when the ticketing policy was introduced in 1992. These were Mardi Gras' greatest years. Selling out not days but weeks in advance. They were the years that Kylie, Boy George, D-Ream, Dannii, Marcia Hines, Village People, Jimmy Barnes all performed just to name a few.

To suggest MG was elistist then is rubbish. It is like suggesting it is elitist now with it's members only marquee and members only bars. BTW I am a MG member and support member priviledges.

The ticketing policy gave the members control over who attended. It restored the gay and lesbian integrity of the organisation and it's events and the new board should consider bringing it back.

Draconian to keep MG a gay event - no. The more straights that go the more gays do not and then we end up the minority at our own events.
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Perhaps NMG doesn't need to be the one to make everyone's ideas into realities, so perhaps folks can people stop talking about a party as if it were their wall colours - selfishly controlled for one's personal standards of taste ...

ditch all these expectations and rules for what must happen to make a good night. good nights just happen because you are in a good mood... so get in one:)

BUT... this person with the idea for a hotel party is a genius. What are the licensing issues on that? It would be awesome to get a hotel that perhaps has one dining/funtion room, 2 smaller function rooms, and then perhaps the remaining rooms, intermittently designated as dance/chill/bar/sex rooms with the possibility of actually renting the remaining rooms to individuals at the event. Perhaps even make a media-pitch spin with the anti-drinkdriving folks - ie stay the night, don't drive...

This would be AMAZING if someone had the skills to make that event legal and functional... I'd go!

It WOULD as the person joked, enable lots of sub-pockets of gay entertainment culture to bounce off each other, and to hang out together... would be great with well worked themes
freegift4promoters - Replies: 1, add

I agree - didn't see budget cuts I saw more money spent on the party that MG has done in a long time and let's not forget the air conditioning in the RHI that MG installed at huge expense.. I would think the budgets would be locked in with suppliers and contractors weeks in advance and anyhow harbour party sold well if it did not sell out. I'm sorry I missed it but it has rained on the last 3 that i went to and so thought I'd give it a miss this year.
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When bisexuals are in a relation with a person of the opposite sex they are straight. MG is a gay and lesbian organisation and it is important that it remain so.

Were the membership policy failed is that bisexuals should have been given guest status not member status were they had access to just one ticket and not 5 and they could not nominate others for membership or for election to the board.

Were the membership policy was betrayed was by the gay members themselves. Nominating their stright freinds who in turn nominated their straight friends and we lost control. The gay community for selfish reasons (which I read again in some previous posts) were unwilling to police and enforce a policy that was designed to protect the organsistion and it's event.

The attitude on here seems to be I'm bringing my straight mates to the party because I want to and it's ok 'cos it's quite gay. What you don't realise is the impact that this will ultimately have at the end of the day when more straights that go and less and less gays do.
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Sorry Arti but your comments and the comments from the other poster are just not valid.

And why ? because there have been quite a few parties and the straight element has not dropped this so called stupid ration argument.

And please " we want to party with our kind " is nothing more than discrimination. No matter what words you choose to use.

There are plenty of other parties/venue nights which are way more gay so maybe its best to attend them ? after all the other poster goes on about the ratio of gay/straight at Arq so I am sure they dont attend them but we all know of other parties and veune them nights which are virtually 99% free.

Cant have it all.

In the days ie late 80's when the only big parties were the gay ones the straight element was high but they have their own parties to go to and the only straights venturing to the current parties are friends of.

Never before have I seen such a ridiculous argument being posted.
Our kind = discrimination - Replies: 1, add

The only thing that is draconian is your and Arti's way of thinking.

Yes in the 90's there were lots of straights but in those days and in the 80's as well the best parties were the various gay parties. Then the straights got their own parties and I think the so called ratio dropped.

But answer me this. Has the ratio of straights increased over the last say 10 years ? where there lots of straights at MG 2008 ? except for the draconian thinker posting , I dont remember any other posts complaining about this so called ratio.

But there is one thing I would like to know. How would you police this ? you must sign a form to say you are gay ? anyone caught hugging or kissing the opposite sex at the party is thrown out ? are this questions ridiculous ? yes they are just as the other posts are.

This has all started from someone who does have some problem that no one on this board will help them with. Its obviously to do with acceptance and as another poster said, they recommend they see a counsellor/therapist and meaning that in a nice way.

Now Arti and the other poster - offer up your evidence that the straight ratio was too high for Mardi Gras otherwise please go away with these stupid comments ( and I'm saying that as nicely as I can cause there are other words I can think of that Panther would not print ).
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glad you liked my hotel idea especially as you say someone with big ballroom/function rooms all broken down to take into account the ever increasing styles of music.

Pipe dream I know but wouldnt it be a hoot if it happened.
All you had to do when finished for the night is go to the lifts upto your 15th floor room ! no hideous taxi rides , no hideous walks :)
T. - Replies: add

Measure of Success
Well considering that Mardi Gras 07 only warranted 2 Pinkboard Walls and we're now well into the 3rd Wall for Mardi Gras 08 I think the 30th anniversary has been a pretty big success overall, considering that on balance the comments seem to be very positive.

what do you reckon Panther? do you think MG08 will get to a 4th wall before you send it to the archives hehehehe?
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Oh Arti

I always enjoyed your posts till this one " party with our own kind " ?
that is just another way of saying discrimination

and so a low point from your many posts.

Why is everyone talking about parties in the 90's ? the parties over the last few years have been way gay.

But as others have posted you have have 100% gay nights in clubs/parties/your own living room even but if others want to party with their brother/sister/best friend who happens to be straight then they should have that choice.
Actually you can be 100% gay for 363 days of the year if you really consider the current parties too straight for you.
Current parties too straight, what a laugh - Replies: add

What a GREAT post! Thanks for your comments!
AcidJasmine Confirmed - www.acidjasmine.com - Replies: add

if only 10, 20 or 30 percent of the patrons that turned up to a Mardi Gras were gay - then you would have to question why such low support and should the party go on. it IS relevant that the party is gay. but gay is an attitutde that does not only reside in the ticket buyers, but also in the spirit of the event itself.
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I really don't understand all this talk about ratios and straights being at MG party. Yes they were there in numbers in the 90's, there were some problems, but gay parties back then were THE parties to go to. Those days have long gone.

These days they have their own parties to go to, and the ones that come to MG now I think are very gay friendly and 'friends of gays', which is cool, and are a very small minority, and I can't see that changing back to the parties of the 90's.
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good point. a lot of my straight friends are gay.
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To me, the most obvious question is how would we react if the same were done to us? If we were rejected at an event/venue due to being gay? I would be absolutely horrified personally and completely offended. I do enjoy going to gay places/parties/areas, absolutely, but have no problem with my straight/bi/whatever mates being around either. Bottom line is, the more straights that go, the more gays that don't more often than not, so I suppose it works itself out in the end anyway.
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JGirl Confirmed - Replies: 1, add

It's curious that some, not all, arguing for their perceived 'right' to bring along their straight friends need to resort to abusive phrases such as "Your argument/post is just ridiculous", "see a counsellor/therapist", "stupid comments", in order to argue against other people's opinion, yet I can't find a single post that questions the size of the gay/straight ratio that contains any similar abuse -- just statement of opinion.

The gayness of any event or venue will always come down to numbers -- when you reach the point where straights outnumber gays, ie, each gay brings 1 or more straight, then it becomes a straight event.

Each of these people state they brought more than one straight friend, hence a gay/straight ratio of 1:2 or more in their sub-group, and yet imply that overall the straights at the party were visibly a minority. Logically this must imply that the overwhelming majority of gays (and rest of alphabet except S) chose NOT to bring their straight friends to the biggest G&L community celebration of the year. So whose thinking is clearly out of step with the G&L community expectations of the Mardi Gras Party?

Some argue that it all comes down to acceptance. It can be argued that the Mardi Gras Festival, Fair Day and the Parade is about celebrating and including the wider community, and the Party is about the G&L community having its own celebration. There are examples every day in society where a particular group has a broader, inclusive celebration for whatever achievement/milestone, and then moves onto a smaller, exclusive celebration for the participants.
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No Retro
I was terribly disappointed that there was no retro hall at this Mardio Gras like there was at the previous 4 or 5. A poor decision that I hope is corrected for next time.
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"There are examples every day in society where a particular group has a broader, inclusive celebration for whatever achievement/milestone, and then moves onto a smaller, exclusive celebration for the participants."

Such as?
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I think those who have called me stupid and suggest that I need to see a therapist only do a dis-service to themselves and their arguement - and these are people who in the same sentance preach acceptance and tolerance and the virtue of diversity. I for one try to avoid personal attacks when debating.

As I said previously and I think you appear to support, for just one night in the year, Mardi Gras night, leave your straight mates at the gates. That's not to say we don't appreciate their support. We have come along way in terms of the wider world accepting us as gays but we are still a minority and it's not unreasonable to ask your straight "brother and sister" and give us our own space one night a year. MG is after all a celebration of G and L sexuality.
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I have read, then re-read your many posts and they just do not make sense to me at all and obviously to many others.

I dont see the sense in all this ratio stuff ? you are just plucking numbers out of the air.
You assumed in the last post that everyone bought a straight friendeg 1:2 ?

but back to the basic question. Why are you making posts with all these hypothetical numbers ? I dont understand
why you want this question answered because it cannot be answered.
I can only go by what I saw at MG and it was very gay.

I'm with JGirl on this one, I would be horrified to be turned away from a venue because I was Gay.
No discrimination anywhere , no matter your reason - Replies: 1, add

Well I think the way the Forum was set up for this Mardi Gras is the future (as some other posters have mentioned) Live Music added a completely new angle to the Mardi Gras Party and worked incredibly well. It's a shame that they can't keep adding venues, but if it's a choice between retro and live music in the Forum in the future then my vote is with LIVE MUSIC! yay!
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Well i always positon myself in the forum on the second balcony at the front at mg /sleaze and dance my legs off looking down over the dance floor. I was thinking this isnt going to be fun they have taken the forum away but i had the best time in the Rhi and Hordern i didnt even think about it. I thought they went all out and done a fantastic job.

I never Volunteer at these parties but i dont think people appreciate the people that do. I admire what they try to do and what they succeed in doing and even if they didnt get it quite right and there was some wrong who cares they done something for someone else at no charge and should be supported and thanked 100 percent.
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Gotta agree with you there.

I cant work out why these questions are being asked. Parties have been going for a couple of decades now so there are plenty of examples where the straight/gay ratio thing never happened ie where straights outnumbered gays or reached a critical ratio where it was uncomfortable for gays.

I'd say ignore them. If you go back on past Pinkboards you will find the gay/straight thing gets raised all the time.

Fine if they want a 100% gay party , let them go put it on. I'm sure there is a market out there for it.

It embarrasses me when this discrimination thing keeps cropping up. It makes out the whole gay community wants it and if it happens then the time will come when some straight promoter/venue owner decides to put on a straight night and poor JGirl gets told she cant enter.
Just ignore them - Replies: add

Retro vs Live Bands in the Forum
The provision of a retro space attracts to a dance party a large number of people who under normal circumstances probably wouldnt attend this sort of an event.

I stopped attending MG parties back in 2001 cause the music of the time in my mind became dull and uninteresting to me (seven years later and my opinion hasn't changed). Then in 2004 NMG introduced a retro space in the then called City Live building. Retro sparked my interest and I went along. The queues to get in were enormous and if you go back and look at the Mardi Gras 2004 grafitti wall you will see that multitudes of people attended MG 2004 ONLY because of the retro space. The same applied at every NMG run party since where retro was supplied.

If NMG dont put back retro into the party footprint then there is a potential for 1000's of potential customers who will probably decide not to go. I'm one of those 1000's

Live Bands worked well at MG 2008 - but so did every other space , lets remember, it was afterall a sold out event (the first for nearly 10 years). In a sold out event environment every space is going to be popular.

MG 2008 was an enigma - the 30th anniversary. Future parties wont sell out (with the possible exception of the 40th , 50th, 60th etc anniversaries). NMG need to look to attract people to its events that they know would never attend unless there is something to bring them out. That is why retro has in previous years been such a success.

If retro is left off the party footprint in future events then a large majority of retro lovers simply will not attend. And thats the difference between a nearly sold out event and an event that barely breaks even or heaven forbid, loses money.

It's as simple as that.
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A kind friend of retro music - Replies: 1, 2, add

Loved the retro in the RHI
All night long. Thanks Mardi Gras for stepping it up.
retro lover! - Replies: add

The numbers tell the true story. The mix of gays to straights clearly indicates that the vast majority of gays don't need/want their straight friends at the party.

The reality is that a truely non-discriminatory utopia doesn't exist, because as you say, "Bottom line is, the more straights that go, the more gays that don't more often than not". Straights are kept out of gay venues by unoffical door-policy all the time, and you'd better not be a lesbian trying to enter a sex-on-premises venue, or a gay guy trying to enter a lesbian event.

If it can be shown that gays are not attending because of the straights, then NMG needs to address this situation at future parties, despite the small, yet clearly vocal, minority and their 'F*@% You, I'll do what I want' attitude expressed on Pinkboard.
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"However we also want the right to party amongst our "kind". I think the question about how many gays (and the rest of the alphabet) does it take to make a gay party is quite valid. If it is 100% or 90% or 80% then I would say it is a gay party. If it is 10% or 20% or even 45% I would say it is not a gay party. So where is the boundary? I am not against having friends and supporters at our parties, it is just how much is too much?"

I really don't understand why we are having this discussion? From my point of view the level of straights WAS NOT an issue at this party so why this continual debate?

For me the issue in previous years has not been that people are straight but that some straight people with the wrong attitude ended up at the party. This did not seem to happen this year as the party sold out in advance so these "randoms" couldn't buy tickets on the night.

The thing I find funny is that some people actually attacked Mardi Gras for selling out in advance so I think we as a community need to work out what it is that we actually want!!!!!!!
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you know exactly the same argument could be made for keeping the live music space instead of retro, except the advantage of live music is you attract the next generation of party goers rather than attracting those out of retirement.
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shall we just leave it at that ?

Retro and Hard fans felt they were neglected/dumped etc
after supporting the parties for last 4 years.

Now just leave it up to NMG to decide what they want for future parties.

Lets not drag down MG 2008 as it was a bad party. It may not go down as one of the best but the majority still had fun - right ?

Please just post positive posts from now on ? please ?
Pretty Please - Replies: 1, add

This argument can be made for any musical style at Mardi Gras - and has. For the last couple of years it has been trance, next year it will be something else and so on. Mardi Gras is a party that should set a standard for partying here in Australia and the world. Absolutely no offense intended whatsoever (and i MEAN this) but retro - as fun as it is - is not a main hall music style and nor should it be. Its fun, camp etc, but its not what sells a party like mardi gras.
There where line ups at the dome this year, the rhi was full all night, the trance room was full, the live bands hall was a hit - what mre do we want??? not everyone will be satisfied all the time. sometimes you just have to get into the spirit of the event and not spit the dummy and just have a good time.
I did whilst listening to mcarther park in the rhi under the big glass shpere.
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lol... if we're posting positively let's turn that post on it's head... so instead of dumping retro and hard mardi gras having catered to the retro and hard music liking community decided to share the love a little and cater for those into trance and live music to who may have felt a little alienated by the musical footprint of previous parties.

but i'm all for discussing something new. dj selection process and the need for a women's space would be favourites... ;o)
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Yes, saying who I want to party with is discrimination. We all discriminate all the time. People with good taste are even called discriminating.

We discriminate when we choose a flatmate, a lover, an employee, anything really. If we did not discriminate then we might as well just pull a name out of a hat. When we choose a flatmate we want someone who we will be compatible with. We discriminate on grounds such as tidyness, interests, etc. When we choose a lover we discriminate on the grounds of sexuality! Discrimination is a fact of life.

What you are trying to say is that choosing who I want to party with is an unacceptable form of discrimination.

Choosing an employee based on their sexuality is unacceptable discrimination. Choosing an employee based on their experience is acceptable discrimination. The difference between acceptable and unacceptable discrimination is really a moral value.

You are saying that preferring a majority of gay people at a gay party is unacceptable discrimination. I say it is acceptable.
Arti Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, add

I have not said that the party was "too straight" and I don't think anyone else has. This discussion started when someone asked how many straight friends is it acceptable to bring to a gay party.

I actually found the party very friendly and accepting, even more so that the last few.
Arti Confirmed - Replies: add

then can I suggest you volunteer to NMG and be on the the board that does all the discussing of music and DJ selection ?

just this week the whole board is virtually negative and/or catty comments.

Thats not what the party was like. The majority did enjoy it.

But now its just wait for Sleaze and you vote with your feet.
These boots are made for walking - Replies: 1, add

but it's the same every year. the only people who post on here a week after the party are the whingers. if you talk to anyone in the street, read the letters in the rags you'll quickly see that this party will be remembered as one of the best in recent years.
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oh dear arti. i can't believe you just wrote that.

imagine the furore if Good Vibes issued a press release saying that next year Good Vibes is going to be a Straight Party so all you homos go party with your homo mates and mardi gras.

you can't have your cake and eat it. and creating these fine distinctions between accetable and unacceptable levels gayness is a very slippery slope.
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I like to finish the walls on a positive note, so how about people post their favourite part(s) of the Mardi Gras season.

Pam Ann was the show I enjoyed most, though everything I saw was great (Blowing Whistles, Shauna & Peyton, Butterflies, Jeremy Brennan, Margaret Cho and more).

The highlight of my Party was Laserman, such a clever and effective show.
Panther Confirmed - Replies: 1, 2, add

Laserman and Livy seeing 7000 People swaying to Xanadu was camp. Also a big thanks to the Mardi Gras committee for getting us back in the black and making such a big succees of it.
- Replies: add

you were caught out with that line about paryting with our own kind.

but to make your post look even more stupidier here in Australia is what you can lodge a complaint about for
discrimination -

sex , including pregnancy, marital status, family responsibilities and sexual harassment
disability, including temporary and permanent disabilities; physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric disabilities, diseases or illnesses; medical conditions; work related injuries; past, present and future disabilities; and association with a person with a disability
race, including colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, immigrant status and racial hatred
age, covering young people and older people
sexual preference, criminal record, trade union activity or political opinion (in employment only)

Please note you cannot lodge a discrimination charge against looking for a flatmate, tidyness, interests.

Your undestanding of the word discimination needs updating.

As another poster said what if the Big Day outs or Good Vibes banned gays ? I have gay friends who prefer these parties over our dance parties.

Now moving on as per Panthers posts -
I loved Laserman and would like to see more of him. Maybe something faster and more dramatic.

I loved the friendly/hugging/touching feel of the whole crowd.

I loved the walking between the Halls , so many people inside and so many outside as well.

I loved my dance around 3am in the Dome when I finally found some of my group.

I loved the feeling of having had a shower and getting between fresh clean sheets at 7am and the sleeping pill
kicking in :)
More memories - Replies: 1, add

Singing along to 'I am what I am' with Carlotta....and also to ' Xanadu' with Olivia and looking around whilst doing so and being greeted with smiles from everyone around me. Such a happy memory. Thank you NMG. Thank you to the happy, friendly crowd who made MG08 such an enjoyable party to be a participant at. :-)
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mardi gras moments!
1) the parade being so enthusiastic
2) the party selling out
3) underbear
4)the party moments: the lights in the RHI, the men, the smiles
5)the forum: faker: the blow waves: the blush foundation: stereogamous: grafton primary
6) cindii lauper

thanks to all for an amazing 10 days in Sydney.
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Oh and loved the Cub who gave me a blowjob on the toilets :)
am I allowed to post that :) - Replies: add

Faker and the Potbelleez in the Forum along with Stereogamous and Mark Murphy. was ace. The Fuck Love installation was great. Fair Day was pretty amazing too. And I did like Harbour Party too.
- Replies: add

I Have no one favorite moment, the entire night was just AMAZING! If i had to choose, it would be seeing all of the shows, Especially Olivia! And spending the night with an awesome guy that i met!! Thanks Mardi Gras!! :)
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Re; Panther
Cyndi Lauper Panther! And all those drag queens on stage during the I am what I am show!

Thanks NMG 2008 you did a good job!
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Observationist - Always Observing - Replies: 1, 2, add

The Forum!

Best night out ever!

Amazing bands and djs!
- Replies: add

There were a lot of things thta stick out in my mind but one that still makes me smile was during the parade when the DJ at the members area out the front of Kinsella's played Xanadoo with Olivea Newton John standing up on the balcony of Kinsela's smiling and waving to the crowd below.
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Loved the vibe - crystal wasnt so prevalent this year. More love in the city.
The forum was my party highlight. Live gay bands. Happy people. Take over the Horden next year and lets see scissor sisters and silverchair play!!
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My Mardi Gras moment will occur in 2009 when retro is re-instated to the Forum.
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someone posted further as their 'misses' in their 'hits and misses for the party this year:

"Sveta (purely because of her bitching about straight women being at the party)"

is this true? i think its very interesting given the recent discussions here.
I found this party to be quite 'gay' - although i was in the dome most of the night. this may have been different in other halls.
i did walk to the party and was amazed at the amount of drunk straight people 'watching' the parade. it seemed like a big excuse to piss up in public without any retribution. this is where people's concerns should be.
although i didnt feel threatened - i was allways on guard and i think it was because I had just woken up and looked a little crazed - even for drunk straight people to mess with. it was quite funny actually - although i didnt enjoy wading through empty bottles of stoli and wild turkey cans. eeeew!
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Seeing live gay rock n roll at the Party - wow!
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smile be happy
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My take on MG 2008
I am a 58 year old Sydney gay man who has been supporting Mardi Gras since its inception. I'm one of the original 78'ers who marched on that famous night so long ago. I'm old and wrinkled these days, I'm not the pretty young lad I was in my 20's and 30's. As a result I don’t frequent Oxford Street anymore – haven’t done for nearly 12 years.

Wouldn't have a clue what the latest dance music is , wouldn't know the latest Kylie, Whitney or Madonna song from some blow in one hit wonder. Oxford Street is for the younger generation.

I do however draw a line when it comes to "our community" dance parties and i do strongly believe that the older gays should be allowed to attend "our" dance parties and go there being able to recognise at least some of the tunes played, and I'm *not* talking about fancy remixes or remakes , I'm talking original tunes here.

John Laws was once involved in a famous TV commercial for Mortein fly spray - His now famous catch phrase "When you're on a good thing, stick to it" is possibly one of the best pieces of advice in a TV commercial in the history of Television.

And so this catch phrase "When you're on a good thing, stick to it" also applies to life.

It's a pity NMG ignored this basic concept when they failed to supply a dedicated retro space at Mardi Gras 2008, their biggest party since the halycon days of the mid to late 1990's

The retro space over the previous three or four years was an overwhelming success, in fact it was the most popular and talked about part of the party, sadly though "When you're on a good thing, stick to it" certainly seemed to have been forgotten in 2008.

I fear for the overall success of NMG run parties firstly for Sleaze later this year but even more so for MG 2009 unless NMG caters to tried and tested punters who are proven attendees.

Turn your back on the older retro crowd for future events and NMG will struggle in the future. Please don't put the older generation who have supported the old and new MG organisations for the last 30 years out to pasture. We still want to attend , we still want to contribute , but only if you cater to us musically.

Retro caters to the older generation but surprisingly also caters to the current younger generation , it's an all encompassing style of music.

Retro should never be ignored again when New Mardi Gras put together their ideas for music programming at its dance parties.

Or maybe an old bastard like me should simply stay at home and play lawn bowls - that's the message i got sent this year when NMG scrapped the dedicated retro space. 2008 was a good party that could have been a whole lot better.
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Party Photo's?
Hi All,

Just before our MG2008 wall closes off does anyone know of any more party pic sites from this year?

I've seen those of Petezimagez, NMG, TitoMedia, and SameSame.

Any others I've missed?

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My Mardi Gras highlights!
My highlights were (in no particular order):

1. Blowing Whistles
2. Volunteering at Fair Day
3. Pam Ann
4. Margaret Cho - she rocks!
5. Cyndi Lauper in concert
6. Parade
7. Dancing to trance all night long in the Hordern
8. Laserman show in the Hordern - so unbelievably good!
9. Cyndi Lauper closing the party!
10. Homesexual recovery (before Offer came on)

It was an absolutely awesome festival when you think about all the great professional performances, community events, parade and party. There was so much choice this year and the quality of most of the events was top notch. Well done Mardi Gras!
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Live Music at Mardi Gras
If anyone doubts that live music should be at Mardi Gras take a look at this youtube clip of the Potbelleez performing in the Forum.

What an Amazing atmosphere!

The future is here and it's great to see Mardi Gras adapting to attract a younger crowd!

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Mardi Gras Party was very gay, but that is despite of and not because of the actions of some of the posters on here who brought along their gaggle of straight friends. Some guys do feel threatend and insecure in a very large gay enviroment. I for one do not. I do feel offended though when I snog a boy on the dancefloor and the reaction I get from a group of girlies is "what a waste".

The Parade has degenerated into a freak show watched by all the straights who come into the eastern suburbs with their bad hair and dress sense and get pissed as they observe the spectacle of gay boys marching thru the streets. I for one do not feel safe or comfortable in that enviroment. Do we want to risk the Party heading the same way - come to MG Party and see the gay boys on display but please don't feed the animals.
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not wanting to drag down the last few positive posts...

78'er I am 52 and would never hang out in the Retro area but do agree with you.

I posted about my disappointment of Hordern which had been hard/tribal for the last 3-4 years being dumped for Trance. The trance people had been supporting parties like Ruby/Toybox.

So please remember oldies do like the current music as well.

When you are on a good thing stick to it is sort of relevant but I have no problem with Trance and Live Music being introduced but not the way it was done ie dump two styles to make way. Other spaces should have been sort.

Posters will go on about Trance filling the Hordern and Live Music filling The Forum but so did Hard/Tribal and Retro fill these halls and showed their loyalty to NMG by attending their parties and not the competitions.

Any way back to high points of MG 2008 I thought the crowd was very gay and very friendly and touchy/feely. Someone said less G this year ? if so then hope that trend continues as I liked the feel of the crowd. I refuse to waste good party/dancing time for shows so only saw the awesome Laserman.
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WOW, can't believe I missed that! Awesome!
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78er says thanks!
I felt so proud walking the streets into the party. So many of my brothers arent here anymore.

The party itself was wonderful. I loved the all the retro in the RHI. I also loved the gay bands that took over the Forum.

My biggest dissappointment has been the nasty attitudes on here.

Mardi Gras is way bigger than a music genre. Back in the 80's we had one hall and we all danced together. DJs like Stephen, Ron, Robert played oldies AND newies. Retro was once New you know! Please remember that Mardi Gras is a protest - it isnt about hearing you 90's remixes of 80s tracks.

I look forward to the day when Faker and the Blow Waves are the new retro! I dont need to hear Dannii from 1994! Give me gay and llesbian artists anyday!

Please stop the petty squablings. Mardi Gras did an amazing job to sell out the party. There was no violence. I saw a lot of smiles.
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Beautiful words indeed! You are an inspiration.

Keep creating Mardi Gras - you have me for the next 30 years.

Mardi Gras really is so much bigger than old music.

Thanks for bringing gay bands into the party format!

Congrats on a wonderful night
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videos of mardi gras shows up are here:

so good to watch them again!
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At age 58 I roundly applaud you for still wanting to make a contribution to our dance parties by coming along. I have nothing but RESPECT for people like you that have been around since 1978.

And I am 100% behind you in your claim that New Mardi Gras need to supply music to those many many people who don't know current dance songs, who don't do Oxford street but do want to go to Sleaze and Mardi Gras each year. I can totally understand how it's your only night out once or twice a year, of course you wanna dance to some stuff that you might recognise. And thats why retro is so important in the way in which the party footprint should be formulated.

I agree with you - Retro music is about hearing original tunes not horrible techno or triballed out remixes of old favourites as was mostly the case with the versions played in the RHI two Saturdays ago.

I hope you get your wish for future parties and that NMG dont as you say "put you out to pasture and send u off to the lawn bowls"

RESPECT to you my friend.
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Why ?

why must you continually post all these negative comments ?

How cliche " what a waste" but how could you hear them if you are on the dance floor ? and why were you looking at them will kissing someone ?

What does " Mardi Gra was very gay " and " who brought their gaggle of straight friends" mean ? was the party gay or too straight for you ?

You obviously have issues about acceptance but your posts just make less sense each time.

So bringing it back to Panthers positiveness :)
Big parties are my favourite times as it allows all my friends to be there at the same time on the night even though we end up in different halls. I love the crowds and this MG they were especially friendly/smiling.
You can walk around in safety , do almost :) what you want to without the hideousness of Oxford St.
Then I love recovery at home with friends and dvd's.
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Thanks for the video links. It's fun to see the shows again. Why on earth were the boys in Cyndi's show wearing huge pink fluffy tea cosies on their heads? And what was Cyndi on???
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I walked into the Forum just as they were doing "Dont Hold Back" and I was just beaming! To see the Forum going off like that to Live Music really was quite amazing. That added to Olivia, Cyndi, Margaret and Pam Am Shows really made a great Mardi Gras season.
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Carlotta, David Campbell and a host of gorgeous showgirls perform I Am What I Am in the RHI

Olivia Newton-John performs Xanadu in the RHI

The Potbelleez rock the Forum

Cyndi Lauper closes the party with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in the RHI

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Yes agree with you mate, NMG need to consider the various demographics (I am 52) of our community and try its best to put on something for everyone. A hard task I know, but I agree a return of Retro to the Forum for future parties is desperately needed. And we mean original versions of these retro songs not latest remixes. Would live bands work in Dome or another venue at entertainment quarter? Use Hordern for Trance beginning of night and progress to tribal/harder styles to finish off with would suit me fine.
A good party was put on this year by NMG. Lets make it great party for 2009. Thanks NMG for your efforts so far, you are on the right track. And please pretty please can we have Jack Chang back for Sleaze or MG, he music was so good to dance to. He is such a humble guy and not up himself as some os dj's can be. He deserves a second outting. (IMHO) He was my party favourite and highlight of my party night - what a suprise find.
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"I posted about my disappointment of Hordern which had been hard/tribal for the last 3-4 years being dumped for Trance"

You keep banging on how tribal and retro was dumped from the party this year for trance and live music.

FACT is that trance has been played in the Hordern many years over the last decade. Tribal does not have any more of a special claim to the Hordern than any other music style.

Fact is that this is the second time in a few years that live music has been played. Every single major music festival has live music these days and the young people are just crying out for it.

Fact is that tribal music was played in the dome this year... and guess what no queues to get in like someone was predicting on here before the party.

Can we stop reducing the fantastic party to a whinge about 1 music style that was missing, The party sold out.... I think the majority has spoken.

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Can we not just end this wall with a positive comment, without these backdoor criticisms, that are more to do with personal preference rather than NMG's production of a successful season overall?

Everything seemed to fall into place for NMG this year. although launch was moved at the last moment for those people who managed to squeeze into the oxford it was a fun, very community minded event, with a good activist zing to the speeches. The festival was really strong this year, the artwork was impressive, Fair Day was heaps of fun (especially considering the weather either side of that weekend), harbour party was a great first step to reviving this legendary event, the parade was the biggest ever and was again blessed by good weather. the party sold out 10 days in advance and the press coverage was really positive. come on everyone, constructive criticism aside and i'm NOT saying NMG did everything right, but if you take a step back and look at the 30th anniversary as a whole you've got to say it was a very fitting season and the best that New Mardi Gras has produced in its short history.

Roll on 2009!
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YAY for MG2008
Well my favourite time of the year is over once again and I must say I had the best time ever. A lot of friends made the journey from overseas to be here for the 30th anniversary and it was just fantastic. The buzz in Sydney leading up to the big night is just so exciting !! Congrats to Marcus & all the team & volunteers at NMG - and to everyone else for contributing to the vibe. Being in the parade was just magic & I enjoyed the party so much. Party highlights for me were the Carpenters from Kempsey in the fox & Lion - what a camp moment! Livvy & Cyndi & the swirling chandelier in RHI. Catching up with old friends & making new ones. & then winding down with a couple of days at the beach before heading back to work.
So looking forward to Sleaze & MG #31 - YAY - I can't wait :-)
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Mardi Gras 2008
This is just a thank you to NMG's Marcus, Anna, the working groups & all the volunteers who made this year's Mardi Gras such a big success.

I had a great time at the party, dancing with friends (in the Dome most of the night).

Fair Day was perfect & I thought that Harbour Party was a huge success with a great vibe, especially considering what went down last year.

Marcus, Anna, the working groups & all the volunteers - THANK YOU. :-)
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Striving for perfection .... never settle for second best
And so Mardi Gras sold out ... thats great , I'm pleased and lots of lots and LOTS of people had a great time. But not everyone had the best of times, many could have had a better time if catered to as they had been so better catered to at previous NMG parties

Are parties continually need to strive for perfection , there is ALWAYS room for improvement and the retro fans were badly let down on this party.

So lets strive to make future parties a greater experience for ever more people than were satisfied with Mardi Gras 2008.

You're never going to have a party that was perfect for everyone but we should always strive to improve from one party to the next - there is certainly room for more improvement as we head towards Sleaze 2008

Lets not get complacent just because Mardi Gras sold out, there is so much more that can be done next time
reaching for perfection - Replies: add

Hahahahahahaah no queues to get into Dome this year ?
where you even at the Party ? that is so laughable your whole post lost any credibility you were aiming for.

Also the comment the party sold out , the majority has spoken is wrong.
It sold out for Nostalgia.

Also you dont know what Trance is. Sure mabye 10 years ago Trance was played but each year the Hordern has played more upto date harder styles of trance/house/tribal. If it had been Trance why then was their a campaign by the Trance people to get Trance back to MG ? again makes you posting laughable.

I do agree to stop denigrating the Party because the Hard and Retro was missed out but get your facts right please.

So ....................................

moving on to more positive comments please as per Panther.

This wall will close probably this weekend so please end it positively.
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Was it just my ears, or was the music really muffled on the perimeter of the RHI? Surely in 2008, sound quality should not be an issue.

Does anyone agree that the crowd wasn't really "going off" for the last half dozen or so songs before the closing show in the RHI? Traditionally this has always been the "climax".

I appreciate that vollies were running the cloakroom, but were they briefed on the cloaking process? They all look very confused.

On a positive note: Shows fabulous! Overall atmosphere wonderful!
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Yes , the last poster just reminded me how the cloak room area botched everything up with people who had bags, all of these items were stored in an enclosed area that was open to the elements so when it started to pour with rain at about 3.30am everyones stuff got saturated - now that was one very POOR aspect of the party and certainly something to be improved upon at future parties as well as the disgrunted retro fans who were displaced on the night.
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oh what a night!
Amazing festival, dynamic parade, fantastic party. Like many others, it was all about the live music and alterna djs in the Forum.

No gripes at all about the party - I was a proud and happy poofter all night!

Retro can have sleaze ball, but please dont lose the dynamic created this year. Gay musicians for a gay party! Thank you!!
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*sigh* NG's already explained the sound issues were the likely result of atmospheric conditions...
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thanks panther!
Thanks for keeping these walls going. Some great positivity for a wonderful party. Really loved it all!

Stereogamous' remix of "Naughty Girl" was a peak. Roll on 2009!
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I went in and out of the Dome at least 10 times during the course of the night. The queue was never at a stand still. We just walked in slowly - which was about all I could manage anyway! I really liked how the security people were always low key and pleasant. I must have a tin ear but it really doesn't bother me what style of music is playing so long as it's cheerful, fast, easy to dance to and with no gaps between tracks. I'm easily pleased (as perhaps most people are?). Trance isn't always my cup of tea but the advantage of MG is that there is always something I like playing somewhere. I missed the Forum this year as it's been hard to get into in previous years and those weird steps really freak me out but I so regret not hearing all the great things that people describe. The RHI shows were all a bit low on production compared with previous years but they're generally not the highlight for me anyway (apart from everyone scrunching up and enjoying all that delicious warm body contact - yum yum!). Thank you NMG for a wonderful night! That glass chandelier was just amazing! A round of applause for the designer - and the people who made it! Can I buy it please?
Paul Diamondo - Replies: 1, add

The argument Paul was a poster said not queues for Dome as I predicted.

Thanks for confirming that there was and yes it moved along nicely but it was still a queue.

I dont think they went to the party or at least anywhere near Dome but they lost credibility with their post for lying.

So yes a good MG had by most. You cant please all of the people all of the time. Proof of support will be at Sleaze time and MG 2009.

Thanks for those vid clips , I dont waste valuable dance time standing around for a show. If I luck into one fine but missed all the main ones and was glad to see the Cyndi Lauper one.

Isnt technology great. Now all we need is maybe for NMG to record in high quality each of the DJ's sessions and after the party you can buy the CD.
Good idea ? - Replies: 1, add

"Hahahahahahaah no queues to get into Dome this year ? where you even at the Party ? that is so laughable your whole post lost any cred. Also you dont know what Trance is. Sure mabye 10 years ago Trance was played but each year the Hordern has played more upto date harder styles of trance/house/tribal."

Yes I was at the party! And there were no queues to get into the Dome because it was crowded inside. A narrowed entrance so that the security guards could count the people going inside maybe but never because it was jam packed inside. The scare tactic prediction was wrong.

And I am not trying to turn this into a trance vs hard vs tribal argument as I happen to love two out of the three. I am simply saying that one music style does not have any god given right over another to claim the Hordern. Trance has been played at Mardi Gras a few times over the last few years so YES I do know what trance sounds like...

2008 - TRANCE
2007 - TRIBAL
2006 - TRANCE
2005 - TRANCE
2004 - TRIBAL
2003 - TRIBAL

Check out Pinkboard's history wall if you don't believe me.

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"2008 - TRANCE
2007 - TRIBAL
2006 - TRANCE
2005 - TRANCE
2004 - TRIBAL
2003 - TRIBAL
2002 - HARD HOUSE"

Looks like its RETRO'S turn next for the Hordern - only fair , hey ??
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So who was playing techno in the Horden this year?..lol :)
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"So who was playing techno in the Horden this year?..lol"

I don't know considering they were all trance DJ's:

Marty - TRANCE
Agnelli & Nelson - TRANCE
Peter Newton - TRANCE

Josh did go a little harder than the others so some of her songs could eaisily be confused but it was all trance.

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'Now all we need is maybe for NMG to record in high quality each of the DJ's sessions and after the party you can buy the CD.'

Jack Chang (3am DJ in Dome) has his Mardi Gras set on his website for free download. www.changmusic.com Well worth a second listening to. Bring him back for Sleaze is all I can say......
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