July 2017

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Looks Like It's On
I make the porridge this morning, so there are lots of sultanas... cinnamon, stewed apple and maple syrup, with a milk sauce.

$440 later, we have a beautifully smooth sliding balcony door with new rollers and it fits tightly and seals much better. We once had broken nylon rollers replaced by metal but the metal was wearing out the track. We now have strong nylon rollers that will apparently 'see us out'. The last time a large burly chap just lifted the door off and the cost was cheaper. This time we needed two men, one a glazier with those suction cup things to lift the door off.

Mother gave us a pair of these RSPCA fundraising tea towels for Christmas. They are very good, although quite expensive. I will ask for more as gifts in the future. Our ...
Hippie Niece and her twin daughters and her partner were all admitted to the perinatal depression unit at a major hospital today. HN's partner won't stay there but HN and the girls will and hopefully get the best treatment. Bone Doctor was once a registra there and says it is very good.
Night and day at our resort's poolside bar and Pizzeria.

Goodbye black & white
This bloke is not too bad looking. Who is he? Useless hint, he was born in Wales, so why would any Australian know who he is? I did not spend the whole of Sunday on the internet, just most of it. We lunched in town and went to the Old Treasury Building Museum.

I made a greatest hits Aerosmith, Vocal Mix. I deleted the real hard rock tracks. And updated it with some more resent ballads.

It's great. I'm obsessed with it. I've got my ear plugs in all day.

I got pot Saturday.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. It is freezing in Melbourne today.

After a month away, 11 flights, 3 ferry rides, one camper van and one quad bike, I’m home. What an amazing adventure.

I’m not sure I could have picked three more different countries to visit unless I’d thrown in Africa or something but it was well worth the variation in cultures and climates. I’ll get back to blogging properly as soon as I can but I’ve come home to a house being renovated which I was hoping was going to be more complete than it is. Hopefully today the internet will be sorted and things can be slightly more normal.

If Iceland were a person it would be that person you’ve been dying to meet for an inexplicable reason. They aren’t necessarily someone you’d be great


A work still in progress, well the landscaping when the photo was taken. Budapest, Hungary by Neopaint.