July 2017

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So, the problem, dear readers was this. I like to serve tea to my reiki clients. Most new clients come about twenty minutes before their appointment, but not always. So, while there is an issue of making the tea in time for them to arrive and then keeping it warm (and hoping they want tea; most do), it’s also nice after the treatment to have a sip of tea.

During the summer, it’s not a bad thing to have a cool or room temperature sip of tea after the treatment, but during the Sydney winter, when it’s chilly, I’d rather have it be a bit warm.

I briefly had the idea of getting a contemporary tea cozy, though there seems to only be ONE place in the world that makes non-crocheted, modern

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Because of problems with Blogger, all new Majorca Flats episodes are being posted here:

When you try and access this blog, you'll get this warning, below.  I set "Adult Content" to "yes" because I didn't want prudes to be offended by the fact that I describe sex scenes and sexual love in Majorca Flats.  

But recently, Blogger must have changed their coding. After ten or so clicks (over a few days) on "I UNDERSTAND AND I WISH TO CONTINUE" it goes into a perpetual loop, with this warning page coming up again and again, making it impossible to access the blog.  The only way to get past this loop is to clear the cache on the computer.  For me, that's no problem ...
I scrambled through my drawers for warm clothing. I found a jumper, a very pilled beanie but could not find my slightly more stylish beret, and an unworn scarf that I bought in a department store in Wursburg, Germany in 2014 and still with the label. I paid €10 for the scarf! It is quite nice. I remember combining a little bit of gay with a lot of smiling friendliness to the obvious gay male staff member behind the counter. I failed to move his grumpy countenance. R had bought a couple of polo shirts and had some unkind words to say about said staff member. I replied, it is the German way of service. It is not personally directed at you.

Saying danke went a long way if someone held a door for you or similar, although R got caught out when after saying danke at some point, and was then spoken to in German.

Well, two paragraphs and you don't even know this is about Little Jo's 10th birthday. I needed cold weather gear as we were going to ...
I dreamt that my aspidistras were flowering, but they were flowering in sheets of ply wood. What does it mean?

I googled it – mostly I was seeing if I had spelt aspidistra correctly, I was surprised what else came up. First of all it said that the type of flower was important. Yes, well, that wasn't going to work. Next it said the colour of the flower was significant. How did I look up wood coloured?

Was I giving, or receiving the flowers? Um neither.

So, apparently, it's beauty, emotion, an attempt to make things better.

OMG! Then I came across a post of what dreams about wood mean. It may represent someone with the last name of Wood, or Woods. (raised eyebrows) Dreams about plywood may represent being cheap. (I see) And I stopped reading what dreams meant after that.

I message Leah to see if she is free during the weekend. She messages back that she is busy. We pencil in a date for 3 weekends forward. But, I ...
waterside woodferry feet
I felt well enough to spend some time outside the apartment today.

Nathan and I started with brunch at the South Melbourne Markets. We took the dog with us, which turned out to be a mistake. It was a very cold morning and dining al fresco was a bit too "fresco" for me. The dog enjoyed it though. She is a Scottish terrier cross after all.

After brunch, we dropped the dog back home and headed into the city to visit a designer furniture shop where I had my eyes on a designer quilt cover I had seen online. Unfortunately, the specific quilt I had in mind was not in stock and so the sales person had to check availability from one of their other stores.

Question: How long should it reasonably take for a sales person to do a check online? Well, in this case, it took almost an hour. It wasn't noticeable at first because there were lots of other amazing things in the shop to keep us mesmerised. But after 40 minutes or so, it started to ...
I won't do anything too big or detailed but there are some things I want to know about.

Firstly, do you remember me mentioning that on the various hop on hop off buses we used in Europe, the recorded announcements had various language options, two of which Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. I want to know how different these same languages are. Can they understand each other?

Let me look. As a last resort I will ask Sami. Yep, easy to find out. Yes, it is a bit like British English and American English, differences and accents, but mostly understandable. I guess for ease for the listener they use the two different forms of Portuguese on the buses.

Next, I understand how air conditioners cool. They are like your 'fridge. A gas is compressed and becomes cold and air is blown through a grill where the gas circulates. Easy, but how do they heat. They take warm air from outside ...

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