December 2011

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I was awake at 8am, it was hot, and I couldn’t sleep. My bedroom faces east, so it can be warm in the mornings, warmer than the rest of the house. I pull on shorts quietly to leave Santo sleeping. I quite like that first blush of the day to myself, and Santo doesn’t get to sleep in very often, so I tip toe out of the room with my laptop under my arm.
All I need is coffee, and it is gurgling away in the coffee pot not long after.
But, I’m feeling cold, a little later, in what I am wearing, so I go to get tracksuit pants and a hoodie. I wake Santo up and he gets up, I tell him to stay in bed, but he doesn’t.

Santo makes a lovely toasted sandwich for breakfast. Fried egg, bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, mayo… he is sick of muesli. It was lovely. Of course, the strong coffee is not negotiable, what would the morning be without it?

Santo gets bored and decides to clean the back yard. I guess it is the anticipation? The not ...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

Mom and Edward was visiting me in Melbourne for Christmas. I booked a hotel room with bunk beds and Queen-size bed. Mom slept on the queen, Edward on the top, and I'm on the lower bed. Edward is a typical 17-yo teenager, inseparable from his mobile phone. This was our bedtime conversation.

Me: "Hey Edward! What's up?"
"Busy chatting to your girlfriend?"
Ed: "Nope, I don't have a girlfriend, and this is another boy."
Me: "Oh, what happened to that girl who added me on Facebook?"
"She seemed like she was still into you she sent me some messages."
Ed: "Nah, we broke up long time ago."
Me: "Oh, that was because you moved school yeah?

Me: So, any other girl ...
Family fireworks over Sydney Harbour at 9pm.

Last night one of the cam guys I speak too 'offline' messaged me on Skype.  We hadn't done any 'pvt' shows lately because I had been doing shows with Andrew.

He told me that he knew I had a 'new online boyfriend' and that I was being scammed again.

He went on to tell me that I was a troubled person and he felt sorry for me.

I asked him to clarify what he meant. Who was I sending money to and how did he know?

He refused to answer either question, just telling me that I would find out the truth eventually and to come back and see him then. He then deleted me from his Skype contact list.

Now I have had some fear that Andrew is indeed 'scamming' me. But it felt different to the stuff with Trent and I am a little concerned that I am being paranoid - especially as Andrew knows 'all about Trent'. What kind of person would do that to another?

Welcome to humanity ...
Miss Maud Swedish Hotel in Perth, Western Australia

Miss Maud Swedish Hotel in Perth, Western Australia

It’s mid-afternoon in Perth, and I’m back in my room with the fan on maximum rotation trying to cool down after an interesting and busy day.

I started the day off with a coffee, a smoked salmon baguette, and an apple strudel at a Swedish cafe.

Even in Perth, there’s a little bit of Sweden, it seems. Well, more than a little bit; quite a lot actually, as there are fifteen locations across Perth where you’ll find a “Miss Maud” eating house. There are sandwich shops, pastry shops, coffee shops, and even a “Swedish Hotel” on the corner of Pier and Murray Streets.

According to the

happy nude years eveYou know, I'm not really too fond of this "Important Holiday Eve falling on a Saturday" thing.

It's all kinda disorientating.

But today is both Saturday and New Years Eve, so it's been a different day than previous NYE's...

I woke up around 6am to discover that outside was blessedly cool so I cranked the fan up in the doorway to try and at least pump a little cooler air into the apartment before the sun came up over the house next door.

While that was chugging away, I changed my bedding (while managing to tweak a muscle in my back... a sure sign I'm ...

Now is the time where we do a stocktake of the year that was. This year was a time of great change all around the world.  
Change no matter how great, and revolution no matter how popular, all begins when individuals make the decision to take a stand. This year we saw this all around the world and yet for all of this years turbulence it was not unique. Every year mankind struggles with itself, the environment and it's very soul.
For me the year was a time of self discovery. I continue to grow and learn about myself. This year has had it's joy and it's sorrow. It's tough times and it's good times. 
For me this ...
Apologies to all my regular readers for not posting since August. My break from blogging has been the longest since I began in March 2004. So much has happened that I would previously have rushed to blog about - the passage of Australia's first marriage equality motion through the Tasmanian Parliament, the first ever official meeting between a Prime Minister and LGBT community reps, the release of the world's best ever marriage equality advertisement here in Australia, the Labor...
Sweet curves. Sweet, sweet curves.